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An article about crab (pubic) lice

If you want to read an article about pubic lice from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health go to the following link. The article was written for doctors in 2009. It contains lots of information about pubic lice, and a picture. It also discusses the wrong ideas that people have about lice.

Clinical Knowledge Summaries

Clinical Knowledge Summaries is a UK National Health Service website that provides information about genital infections and sexual health matters in its patient information leaflets.

NHS Choices (UK) - Pubic lice

NHS Choices, the UK National Health Service website, has pages explaining pubic lice and the treatment.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a US government organization that has information about sexually transmitted infections on its website. It also sponsors the USA National STD Hotline, which gives advice about sexually transmitted infections. Tel (USA): 800-227-8922. has a useful list of links to websites about sexual infections. The list is at


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