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Useful contacts

Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK offers support, advice and information on anxiety and panic attacks. There are several ways of contacting Anxiety UK for support. By email: Infoline: 08444 775 774 Mon–Fri 9.30am–5.30pm. Text service: 07537 416905 Mon–Fri 9.30am–5.30pm. Anxiety UK also has several useful factsheets on its website.

Eat to Beat Menopause

Eat to Beat Menopause is a recipe book by Linda Kearns for those wishing to increase their intake of phytoestrogens. It includes a ‘menopause cake’ recipe. Published by Thorsons. ISBN 978-0-72253-922-4

Menopause Exchange

The Menopause Exchange provides unbiased, reliable and easily understood information about menopause and female midlife issues to its members through its quarterly newsletter. It is admirable because it is not sponsored by any companies or commercial organizations, and it does not have any advertising on its website. The newsletter is available for free to anyone with an interest in the menopause and midlife health. Visit the website for information on how to receive it.

New Zealand Dermatological Society

New Zealand Dermatological Society website is an excellent source of information about many skin problems, treatments and procedures. Click on their A-Z guide.

No Panic

No Panic is a registered charity that helps people who experience panic attacks, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders and other related anxiety disorders.
Helpline: 0844 967 4848 (every day 10am–10pm). Youth helpline: 0330 606 1174 (for 13–20 year-olds, 3pm –6pm Mon–Fri). No Panic also has a useful Resources & Information section.

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Royal College of Psychiatrists provides leaflets to help with a range of emotional problems, including anxiety. These leaflets are also available on their website.


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