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Useful contacts

Australian Herpes Management Forum

Australian Herpes Management Forum has information and some colour photographs on its website. It is sponsored by several pharmaceutical companies, including GSK and Novartis Pharmaceuticals; both of which companies make antiherpes drugs.

Herpes Viruses Association

Herpes Viruses Association is a UK not-for-profit organization that gives information on all types of herpes infections to its members. It is not sponsored by manufacturers of herpes treatments. Its website has a page on cold sores and gives information about joining the association. Write to: 41 North Road, London N7 9DP, UK. Tel: 0845 123 2305. is a large USA website with lots of information about all types of herpes, including cold sores. If you are keen on changing the balance of L-lysine foods in your diet, look at its nutrition section for a list of the lysine content of foods. It is sponsored by several manufacturers of herpes remedies.

New Zealand Dermatological Society

New Zealand Dermatological Society website is an excellent source of information about many skin problems, treatments and procedures. Click on their A-Z guide.


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