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Useful contacts

American Gastroenterological Association

The American Gastroenterological Association is an organization for doctors who specialize in the gut. The Patient Center section of its website includes excellent information about various gut problems, including Gas in the digestive tract.


Beano. More information about Beano can be found on the manufacturer's website, which also has a list of gassy foods and a 'University of gas' section with entertaining and informative videos.


Core is a UK not-for-profit organization that provides reliable information about all gut problems. (They are called Core because the digestive system is at the core of our body.) They supply a range of leaflets, which are available on the 'Patient Info' page of their website or by post (send a large sae). Write to: Core, Freepost, LON4268, London, NW1 0YT indicating which specific leaflet or factsheet you require.
Tel: 0207 486 0341 (this not a helpline and Core does not give personal medical advice).

St Mark's Hospital (UK)

St Mark's Hospital, UK, is a world-renowned hospital for gut problems. Their website has many excellent leaflets in the 'Patient Information' section. Look for the one called 'Tips on controlling wind and smells'.

Under tec

Airtight underwear that contains a charcoal filter, which filters out flatulence gases before they can escape into the atmosphere, can be bought from the US company Under-tec.
Tel: +1 719 584 7782 ouside the USA, or 1 888 433 5913 within the USA. tells you more than you ever wanted to know about intestinal wind.


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