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Useful contacts

Bladder and Bowel Foundation

The Bladder and Bowel Foundation is a UK not-for-profit organization that provides information and support materials for all types of bladder and bowel problems. Its resources include a range of booklets and fact sheets, available online to registered users, and a free confidential helpline staffed by specialist continence nurses and physiotherapists during office hours Monday to Friday.
Helpline: 0845 345 0165.


Core is a UK not-for-profit organization that provides reliable information about all gut problems. (They are called Core because the digestive system is at the core of our body.) They supply a range of leaflets, which are available on the 'Patient Info' page of their website or by post (send a large sae). Write to: Core, Freepost, LON4268, London, NW1 0YT indicating which specific leaflet or factsheet you require.
Tel: 0207 486 0341 (this not a helpline and Core does not give personal medical advice).

St Mark's Hospital, UK

St Mark's Hospital, UK, is a world-renowned hospital for gut problems. Their website has many excellent leaflets in the 'Patient Information' section.


Talking to your doctor can help get to the bottom of your problem!