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Useful contacts

American Social Health Association

American Social Health Association provides lots of information about sexual health and detailed Q&A sections on each of the main sexually transmitted infections. The website also explains how to talk to a partner about condoms and has an animated video on how to use a condom.  For more information or resources, contact the ASHA Customer Service Helpline: (800) 783 9877 (Mon-Fri, 8 AM-6 PM).

Canesten websites

The Canesten websites are sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Bayer. Bayer makes Canesten thrush treatment, so the sites promote this treatment. They also have information about symptoms. and

Clinical Knowledge Summaries

Clinical Knowledge Summaries is a UK National Health Service website that provides information about genital infections and sexual health matters in its patient information leaflets.

Genitourinary medicine clinics

In the UK, genitourinary medicine clinics are listed in the Business and Services section of your phone book under Venereal diseases, Sexually transmitted diseases or Sexual health.

Health Protection Agency

Health Protection Agency is a UK government organization that monitors infection, including sexually transmitted infections. If you are interested in the latest statistics about genital infections, look in the ‘Topics A–Z’ section of their website.

Herpes Viruses Association

Herpes Viruses Association is a UK not-for-profit organization, which provides information on Herpes simplex (genital herpes and cold sores). It publishes an excellent booklet called Herpes Simplex The Guide. The website has a FAQ section. Write to: 41 North Road, London N7 9DP, UK. Tel (UK): 0845 123 2305.

Sex. Worth talking about

Sex. Worth talking about provides links to sexual health sections of the NHS choices' website, including information on contraception, STIs and chlamydia testing.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a US government organization that has information about sexually transmitted infections on its website. It also sponsors the USA National STD Hotline, which gives advice about sexually transmitted infections. Tel (USA): 800-227-8922. has a useful list of links to websites about sexual infections. The list is at


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