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Useful contacts

American Academy of Family Physicians

American Academy of Family Physicians has two detailed articles on ‘Common Anorectal Conditions’ on their website. The articles are intended for doctors. They explain how doctors examine the anus, and discuss itching, pain, bleeding, lumps, constipation and incontinence of faeces. They were written in 2001, so some of the treatment sections could be out of date, but the basic descriptions of the conditions are still correct.

American Gastroenterological Association

The American Gastroenterological Association is an organization for doctors who specialize in the gut. Look in the ‘Patient Center’ of the website for excellent information about various gut problems including piles and constipation.

Bladder and Bowel Foundation

The Bladder and Bowel Foundation is a UK not-for-profit organization that provides information and support materials for all types of bladder and bowel problems. Its resources include a range of booklets and fact sheets, available online to registered users, and a free confidential helpline staffed by specialist continence nurses and physiotherapists during office hours Monday to Friday.
Helpline: 0845 345 0165.


Core is a UK not-for-profit organization that provides reliable information about all gut problems. (They are called Core because the digestive system is at the core of our body.) They supply a range of leaflets, which are available on the 'Patient Info' page of their website or by post (send a large sae). Write to: Core, Freepost, LON4268, London, NW1 0YT indicating which specific leaflet or factsheet you require.
Tel: 0207 486 0341 (this not a helpline and Core does not give personal medical advice).

Johnson & Johnson

The pharmaceutical and medical procedures company Johnson & Johnson has a website on the stapling operation for piles (which they call Procedure for Prolapse & Haemorrhoids, PPH). It emphasizes the short-term benefits of this operation, but does not discuss long-term effectiveness (which still needs more research).

National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse

National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse is a US government organization. Its website has pages on bleeding in the digestive tract (gut), piles (haemorrhoids/hemorrhoids), constipation, leakage from the anus (faecal/fecal incontinence) and other gut problems. Write to: 2 Information Way, Bethseda, MD 20892-3570, USA.

Patient Pictures

Clear, accurate, clinical drawings with key notes that help to explain conditions, tests and procedures. The pictures can be viewed on screen during a consultation with your doctor, or printed out, or emailed to a friend.

This site contains useful, easy-to-read information about piles. It is from the manufacturer of Anusol, so that product is promoted in the treatment sections.

St Mark's Hospital, UK

St Mark's Hospital, UK, is a world-renowned hospital for gut problems. Their website has many excellent leaflets in the 'Patient Information' section.


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