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Vaginal discharge

What’s normal

It is normal to have some vaginal discharge, because the vagina stays moist as part of its self-cleansing mechanism. The normal moist discharge clears dead cells and bacteria from the vagina. It comes mainly from glands in the cervix (the neck of the womb), and is slightly acidic, which helps to keep infections at bay. The acidity results from lactic acid, formed by friendly bacteria as they break down sugars.
On average, a woman discharges from her vagina about 2 grams of dead cells and about 3 grams of mucus every day, but the amount of normal discharge varies from woman to woman, and with the menstrual cycle. Many women notice that, during the week following a period, there is hardly any discharge, and what there is has a thick consistency. Towards the middle of the cycle (about 2 weeks after the start of a period) the amount increases and it becomes thin, slippery and clear, like uncooked egg white. When this discharge is exposed to the air, it becomes brownish-yellow, so it is normal to find a yellowish stain on your knickers in the middle of the monthly cycle. There may also be a feeling of moistness and stickiness. Normal discharge does not smell, and does not cause any irritation or itching.
Discharge also increases during pregnancy. And during sexual excitement, vaginal discharge becomes very profuse because two glands near the vaginal opening (Bartholin's glands) secrete additional slippery mucus, which acts as a lubricant for intercourse.
Common sense comment

What’s not normal

A discharge is likely to be abnormal if:

  • it smells fishy
  • it is thick and white, like cottage cheese
  • it is greenish and smells foul
  • there is blood in it (except when you have a period)
  • it is itchy
  • you have any genital sores or ulcers
  • you have abdominal pain or pain on intercourse
  • it started soon after you had unprotected sex with someone you suspect could have a sexually transmitted infection.

Causes of abnormal vaginal discharge

Type of discharge  Possible causes
Thick and white  Normal in some women
  Thrush (Candida infection) 
Itchy Thrush (Candida infection)
Smelly Bacterial vaginosis
  Forgotten tampon
Bacterial vaginosis is a very common cause of vaginal discharge. The discharge smells fishy. You will find more information about bacterial vaginosis in the section on genital infections.
Thrush is caused by the yeast Candida albicans. The main symptom of thrush is itching, but it can cause a thick, whitish discharge. You will find more information about thrush in the section on genital infections.
Forgotten tampons. ‘Lost’ tampons are quite a common cause of discharge. It is easy to forget to remove the last tampon at the end of a period. After a week or two, the tampon begins to fester, and there will be a foul-smelling discharge.
If you have an old tampon in place, remove it as soon as possible. If your discharge continues for more than a couple of days, see your doctor or visit a genitourinary medicine clinic.
Gonorrhoea is one of the most infectious sexually transmitted infections. It is caused by infection with the Gonococcus bacterium. If a woman has unprotected sex with a man who has it, she has a 60-90% chance of catching it. It is serious because if it is not treated, it can spread upwards to the Fallopian tubes. These tubes carry the egg from the ovary to the womb (uterus), so damage to them can cause infertility. About one-fifth of women with gonorrhoea have a foul-smelling, greenish-yellow discharge. About one-fifth have vague symptoms, such as a slight increase in discharge, pain on intercourse or lower abdominal discomfort. About one-fifth have no symptoms at all. (Most men with gonorrhoea notice an obvious discharge from the penis.) You will find more information about gonorrhoea in the section on genital infections.
Trichomoniasis is caused by a tiny amoeba-like (protozoan) organism called Trichomonas vaginalis. It used to be common, but for mysterious reasons is becoming less so; over the last 10 years the number of cases in England and Wales has fallen from 17 000/year to 5000/year. It causes a discharge that is often frothy and yellowish-greenish, but it may be thin and scanty. The discharge is smelly, and the vulva is often itchy and sore. It may also be painful to pass urine. It is caught from a man who has it, but he may be unaware of his condition as most men with trichomoniasis do not have any symptoms. It is not dangerous, though some doctors think it could possibly spread to the Fallopian tubes. You will find more information about trichomoniasis in the section on genital infections. If you think you have this infection, you should visit a genitourinary medicine clinic for treatment and to be checked for other infections.

What to do if you have vaginal discharge 

  • For any vaginal problem, you must take care to avoid substances that may cause more irritation. These are the same as those that can cause vulval irritation, so look at the list of dos and don’ts for vulval problems.
  • During a period, change tampons or sanitary pads frequently (at least two or three times a day), and do not use tampons when you are not having your period.
  • Talk to your partner. Ask if he has any discharge from the urethra (the opening at the end of the penis) or any soreness or irritation of the penis. If his answer is ‘yes’, or if there is any reason to think that he might have a sexually transmitted infection, he should go to a genitourinary medicine clinic for a check-up. Do not have sex until the problem has been sorted out.
  • If your discharge is thick and white and itchy, it may be thrush, so you could try an anti-thrush cream or tablet from a pharmacist. However, do not persist with an anti-thrush cream from the pharmacist if it does not resolve the problem in a day or two, or if the discharge returns. Look at the information about thrush in the genital infections section, then see your doctor or go to a clinic to get a proper diagnosis.
  • The best plan is to see your family doctor or go to a genitourinary medicine clinic for a check-up. The clinic can do on-the-spot-tests for most causes of vaginal discharge, and you can attend without being referred by your family doctor. You should definitely go to a genitourinary medicine clinic if you think that you might have a sexually transmitted infection (for example if you have had unprotected sex with a new partner, or if your partner has discharge or soreness of his penis).

How your doctor or the clinic can help with vaginal discharge

Usually, the doctor will look at the vulva for any signs of thrush, and will then insert a hollow plastic or metal tube (speculum) into the vagina, in order to look at your vagina (rather like having a smear). Samples of the discharge can be taken by wiping with cotton-wool swabs.
A family doctor will usually have to send the swabs to a laboratory, so it may be some days before the result is available. A sexual health clinic can look at the samples under the microscope straight away, and can usually tell you the diagnosis within half an hour, though they are also sent to the main laboratory for confirmation. Do not be surprised if you see the doctor or nurse testing the acidity of the discharge with litmus paper, or mixing some of it with a liquid (potassium hydroxide) on a glass slide and then sniffing it; these are tests for bacterial vaginosis.
Each cause of vaginal discharge has its own proper treatment, which could be a cream or tablet, and it is important to follow the treatment instructions from your doctor or the clinic very carefully. If you are asked to return for another check-up, it is important that you do so, even if the discharge has gone. The clinic may be checking for gonorrhoea, which can damage your Fallopian tubes and infect a future sexual partner without you having any further symptoms.
Dr Phil Hammond talks frankly about genital infections in his Expert guide to Genital infections

Written by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Edited by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Last updated: Monday, January 23rd 2017


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Comments on this article

Posted by Patricia Williams on 08/05/2017 at 02:32

I had sex after 4 years of being single, after a week I started to get discharge smelly like a dead rat, I feel so embarrassed now is there nothing I can get from the chemist to get the smell out of my vaginal section? Help Please.

Posted by Mary on 11/04/2017 at 01:13

I had sex with my boyfriend last night and after I had a orgasim it smelled like spoiled milk, and this has never happened before. I don't have any discharge or anything crazy but I don't know why this happened?

Posted by Optional on 31/03/2017 at 04:12

I had a discharge around may last year and I treated it but not really changes until it turns to watery discharge pusy with smells everyday till now and I went for discharge test I was told it was staphylococcus and they gave me treatment no changes yet now I'm pregnant and the discharge still coming out pls help me

Posted by Optional on 28/02/2017 at 02:34

I haven't got my period yet and I do not get discharge very often but for the past two days it has been really bad I don't know what sigh it is it is kind of yellowey but I heard that's just how it look when it comes out I've been getting discharge for almost a year now and my mom got me pantie liners can you please answer my question to what sign it is am I going to get my period soon?

Posted by Optional on 23/02/2017 at 06:40

It is what i was looking for i feel worried but now at least i know im not so worried and now i will talk to my school doctor and see what to do thanks for this info

Posted by Optional on 21/02/2017 at 01:35

Goodday I noticed have bin having a very offensive vaginal discharge and wen am on my period, my period also have dis fishy smell. Pls wat can I do?

Posted by Optional on 14/02/2017 at 01:57

vaginal discharge is normal, if it's milky, no scent or very mild scent and sort of yellowish when it dries out. if it's anything else, it is juts not normal (except for ovulation when it's nort of egg white-like...) and if that abnormla discharge persists, woman should see a doctor. It could signify anything from STD, candida or even cancer... but also less scary stuff. However, better check it out - better safe than sorry

Posted by Optional on 07/02/2017 at 01:00

I had sex with my partner two days ago. We had deep and slow sex. The next day after he was giving me oral sex, my vagina became swollen. Two days later, I checked my vagina and something is swollen inside. Can it possibly be my urethra? I've been getting a green discharge. Last time I got a green discharge I went to my local clinic and they said it was vaginitis.

Posted by Optional on 02/01/2017 at 06:57

I have this kinda like white thick discharge and sore on the vigina and it itches inside...what is it?

Posted by Optional on 27/12/2016 at 04:02

today I just saw my discharge coming out like pee n it was yellowish and greenish it scared me because it is first time seeing this on my panty and I become very wet liked I peed myself,am so worried and it also smells weird.

Posted by Optional on 24/12/2016 at 06:27

Thanks I'm 11 and it helped a lot asi had my period a few weeks ago

Posted by Optional on 19/12/2016 at 04:05

Am married and have had for the last 5days continuosly,then I came to discover having a vaginal itch and a white milky discharge as for now it has lasted for 3days and when I wipe it out it itches and seem to be painful,can I continue having sex with my hubby or it has any side effect to him?

Posted by Optional on 29/11/2016 at 08:37

My discarge has been going on fir a couple days now it looks and smells pretty normal but there has been a lot of it this is also the first time this has ever happened to me. Is this normal?

Posted by Danielle on 21/06/2016 at 06:53

Thanks for this! I was so worried when my mom told me it was normal and I just didn't believe her, cause it scared me to see this substance come out. Still my problems aren't yours so thank you!

Posted by Tanya on 28/05/2016 at 08:57

This really helped me thanks a lot Margaret! I was quite worried about Vaginal Discharge as I'm 11 and showing all the symptoms that I'm about to get my first period, so thanks for clearing this up for me!

Posted by Optional on 12/01/2016 at 12:05, United States

I have noticed once before, maybe a month or so ago, this nasty smell with light discharge. I dont know what to do, i am not sexually active, and im pretty hygienic, but the smell has returned this week, with heavy discharge. I get nervous talking about these things with people, even my mom sometimes, but I am just wondering if it sounds like a bad infection. Theres not really any pain when i pee or anytjing, but the smell is awful and the discharge has gotten worse. Please help

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/01/2016 at 11:33, Nigeria

I had sex and I notice some particles like wet toilet paper in my vargina and later on it began to Itch me seriously what can dat be.

Posted by HELP PLZ on 07/01/2016 at 07:31, Australia

Hey..... I'm 15 now, have been having the usual vaginal discharge for ages. But I haven't started my period at all. I went to the bathroom and noticed my underwear was covered in dark brown thick stuff! I thought I had pooped myself or something but then when I wiped my vagina there was brown stuff. I freaked out at first but after talking to my mum she said it was the start of my period. 2 days since then I haven't had any period stuff like blood or anything but whenever I wipe there is brown!! IDK WHAT IS HAPPENING!!! Please help!

Posted by Very concerned health care worker and mom on 05/01/2016 at 05:31, United States

Ok girlies listen up, I have been in health care for some time now and I was on here doing some research and happens to get sucked into all these comments! 1st of all I want to start off by saying I got pregnant while I was still a teenager and I know how scary that can be! With that being said PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Do not just take advise from strangers on here how to treat your problems because every woman is different, and we all have different discharge and smells some more than others, some worse than others! What you need to do is talk to someone you trust to help you and maybe even take you to a doctor or clinic! My daughter is now older and I really hopes she knows that she can come to me with any of the questions no matter how embarrassing, because believe it or not we all experience the same question and embarrassment about this subject, with our whoa hoas being a no go no talk about placs for most of our lives it is really hard to open up about this, but it is for our own good that we do! There is treatment for most of these problems and some are not even problems it is just another thing pain in the butt thing that comes along with being a woman ( like we don't already have enough right

Posted by Jai on 22/12/2015 at 03:26

Hi my name is jai i"m 14. I have a lot of vaginal problems. First off it's always wet and I wear pantyliners and they are always sos=aked idk if its sweat or something. Second it smells if i squat open my legs to stretch for track it smells and I have a brown color on the pantyliners please help! I haven't done anything sexual!!!

Posted by Optional on 14/12/2015 at 07:52

Im not getting the white dicharge while talking about sex related things.. is it abnormal ??

Posted by Optional on 11/12/2015 at 08:28

It two weeks now and I have not seen my period, I have White non sticky thing coming out of my vaginal and it's smells. Am worried what could be wrong? I think I am still a vagin cos I haven't had sex before.

Posted by krislyn on 09/12/2015 at 12:11

i have vaginal discharge. i started my period in July and had it for 3 months, i'm a virgin and i haven't had my period for about 3 months

Posted by Optional on 05/12/2015 at 06:43

I have a weird smell I'm using contreseptions so I havnt had my manstuation 4 5years now and I'm concern about this smell its like its 4rm the inside something that need to cum out

Posted by UNKNOWN on 25/11/2015 at 09:28

I have thick white foul smelling discharge and pimple like bumps. I'm also a virgin so I know for a fact it isn't a std I'm not sure what's wrong but I'm embarrassed to talk to my mom about it

Posted by Optional on 24/11/2015 at 10:07

I'm 20 an I have alot of discharge I've never got wet in sex or imagined before I just discharge all the time does this happen to anyone else ???

Posted by Le Deep Queen on 17/11/2015 at 06:11

This info really helped me alot,i found what i was looking for

Posted by nontsAsa on 17/11/2015 at 08:34

I have yellow dischrge nw Is inching its been two weeks which pills I can buy in ffamacy

Posted by mary on 16/11/2015 at 12:01

Blownish colour viginal discharge ,does it mean u are pergnant or not

Posted by Unknown on 20/10/2015 at 10:23

(Ive never had sex - I am still in high school) I have had yellow/green discharge for months and its smells HORRIBLE! I have told my mom but she says "oh your fine....whatever." I'm concerned and I dont know what to do. It is so annoying because of the smell and my underwear gets so gross. I need help and answers fast, please. Even suggested medication would be great.

Posted by Unknown on 17/10/2015 at 01:49

I have been smelling a fishy odour coming from my vagina for a month then i started seeing brownish discharge then blood .. Im scared. What should i do

Posted by Ammy. on 08/10/2015 at 08:43

I have a problem. After having sex with my partner I feel very uncomfortable n smelling to much please can u help me. Iam worried about it.

Posted by Favour on 05/10/2015 at 10:19

Well, i have d same problem, my started on the month may after i visited a male friend and till today, it has not gone i have take some herbal medicine but no good result. I need help. Vaginal discharge,itching and white substance

Posted by Patricia on 04/10/2015 at 09:11

Thank god. *wipes forehead* I actually thought something was seriously wrong with me for a moment. Thank you for the information, it really helped ease my conscious. I might be young (as given when you asked for my age, I'm 13) but I was seriously beginning to worry. Thank you so much!

Posted by Unknown on 24/09/2015 at 05:31

Me and my boyfriend went camping lastnight and we had sex and after we both noticed a kind of fishy smell, and he said there was like white discharge on the condom but I have no itchyness or swelling and I had a shower about 3/4 hours before we had sex, Im scared I might be pregnant

Posted by mary on 19/09/2015 at 07:09

I had a sex with my boyfriend and then I started getting brown dicharge. . I am afraid as I came to know now that he is suffering from hepatitis B . it has been 3days my penty gets wet with those brown doscharge

Posted by Optional on 18/09/2015 at 05:16

I have a white thick itchy and irritating discharge.Could it be a sign of pregnancy?Im afraid to tell My Parents Or go to the Nearest doctor.Please help me Its been Two days now

Posted by Winnie on 14/09/2015 at 09:32

I have white discharge its doesnt have a funny smell or itchyness.its abt a week nw m worried wat could be the cause of it

Posted by Alanna on 12/09/2015 at 06:20

I've been having brown discharge for a little over a week and I randomly get really really itchy in my vagial area like uncontrollably itchy, and every once and awhile when I wipe it hurts just a little bit and sometimes there's a little bit of blood very scarce blood my period starts in 11 days I am not sexually active or on birth control

Posted by Optional on 10/09/2015 at 12:21

Started having this brownish discharge soon after sex with my boyfriend. It's itchy and discharge is more than usual. Could it be something serious

Posted by Optional on 31/08/2015 at 11:07

i had a baby 8 weeks ago and i have been having a jelly discharge come out of my vagina is this nrmal

Posted by Optional on 24/08/2015 at 08:30

I havent been producing enough secretion during sex i have been noticing excessive white substance on my spouse gentile area during sex that came from me and a foul smell not to bad but its there however when not in a sexual act with my partner i do not experience odor any discharge of whats so ever nothing but i do experience sharp pain here and there on the side of my stomach. I NEED ANSWERS???

Posted by Optional on 20/08/2015 at 06:53

My vaginal discharge it is greenish and smells foul,it is beginning to form sores I need to know how to threat it easy and fast because I'm pregnant I need to protect my baby?

Posted by Ria on 16/08/2015 at 11:22

I had sex about a month ago and my period came the week after.but I realized after my period I have been having a greenish substance coming out of my virgina and it is smelly and I have a burning and itchy feeling down there.I had unprotected sex but three days after I took a tablet for if I was pregnant to lost it but I don't know if I was pregnant.I need your help this is unbearable

Posted by Optional on 12/08/2015 at 03:07

Hi so about a month or so ago I started getting a lot of vaginal discharge. It's been constant and its a white to light yellow. And I also noticed that I have cuts by my vagina (not sexually active) but I do masturbate. Ive waited a while to see if they'd go away but they haven't. I've stopped masturbating for a while now. There's no pain and my discharge is odourless. I don't know what to do. Help me please

Posted by Hailey on 11/08/2015 at 05:57

I'm on my vaginal discharge.and when I wipe my butt there is red dots on the toilet paper most of the time.

Posted by Esther on 08/08/2015 at 02:17

I dont its safe for pregnant woman to have white jelly discharge for its not safe am thinking about the safe of the baby

Posted by Optional on 05/08/2015 at 06:02

me and my girlfriend had sex multiple time, but this time her cum was cold. what could that mean?

Posted by Optional on 31/07/2015 at 02:11

after taking some medication on virginal candidasis have nt seen my period and the doctor have said am nt pregenant bt when am about to finished the medication every morning after inserting mycoten tablet at nite in d morning i will see like thick blood coming out of my virginal it comes like three days and then go bt when am taking d medication at a time my urine that colouring red have also take emgyl now am taking one kind herbal medicine called ruzu i started the medicine on sarturday and on wednesday i started haveing dis watering discharge that smells normal bt after taking that virginal candidasis medicine i went bk and they said the infection is no longer in my urine that it remains small in my virginal and they wrote asked me to drink ciprotab bt my huaband insist on buying me herbal which he bought and am drinking it nw pls i really need a soloution cos have nt seen my mestrution today will make it three months

Posted by Josie on 31/07/2015 at 01:33

hi, so um... i'm 11 and i haven't gotten my period yet, but since 2 days ago when i pee, i see brown chunks in it. it doesn't hurt and i didn't feel anything... and one time i was changing my pants and there were brown stains on it... it kinda looks like poop, but i didn't crap myself... please help me...

Posted by Optional on 30/07/2015 at 10:38

Just over a week ago I had unprotected sex. Ever since then I have noticed i have yellow-stretchy discharge. My period is 3 days late and I'm quite worried as I haven't my period in over a month now. I took a pregnancy test yesterday but it came out negative, could an infection be the reason for my period being late? I have also experienced pregnancy symptoms such as feeling more tired than usual, slight cramping and urinating more than usual.

Posted by Red on 27/07/2015 at 08:09

Hi I had protected sex yesterday but this morning my vargina kinda hurting so I look at it and it was red with yellow things on my vargina I don't know what it is and I'm to scared to talk to my mom I need help

Posted by Optional on 21/07/2015 at 10:16

Having excess discharge and a fishy smell what might be my problem have tried using pessaries inserting them to the vargina but goes for some time and comes back been on antibacterial tablet but still the discharge an faul smell comes back Kindly help me

Posted by r+d101 on 13/07/2015 at 07:14

Hi. I have unprotected sex with my husband. I realised that white thick mucus slimy was coming out of my vagina.It was itching . I used candid v 3 tablets inserts thinking it was a yeast infection as i have had one b4 . However it didnt work because the flow of white thick slimy fishy smelling mucus was still coming out of me . My husband suggested that we have sex and see how my cum would come out and it was frothy . I dont know what 2 do . I am tired of this itching and smelling mucus .help me please !!!

Posted by Optional on 06/07/2015 at 07:21

I have never had sex and my discharge has always smelled bad and I'm thinking the worst right now. HELP ME.

Posted by Re: Ally & itching on 02/07/2015 at 08:25

One of the best things you can do is have a hand mirror. I use one to check the back of my head/hair for beauty reasons, and to see what's going on down below for health reasons. With this I was able to spot the beginnings of a yeast infection, yellowish spots at the vaginal entranced that ITCHED. Went to my family doctor, took 1 pill and was all better. She provided me with refills of the anti-fungal with the explanation of symptoms of yeast infection vs BV, and let me dose myself with more than the over the counter medications (which did not work for me, just burned). Next suggestion is if your family doctor is a male and you don't want to run to the OBGYN for every ingrown hair or itch on your vagina, get a second 'primary care doctor' who is a female. I did this about a year ago and it has been fantastic. I live in a small town and my family care dr delivered me when I was born, he was involved with youth basketball, I was not flashing him my vagina. I have seen my female doc on the side at the same practice 5-6 times and it is helpful to be consistent with the doctor so she can get to know what's usual for your body and you can be comfortable with her. That being said, if you have insurance and means to go I encourage you to do so! Nothing beats peace of mind and maintaining yor health :) Best of luck, hope this helps :) - Allie

Posted by ally on 29/06/2015 at 07:25

hi.. my name is ally. i m 19 years old. sime monthes ago i have iching in my private part. it is automatically recover with time but now some days ago i have same iching again but with it i was saw slightly greenish colour lequid. i dont tell anyone about this. please help me. could this couse any serious problem in me. what could i do? please give me a solution.

Posted by Optional on 25/06/2015 at 12:50

im on my period and just used my first tampon this week, i used it for two days and changed it regularly and now it smells sour and disgusting down there. im not having discharge though and my blood is like a brownish red color now wtf is wrong w me

Posted by Optional on 24/06/2015 at 07:37

Hi, I've been experiencing vagina issues for awhile now. I didn't have vaginal problems until I started taking Accutane which is expected. I haven't been on Accutane for a year now but while I was on the medication I had a received a bacterial infection and got treated for it. Now a year later and off that medicine I keep receiving small bumps inside the lips of my vag and they bleed, itch, and are very sore. I am not sexually active but I am on another acne medication called Dorayx. During the month of May right before my period I received a white filled bump that bleed and itch which was slightly different from what I usually get because the bumps I had before did not turn white. My discharge is slightly thicker than normal and it smells like cheese and this is the second time that this is happening while I am waiting for my period to arrive this month. After my period goes off the bumps only itch for a little bit then I am back to normal. I use the old anti-biotics that I still have for my old infection and it hasn't expired yet. I'm wondering if I should schedule an appointment again or just continue to think this is somewhat normal? Thanks for your time.

Posted by Optional on 21/06/2015 at 10:42

hello lol this is kinda awkward and im to nervous to go see anyone but for a few years now(it seems like its been since i can remember) but my discharge is very weird. its a greenish color and a pretty thick consistancy and its so gross, it smells awful espcially when i go pee. my discharge has always been a little weird but i dont remember it smelling and being greenish? my current partner im w now actually has a clear liquid that always comes out of his penis and im thinking that might be the reason?? im very confused and kinda scared. do you think i couldve got a sti from my partner?? i think it was like this before i got with him. idk this is all over the place but if aomeone could please give me a sense of direction id greatly appreciate

Posted by Embarassing on 08/06/2015 at 11:35

I have a bad smelling water and discharge coming out of my virgina. I visited the clinic and they gave me yeast related medicine. Now the smell is worse. I cant be around people because of this smell. I can't even go out and look for a job because i feel embarassed. I need help, am getting married soon. Please help me

Posted by Okuhle on 26/05/2015 at 09:21

I am 7 months pregnant but sometimes there is water coming out of my vagina is it normal

Posted by Optional on 22/05/2015 at 02:57

I should tell I'm not a doctor. I had some nasty discharge for years. I tried monistat several times with no success. I went to doctor who prescribed me something else and it seems to help temporary... Irritation stopped, but discharge still didn't feel right.. My panties always looked disgusting.. Couple month back I decided to try something on my own, after irritation started to come back.... I squized a bit of lemon in. I used less acidic one ( Meyer lemon). Again, I'm not a doctor... But it really helped to me! It did change the discharge, Irritation stopped. when I got to The doctor, she said my culture was perfectly balanced... And couple month passed since then.

Posted by emmanuella on 22/05/2015 at 12:28

I've been having smelly discharge that's whitish for years now. the tests results show am OK. it's getting worse. I've just finished seeing my period and it smells so bad like a dead thing! pls I need help!

Posted by veronika on 20/05/2015 at 01:04

hi..!!! I'm having problems with my vagina since 2 month!!! it has become tight!!! I can't have sexual intercourse like before because it pains, burns and swells!!! And am having white discharge!!! Can you help me plzzzz...

Posted by mcjbOptional on 06/05/2015 at 10:39

I am having a vaginal discharge & i am afraid of telling any one & going to a gyno...the discharge is continous nd causes itching and rashes on the legs near that area...the duscharge is watery and is not painfull but irritable....i need an advice to stop urgently..also what can be the possible reasons?

Posted by AnaOptional on 03/05/2015 at 05:39

Hi doc. Just wanted to ask if im pregnant . Becaus i had a period last april 17. And it ended on april 22. Me and my bf make love on april 22, and april 28 , we just use a withdrawal method. And may 2 i had a brown vaginal discharge . What is it? Am i pregnant? I hope im not :( im not yet ready

Posted by Optional on 28/04/2015 at 05:06

umh....please i need to know what is happening to me. recently(about 4 days ago) after shaving i started feeling very itchy, normally i sometimes do not feel any itch at all after shaving down i thought the itching was as a result of the shaving. so i left it for some days the itch became even more severe, then i started browsing the net for similar cases and they gave some ideas to stop the itching. but then 3 days ago i noticed some very white particles just sitting there in my vagina and started searching the net again to what it was from the descriptions i got i realised i had a yeast infection...then 2days ago i started menstruating and its been very my problem is that since yesterday some very large substance and i mean a really substance has been coming out of my vagina. today when i went to urinate i felt something trying to force its way out of my vagina...normally once or twice during menstruation a very thick blood-like substance would come out which is normal because that is the unwanted blood...but this time its different and i think it is as a result of the i want to know if there is any one that has an idea about this kind of situation or something...please if you have any ideas please share them.

Posted by anonymous on 17/04/2015 at 09:04

Me and my partner were having sex last night we went to change provisions and we noticed he had white creamy stuff on top of his penis and none of us even finished and was worrying what it could be? Please help

Posted by Optional on 12/04/2015 at 12:16

for three years ago my menstruation has been abnormal .I menstruate five days in a month and in these days like two drops comes out a day and it is dark or brownish and not thick. asides that, recently I've been discharging whitish,thickly,smelly substance,that comes even more than the menstrual flow. I'm 19 and since last year that I lose my virginity I've been having protected sex with my boyfriend. pls help me out what is the solution.

Posted by Optional on 06/04/2015 at 09:38

Hi I'm a female of 22 years. I had my period a week ago and yesterday I started feeling so itchy today while taking a shower I realized unusual white discharge, later went to the clinic and I was given fluconazole, when I took the pills the discharge increased but this time it was brown and at the moment I have these sores/rash on the vulva. I would like to know whether it's normal and what I am suffering from.

Posted by gloriana on 06/04/2015 at 09:25

i have an itchy and burning sensation each time am having my period or vagina discharge. Please what the cause?

Posted by Optional on 06/04/2015 at 12:43

Hi I'm 19 and my boyfriend has me really worried now.. I've been having ALOT of white discharge and it smells really bad and my urine does too.. My urine is a pale yellow color and it kinda fizzes at the top.. I've been trying to look up the issues and can't seem to find anything that matches the problems I'm having.. Also I've lost a lot of weight but I'm not sure if that has anythig to do with this problem, but if anybody could help me out please do!!

Posted by jyo on 31/03/2015 at 10:37

I am 22..i got married last 2months back. Now iam pregnent.. I am facing a problen in my vagina that is always discharging white egg type of liquid (not smelling) and itching around my vagina. every time i have to change my panties due to that white discharging..what is the best solution and my husband does not have any sexual health problem. Please help me with correct solution.

Posted by Username on 29/03/2015 at 08:42

I've got a problem and it's making me scared. I haven't had sex for about a month and me and my boyfriend who ive been with for 2 years just had sex and it feels like the inside of my vagina is swollen and it feels swollen when I touch it, is this bad? It's not a disease because my boyfriend has only had sex with me plus he's the first person I've had sex with so its not a disease, please tell me it's nothing bad to worry about :(

Posted by Optional on 27/02/2015 at 02:08

I'm a virgin and my clitoris has swollen up. Just one side is swollen to twice its normal size. It was itchy so I scratched it. The scratching caused a cut which started to leak a clear fluid.

Posted by rachel on 18/02/2015 at 05:48

hi i am 20 yrs old i hav symptoms lik white bleeding sometimes thick lik cheese watery s more..n brown bleeding too sometimes,,i hav tis problem from past 3months..i am not married,,sometimes i too get pain and itching from vulva.......some 1 giv me the solution.....

Posted by Optional on 01/02/2015 at 07:24

The day after losing my virginity i started gettin a yellow fishy smell of discharge and when i wash the goes for about half an hour then comes back. Its lasted until now which is atleast 3 days, it seems to be easing off now. Is this normal for my first time?

Posted by Optional on 30/01/2015 at 06:25

i have been getting a really foul fishy smell and itchy feeling on the outer part of my private part. It has been going on now for about a few months and when I went to my doctor everything came back normal but the smell and itch persist? What can I do or what can it be? I am concerned and embarrassed to have intercourse with my partner because of the smell. How can you help me?

Posted by Optional on 24/01/2015 at 03:35

im a virgin, ive been having a vaginal discharge thats brown, but when i pee its yellow, and when i wipe myself up its light blood, idk whats happening, i havent had my period for this month as yet, but the brown discharge keeps coming out of me

Posted by Optional on 24/01/2015 at 07:07

4 years back I first noticed excessive vaginal fluid spurting from my vagina. It is very clear, almost like water and does not have any offensive odour. Since the past 2 years it occurs almost on a monthly basis and comes days after my period and continues till few days before the next period. It is very embarrassing as I now resort to wearing panty liners. I am not very sexually active. Is this normal?

Posted by Optional on 22/01/2015 at 04:52

Hi. I'm an 18 year old female, I had sex about a month ago and since then I have been feeling itchiness , as well as clear sticky discharge, with an odor. I am begging for help...I've tried scrubbing and scrubbing down there..

Posted by MAUREEN on 21/01/2015 at 02:42

I had still birth four months ago, since then i usually have yellowish green discharge, what is the cause.

Posted by Optional on 10/01/2015 at 07:43

Im experiencing a yellowish color discharge with a fishy odor . i have to use panty liner everyday . What should i do? Im experiencing it for months now. Im afraid to see a doctor . i start experiencing this after i had ex wih my boyfriend. Please help.

Posted by Optional on 10/01/2015 at 05:50

Hi doctor, i had unprotected sex with my partner two days after i finished my period .. Now after 10 days i feel dizziness and back ache and today i saw a light red discharge ... What it could be ? Please help

Posted by Optional on 07/01/2015 at 04:12

I've never had sex, but I wear a panty liner everyday because I always have discharge. My discharge smells really bad, and lately it been looking a little greenish. What should I do? Is there anything I can but to help this?

Posted by Optional on 30/12/2014 at 08:09

I'm having a problem of liquid discharge,the discharge is so sticky,white and so smelly...this problem started after delivery of my baby is now 5 months old...but still my problem of liquid discharge is this problem happen with all or is it o.k condition....whether I should consult a doctor

Posted by vivian on 30/12/2014 at 01:17

Am in my twenty weeks of pregnancy and experiencings a yellowish stain itchy sore painful urination and blood stains in my pants will it affect my unborn baby?

Posted by sive on 28/12/2014 at 10:05

After I had a sex wth new partner I had this water coming out after having sex then I go to the clinic they said its normal bt this this stays and it became thic and white in colour then I go to the clinic again they did the test and said its normal and gave me normal treatment for discharge now am afraid there is blood on it and it does not stop help please

Posted by Optional on 23/12/2014 at 11:11

I'm having thick white discharge and it is watery I have missed my period it's been a week and having slight cramps not as bad as my usual cramps when I start my period. I have the same partner I have been with for five months. I'm confused as to what it could be because I dont think I'm pregnant. They say when you first become pregnant that you become more sexually active but ive been less sexually active than usual. Can someone please help me out? I'm freaking out.

Posted by Luisa on 23/12/2014 at 07:32

Hello, So I'm 16 years old and I recently lost my virginity to my boyfriend and from than on we have been have sex frequently.. Well I've noticed that ever since than my urine smell has completely changed its more.. How you say funky and I've noticed its foggy as well.. I have also noticed that I've been finding blood on my panties sometimes and occasionally when urinating the reason why this shocks me is because I haven't had my period for like 9 in a half months.. My question is may I have contracted something from my boyfriend or is the frequent sex causing this? I'm scared to go to my guardian because its embarrassing and also because I want to at least know what I'm up against be for I go to the doctors.. Please help? :\

Posted by Optional on 21/12/2014 at 03:40

I went to the bathroom and a long string was On the tissue and it was white yellow what is it

Posted by violet on 20/12/2014 at 04:33

Is very informative Thanks

Posted by Optional on 17/12/2014 at 07:26

i have a problem my periods are not regular it 2 months since i got it i took 2 pregnancy test but they were negative.i have a history of ovarian cysts since i was dianosed with them my discharge is not normal it smells bad bt it does nt iche nd when urinating it doesnt burn..what could it be?

Posted by Optional on 12/12/2014 at 02:07

I have the same thing. I don't know what to do either, but sometimes I have these pains under my belly button, is that bad?

Posted by Optional on 04/12/2014 at 04:07

Hi I'm 17 and I'm 7 weeks pregnant well I have been have been having cramps around or on my vagina and just a while ago i peed and this weird whitish stuff came out just floating there what could this be , and NP there was not any blood I'm just really concerned and worried please help! :'(

Posted by Pp on 28/11/2014 at 09:29

My periods ended last week so this week I decided to have sex with my bf so after we had sex I found my discharge with some red stuff mix . So I thought maybe it was because we just had sex and the following day I saw a yellow discharge , smelly bad I wonder what is wrong . Please helpm

Posted by Worried on 25/11/2014 at 05:25

I have ichyness in my vagina and a thick white discharge,when i have sex with my partner it becomes painful it seems like i have rush at the opening of the vagina and i have cracks after sex

Posted by masikatay on 23/11/2014 at 06:38

Why do I always feel wet down there... ? I have to wear panty liners everyday because I always feel wet .. why am I always feeling wet just from my vagina cleaning it self out?

Posted by Optional on 21/11/2014 at 06:55

While having sex iam not getting white discharge. ...any problem with me...let me nono...

Posted by Paige on 11/11/2014 at 08:56

Hello, I've started to notice more discharge throughout the month even when I'm not on my period. I've been to the doctors a while ago now and they said I have a stronger odour down below than normal and that an increase of discharge is normal. However I've started to get creamy/pale yellow discharge after my period. My boyfriend doesn't have any STDs so I shouldn't have any right? Is this creamy yellowish discharge normal?

Posted by Optional on 09/11/2014 at 09:13

I'm 14 and am definetly not pregnant. I Just got my first period last month and I'm about to get my next one. Today I've gotten dark brown almost black clumps coming out of my down there area and they are gooey and weird. I'm wondering if this is normal?

Posted by Optional on 01/11/2014 at 04:39

I lost my virginity a couple days ago, and at first I was bleeding, which I know is normal, but then this really thick yellowish-greenish discharge that smells really really awful to the point where I almost vomit when smelling it started coming out. However, we used a condom, so I don't think it could be an STD. Is this a normal thing to happen when losing your virginity?

Posted by Optional on 01/11/2014 at 11:10

About a month or two ago iv discovered that iv been getting heavy, quite smelly and very thick discharge. Iv read up on it thinking it was going to be chlamydia, but the only sign of chlamydia that I have IS this unusual discharge. I have no other symptoms, it's not sore when I have intercourse with my boyfriend, I don't bleed unexpectedly or any other problems it's just the discharge. Iv been really panicking about this since its got really smelly etc. When I do get period I use this cup like product, it's like hard rubber around the edges and like a plastic bag in the middle(not the actual size of a plastic bag). And I was reading up on it, and it came up about how women that leave tampons on top long it can cause problems, so I was wondering maybe is it the "cup" I'm using? I am a clean girl. This could be another problem... me and boyfriend have been going out a year so we don't wear protection? I defiantly know we should but he just doesn't like it so I go along with it., I always let him evacuate inside me, and iv been thinking is his speech the reason that the discharge smells and the reason it's been getting thicker? Someone help me please because I am a nervous wreck and I'm trying to avoid hearing I have chlamydia or anything else...

Posted by Optional on 31/10/2014 at 03:36

Hi, I've recently given birth my little one is now 14 weeks but for a bit now I've been getting extremely wet in my vagina. It feels as if I have wee'd myself (but haven't ) There seems to be a discharged which is like egg whites and I seem to be smelly down there too. Even straight after a bath! There's no pain. It's even waking me but at night.

Posted by Optional on 28/10/2014 at 09:09

I just turned 19 but at the beginning of the month i got my period it didn't go away when i thought it should've gone away then it stoped for a few days and bleeding started again but not the usual period discharge but light red bloody type and when i cum more comes out please can you help me understand what's going on.

Posted by Optional on 26/10/2014 at 10:13

I had a kidney infection & was treated w antibiotics. That has gone away but sine the kidney infection I have had a yellowish foul discharge especially after sex. I thought it was a yeast infection & treated w over the counter meds that worked for a couple of days & then symptoms came back. I have been more prone to yeast infections after having the marina IUD & then having toxic shock from the iud. I do still use tampons and don't know if this could be the reason I am having issues now. I'm concerned that this could possibly be an std. I only have sex w my husband so this is causing a lot of concern for me. Thanks in advance for hearing my concerns.

Posted by Optional on 24/10/2014 at 03:41

i just had my regular menstual period and i bleed for 4 to 5 days and i started spotting light red for 2 to 3 days following my menstrual period. i have a very foul smell almost like something dead and im having some pain in my ovaries... what does this mean? can someone please give me some advise? thank you

Posted by Optional on 23/10/2014 at 02:38

I had unprotected sex with my bf and he came in me I didnt shower until I get home...i brought a morning after pill n took it the exact day..after a few days my period came and after 5 days it stpp then I realize a white liquid on my underwear it is odorless at first i didnt pay it any mind then the next day it started to flow heavy...and after And after 3 weeks its still continuing but this time it iches (sometimes) n my vagina swell after..I really want it to stop..if u can help please do thank u

Posted by Optional on 17/10/2014 at 09:35

I'm a 13 year old girl. I'm having menstruation for about 2 years. Is it normal that I'm not having a normal period? It's been two months since I got my previous period. And also, is it normdal that I'm getting a transparent and odorless slimy vaginal discharge? Hoping for your answer. Thanks!

Posted by Ongoing on 15/10/2014 at 01:08

Hi, recently I have noticed a milky white, cottage cheese discharge. It has a little smell to it and I am a little itchy around my vulva. Me and my boyfriend of 4 years recently had sex but it became very dry and painful. I noticed that sex is painful and afterwards I have a very unpleasant odor. For awhile I have had abnormal discharge and have been itchy but everytime I see my family practitioner they tell me it's a urinary tract infection. I do everything they tell me to do to clear it up but it always seems to never work or come right back. I have been tested for stds and I have none. This is really embarrassing, can It be something more serious? Please get back to me.

Posted by Optional on 03/10/2014 at 11:30

i have white discharge a lot and tick something like cheese and very smelly its happen after miscarriage what i have to do

Posted by Sword on 02/10/2014 at 01:39

I jst turned 18 this August, and a virgin... I didn't had my period for 2 months now, instead, i'm having a brown vaginal discharge.. It's not smelly and i'm not experiencing cramps or aches anywhere near my tummy... I feel normal, except for the fact of having a brown vaginal discharge... First i thought it's because of the stress i'm having in school.. But i'm honestly scared now.. I dunno what to do... Pls help

Posted by Optional on 26/09/2014 at 06:40

I don't know what is wrong I am not sexually active and I keep having vaginal discharge throughout the day it is clear and gooey substance

Posted by Optional on 25/09/2014 at 02:59

Please help me.. my vaginal bleeds and I thought I was having my menstruation but it's not,then I got yellowish discharge and it's smelly..I am so afraid now,I'm afraid to tell my mom.I'm only 19 years old.I keep on crying coz I search and some of the symptoms like vaginal bleeding and yellowish discharge and I'm so scared.I don't know what to I can't sleep.I just keep on crying,does anyone here have the same symptoms like me? Please help me.

Posted by Optional on 24/09/2014 at 05:19

White thick discharge comes out almost every day on to my panties, no I am not pregnant nor have any decease. I'm just really concerned if it's normal? Sometimes it smells a little sour also. Please help?

Posted by monica on 20/09/2014 at 02:56

i have a problem of itchy,smelling vigina.And when having sex with my partner the blood always comes out from my vigina,i don't understand why

Posted by Optional on 15/09/2014 at 10:36

So I had this itching problem and went to see a doctor. I was treated for Thrush.. it's been two months already and I still perceive some sort of fishy smell... I'm worried. Help.

Posted by Patty on 14/09/2014 at 05:51

when I wipe after urinate it the paper looks like I just had a bowel movement. This happens even when I don't have a bowel movement and I change my underwear 3 or 4 times a day so that I do not have on my underwear. What could this be?

Posted by Optional on 11/09/2014 at 12:20

For about a year now i have been having an abnornal nine days memstral cycle. My menses use to last six days, then changed to four days. Upon seeing a doctor, i was placed on medication for five months. This is when the whole thing changed to nine days of heavy flows. After several medications including herbal preparations, my menses returned to six days of normal flows plus three days of smelly brownish blood stained discharges. I dont know what to do again. Please help me especially now that i need a child so badly.

Posted by Optional on 08/09/2014 at 10:32

Well what does it mean when you missed your period and you haven had sex in 4 months.? And its a white sticky substance clear and sometimes white with a little smell but its not fowl

Posted by Katie on 01/09/2014 at 05:21

I am 13 and have not started my period and have this wight stuff coming out of my vigina and I do not know what is haping to me somebody please explane to me what is haping to me please

Posted by Louisa on 31/08/2014 at 11:32

I'm a month pregnant and i took a card wormin(mebendazole tablets)and ten pieces of parastamol will it have any effect on the baby?

Posted by kundai on 21/08/2014 at 09:40

I have a vaginal discharge which has blood. It started soon after my mensuration. My lower abdomen is tender what could be the problem

Posted by Optional on 04/08/2014 at 11:47

Ok someone please help me! Ok basically. I look through everything and it's like I have one and another etc. if I explain hat I experience please help me! So quite a few times. (Not everyday and not rarely) but I have this white stuff in my underwear which smells horrible. And at night sometimes I have to change my underwear because it feels really itchy my private parts and sometimes that doesn't rly help it reduces it a bit but doesn't prevent. Can someone please tell me what this is? I don't have trouble passing urine, and I'm 12.

Posted by Optional on 31/07/2014 at 08:27

I'm having a little trouble wit BV. I'm using a pill called metronidazole and I've taken it for 7 days 2 pills a day and now the pills are gone, but now I have a green egg smelling discharge. I didn't have it before I started taking the pills. Is that normal.?

Posted by Optional on 29/07/2014 at 06:38

Hello I have a yeast infection and I'm taking the jell but I'm getting this yellow discharge and then it disappears I don't know what I have I'm scared . & no I don't have stds and no I'm not sexually active . Please help me !!!!!!

Posted by Optional on 27/07/2014 at 06:13

After having sex for the first time with my new boyfriend. His penis is very big. I could feel it n my stomach. After my inside was hurting very bad. A light green discharge came out for two days and vagina itching. Now it his stopped see normal discharge now. Does this means that I just had to get us to having sex with a big penis.

Posted by Optional on 24/07/2014 at 01:44

Hi! I'm 12 and I have a question about MY discharge. So ever since I got discharge which was about when I was 11, it has always been brown. The first couple of days it was white but now ever since it's been brown. I have not gotten my first period yet (sadly) and I'm confused. All the things I've been reading says this is abnormal. I've talked to my mom and she says it might be my period but we ALL know it's not that. Also I sorta have a depression because I'm anxious for my period to come. I just want it so BAD! I can't wait! Do you have any ideas on how I get over this funk? And any ideas on my discharge problem. Thank you SO much! I really have no where else to turn! Thanks a lot!

Posted by On period, and worried on 21/07/2014 at 11:47

Hi, I've had this happen to me multiple times while I'm sleeping and on my period, the thing is when I'm sleeping in a certain position, I feel like my blood is leaking from my pad on to my leg, but when I feel it, it's dry. Is this normal?

Posted by lia on 17/03/2014 at 08:53

hey im 5 mnths pregnant & im on the vaginal treatmeant, i know were not supposed to have sex but i did & when my husband pulled out his penis he had like a cottage chesse discharge, my obgyn had tested me before he gave me the treatmeant & said i didnt have an infection, so what can be the cause of this?

Posted by Optional on 11/03/2014 at 04:04

I am an 18 year old virgin. My period is on a somewhat regular schedule. About a year ago I started leaking this clear fluid from my vagina. At first it was really light; but now it has gotten heavier. I always have to wear liners now and I almost never had to before. The biggest problem is how self conscious it makes me feel. Is there any way to fix this?

Posted by Optional on 10/03/2014 at 04:02

I'm 3 months pregnant and ever since I got pregnant ma discharges are yellowish n smelly and I experience itchness on the opening and developed some black sores on the lips of my vagina ... What could it be please help

Posted by Optional on 03/03/2014 at 04:29

I had a tampon lost in me 4 2 weeks I went to my doctor bout It an got antiboics to clear wat ever infection I may had tat was 4 weeks ago.. The last week an a half I'm gettin a sticky white discharge also its painful wen I'm passing my urine I'm also goin to the toilet more then I would usually go before this.. An just want to no is this normal

Posted by Optional on 02/03/2014 at 08:26

Had sex with my boyfriend and now for the past three days I have been having a yellowish discharge with lower abdominal pain just like menstrual pain though I have pains whenever I am expecting my period and during I have severe desmonorhea what should I do?

Posted by Optional on 01/03/2014 at 07:47

Hi, I'm 19 & I been having a problem down there lately. I don't know what can it be so here's what's going on.… I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend (Been with him for 3 Years) But I do remember not taking a shower after we were done . Then the next day it start smelling weird like Fish, is a tiny bit itchy sometimes and is red around it i been having this for about 5 days now . I used to take out something kinda white with greenish like super thin almost like water, But today I haven't take nothing out when I check myself. It smells really bad thoe. & I'm really scared. I made my doctors appointment. But I have it until March, 19. & Today we are on January, 1st . Is a long way to go!! So I need help with this. I been searching it up here on Google but It been giving me results of an STD's … & That been making me MORE scared !! :( I Never had this problem before, after I had sex with him . What can this be?? Help me please. :(

Posted by Optional on 23/02/2014 at 10:20

My boyfriend said he smell like a rotten odor when we first start having sex but he said he don't smell anything when he have oral sex with me just when he put it in and start having sex..I've had a hysterectomy about 5 years ago and we have been together for almost 2 years n he never smell it before...I went to my doctor and he said I was fine but the day before I went to the doctor I douche u think that was the problem because I've haven't douche I know in a year...I had no itchy feeling or nothing but when we have sex I didn't smell me out ASAP because he don't want to have sex because he smell it the last two times we had sex

Posted by lerato on 22/02/2014 at 08:28

i slept with my boyfriend with a condom but before i slept with him i was discharging and after that i discharge more and more.what should i do please help me!

Posted by Optional on 10/02/2014 at 10:57

i had the coil fitted a week and a half ago I caught an infection wich I wad given cefelexin and another anti biotic for *I cant remember the name of it now) anyway the infection seems to be clearing up fine as it is no longer smelly. but now im having a discharge like egg whites ive never had before. my vagina is also swollen but I have no pain or itching just this clear discharge. I dont believe its thrush as ive had it multiple times.. any help would be appreciated.. hoping to get the coil removed today.

Posted by Worried on 04/02/2014 at 09:27

I'm so worried. I broke my virginity two weeks ago. My boyfriend used a condom. We tried having sex the whole week because my hymen wouldn't break, i noticed every time my boyfriend put a lubricant it burned. The next day after the hymen had been broken my vagina was all big and swollen (the lips precisely) then the next day after that i had red rash which super burned when i went to the loo. My boyfriend said i probably had a Yeast infection so he bought me one of those over-the-counter meds and cream. I used it until it was finished after 7 days but still there was no change. Now it went from bad to worse my vagina has round sores that look like they're covered with pus and the discharge is no longer thick and white it's yellowish and smelly. Now i dunno what to do. I went to the clinic and they gave me an injection and some antibiotic but i still don't see any difference. My boyfriend's terrified now cause he doesn't know what could've caused these sores... Was he too rough with me? I dunno. I can't sleep at night my vagina tingles so bad it irritating because i know I'm not horny, the moment i rest my lower limbs the tingling start it's like a 1/2 second orgasm that comes and go every minute it soooooooooo bad and irritating how do i stop it?? i really need some answers i haven't slept for days:-(;(;(PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE

Posted by Louise A on 03/02/2014 at 03:25

I was told by my doctor a few weeks ago that I have PCOS. I had a scan and it was confirmed that I have cysits on my overies. I also haven't had a period for nearly 5 months now, and over the last week I have been experiencing a lot of water like discharge, with the occasional spotting of blood. It makes me feel really uncomfortable and it almost feels like I am seeing myself.

Posted by Concerned30 on 27/01/2014 at 07:14

Well Ive been having sex with only my boyfriend for about 8months. Now in the beginning we had sex like 3 times a day. Now its like maybe 2xs a week because sex kinda feels uncomfortable now. I have discomfort in the bottom of my stomach, and Im always super wet..And he says sex feels better because im so wet, and seems like my walls or closing in while having intercourse..The outside of my vagina itches from time to time, you know like where the hair grows..I have frequent urination problems too..and I recently saw that my boyfriend had a cold sore on his i got crazy thoughts..and Ive been to the doct and had several tests ran just waiting on results and answers..can someone help me please?

Posted by evelyn on 26/01/2014 at 06:05

i need serious help am 24 n i have been discharging for d past 4 yrs now non stop visiting one hospital or d other from 1 test 2 d other have spent alot of money on drugs but all to no avail its jt seem as if have not started any treatment yet plssss wat do i do i need help

Posted by Optional on 31/12/2013 at 07:45

My vagina is swollen and I'm releasing white discharge, three weeks after protected sex and my period is delayed four days. Can swelling delay discharge

Posted by Optional on 12/12/2013 at 11:50

I get a clear jelly like discharge after going out for a run. Sometimes it has a brown look about it, but still like lumps of jelly. Please help.

Posted by Unknown on 10/12/2013 at 11:44

please help me im soo scard im 13 and about a month ago i saw something sticky and clear watery in my underwear i so i cleand it and let it about one month it was comeing down and about a week something yelowish and chesey colour is comeing out , and it itches and some times it burns a little , and im scard and embbersed to tell someone please help me how to treat it !!

Posted by Optional on 06/12/2013 at 05:20

For the past 3 weeks I have had a doughy substance inside my vagina. It does not itch and it does not burn. I do not have a rash outside or it isn't swollen. I have had a yeast infection before and this is so unlike anything I have ever experienced in the past. As I stated, I DO NOT HAVE ANY RASH, ITCHING, OR SMELL at all. What is this and do I have concern to see a dr or can I just use monistat 7 ?

Posted by Sino on 03/11/2013 at 12:35

Thank u i think this have helped me a lot

Posted by Bongie on 02/11/2013 at 03:49

I had sex with my guy we used condom bt a day after I had itching vulvar and sour like discharge light yellow what cud dat be

Posted by Optional on 31/10/2013 at 06:49

hello doctor.. frm so many i got the problem of itching in vagina.. the white discharge like curd is coming everyday... i used clotrimazole cream also.. i ate flucan tablets also. they both helped me for some days but again my problem repeats as usual.. i cant even consult a doctor for my personal reasons.. what to do plzz help me...

Posted by Optional on 13/10/2013 at 09:25


Posted by Optional on 06/10/2013 at 07:24

I just wanted to know why does my discharge taste sour and its thick

Posted by Mo on 12/09/2013 at 12:26

I have blood coming from my vigana what could this be at my age I though them type of problem had long gone should I be worried please help

Posted by kulu on 28/08/2013 at 11:10

Am having a smelly yellowish discharge from my virgina and it's making me feel so uncomfortable because it smells so badly like a rotten fish and i v to wash my under wear at evry stain,it is also very watery.

Posted by Domino on 12/08/2013 at 12:07

I've been experiencing thick white discharge for about 3 months now and I've been to the doctor about it and they said it's normal but I get this discharge 24/7 is there any way to stop this? It's making me self conscious and I'm about to have sex with my boyfriend and I don't want him to be grossed out about there any way?

Posted by Optional on 10/08/2013 at 11:22

hello doctor, i had a curd type vaginal discharge with some rashes and itchiness inside vagina for which i had consulted a doctor and he told me that i have vaginal infection and he prescribe medicine for 1 week which include a capsule for 7 days to be inserted inside vagina. after the course completion my problem was solved but now after 1 month now i saw a white but creamish discharge with some itchiness inside vagina. i also want to inform you that i am taking medication for tb which are r cinex and an anti oxidant. please explain me why this problem is coming back when i had already completed my course of medicine.

Posted by lollipop on 20/07/2013 at 04:15

I'm 25 years and I'm sufering of abnominal pains and also discharge it looks white clumpsy and turns dry yellow in pants..I'm sexual active..what can it be..

Posted by Optional on 18/07/2013 at 10:41

Hello, I've woken up to cramping on my side & upper stomach with a watery discharge that doesn't smell like anything. & I had sex about a week ago except he used a condom and pulled out. So I don't see how I could be pregnant? What do you feel could be other causes of this? I need help!

Posted by Optional on 16/07/2013 at 05:29

I have brownish discharge thready like, its so disturbing I use toilet paper to wipe it off its so frustrating

Posted by Optional x on 27/06/2013 at 02:15

I have white thick discharge while I'm on the pill how can I make it go? It's making me self conscious and a bit worried in case it's something serious but I've read about it and I just want to know if someone else has the same problem? :(

Posted by Optional on 12/06/2013 at 09:02

i have had many problems, but have been too shy to go to my doctor, or to go to a clinic, so i just looked online to see what i may have, i went to my doctor after, and told him what i thought i had, but because i was not too sure, he did not give me anything. if you do not mind your doctor seeing your parts, or letting the clinic see then you should go, but if you do not feel comfortable showing your in person but do not mind them seeing, then take a picture and show them that way. if you feel uncomfortable talking to them face to face about your problem, call. or get someone else to go in for you.

Posted by annonymous on 14/04/2013 at 05:55

At first startedbt having a painful urine and now have been having yellowish dircharge and smell very bad now i have develeop thrush around my vaginai it's very itching. I'm worry and i don't hv money 2 see the doctor please i'm scared help me

Posted by Optional on 02/04/2013 at 01:52

I have recently stopped taking the pill seasonique and now I am have pink thin substance leaking like a menstrsul but it doesn't look like blood

Posted by ...? on 01/04/2013 at 05:05

Im 20 years old, and I've been sick lately, with a combination of things. Fever, pressure behind my eyes that hurts every time I move them, hot and cold flashes, tenderness in random areas of my body, extremely sore feet, and vaginal discharge. I've taken a pregnancy test, came back negative...but the vaginal discharge is excessive and very watery. It doesn't smell, is clear in color, but it's so much that it runs down my legs, like I'm peeing a little. When I'm wearing pants, it soaks the fabric and now I have a sore from the fabric rubbing against my skin. This has never happened before, it happened pretty suddenly. Could it just be from my fever? My body is so hot the vaginal discharge is thinner than normal, and therefore more excessive? Or could it be something else?

Posted by marikie on 31/03/2013 at 08:37

i have a white n thick discharge what could be the problem

Posted by Optional on 18/03/2013 at 09:43

I am married with 3 grown children, my husband and I have not been sexually active for many years however I still seem to get this fishy odor fairly often

Posted by hidden on 11/03/2013 at 10:32

I have a problem with a varied amount of these symptons. I have a sore itchy irratating vaginal area with a smell to it too, it has a white, dry skin looking, patch on each inner lip and my discharge smells and is a yellow ish colour. From time to time it bleeds also, this is worrying as everytime I go to clinics, doctors etc they say its nothing to worry about and I do not have any sexually transmitted diseases or anything else. Please guide me to a hospital\clinic\doctors near by o hertfordshire if possible. Many thanks

Posted by sunshine1 on 04/03/2013 at 10:17

i have been to the doctor several times and have spent several hundred dollars and have yet to find a cure, i have a yellow vaginal discahrge that has no odor and it does not itch. it is continuous, does not stop unless it is time for my period and then it starts right back again. ive taken loads of anti-biotics and used lots of creaams, please help me with this one

Posted by Shanice on 28/02/2013 at 03:35

i been seeing yellow stuff come out my virgina while i take metronidazole what could it be?

Posted by Miss B on 17/02/2013 at 07:48

My menstrual blood is thick and sticky,my breasts discharge a watery liquid and i feel pains in my tummy and sharp pains on the side of my tummy and something like bubbles bursting,what could be the problem?

Posted by Optional on 17/02/2013 at 02:27

hi im having repeated yellow vaginal discharge. had my pap done and ultra sound. was once diagnosed with cervicitis and yeast infection. took antibiotics and suppositories. but reoccuring

Posted by Optional on 07/02/2013 at 08:44

I had sex on the lst day of my period aftwards i had a burning sensation while urinating and yellowgreen discharge wats wrng

Posted by Optional on 01/02/2013 at 06:20

i had sex with my friend in the night on the 14th day of my mestrual cycle, ie my ovulation day. He didnt pull out fast. I took a quinine to flush out the sperm immediately in the morning. I had a lot of slippery discharge but Now i have no varginal discharge at all, only belly cramps. Whats wrong with me cos am freaking out.

Posted by Miss on 31/01/2013 at 12:20

White smelly stuff forming and a bit sore at times. What cou T be ?

Posted by Optional on 28/01/2013 at 02:10

I have had problems with white thick discharge been sore red an sometimes sowllen on the lips of vigina its itchy does not smell it usally goes away in a few days but it comes back every couple of months .now i got it again but im also havin problems with my peroid havent had one in 3 months and its been off an on like that for a year only havn one for 3 months at a time dont no what to do dont have money.

Posted by Merl on 03/01/2013 at 09:21

I have had this white discharge for a long time,about 3 years now. but somewhere last year, i began having this fishy smell,just when i'm about to have my period. recently for about a week now,i have been itching so bad that when i pass urine the itching worsens. Will see the doctor on friday because i am scared something bad might happen to me that will affect my future delivery.

Posted by Optional on 27/12/2012 at 05:18

To the twelve year old with discharge for two weeks..... I had discharge when i was twelve although i didnt start my period until i was fourteen or fifteen. Wearing pantiliners really helps.... U will be able to tell about when u eill have ur nperiod by ur weight (the fatter u r the earlier u start) anf things like .. Once ur breasts start growing, u will probably have ur period a year later. If u have no hair down there, dont worry about it for a long time ;)

Posted by Optional on 24/12/2012 at 04:18

I have a smelly discharge that is itchy sometimes. My stomach is also hurting and sensitive to touch any ideas what could b wrong

Posted by Optional on 23/12/2012 at 06:06

I have vaginal discharge during sex with my husband is it normal?

Posted by Optional on 13/12/2012 at 10:41

i am so glad i found this website i was scared at fist but now iknow it is normal im ok. ill show my mom too

Posted by Tebogo on 06/12/2012 at 10:49

I have cream white discharge it smells fishy,and itchy rush from inside the virgina to the lips.It stated when i fell pregnant.Is it normal or i'm sick?

Posted by Optional on 28/11/2012 at 08:34

Am a virgine of 26yrs, i have been having itchy, sore and discharge in private part for the past years now. I have taken so many drug prescribed by some doctor but still no cure. What should i do?

Posted by Optional on 23/11/2012 at 01:49

still goin to my doctors surgery to gt checked out thnks anyway .

Posted by Candy on 18/11/2012 at 10:17

What causes da vaginal discharge to become brown

Posted by Optional on 11/11/2012 at 02:50

Im 12 and for about a week or 2 ive been leaking clear/white liquid I havent started my period yet Please help!!!

Posted by mary on 30/10/2012 at 12:05

When I see egg white 13 day after my period,am I preg.

Posted by Optional on 20/10/2012 at 07:34

Should i go to my doctor if i have normal discharge but just a lot of it, even though you said that everyone has different amounts i have to wear a pad a lot of the time and i dont know whether that is normal??

Posted by Optional on 14/10/2012 at 12:17

Hi Im 20yrs and unmarried girl. I got very thick blood discharging with white liquid, this is 1st time and since 4 5 months i am getting a type of brown discharge along with the thik white disharge.why this happens please tell me.

Posted by Anonymous on 07/10/2012 at 12:52

i am currently 16,having sex with my boyfriend.1-2 weeks ago we had sex and we always use protection,but on this one occasion he just put it in then straight back out without any protection, i am suffering from belly cramps and going to the toilet a lot, also more discharge than normal that is thick and creamy like.i am his first sexual partner,i have told a close friend that i trust about this as i cannot talk to my mum because she doesnt know that i am having sex, what should i do?

Posted by Optional on 05/10/2012 at 11:41

I think i might be having thrush or gonorrhoea,coz the discharge is so smelly.

Posted by Optional on 02/10/2012 at 06:59

why is my thrush brown? and doesnt smell but looks disgusting?

Posted by Patient jacob on 29/09/2012 at 07:28

The problem she's having is that when she had a month pregnant and never knew that it were pregnant until the date of witness has pass with 8-10 day of period. She later took quinine tabs and menstrogen tabs and that's where she's having lower abdominal pain,mild foul smell of vaginal discharge with blood.Treatment has been taken with doxycycline caps,flagyl tabs, fluconazole tab and other tab. There was improvement for about 10-15 days but still experience abdominal pain on and off. Now with blood and white particle discharge. What will be the next thing to do?

Posted by Optional on 26/09/2012 at 04:55

Me and my boyfriend had sex. I wasn't on my period but i kinda hurt afterward which I heard was normal. But now my vaginal discharge is bloody and I'm not suppose to be on my period. help me I'm freaking out:(

Posted by Optional on 20/09/2012 at 08:32

My virginia is very itchy,has little sores around it and some thick white smelly discharge comes out, sometimes bleeding.please help

Posted by Optional on 12/09/2012 at 05:16

Yes my guestion has been answered.thanks

Posted by Optional on 02/09/2012 at 06:24

I'm 29 yrs. old and I've noticed this past few days that I've had mucus discharge from my vagina with a streak of pink through it. I had my period so it could not be pregnancy i did a test just to be sure that im not pregnant. What can this be im worried

Posted by Optional on 27/08/2012 at 12:57

I used to have regular periods till I got the birth implant in my arm I always have brown stuff coming out my vagina I don't get periods no more it's always this brown gooey stuff.

Posted by Aubrie on 25/08/2012 at 12:47

Hi! I've never had sex, im a christian and a virgin and I have all the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis...what's going on?

Posted by Optional on 17/08/2012 at 03:43

I want to know the name of the tablet for vaginal discharge

Posted by Gee gal on 16/08/2012 at 05:25

Ma virginia is very itchy,has little sores around it and some thick white smelly discharge comes out.please help

Posted by Optionaleme on 14/08/2012 at 01:57

as a response to patty who is 55 and concerned about not having period in 3 years.. i would say, you are in menopause

Posted by just need answers on 13/08/2012 at 08:09

I have missed my period and then started getting a white thick discharge with a horrible smell . Please advise as to what the problem could be

Posted by Tinuola on 12/08/2012 at 09:34

Yellowish discharge,scanty, and itching

Posted by unknown on 06/08/2012 at 06:01

i have a green discharge it's really wet and sticky sometimes it can smell but sometimes it doesn't i've been tested to see if I have anything but i haven't please tell me what this problem could be?because i'm getting worried now

Posted by Optional on 04/08/2012 at 10:29

i have been having on & off pains after urinatinating & having sex my discharge is thick & yellowish green but non smelly yet itichy. What should i do to out come this problem??

Posted by Optional on 18/07/2012 at 05:34


Posted by Optional on 16/07/2012 at 08:49

I have a watery smelling discharge.Could this mean I have a disease?

Posted by Optional on 13/07/2012 at 01:27

I have been tested dat i have an infection but cant realy say the type of infection am having. I am a virgin and scan shows that am having an ovarian cyst on my left ovary. Now after takn antibiotics written by d doctor,am still seein a slippery discharge wit blood. Please wat can i do

Posted by Optional on 11/07/2012 at 04:58

my virginal discharge is greenish but it doesn't smell or itch or burn when i urinate can yo tell me what's wrong

Posted by Optional on 09/07/2012 at 08:31

More in depth info on bartholins glands, had baby 6 months ago. What's normal and what's not.

Posted by Optional on 06/07/2012 at 12:55

I have a watery smelly discharge that bothers me alot and I'm also 16 weeks pregnant and all my previous pregnancy signs had gone,I had my scan at 9 weeks showing the heart beat of the baby,now I'm asked to go for another scan after reporting to my doctor of the smelly discharge.Can any help on what to do?

Posted by Optional on 06/07/2012 at 02:45

I have a watery yet cheesy like discharge & its around wthe area is blister/ bump things & a little painful & itchy. Any ideas the cause?

Posted by Optional on 30/06/2012 at 01:25

Lately I have been getting a lot of vaginal infections and was tested positive twice for E-coli in my urine sample in less than 6 month, and I don't know why I've been getting sore after sex with my partner, we had a bit of rough sex a couple of days ago and I got really dried up and sore and swollen and it stung a bit wen i went to pee and today I've had a lot of watery discharge with a sour smell, I've been on cranberry pills for the past 3 weeks but I'm really sick of all the infections I'm getting and my urine tests and blood tests r normal nothing out of the ordinary and my doctor didn't tell me to run more test

Posted by Optional on 26/06/2012 at 10:38

I'm 16 I have the implant and I have never had regular periods, they come anytime and whenever but recently iv noticed when I go off my periods even still weeks later I get a jelly sticky think string blood clots in my knickers, I really worried and wish it would just stop. Both me and my boyfriend have no STI's and we have sex regularly please please please tell me what this is .....

Posted by Optional on 23/06/2012 at 03:48

I'am a woman with 2 kids for the last three years. I noticed a lot of changes in my body like bleeding in between period, vaginal discharge with itching sometimes and noisy stomoche and has not been able to get pregnant since then

Posted by Embarrassing Problems on 21/06/2012 at 06:27

To Okeke f (18/06/2012): see our section on vulval itching to find out more about the most common causes and what you can do about them:

Posted by JOY on 19/06/2012 at 01:07


Posted by ashi on 18/06/2012 at 02:48

i am 23 years old married has been 6 months of my marraige and whenever i do sex wuth my husband till morning i face discharge problem a white liquid comes out from my vegina in fluid way due to which i am getting weeker my wheight is also reducing its 50 kgs legs pains i feel like fainting sumtymes plz help me out to overcum dis problem.we do use condoms while doing sex

Posted by Okeke f on 18/06/2012 at 01:55

Itching of the vulva while stil a virgin

Posted by Okoro chimaije on 18/06/2012 at 10:06

I have itching in my private part yet normal menstrual cycle and normal discharge and after laboratory test i was normal.but am a virgin Thanks

Posted by Optional on 13/06/2012 at 10:57

Hi, I'm wondering if someone can help me. I have been with my partner for 8months now. About 3 months ago I found out I had chlymidia, we both went and had the tablets but had sex only 5 days after. Your ment to wait 7 days, I don't know if I still have it but a watery almost like urine and only smell's a bit is what I have. What should I do?

Posted by Hannah on 12/06/2012 at 11:52

Hi, this is more of a question to be honest...But since I was in my junior school (year 4- very young) I started getting this yellow discharge, fishy smell but never been a everyday life problem (no sores or anything) but I'm scared to let anyone near my vagina because it's not normal and it's effecting me very much...I tried talking to someone but they kept saying i have a STD but i never had sex...It's nothing new but I've tried EVERYTHING! all the possible wipes, washing with soap everything I go toilet and it still hasn't gone! Anything way i can get rid of it please???

Posted by Anonymous on 11/06/2012 at 07:35

Hi, I found some discharge like consistency under my vaginal lips. I'm sure its thrush and but i have tried Canasten Duo and Vagisil, It hasn't budged, please help and tell me what to do, If i go to my doctor what do I say?

Posted by foxy on 10/06/2012 at 09:46

the morning after my husband and i had intercourse,i got up for a wee and i felt a slight sting and in the loo was a blob of bright red blood.There was no other signs of blood and i had a period 2 weeks ago.

Posted by babqqq on 08/06/2012 at 08:08

hey please help me... since some months back, sometimes during my periods some kind of fleshy particles red in color looking like strawberry comes out.i have not had sex anytime but masterbated. when that happens i feel like my small intestine is breaking.i am really afraid, what might have happened to me.... please help me....

Posted by Angela on 30/05/2012 at 09:33

Why do I always have a yellowish color discharge with a funky smell that I have to change my panti liner like 2 times a day? Is it normal? Should I see a doctor?

Posted by Optional on 28/05/2012 at 06:50

I still don't really understand this. Because all the things wrong with me are getting worse. At first I thought it was thrush but now I'm not sure. It burns like hell tho. So it may be a uti. Nobody will actually see me and look since I'm so young tho. Help?

Posted by Embarrassing Problems on 25/05/2012 at 11:49

To Optional on 23/05/2012 - there is further information in our sections on Vulval itching and Lumps on genitals in women that you may find useful.

Posted by Embarrassing Problems team on 25/05/2012 at 11:43

To Natasha on 22/05/2012 - you may find our page on bacterial vaginosis helpful at

Posted by Optional on 23/05/2012 at 10:51

I did't find what i was looking for. I hav this sticky mass of brownish discharge and a painless lump on my vulva coupled with an itching tha lingered for 3 years. Pls help.

Posted by Natasha on 22/05/2012 at 02:38

I have noticed that everytime i take an antibiotic, i get this terribly smelling discharge from my vagina. Any thoughts as to what it could be because I dont have any STDs or HIV and my pap results are normal

Posted by precious on 21/05/2012 at 11:42

i got yellow discharge with no smell and sometimes is white thick like cottage cheese,and is always coming and going im hiv and im eating treatment.what can be the cause of this i dont like them

Posted by Optional on 20/05/2012 at 01:19

I never had sex. I get that yellow thick discharge like everyday. No itching doesn't smell. Its just super thick and really yellow sometimes darker. I'm on birth control to regulate my period cause it was worse than this and I wouldn't get my period for more than 6 months. I am starting to regulate but sometimes when I do get my period I forget to change my tampon a lot and since my period is still a surprise I wear one when I think I have it when I am only spotting for like 5 seconds.

Posted by Optional on 15/05/2012 at 05:39

About 2 weeks ago I had sex for the first time after my c-section. Two days ago, I noticed a pale green watery vaginal discharge. There is a foul odur all the time. I'm having some lower abdominal pain on my right side. I don't know if its from the c-section or whatever is the reason behind the vaginal discharge. What could it be??

Posted by Kell on 13/05/2012 at 12:16

I am 17 weeks pregnant and I have used a pessary to treat thrush. I am now getting a lot of clear and watery discharge with a white chalky residue. There is no smell to the discharge. I know the white chalky residue is normal after using the pessary but why am I getting the watery discharge?

Posted by Optional on 11/05/2012 at 02:42

hi. i started taking some vitamins containing selenium,zinc, vit A,C and E 18 days ago. that night, some blood discharged from my vagina even though my period had stopped a week ago. then i had sex with my boyfriend about 11 days ago during which some blood or red discharge came out after the first penetration. but nothing happened after we had sex the second time. the same thing happened again 2 days ago. i tried to look up for any symptoms of STDs but i still don't know what's wrong with me. please help.

Posted by Optional on 11/05/2012 at 08:38

Thnx 4 da inf i was worrd bt nw im find.

Posted by Optional on 09/05/2012 at 08:59

I am 47 years old. I had a period approx 3 week ago but have since had brown drainage. I have no pain and there's no odor. I wondered if this a menopause symptom or should i be consered?

Posted by Optional on 09/05/2012 at 08:42

I am grateful for this. what a relief! Keep it up please!

Posted by tracy on 08/05/2012 at 03:48

very informative but ive had 2 smears and have no infections or thrush or anything found so what now????

Posted by Optional on 08/05/2012 at 02:43

I have a smelly discharge and sometimes I have to change my knickers twice a day.. iv had it for about a year and I'm fed up.. what do I do?

Posted by Optional on 04/05/2012 at 07:31

This is really helpful! But in cases where it affects the fallopian tubes, does that mean total infertility???

Posted by Optional on 02/05/2012 at 04:58

For a while now I have had thick, white, really sticky, sour smelling discharge...does anyone now what the cause may be and what I should do? I am sexually active but have been with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 year so know it is not an std.

Posted by on 25/04/2012 at 01:19

i started an all meat,fish,dairy and eggs diet about 4 days ago (cutting out all carbs and sugar).Today when i went to the toilet there was a few little blobs white creamy looking discarge and smelt faintly of cheese,could this be my diet change or a real problem??? this has never happened before

Posted by Optional on 22/04/2012 at 01:10

It sounds like chlamydia. There are confidential clinic for people who don't want anyone to know it's important to go! They make them to prevent spread of sti's etc

Posted by Optional on 21/04/2012 at 04:00

Each time I have sex I feel itchy in my cervix and have a yellowish discharge coming out.Please help!!What could it be? Disturbed person.

Posted by sammiie on 19/04/2012 at 04:04

i am having all the symptoms of pregnancy,whenever i take a test it is always negative, i have even started to get a pinkish discharge. is there something wrong with me.

Posted by Optional on 13/04/2012 at 08:34

Had foul smelling discharge. After reading your comments I did an internal investigation and found a lost tampon. Must have been at least a week old. Thank you so much for your website was very very helpful!

Posted by Optional on 23/03/2012 at 10:18

Iv been having a thick white discharge, its not itchy or anything, have been to the doctors all tests come back negative. Iv had a hysterectomy when i have sex with my husband his penis come out covered in white stuff, it makes me very dry as well. Any help would be heplful.

Posted by Optional on 21/03/2012 at 05:50

im getting som kind of thick white cheese lik thing from my vagina 4 last 2 days pls help me 2 prevent t

Posted by Optional on 21/03/2012 at 04:43

is it normal for a 16 year old to have discharge while they are not on their period because i don't know?

Posted by vic on 16/03/2012 at 09:22

I'm 25weeks pregnant and this discharge is getting me down. How much should I be getting at this stage of pregnancy ?

Posted by Optional on 15/03/2012 at 10:59

Hi I'm 38 and for 2 months I've had a brownish vaginal discharge more on a morning slight cramp but not bad . This happens mid cycle for a few days

Posted by Chenai on 14/03/2012 at 02:51

HJelpful information indeed. Thank you so much.

Posted by Optional on 12/03/2012 at 12:18

Hey. Im 17 and im sexually active. but lately , whenever i have sex it hurts and causes alot of discomfort. Can also be itchy sometimes, what is it ?

Posted by Optional on 23/02/2012 at 02:26

Im 16 years old and I am sexually active I dont use protection when I am having sex .... And well I have this Jelly Mucus Like Substances Leaking From Vagina and it usually hurts when I pee and it stinks alot ... Im embarresed to go to school when its going on I dont know whats going on and I dont want to tell anyone about this because well I am embarresed ... I havent told my mom because Im scared on what she will say or how she'll react ... I just need to know what I can do is their anything I can buy or any kind of drink to help with this ? Oh and usually when I end up peeing I have to stay on the toilet and sit there because I feel like I still have to pee and usually I have to rush to the restroom because I feel like my blatter will burst but I berly pee anything out ... Just can someone help please ...

Posted by quicki on 23/02/2012 at 01:21

Hi, I really hop sum1 can answer this, I've neva had a problem with discharge but I've just had the implant fitted about a week ago, and I've noticed 2day for 1st times its quite thick and odd colour, I'm just hoping its a one of this cusa implant, any sugestions ?? Please

Posted by Optional on 20/02/2012 at 07:04

Hey, my discharge is black not smelly or painfully but is disgusting is it normal?

Posted by Optional on 20/02/2012 at 10:42

I get this white thick discharge everyday, and it comes through out the whole day. It smells really bad, it's that bad that I can smell it when I'm sitting/standing. It makes me feel very uncomfortable and disgusting. Iv been to the doctor, took test but no result of an infection. I really want to get rid of it. Please help!?

Posted by Optional on 18/02/2012 at 10:41

Helpful, thinking thesmelly discharge is a sti - heading to family clinic next week.

Posted by Optional on 12/02/2012 at 06:10

I have s weird discharge lately. It's not like cottage cheese but is clumpy. And seems to be a tint of green but white. I get it in my panties, and when I showered. I decided to stick my finger in my vigina and a huge amount came out on my finger. I'm scared, WHAT IS THIS?

Posted by Hayley on 08/02/2012 at 07:38

I have a lot of discharge and it's really getting me down. I have had an sti screening and swabs taken but these came back negative. Anyone have any ideas? It doesn't smell great either :(

Posted by kimi on 05/02/2012 at 08:31

i get smelly discharge after my periods i had treated for it but still i get it and then its itching i used candida cream

Posted by Optional on 31/01/2012 at 09:02

I usually have white, thick, stringy discharge.. and sometimes it is just white but I always have discharge no matter the time of month. I am not sexually active...what could it be and should i be worried?

Posted by Angie on 31/01/2012 at 09:50

Hay, Im enquiring about my vaginal discharge. All the things I've read about suggests that it's normal, but none of them mention whether excessive amount of discharge is normal. For years now, I've had discharge everyday and theres just so much of it, I would say about two or three tablespoons a day. It's not irritating or sore, Its just too much. I have to change my underwear frequently in the day because they're so wet. It does have a smell to it but it's not strong and I think it's normal. I've had tests done before but I don't have any kind of infection. Is it possible for to reduce the amount of discharge that is being produced by the vagina? Please help.

Posted by annon2012 on 26/01/2012 at 05:42

Over the last few days i have ncoticed there is a discharge in my underwear all the time. which is watery with a slight smell but not a fishy smell like i have read about on different websites. I started trying for a babya few weeks ago with my long term partnerand have read alot about ovulation. I am, i think almost have way through my cycle which would indicate it being a good chance of ovulation. i cam eoff my contraceptive pill approx 6months ago and my periods remaind like clockwork, untill recently they seem to be every few weeks.could this discharge be due to my body finally settling down, or possible ovulation? thanks for answers...

Posted by Optional on 24/01/2012 at 01:51

I have this orange looking liquid coming oit of my vagina but i have never had my period before!! Please help i dont know what it is!!!:/:/:/

Posted by judith on 21/01/2012 at 08:13

I have a vaginal discharge that appears colourless but stains my knickers brown. There is usual no smell, and no discomfort. I went into my change at forty. I ceased hormone treatment about ten years ago. I have had no gynacological (?) problems other than this, and I am celibate.

Posted by Optional on 09/01/2012 at 06:08

I had my baby 7 months ago and for about 6 months I have been getting a very mucus and yellow discharge. There is no odor to it but there is a lot of it, specially after I have been to the toilet. On occasion it's reminded me of what you get when you blow your nose. I am also getting abdominal pains very faint ones but they are like mild period pains. Can Anyone help?

Posted by worried on 08/01/2012 at 09:59

I have a creamy white discharge and itchiness around the vulva and since my abotion last year november I have not menstruated I'm worried

Posted by Helpplease on 08/01/2012 at 08:48

I've began having sex with my boyfriend and we have done it 7 times in 3 weeks, it was rough but it was good and I didn't think there was a problem however we last had sex 9 days ago and my vagina is itchy and burning. It began to feel like this two days after we last had sex. It's extremely uncomfortable. Because of the itching it has become very swollen and it is painful when I urinate. I can't sleep at night and it's really affecting me. I thought it would go away on it's own but it hasn't and I've noticed a white milky discharge. Please any help or advice! It's beginning to scare me.

Posted by Optional on 04/01/2012 at 07:56

I have really really bad discharge it gets very smelly down their its really really unpleasant am too embarrassed to see my doctor I really want to stop it is their any treatments or advice you can give me to stop it, its extremley unpleasant and very embarrassing please help.

Posted by Keyona on 03/01/2012 at 11:18

Hey, I'm 17 and 2 days ago i discovered this white pinkish purplish looking color coming out of my vagina when i wipe myself at first but now it itches on the outside and it looks as though now my vagina is peeling a bit when i wipe to and i was just wondering if i have something i am so clueless can anybody help

Posted by blast on 02/01/2012 at 11:09

I have a white creamy discharge which is lumpy an quite smelly an the amount of liquid has increased compered to my normal amount of discharge please can anyone help me. Thank you in advance

Posted by Dorcas on 02/01/2012 at 08:15

Have discharges white with no pain,soreness & itching. What can that be described as?

Posted by Optional on 31/12/2011 at 05:08

It started with itching virgania then sores around the genital part with pus for quiet along time. For the last six months, it has been a big swelling right inside the virgina. It comes with very thick pus again and again. What could be the problem? Am so worried

Posted by awkward palm tree on 30/12/2011 at 04:16

I am 15 and constantly have a lot of white, creamy discharge, it also smells a bit but not like fish and gets worse through the day, i cannot sit crossed legged at school anymore with worry that someone will smell it. Has anyone else my age got this problem? any suggestions how to help it reduce?

Posted by Optional on 25/12/2011 at 12:52

I have a black dirty discharge when i wipe myself after passing urine. It does not smell and i have no pain. Anyone any idea whats going on?

Posted by Optional on 21/12/2011 at 01:56

hi i have had some cream like discharge and does somtimes itch just would like to know what this could be thanks.

Posted by lorr on 15/12/2011 at 12:18

I am 15 years old and very confused. i have the implant so i know i'm not pregnant and i also take the pill, the pill stops my periods completely and i have to admitt i don't take it every day. I have some sort of yellow thing unsure if it's discharge or not? It doesn't itch, it doesnt smell and i did go to my doctors and he highly doubts it's an STI. He says it's possibly the hormoans going into my body, i was just wondering if any other girl has this problem and can tell me what it is? I also have the feeling of wanting to go to the toilet constantly, but i don't actually need it. i know it's not normal, can anyone help?

Posted by pattyo on 11/12/2011 at 12:36

I am 55 years old and have not a period in 3 years.The last 2 weeks my breasts have been sore and swollen.I also notice when I wipe stringy brown discharge.Any one have any answers to what is going on with me????

Posted by Optional on 10/12/2011 at 02:42

For the past 3 years ive been fighting against bv, thrush and also a bladder infection. They seem to attract one another. Im always getting one or the other. Ive now got rid of them all however all through the month i have had cream like discharge. Its alot more then usual and it reduces the feelings of sex. I have to stop and wipe at least twice through sex. Can someone please help me? It doesn't smell but occasionly itches. I have tried canesten (the tablet) and cream. None of which seemed to help.

Posted by Optional on 10/12/2011 at 12:02

prolonged 13 day normal flow period no pains or fever some clots, small, old blood smell

Posted by applepie on 10/12/2011 at 06:53

hi i wanted to ask im a ummarried girl and ive always had regular periods but for 6 months or so my periods have gone from 5/6 days to just 3 and even sometimes 2 and a half also ive been getting alot of pimples on my face since my first day is heavy and the 2nd but the third day they become light and on the 4rth just some brown discharge. can you tell me the treatments for this? plx thnkyou

Posted by Me on 30/11/2011 at 01:00

I've had red-pink discharge and spotting, and a strong fishy odor "down there." I told my mom about it, well, emailed her as she isn't home yet Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

Posted by pam on 29/11/2011 at 11:48

i saw my period on the 3rd of november which normally last for five day but on the 16th of november i started bleedin again but this time it was light then i decided to go for a pregnancy test which turn out to be negetive but since then i'v been noticing small blood stains on my pant.i dnt know the cause of this because it has never happend to me before.i dont knw if its as a result of the infection i'v been sufferin from for some time now,although a'v been taking an infection drug(fluzoral)but to no avail,i notice dat when i take drugs it stops and comes back especially during my meansural period it gives me rashes and itches and it even peels my skin and i feel hurt and unconfortable.pls i really need some help.

Posted by Anonymous on 24/11/2011 at 06:05

Hi, I'm a bit concerned! My discharge is white not too thick and it smells funny, but it's not a fishy smell, just a strange smell!! I recently took a chlamydia and gonorrhoea and I was negative! Am I normal?

Posted by Optional on 24/11/2011 at 12:08

about 6 months ago my discharge started to have a fishy smell to it im so worried other people can smell it. I've been to the doctors and they said its not bv or an sti so what can it be? i really want to be back to normal!

Posted by Olga on 21/11/2011 at 06:19

I hav this thick discharge and it causes itchnes at my vigana.this started 2 happen afte i had sex wit my bf 2 months ago.i have jst found out now that it z a sexual trasmitted glad that i found out what is killing me.tommorow i wil visit the clinic to get help.

Posted by Jo on 20/11/2011 at 12:29

Hi, i'm a 42 year old woman who has 2 children now aged 18 and 16. I have been in a relationship with a man for 9 months as we are both divorced. I am on Yasmin, the contraceptive pill but also as i have Osteopenia -the beginings of osteoparosis. I find after sex when i wipe there is a faint streak of blood. Is this perhaps because we are "over-doing it" or should i be worried? How will i know i'm going through the menopause if im having regular periods on the pill?? Thanks.

Posted by marry on 15/11/2011 at 07:49

2 mnths after my abortion i get a lot of period pains with white there anythng wrong with me.

Posted by Optional on 10/11/2011 at 10:53

nothing on brown vaginal discharge, I looked and spelled it right.

Posted by Ela on 09/11/2011 at 09:51

Is it normal to hav brownish discharge when u havnt had ur period?

Posted by debs on 09/11/2011 at 07:11

My vagina has been smelling for a while now. Not sure why but if I can smell it I am concerned others can. It gets worse as the day goes on. I bathe /shower daily. One thing that seems to coincide with the smell starting is when I had my Mirena coil fitted, can there be a link?

Posted by Optional on 09/11/2011 at 01:19

i have a pink spot on the left cheek of my bum, its been there for years but i've never really thought anything of it, i have yellow discharge all the time and lower belly pains, i need to go to the doctors but keep forgetting, do you have any idea what it could be ?

Posted by Optional on 08/11/2011 at 05:21

I've had thrush for a while and it has been untreated but recently I have been getting a pink/ brown discharge. Sometimes this has blood inside but Not always. When i wipe after going to the toilet blood is on the tissue. I'm not sure why!? I haven't started my period but I don't know if the blood in the discharge is period blood. Please help.

Posted by Lisa on 08/11/2011 at 02:46

ive being getting discharge since the age of 12 recently its becoming very fishy smell and its getting really down because i cant wear my knickers without a pad or pantliner as i stain them its coming out like a period and its putting me off having sex with my partner the doctor said there is no treatment and its natural but i know its not ment to smell fishy its very anoyying and it flattening my confidence i know there must be some treatment out there to rapidly reduce the amound of discharge coming out ive had thrush 2wice before and that gone and i dont seem to be very lubricant in my vagina when it comes to sex HELP ME PLEASE! xx

Posted by Benevolence on 07/11/2011 at 05:17

I do have a problem with my vigana ma discharge its kinder like a lot so ill find that my discharge in the morng is all over my vigana under part so can u plz help me 2 treat it

Posted by Optional on 03/11/2011 at 09:21

i have a smelly yellow-greenish discharge and somtimes theres blood, also i get a whole lot of runny white cloudy liquid coming out when i sit on the toilet before i pee and it can hurt to pee sometimes. I don't know what's wrong with me :(

Posted by Optional on 03/11/2011 at 08:22

I had vaginal swab culture as I suspect I had BV, after 5 days I got my result and it was "No Significant Growth". I was happy but after my monthly period, the itching and fishy smell discharge is back. I am confuse because since the day I went for my first check up until medication period to date I never have any sexual intercourse. As of this moment, I am trying to do home remedies like 20mins sitting in wasrm water with tea tree oil, eating 2x a day of yogurt and I douch betadine every morning (for 14 days). The fishy smell discharge is gone and no itching anymore but when i look my va jay jay (mirror), i feel horrible because there is some in there and it is harden. I am really scare. Does any could give further advise?

Posted by l Margot on 30/10/2011 at 08:21

I have had herpes recently and then thrush. Had a canestan pessary and now have a thick discharge from my vagina. The whole vulva is very sore but not as irritating as thrush i have not had sex since the pessary but after finger penetration by my partner bleed badly.I will arange to see my gp as soon as possible

Posted by Optional on 26/10/2011 at 03:16

i have been having very thick white discharge for a while but it only appears sometimes for instance at work is mostly when i realise, i does smell like cottage cheese. I havent had a peroid for 2 months now because i take a pill so that you dont have a peroid which i took for 3 months so i dont kno if that has anything to do with it?

Posted by Jade on 23/10/2011 at 10:59

In June I had a bout of vaginal thrush whilst abroad on holiday, went to a local chemist and bought a canestan predator, and some cream. About 2 months later I felt I had another episode of thrush so went to chemist they advised to try fluconazole capsule, which I did. For the last 2-3 months I have had some episodes of discharge still, everyday I am passing a small amount of creamy discharge but not sure what it is, have to wear pantyliners as marks all my underwear, and is getting me down now. I feel too embarrassed to go to my go.

Posted by lisa on 19/10/2011 at 10:30

i have a problem i loose really bad discharge and it an unpleasnt smell i have really bad pain in the cervix and bad pain during intercourse ive been to see a doctor and had some test done which have come back fine but it still happens but dont no what it is

Posted by Optional on 19/10/2011 at 05:04

I had my period starting the 7th oct and ending on the 13th oct with is normal I then noticed I had brown patches on my knickers wen I woke up that stayed for a day I no that's normal to have 4 days later so on the 17th oct and the 18th I had a pinky colour dicharge it wasn't a lot not enuf to were a tampax but iv woke up this morning and all day iv felt like I'm leaking water wen I go to the toilet there's quite abit of white and clear discharge it dusnt smell or itch or any thing wat could this be please help?

Posted by Optional on 17/10/2011 at 09:25

I have a white vaginal discharge but have not yet got my period is this normal??

Posted by Optional on 11/10/2011 at 03:35

Hey i just recentlu got with a new partner who i was talking with for nearly 10 months and i trusted him. We had sex but were usuing condoms but we got carried away and he was in me witjout a condom for no more than like a minute. He claims he is 100% clean and i had been tested a few months earlier after my last sexual partner. The guy i am with had been with the same woman for 7 years and hasnt had sex with anyone since her. My problem is i had an itchy vagina it has a discharge and there is a small lump on my vagina. I am worried now. Please help.

Posted by J24 on 07/10/2011 at 01:38

I have a green mucus in my vagina but just before my period or when I pull out a tampon and no other time is this a problem? Because I also have poly cystic ovarian syndrome

Posted by Anonymous on 05/10/2011 at 03:00

This is so embarrassing but I have a urine smelling discharge, it's quite heavy, it's sometimes clear sometimes clotty, what could it be?

Posted by Optional on 22/09/2011 at 12:47

i have a dry vulva with plenty of non stop white clear non smelly discharge i was been prescribed creams and tablets, but there hasnt been any change. I have lower abdominal pains with alot of discharge with yeast infection on the outer vulva. I have not been sexually active in past or recently. Please can you tell me why this is happening?

Posted by Optional on 22/09/2011 at 12:42

I have a yeast infection, i am having alot of clear thick discharge with no odour. I am sick of this discharge it is a non stop. I went doctors she done a swabs test and she thought i needed a wee but it was discharge that kept flowing whilst i was getting a swab done.

Posted by Optional on 21/09/2011 at 12:29

It is a year and ahalf without sex. I chose to abstain since i have encounter a problem with my discharge just a week before my periods, i will start to have a smelling fishy like discharge and it is itching around the valva area. What could be the cause of this, it started a year ago after I have broke up with my husband.

Posted by Optional on 21/09/2011 at 06:51

Recently discovered I contracted STD from my partner (C&G) having never had this im having so many worrying symptoms. My clinic seem to rush me out on my return visit leaving me with unanswered questions. I took antibiotics which lead to a bad case of thrush.. I work long hours with public and last 1 week noticed: offensive watery discharge a week after my period & 3 weeks after confirmation of STD, sore throat, bad constipation, groin & leg pain. My colleagues are hunting for 'damp' smell around the building.. So embarrassing & now its depressing me.. As I've always lead a healthy life! Please help!!

Posted by curious20 on 20/09/2011 at 05:14

Embarrassing question. I have dark yellow pee, and when I wipe my discharge is yellow. Also I have a lot of discharge leakage in my underwear everyday , I always have to change my panty liners. What wrong? I have had Tests ran and I dont have an STD so what is this?

Posted by csn pilane on 16/09/2011 at 08:30

hala gud ppl honestly da comments that u post are really helpful without them oops we wldnt b were we r 2dy may da almighty bless u ol kip on doin da gud work

Posted by Optional on 07/09/2011 at 07:43

i have had a hysterectomy about 11 years ago but i have now got a dirty colour discharge and i was wondering what it might be caused by

Posted by theunknown on 06/09/2011 at 09:14

my discharge is a peachy color i recently came of my period a few days ago an it smells kinda mettalic please help me.

Posted by carly thompson on 06/09/2011 at 12:20

i have pcos i have not had a period for a cuople months i had an std check a week ago and i had a brown discharge it doesnt smell but in the morning it looks like blood then when i changed my pad it was a small amount of brown discharge i am really worried please help me x

Posted by Optional on 23/08/2011 at 04:28

i had a clear and thik like egg white just after the ovulation, is that mean i may be pregnent?

Posted by Optional on 22/08/2011 at 04:09

Suddenly two years ago I started getting burning and a white and sometimes thick milky discharge which I'd never had before. I've had every test available and apart from finding thrush once in two years, nothing is apparently wrong. The burning, redness and discharge begins after ovulation and goes away after a period. I have about one week without burning per month and it's very depressing I can't find a solution. One doctor tried to give me antidepressants as if that would help. I've removed all irritants and only wash with water. Doctors don't know how to help and I've found many women on the net who suffer like I do without a solution.

Posted by Optional on 18/08/2011 at 11:52

When I start my period, especially the first few days the blood is very dark brown and almost pasty, bitty. It's not red like it should be. Can you tell me if it's normal or not?

Posted by Optional on 18/08/2011 at 08:36

hi im suffering with vaginal discharge for the past 3months. i've taken antibiotics,creams,other tablets for inserting in vagina time and time again and it comes back. i'v seen a gynae he said i bv. im staying away from tight clothes,scented soaps,douching but nothing helps even my husband eas on treatment what must i do. please help

Posted by jessiboopl on 15/08/2011 at 02:05

i was wondering does ovulation discharge smell like eggs?

Posted by Netta on 12/08/2011 at 10:05

In april i had a miscairage and its already three mnths later and now i have this disharge watery stretch like but it smells fishy

Posted by Optional on 09/08/2011 at 09:00

i have a brown strong smelling discharge just befor and just after my period, anyone have any idea why???

Posted by At my wits end on 09/08/2011 at 12:36

I had a iud fitted almost 3 years ago, shortly after I was getting heavier periods an thicker discharge which I assumed would die down after a few months so I persisted. After a while the discharge started to smell faecal so I went to the doctors assuming I had retained a tampon. They looked and found nothing. I eventually decided to have the coil removed as I thought it would reverse the problems I had been having. I still suffer with the discharge now and then, have had tests for sti's, bacterial infections as well as an internal scan. I've have various blood tests and been taken into a&e in crippling pain where yet even more tests have been carried out I have just been given trimethoprim to take which I have been taking for a few days as the hospital said i may be suffering with cervical inflammatory disease but I am still suffering with this embarrassing and foul smelling discharge. All in all I have been to the doctors about 15 times as well as the hospital on 3 occassions, I'm at my wits end, sex it painful an I find I'm pushing my partner away thru embarrassment. If someone can help advise me please do as I am reaching the end of my tether

Posted by Optional on 07/08/2011 at 01:21

For the last 5 years I have had a lot of discharge coming out of my vagina and it smells. I have had unprotected sex but I have been checked so no STI's. Can someone please help me?

Posted by Jay on 03/08/2011 at 12:04

I haven't had a period for 4 months now, pregnancy test negative and they couldn't find anything in my blood test, I keep getting cramps and all the symptoms of periods but I don't get a period!! I have been getting some yellowish discharge and it's very itchy down there I told the doctor she gave me a thrush cream but still the same. Do u know why this could be????

Posted by Optional on 03/08/2011 at 11:27

Hi just want to know if i have std :( after intercourse, every time i pee it has foul smell, i dont have any discharge, itching or anything. though i hve smal bliter on y please

Posted by Heather on 03/08/2011 at 08:51

One more thing I forgot to add on Discharge. White, Yellowy, Brown and Clear are normal. Every woman has this and sometimes it can be more or less depending on the person, menstrual cycle, etc. So do not fret if this was your question. However, if it is a of a green, grey, or other odd coloring or has a smell that's not normal this is not a normal discharge and should be looked at by your gyno. Remember though guys, everyone's vagina has a certain smell. Consider this your own personal lady perfume. If it's a fishy odor though this can be due to a bad bacterial build up or other causes and should be talked about with your doctor.

Posted by Heather on 03/08/2011 at 08:45

*also note that if you leave your tampon in or forget it and it does not come out, YOU NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR. This means the tampon is in your froo froo and festering. This can be very very dangerous. Please guys I urge you speak with a gyno. I started going at the age of 16 and have routine check ups every year. This is healthy and normal and every girl does it. I feel more comfortable with a female gyno rather than a guy so go with what's easiest for you. Never be afraid to speak to your gyno. If you are afraid they have nurse hot-lines that you can call that are completely confidential and you can ask them questions and they give you their opinion on what you should do. So if you're scared, try this.

Posted by Heather on 03/08/2011 at 08:39

Okay so here recently I've been doing a lot of searching about stuff for women lady parts to try and get a better understanding of my own lady parts. So far what I've picked up is this: A: Your vagina is going to have a smell this is normal, it will be a slight musky smell but it shouldn't be anything over powering. If you feel this smell is over powering speak with your doctor about it. I notice sometimes I have a slight smell around the lips due to sweating, being athletic, or other strenuous activity. This can be remedied by taking mild anti bacterial soap and washing the lips with a wash cloth. I also wear loose fitting cotton underwear and I give my vagina aptly named froo froo breathing time at night by not wearing undies under my pjs. However, generally the actual Vagina cavity itself should not have a fishy smell. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not uses douches(unless instructed by a doctor of course), powders, or scented soaps around the cavity openings etc as these are very harmful and your inside is actually self cleaning. B: Clear, and white discharge is normal as well as brown sometimes after periods or leading up to periods. ANY OTHER COLORS are signs of infection etc and should probably be spoken about with your doctor. This also goes for swelling, excessive itchiness, and other symptoms. C: Never be afraid to speak with your Gyno. They are doctors with many years of schooling under their belt and are there to help you with any questions you may have. Every Vagina is different so expect to have some lee way on what is the norm for your lady part. I really hope this helps

Posted by hannah on 02/08/2011 at 06:32

i am wondering why my dscharge turned a slightly diffrent colour-a saught of light brown coour (but its normaly white) !! ( anyway my parent said that its because i may have start my periods soon but im not too sure about that so what do you think!! can any 1 help!!

Posted by Optional on 29/07/2011 at 11:47

Im almost 18, and for about 5/6 years now (since before i started my period)i have had a gooey discharge coming from my vagina everyday. Its awful and i just want it gone before I start university in September! Somebody help!

Posted by Help on 29/07/2011 at 02:52

I keep producing a white smelly discharge from my vagina i have only slept with my boyfriend and it isnt sore and dosnt itch what could this be i dnt want to go to my gp because i am shy please help

Posted by Optional on 28/07/2011 at 09:05

I am 16 years old n I had sex under the influence n forgott to take my tampon out. Ever since, I had an unfamiliar smell coming from my vagina. I was to scared to let my parents know or go to a clinic to get checked up.. I stoped hving that problem so I tought nothing was wrong but just a couple of days ago I started having a bad smelling discharge, I cant even ware shorts cause you can smell it as I walk by. Any ideas of what this problem might be? Is it serious? What should I do?..

Posted by Optional on 28/07/2011 at 11:25

i am 24 years old girl, some white water is coming out of my vagina, from last 2 months, 3 to 4 times in a day, what is the reason, i had never done sex, is it harmful for me, how could i stop this.

Posted by Optional on 27/07/2011 at 12:50

i have alot of abnormal pains, smelly urine and my belly bloats everytime i need to wee, also been getting spotting of browny coloured discharge or it may be blood in my knickers, hurts when i have sex sometimes also?

Posted by Anna on 27/07/2011 at 05:53

Im 15 years young and whitissh and browissh things waterissh have been come out of my vagina . I have been looking up on the intrent saying it cause of sexual stuff , but im still a virgin, Can someone help me D:

Posted by freda on 26/07/2011 at 11:35

i had protected sex and a week after i had stomach cramping and egg yolk discharge,what do u tink?

Posted by Help on 26/07/2011 at 01:32

Is having very little to no vaginal discharge at all bad?

Posted by Optional on 22/07/2011 at 11:30

Can white discharge mean pregnancy....?

Posted by Anonymous on 22/07/2011 at 10:04

Hey everyone I'm 23 and for a couple of years now Ive had a yellow/greenish discharge consantly everyday. Its not itchy and its definately not an STI as Ive been checked out at my doctors. It's all the time everytime I go to te toilet and wipe myself. More often then not its actually the texture and sometimes thicker then snot. Also at times it smells. Ive also noticed lately that getting aroused during intercourse or any kind of foreplay is hard and tends to come on hours later. The only thing I can think of before this all happend was I did have an abortion at the age of 19. I dont know weather that may of effected anything. Also requested a smear test but refused because of my age. Oh I'm also on the mircogynon pill and use condoms during sex. So if anyone has anything similar or any suggestions Id be greatful!

Posted by Optional on 22/07/2011 at 06:16

I want to have baby but after having sex at night when i get up in morning the discharge comes out does this affect conceiving

Posted by Optional on 22/07/2011 at 11:52

my discharge is like yellowy and it does not smell, doesn't itch just get it all the time. i am on the depo injestions. i do tend to change my pants now.. i just wanna know if it normal or not.

Posted by annur on 15/07/2011 at 08:34

i have clear discharge and i think it's comming is that normal to have clear dischrge im kinda confused :P

Posted by Optional on 15/07/2011 at 07:45

I have been having abdonormal pain especially in the morning and yellowish i feel pain in my vaginal and backach on my right leg,then my husband also complained of pain when passing urine.what is it

Posted by Carol :D on 14/07/2011 at 11:16

I have a yellowy white discharge coming from my vagina, and its really sore especially when im walking or doing for a 'P' i dont know what it is ? & im too embarrassed to go back to the doctors, so ive been using canesten duo cream and i took a capsule this morning? is this trush or something else? someone help plz ??

Posted by Optional on 12/07/2011 at 03:15

i have a constant smelly discharge that most days i can feel it coming out of me,for about the last 18 months of having sex with my long term partner the smell during intercourse is so bad that we hav'nt had sex for about 3 months,this is so depressing for us both and so embarrasing,any answers please?

Posted by little helper on 11/07/2011 at 02:59

to be honest i think that the doctors are right and im not just agreeing with them because theyre doctors but i have the same thing and it is quite normal. im 16 and i know a surprising amount when it comes to stuff like this (i listen in school). but really it is very normal all women are different so not all women will have the same amount of discharge in the same period of time. keeping your self clean regularly and changing your nickers often will help alot. if you think the smell is whats worrying you dont be worried. each person has their own "smell" but really you dont need to worry. you are normal :) x

Posted by Optional on 06/07/2011 at 09:50

Its been a day after i had ujnprotected sex n i've noticed that the lips of my vagine are very sore n theres little white discharge but it does smell nor does it hurt when i urinate. what could it be? I'm freaking out here!

Posted by Optional on 06/07/2011 at 02:38

I am 25 and I have had this constant white discharge, i've been to different clinics and did several tests but they say there is nothing wrong.Sometimes i feel like am peeing of which am not, it just the discharge.Sometimes its really thick.And after some minutes after the discharge i have this bad odor.Could there be a problem? because am so confused please i need help.

Posted by Optional on 04/07/2011 at 10:27

I am 20 years old, about 105lbs. I currently stopped taking the pill 3 weeks ago after 4 years. Yesterday I had clear discharge with some spots of blood. What could this discharge be?

Posted by tippytoes :) on 03/07/2011 at 08:29

i have had discharge really bad i can feel it coming out of me like im peeing myself then when i went to the loo my nik nacks had this water substance with a white bit in it really runny dunno what to do plz help dunno how but if u know plz??

Posted by Optional on 03/07/2011 at 02:27

I have had a period and after that i am loseing brown stuff for 15 should i be worried

Posted by Optional on 02/07/2011 at 07:07

Ok so I'm having a weird, fluttering feeling in my stomach and are also having a fishy smell coming out of my vagina. I use different smelly soaps even though I know I have sensitive skin. Can the soap be doing this? And why am I having this fluttering feeling? I cant be pregnant because I haven't been sexually active since April and when I went to my doctor she said I wasn't pregnant, so what is going on? Please help

Posted by Optional on 01/07/2011 at 09:18

i think im starting my period it is slightly yellow and i have been having stinging pains for a whil is this normal.

Posted by Optional on 30/06/2011 at 10:17

I just had sex tonight and while i did it a light orangey red jelly came out in the middle of it. What does it mean anything? Thanks

Posted by Optional on 30/06/2011 at 07:14

Seven month ago i had miscarriage since then immidiatly after my period i feel am wet at times as am peeing the way it come out .the discharge is watry not smeling but am always wet week after my period help is it normal i want to get pregnant

Posted by johanna on 27/06/2011 at 01:47

On fryday i had light blood when i wiped myself and also on saturday but on sunday when i wiped myself i noticed some white/greenish/yellow goish. is this any sign of pregnancy mind you i have iregular periods and last time i had a period was last year in November.

Posted by Optional on 26/06/2011 at 08:04

I had my first yeast infection and I thought it was over but it came back but now my discharge is yellow and it kinda has a smell but not a foul odor. What could that be?????????????

Posted by Optional on 26/06/2011 at 02:06

hi (no NAME) i have a problem for the past 5 years i have been having a disgusting discharge and a bad smell.ive had countless smear test and medication for bv but after a week ,it comes back. and is bad after a period. im due for an ultra sound soon so they can see what is really going on. its so embaressing.

Posted by Optional on 24/06/2011 at 08:46

recently about 10 days after my period a really thick discharge comes out of my vagina almost elastic like, is this normal or what could it be down too?

Posted by Std nurse on 24/06/2011 at 07:22

It was real good and i got ans to my questions

Posted by Optional on 16/06/2011 at 06:05

it was very educative and i did learn alot. Good work.

Posted by Optional on 14/06/2011 at 05:56

I recently had a partner who was circumcised and when I first had intercourse with him a smell from my vagina dissapeared which I was happy about but was very strange but we broke up and now have a new partner and the smell has re-appeared along with revolting discharge. I'm finding myself wearing liners everyday. I find that the smell gets worse after sex which is so embarressing but has never happened before so I can confront him about it. I've read through everything on here and nothing has helped apart from it may be chlamydia. Please someone help!

Posted by Juju on 14/06/2011 at 05:29

I hv found solutions and answs

Posted by Optional on 13/06/2011 at 03:01

It burns when I pee, my vagina smells of a mix of cheese and fish but my discharge doesn't smell! I have a creamy subtance building on the outer of my vaginal lips, and that also smells of cheese - no matter how much I wash! My wee burns more after sex and my vulva gets really swollen! Please help? I have been to the doctors so many times but they can't seem to pinpoint the issue! Thanks.

Posted by Optional on 11/06/2011 at 02:35

almost every time i have sex with my boyfriend i get a smell after a day or two. i wwas given a cream called gynotran with some tabs to clear it up but rite after it cleared, it resurfaced when we had sex again. so i keep on using the cream to clear it up each time it comes back. but i need to completely get rid of it. is it me or him? the discharge is thick and white and has a fishy smell.

Posted by Optional on 10/06/2011 at 09:14

Im just wondering if you can shed some light on whats happening to me..for a while now (i mean about 4 years) ive had this smell and ive always got pure white discharge but for the past would of months ive been having some really bright chunky bits of green in my discharge almost looking a bit like boogies. whats im worried about is my mum had to be scraped out due to pre-cancerous cells in her cervix. im really worried that what might be up with me but as im only 20 im not old enough for a smear yet. please does anyone have any suggestions on what it might be????

Posted by Optional on 09/06/2011 at 07:39

Hi i'm 15 yrs old. (I'm still a virgin.) I just finished my period a few weeks ago and now I'm having dirty discharge.What's happening? please tell me.

Posted by Optional on 09/06/2011 at 01:56

hi im 14 and have a very unusuall discharge. i have a clear goo type substance coming from my vagina. im still a virgin nor have i had any sexual contact i dont no whats wrong with me. could anyone tell me whats wrong and what this could possibly be?

Posted by Optional on 07/06/2011 at 12:04

Hi this really isn't helping me so I'm hoping you can help. For a week and 4 days now I have had this discharge that comes out like pee and I always think I'm peeing on myself but I'm not peeing it's the discharge. Also it's itching, burning, and smelling. When I wash it hurts to wash because it starts burning and sometimes it doesn't burn and I can wash but the smell is still there. Please help me I'm really scared and don't know what to do.

Posted by Vaginal discharge on 05/06/2011 at 07:20

I am 21 i am expecting my period in 2week i had a thick white yellowish discharge no smel cramps on left side my abdomin and feeling sick. is this normal?

Posted by Optional on 01/06/2011 at 08:50

me an my girl have been goin out for more than a year.we didnt use condoms at all til bout 2 months ago.i realized that her cum was so clumpy u could pick it up an thro it an it would stick smells really really bad.its very white an thick.sometimes it even came out to be brown i dont kno what is wrong with her.if anyone has any info for me plz tell.

Posted by Optional on 01/06/2011 at 04:00

I am 18 years old and i have no itch or odor, just a thick white chunky discharge. I am engaged and my fiance has been in training with the military. neither of us has extra partners on the side. i do have a staph infection. could that have anything to do with it?

Posted by Optional on 29/05/2011 at 12:22

Hi I am 12 years old and started my period when I was 11 years old. For a few years now, starting about two to three years before I started my period I have been experiencing a gooey liquid coming out of my vaginal area. It is not itchy nor does it smell but there is lots of it and happens at random times in the day. It turns yellow in my knickers (sounds gross,but I am really worried and feel I need to sort things out) I have never had sex, nor worn a condom, and am definatley not pregnant. I havent told anyone as i am too embarresed to!! please help!!!!

Posted by Optional on 27/05/2011 at 09:35

my vagina is constantly wet even when im not aroused when i do become aroused sex is not enjoyable as it is too wet is there anything i can do to prevent this... its quite embarrasing

Posted by keonnn18 on 23/05/2011 at 09:49

Okay so lately its been a little itchy 'down there' & now its red from scratching.... its happened to last 3 days until now after my boyfriend and i have intercourse. also my period is a few days late, im 1 month delay and there's a white small particles in my vagina taht everytime i get urine or touch it. i can see it.. .. im actually quite scared.... im not telling my mother as it'd be too embarressing. im 16 y/o . im looking for the answers. its was so very itchy.

Posted by Optional on 19/05/2011 at 08:14

YeH so I'm 12 and I have been having yellowy discharge for a long time ( I'm talking a couple of years here!) And my mom and the doctors think my first period is coming but if it is why isn't it here yet?

Posted by Louis on 17/05/2011 at 12:16

I am 24yr old female. I have been on the Estelle -35D pill since I was 17 for my acne. It has suddenly started causing me to get a brown discharge. I went off it and it went away but my acne came back. I tried this twice just to make sure it was the pill causing the discharge. The discharge is thick and consistent. I have to wear liners every day. I dont want to stop taking the pill because my acne comes back, I get pimples on my back and my hair gets greasy. But i dont want discharge all the time because I now cant have sex. Please help

Posted by Violet25 on 14/05/2011 at 03:30

Often - usually mid-cycle - I have a slippery discharge but no itching or smell. I know that this part is normal, but it is the quantity that bothers me. There is a lot of it. I have even had a gynocologist look at it and she was shocked. When she removed the speculum, it was coated in a thick, white 'cream' but texturally more like petroleum jelly. Several tests have been done over time and nothing abnormal has been found - apart from occasional thrush. She told me that every woman is different, but when I saw how shocked she was, I was a bit alarmed as I don't think she has ever seen so much (and she's been a doctor for 30+ years). Could I have an imbalance in my system that is very difficult to detect? What else might be causing this? Thanks for your help. I was also on birth control for 18 years and it got worse when I stopped.

Posted by Optional on 12/05/2011 at 05:18

ive had a creamy white thick discharge for quite a while now i dont think it thrush because it does not itch and not red or sore and i have used thursh creams matter how many times i shower it just seems to come disgusting. i no it not a sti or std ive been with my partner for 6 years and ive had tests done before please help!

Posted by Optional on 12/05/2011 at 11:18

having vaginal odor when using clotrimazole on the third day

Posted by Optional on 12/05/2011 at 02:26

I have a heavy (wet) clear discharge. I have had it for about 2 weeks. I have had two exams by my GYN who can find no infections or abnormalities. Any ideas? I am also almost 4 years into menopause.

Posted by Optional on 11/05/2011 at 06:08

Thnk u vry much dis site has helpd me

Posted by Optional on 09/05/2011 at 12:45

3 times after i had sex with my partner my vigina started to smell.i bath 3 times a day and it doesn't help.the white stuff comes out but it smells.should i go see a doctor or what should i get at the pharmacy

Posted by Maye on 08/05/2011 at 05:11

Hello I'm married so I am sexually active I've been noticing a salmony orangish clear and sticky vaginal discharge for the past couple days and is starting to not really itch but I guess irritate my vagina if I don't clean it off as soon as it appears there's no fishy smell just like a bloody kind of odd smell to it.. What could be causing this or what can I do to prevent it?!? Please help!

Posted by Optional on 03/05/2011 at 01:40

I dont have any itching, sores etc, my cycle finished a week ago so my discharge is barely there. But there is a strong smell, not really fishy but no matter how much I wash its still lingering???

Posted by Optional on 30/04/2011 at 10:02

I am current on my first depo shot.I have been bleeding non stop for about four weeks.but two days ago the bleeing stoped that night my boyfriend and I had sex there was a nasty dead fish smell coming from my private part mixed with blood and a thick white discharge.I have never been so embraced and now am ashamed to have sex with him again what would be causing the smell and disccharge and how can I stop it?

Posted by Optional on 27/04/2011 at 08:42

I am 14 and i was sexually assalted , and down their its always itchy and i take 2 showers a day and its still gross and embarssing i dont want to tell anyone :(

Posted by Optional on 25/04/2011 at 01:42

can u help? i started getting a brownish discharge about a week n half b4 my period was due n i am on the pill i should of started my period by now but it is 2 weeks now n still brown n sum times pinkish im feeling bloated but still no blood... whats wrong with me??

Posted by Kelly on 22/04/2011 at 03:32

Hi this is gonna sound silly I'm wanting to plan having a baby with my partner we will be going doctors soon but we have just had sex tonight and I had the cum inside but after laying down a while I sat up and like a light orangey red colourd liquid came out does it mean anything? Thanks

Posted by Optional on 19/04/2011 at 08:32

I'm in the last week of my pill andf this is the first time I've been on the pill. I always use condoms but today I had yellowy discharge... Help I'm really scared...

Posted by Optional on 17/04/2011 at 09:26

Coming of HRT after suggestion from my GP. Currently experiencing a smell from my vagina, no unusual discharge just an awful smell. Urine appears to be clear,no itchyness etc. Is it something that was in the medication which is now causing the problem? was on Estradiol 1mg.

Posted by Vic on 15/04/2011 at 08:01

The white yellowish fluid was comin and it heavy fluid.dose it mean am preganant?

Posted by Bless on 14/04/2011 at 07:18

i ve been fighting with vaginal infection for a month nw.d problem is dat d top of my clitoris is red and it itches me a lot.also when i finger myself to clean inside,a white or creamy which luks lik a yolk of an egg comes out and it smells lik egg.i am always wet inside.what could be the d problem

Posted by Optional on 14/04/2011 at 10:31

Am not pregnant but I have blood in my discharge and an unpleasant smell help!!

Posted by Optional on 13/04/2011 at 01:05

I think I mite have gonorrhoea if I did I would have caught it seven years ago since then I've had a child ( who is nearly 6) nothing was detected during my pregnancy and I had a normal birth...I have also been tested for chylamidia which came back negative and have had a high vaginal swab the results were 'no additional growth'...the reason I feel I have it is that I have a yellowy discharge almost u think I could have an sti for this period of time with discharge as the only symptom also my partner has no symptoms Thanks

Posted by daisy on 12/04/2011 at 05:49

hi i have a question and i really need an answer.. i have a little redness and it itches a lil down der and this is grosss but their is a clear sticky kind of liquid coming out not alot but some. It doesnt hurt when i pee but it does wen i wipe there. I did had sex not that long ago but it dint start right away it kinda started after i started using my friends birthcontrol pills like i had sex on a sunday n drank the pills on monday n this started like three days or fourdays later whats wrong?

Posted by Optional on 11/04/2011 at 10:11

Hi, av just had sex and now a few days later I keep getting almost fishy smells coming from my vagina with its a sort of lumpy stringy discharge. I was just wondering what it is as am getting rather worried many thanks

Posted by chelsea on 08/04/2011 at 03:19

Am 19 years old and I have suffered with dishcharge all my life. It provents me from having sex as I get embarrased, is there anything I can do to maybe reduce the amount. I haven't got an odor and it doesn't itch. It's starting to anoy me as its everyday and its constantly sticky.

Posted by jane on 07/04/2011 at 05:59

Hi, seems everyone is having the same problem on here. my problem is that i had funny coloured discharge right before and after my period it went from pink to brown to my period then after it seemed to be yellow and sticky then over night came with a horrible smell which has lasted about 2 weeks now. ive recently gone back on my pill (yasmin) so i thought although ive never seen these symptoms before in me, it may be due to the change in hormones. However when it didnt go away i saw my doctor, she wasnt too concerned about the different colours of blood and discharge but was when i mentioned the odor, she then took a swab and prescribed me some AB for a bacterial infection. i hung on for the test results before taking them as the colour went back to a normal creamy white/pale yellow then Much to my confusion my test came back normal! :-/ the odor i mentioned is still there but only very faint now so i dont know if whatever it was is going or if this is going to be a reoccuring thing. I still have my anti biotics and wonder whether to just take them anyway. Thought id just give it one more day to see if anything changes. so thats my problem. if any of you can shed any light before i go back to the doctor that would be great. I've noticed you're all writing with problems but there's only been a few actually answered so i hope i can help a little.... i've noticed a lot of you girls on here are quite young and are wondering about your periods and funny colours etc. Well if youre a virgin you shouldnt worry about STI's however you can still have infections just through simple bacteria which is very easily cleared up with AB. Yeast infections are very common and can come from sexual activty or as ive experienced from simply sitting around in a wet swimming costume on holiday. i know In the Uk if you visit your doctor for a yeast infection its likely she wont even need to examine you but just go through your symptoms (itching, thick clumpy white discharge)and she'll prescribe you just one pill, one dose which gets rid of it within a few days. If you have a fishy smelling discharge then this can be a sign of Bacterial vaginosis which again is easily treated. for those having brown discharge/blood before, after or in between periods, this is more than likely harmless and is just your body getting rid of 'old blood' the older the blood, the darker it will be. i get this when my period is coming to an end and often half way through a cycle (it can be a side affect of the pill though) If you have recently only just started your periods then its perfectly normal (providing you are NOT pregnant) for you to miss them and for them to be irregular. i was lucky with mine they started and settled very easy and i got one every month. Id expect in some girls that it sometimes takes years for them to settle and be regular, they sometime never settle but your doctor can help with this. Some of you younger girls are getting puzzled by signs of discharge, dont worry about it its your body growing up and preparing you for your periods and sex. remember to keep yourself clean every day with a simple soap and water, nothing fancy. if you are bothered about anything though, no matter how young or old you are for that matter dont be afraid to see a doctor, theyve seen it all before remember. if you need to be examined then its usually a quick swab or smear test lasting no longer than a minute. thers no shame in going to speak to someone and you'll feel so much better for it. i was scared for years up until my recent visit. i realised though, this is my health and i need to look after it, if youre scared then go through in your mind what you want to ask them before you go. doctors are there for a reason remember, so use them. hope ive helped answer a few of your questions especially the younger girls, as i know theres nothing scarier than bein a teenager or younger and worrying alone about something you know little about. theres always someone to help you so dont worry alone x

Posted by Optional on 07/04/2011 at 03:40

Hi Charlotte Im a student doctor just wanted to answer your question. If you only started your periods in the last year/few months it might be that your periods havent settled into a regular pattern yet and the bleed that is early is in fact a normal period. I am slightly concerned however by the nosebleed at the same time as this may point to a problem with your blood clotting mechanisms - do you have any blood disorders or liver problems in the family? Do you bruise easily? Have you had any other symptoms? Weight gain, abnormal patches or hair or acne?

Posted by Optional on 06/04/2011 at 05:50

i am virgin and i have never had an intercoures, but i had anal sex with my boy friend,after i had anal sex with my boy friend saw some white setickky thing with blood,i am affaird of what that could be.. please help me..thank you

Posted by unknown on 05/04/2011 at 11:48

hey, i dont really want to say my name, coz if somebody happened to come across this comment and saw my name and age n all that, they'll know who i am.. might... but i guess everyone feels like that? I was sitting in the doctors the other day and i happened to be reading a poster thing saying 'the general nurse will treat you for colds, flu...' and so the list goes on... i got down near the bottom and read vaginal discharge, i hadnt heard it before, im quite an inquisitive person, i think thats how u spell it, so anyway i saved the words 'vaginal discharge' in my text message drafts folder thingy.. so i finally just looked it up, and about an hour ago, i was hiding my knickers in a draw, ashamed, im still not sure what i have is normal, or what ever, but it always seems to be white and a bit sticky :/ Its horrible, it smells bad if i put my nose to it, and im so ashamed that i hide them, so that when my mum isnt in i can wash them in the sink, but doing this isnt washing them. I cant go to the hospital or the doctors cox i am not yet 16, and even if i was i would prob be too embarrassed, and i cant speak to family.. i just dont know what to do :/ :'( help :(

Posted by Charlotte on 04/04/2011 at 08:18

I am 16 and am a virgin but today i have had brown/plum coloured discharge. It is sticky and the smell makes me feel sick. I have had dark brown discharge before but that didn't smell and was only when I was due to start my period. I'm not die to start my period for over a week. I have also felt sick all day, have stomach pains and have had a reoccurring nose bleed since Saturday. Could they be linked? And does anybody know what it is? Thank you

Posted by Optional on 30/03/2011 at 05:40


Posted by Optional on 29/03/2011 at 06:07

Back in December I noticed a foul, almost fishy smelling, discharge. It is white in color and while I will ocassionally feel and see the discharge on my panties it is really noticable after I urinate and after sex. I have zero pain and no itching. Since my body has never done this before I am worried and have been to the OB/GYN with no results. I can smell it through my panties and jeans, really embarassing during and after sex, and I'm tired of just trying to hide the odor. I just want it to go away and end the embarassment. Can someone, anyone, please help me? :-(

Posted by Optional on 29/03/2011 at 01:29

It has been about two weeks since my period and i have noticed that everyday since then i have brown blood in my pants, it is not thick itchy or almost like water. I have never had this before and the only other strange thing i am noticing is my breasts are swollen and tender and this normally doesnt happen until a week b4 my period! i am sexually active, i am on dianete which unfortunately due to moving house i have missed a couple of days here and there but taken them when i remembered! any ideas what the problem could be

Posted by Optional on 29/03/2011 at 12:42

2 days ago I had unprotected sex for about a minute at the very beginning then used a condom. Now I noticed I had a white kinda stretchy odorless suff coming out of my vagina. I've never had this before and was wondering what it is?

Posted by Michelle on 27/03/2011 at 04:34

Hi. I'm writing because I have recurrent. Vaginal yeast infections and or VB. It's frustrating. I don't know what to do.

Posted by Angel on 26/03/2011 at 04:48

Hi I'm 14 and I started my period about 2 years ago, but i keep missing one why is this? And i keep getting yellow-brown discharges.

Posted by Optional on 25/03/2011 at 10:38

hi i have been feeling unwell with a while heavy bleeding for few months have had scans ultra sounds all clear was pull on the pill to help ten days ago but i now have discharge coming like its my period with little traces of blood occasionally is smells terrible and i have to wear sanitary towels all time there is often like lining in the discharge i have no pain or itch

Posted by Optional on 25/03/2011 at 12:01

I'm young and dont have my period yet. I have most of the signs like discharge. But I dont know whats going on. I have greenish yellowish discharge that smells unpleasant. It itches there sometimes. Is there something wrong with me??

Posted by Optional on 24/03/2011 at 12:50

Ive been experiencing a thick white and green discharge, it often has a bad oudor. My periods are delayed and when i did get it, there was a few drops of blood nd then it stopped completely. Please help!

Posted by Optional on 21/03/2011 at 09:21

I'm having bad stomach pains n when i get into the shower it helps but only for a min n when i get out there is this yellowish greenish stuff comming out of my thing thing...? help me

Posted by Optional on 21/03/2011 at 06:31

I been having this discharge a couple of years already is white and sometimes is creamy it smell pretty bad I been going to the clinic and they have told me I don't have anything but I don't think is normal went I shower and stick my finger to my vaginal I have a lot I mean a lot of white discharge and is really gross I have to shower every day or else I feel nasty please wat can I do about it.?????

Posted by Optional on 18/03/2011 at 05:56

this was very helpful thank you

Posted by worried plz help on 18/03/2011 at 03:11

help! i'm 11 and since third grade i have had yellow discharge in the front and back of my undies. while i'm at school it feels wet down there and when i get home its dried. sometimes there are small traces of white in the yellow. idk if it smells and after ichange my underwear it itches down there a lot! and sometimes itchy when i'm at school too. last time i went to the doctor ( year ago) everything was fine down there but that was a year ago! plz help.

Posted by Optional on 16/03/2011 at 03:41

I am still struggling

Posted by Optional on 14/03/2011 at 11:28

My vagina is having bad odour discharge, iching sores and breaking skin. What can i do?

Posted by a worried person on 12/03/2011 at 12:16

hi i cant remember when i started to get this white discharge from me! But it was around the time i started my periods! Im 21! Didnt have sex untill i was 18 but was drugged and got pregnant! I noticed it got much worse about amonth or two after i was drugger. I got an abortion! Not sure where i can go to get help with it!! Im scared now that i may have an std!! How can i find out??

Posted by Optional on 11/03/2011 at 03:39

Lately I Have been having a increase in vaginal discharge . It's not only a slight change, it's a lot . It's still orderless but it's whitish yellow and it covers my underwear , it's pretty gross . It's becoming a problem cause it continues and I don't know what could have caused this . ( I am a faithful fiance and I have been with one guy and that's the same guy I am with still so no comments on it maybe being some sort of STD )

Posted by Anonymous on 10/03/2011 at 12:55

I am facing a problem of vaginal discharge, this is something abnormal. this liquid is sticky and have some smell. As Dr. suggest i went for ultrasound but there is everything normal in the report. Can you please tell the probable reason?

Posted by Optional on 07/03/2011 at 07:40

hi iv been for a smear test and its come back i have an infection they have taken some swaps today and sent them away iv had a little discharge and its been itchy at times i had a coil fitted nearly 2 years ago could it been from that

Posted by <3 xjaydx <3 on 06/03/2011 at 06:45

Heyy, im a 12 year old girl and since i was about 10 i have had this clear/white discharge from my vagina.It has no smell and i hae been getting it everyday for roughly 2 years. I wear panty-liners to stop my panties from getting dirty. I live with my dad so i cant really talk to him in thast much detail however i do talk through my problems with him and he seems to understand. I was just wondering if this was normal? thanksss <3 xxxxx

Posted by Optional on 02/03/2011 at 04:14

hi, i'm very athletic and not sexually active, but for the last 2 days i've been having this brownish discharge, its smells gross as well really embarressing, any ideas?

Posted by GATONA on 02/03/2011 at 02:45

This info has helpd me alot well done to who every wrote it ;)

Posted by Optional on 01/03/2011 at 10:03

i've been with my girlfriend for a long time, and when we first started having sex her discharge was to my knowledge normal. no smell and clear. lately she's been giving of a more whitish discharge and a very strong vinegary smell. she has been tested several times for std and sti and has been all negative. my hunch is that she might have some kind of yeast infection, a hormonal problem, maybe a side effect of been on birth control, or maybe the increase of stress. is there any direction you could possibly give to potentially to aid this problem.

Posted by Optional on 28/02/2011 at 04:46

Hi, is vaginal discharged linked to fibroids?

Posted by Christina on 28/02/2011 at 01:14

Hy.for da past week i have a very thick n powder lyk discharg.i itch a lot n my vagina has swelled a lot.i have tried every cream bt it hasnt helpd me,wat can i do to stop it coz its driving me crazy

Posted by Optional on 25/02/2011 at 10:35

My vaginal discharge has become havier since I'm not having the regular sexual intercouse I was used to while married, my husband has been gone 2yrs we had a very good sex life and iv always had a high sex drive and still do, could my body be craving sex

Posted by Optional on 24/02/2011 at 11:35

Should I be worried that I have been getting abit of blood in my discharge? I have had it for about three days now had sex about 6 month ago for the first time and have not had and sexual intercourse since is there a chance that has anything to do with it

Posted by Optional on 24/02/2011 at 01:24

Only after my period I get this not so nice smelling disscharge that will only last a few days after my period , I've been with the same guy for almost 4 years a couple years ago we have a little isuse which resulted in him giving me the clap we got that taken care of along time ago ! Just wondering what this smell is all about?? I figured if it was some sort of STD it would last longer then just a few days and only after my period! So do u know what that could be from? Thanks so much

Posted by Optional on 23/02/2011 at 06:51

Hi i'm 24 years and I've been battling vaginal discharge since i was 19. I've been going to the hospital for treatment. But they treat it and it comes again. Recently I've been seeing a thick yellowish discharge with severe itching. The smell is not fishy. And i have severe intercourse pain. Please help me.

Posted by Optional on 21/02/2011 at 07:11

It is sometimes itchy down there. But I'm constantly having discharge from my vagina. And it always smells, and I'm always trying to clean it so it won't smell, but as much as I do, it still smells! I'm really scared this is something serious. And I've never had any type of sexual intercourse.

Posted by Optional on 19/02/2011 at 01:37

Im 17 and I had sex two days in a role with a condom . For the last couple of days white smelly stuff comes out . Is there anything I can do at home to cure this?

Posted by ** UPDATE: Certain Birth Control Pills can cause Discharge! ** on 10/02/2011 at 02:17

Here, I am comparing my opinion of two types of birth control pills. One caused me many vaginal issues. I hope to spare other women from that GROSS, ICKY FEELING! Each type of pill is also sold under multiple names both brand and generic, so I gave you the official drug name plus some common names. This list is not all-inclusive, so Google your pill to get the real name and formulation for it. NORGESTIMATE and ETHINYL ESTRADIOL: Commonly sold as Tri-Spintec (generic, the pill that caused me the issues), and Ortho also has a brand name version that I did not try; my cost for Tri-Sprintec is only $9/month at WalMart because it is a generic. ** COMPARED to ** DESOGESTREL/ETHINYL ESTRADIOL -and- ETHINYL ESTRADIOL: Commonly sold as Mircette (brand), Kariva (generic by Barr labs), and Azurette (generic by Watson labs); my cost is around $27/month. I went through 3 years of agony with a weird, whitish discharge that also had a slight odor. It was not especially itchy, but I felt wet and "not well" in my abdomen most days. Sometimes I even felt some stuff coming out like a period -- gross! I called the doctor and asked if it was OK to try a yeast infection product which I did along with some other items from the drgstore. Long story short, it was not yeast. Upon seeing my GYN, there was no bacterial or yeast infection! He suggested a wash of diluted (3%) hydrogen peroxide after intercourse saying that it was likely a pH issue I was having. The washes did seem to help but only for the day if I was lucky. So, I found this site we're on and read about how other women were experiencing the same things. They were injecting hydrogen peroxide in many creative ways and finding some relief. I found my own way and even though it did not cure me, I will share the method: lie down on a towel and use a funnel at the top of your douche applicator (instead of using the bag) to funnel in the fluid. In my case a white mucous would come out, but each day it would come right back. I couldn't be stuck doing this washing everyday!! BTW, I also tried taking 400mg of folic acid to no avail. Finally, I decided that I would ask my doctor to switch me back to the $27/month Pill, Kariva. You see, the one I had been on while having these problems is only $9/month at my local WalMart (Tri-Sprintec). Upon going back on the more expensive pill, my symptoms immediately cleared up! I am not saying that cost made the difference. The reason is formulation. I don't know why I didn't think of the Pill as the culprit sooner, looking back! I guess I figured they were all pretty much the same. So, if you skipped the first part of this post, please go back up there and compare to see what you're on. I told my doctor all of this too in case he has other patients on Tri-Sprintec or another form of it. I figure that many women like me with no coverage for BCPs might go with the Wal-Mart deal to save $. For some ladies that formulation may not cause symptoms, but I KNOW it did for me! I hope this has helped you and thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!! :)

Posted by Optional on 07/02/2011 at 10:31

Hi. Im a 12 year old 7th grader. I have had discharge for about a year now. As long as i can rememver, it has been whitish clear and dries white or whitish yellow, with a fishy smell and i have had almost no itching. For the last couple of days, this smell has been even worse. I could easily smell it through my sweats and undies all afternoon. I am shy and my mom makes it really hard for me to talk to her, so online sources are really all i have for info. I have not yet started my period. My mom would notice if more than a couple panty liners dissapeared from her supply. currently i am folding toilet paper to help with the wetness+ protecting my undies. What can i do short of telling my mom?

Posted by Optional on 07/02/2011 at 05:53

I'm 66 years of age, I was wondering why I have virginal discharge (pink/reddish color) what could it be. I'm not sexually active. Please help

Posted by Optional on 05/02/2011 at 08:48

I have a yellowish discharge in my vaginal area. It started to irritate the skin down I rubbed on it a few times to relieve the irritation..however it started to burn and itch after a while. I notice that my vaginal labia was really swollen and red. But there is no smell at all....The discharge is very thick and mucus-like textured. What can I take to fix this?

Posted by Optional on 05/02/2011 at 01:02

im having painful urine with brown/black vaginal discharge. it smells pungent n also effect my menstrual cycle?

Posted by concerned on 05/02/2011 at 10:48

I had the implant about 9 months ago and I was on from a week of having it to recently, I was on 9months straight, no breaks, and quite heavy throughout. I went to see the clinic a number of times and only recently they have been able to help me, they gave me a pill which they said should stop my period within a week, and it did. But I have to keep taking my pill until all the packets have run out. A week after coming off, I have been experiencing itching in my vagina&yellowy; discharge, but it doesn't smell. I'm quite concerned obviously, but I wanted to know weather I have an infection or is it normal in my situation? I'm in desperate need of help!!!

Posted by cupcake on 02/02/2011 at 06:42

resd carefully ladies, if you have foul smelling discharge"rotten fish smelling" white,green or yellow,with or with out iching uswally thin you have bacterial vaginosis. if you have iching in and out with cottage cheese smelling or "clumpy" discharge you have a yeast infection. if you have excessive amount of discharge you have a infection. seek your gyno. avoid using otc products for long periods of time.

Posted by Optional on 01/02/2011 at 07:37

Ifinished my period a week ago and noticed today when i went to the toilet and had a wee then wiped myself there was like a brown bloody discharge can u tell me what this maybe ?

Posted by lizbeth on 01/02/2011 at 11:23

Please i will like u to tell me the drugs i can take and the necessary precautions will need to take in treating smelly vaginal discharge,my discharge is white though but its smells like rotten egg. Thanks.

Posted by Hayes on 01/02/2011 at 07:18

I'm discarging fluids stained with blood but my period is almost 2 weeks away.I had unprotected sex 4 days ago and it was painfull both during and after,the pain went away after slightly over 24 hours.I used emergency birth control pills jst after sex could they be the problem? My boyfreind is ok he's not having any problems. What could this be?????

Posted by Optional on 01/02/2011 at 01:18

I am currently in a long term relationship with my boyfriend and the past couple of time when we have been drinking and having sex i have had really sore pain in my abdomin we have had to stop haven sex a few times cause of it he thinks he has damaged me inside or something but its jsut when he is fully erected and when we change positions, he doesnt come so quickly when he has alcohol in his system so the sex goes on for longer and i just cant manage to go aslong as him cause of these pains any advice on what it is or what to do?...

Posted by lil miss 92 on 31/01/2011 at 01:34

sorry if this is too much info lol but i have a discharge from my vagina and it is clear coloured and it has become itchy and sore and it feels swollen inside :( !! and i cannot go for a poo properly neither and it tends to bleed a little i have not had a period as yet as im irregular so that doesnt worry me xx please help xx its embarrsing :O !!

Posted by Optional on 31/01/2011 at 04:27

Hey!!! i was wondering if anyone knew if having a whitish discharge normal? i also have a weird smell :( idk what could make this happen i been on the pill for a couple of months idk it just feels like im always wett!!! and its getting annoying i shower twise a day n deh weird smell is still der if anybody going threw deh same thing and have some answers or tips please let me noe i will deff appreciate it ;)

Posted by Optional on 30/01/2011 at 05:31

Alright I am fifteen years old and am a girl. I am not sexually active whatsoever, but since about october or november of 2010, I have been having lots of vaginal discharge. It's clear mostly and looks like i pissed myself a little every time i change my underwear. I itch A LOT! And it smells horrible like a fishy smell but worse:/ Me and my mom are super tight, but this is really awkward and am embarassed to tell her. I don't want to see a doctor because thats like woah too far don't want an hands down there if you know what i mean. I have no clue whats wrong with me and am suffering every day. Please help me.

Posted by fati on 25/01/2011 at 02:26

after sex my partner sees whitesh discharges on his penis,and sometimes a little sticky.could i have an infection? please help

Posted by Optional on 25/01/2011 at 03:28

i am 43 and have been told that i have a cyst and have had it for about 2yrs now. i have been having a discharge for a yr now that is just clear that i have to wear pads all the time. tired of this. wat could possibly b goin on.

Posted by mel on 24/01/2011 at 08:34

idk wats happenin...its been like this for years ever since i was in elementary.. im 19. i always have to wet my underware and jeans or shorts or tights. the smell is aweful (like pee) i think its my urine but i dont feel it when it comes out..just when i need to go to the restroom i see my underware and watever else im wearing so sick of this wat should it be????

Posted by Anonymous on 23/01/2011 at 09:41

The first doctor told me it was thrush and i was given cream and a tablet to insert, when that didn't work i went to a second doctor and was told it was BV i was given antibiotics and those have also not worked, all i have is white watery discharge and its itching. nothing else, yet it seems no1 can actually help me. Help.

Posted by wong on 22/01/2011 at 09:07

surely all these comments means that we are all normal? we all have the same issue?? shame doctors r so useless!

Posted by Optional on 22/01/2011 at 05:14

im 17 and i had a yellow green discharge but doesn't have smell.. and i also experienced pain when i ad sex with my partner.. what's wrong with me? please help..

Posted by Jenny P. on 22/01/2011 at 08:16

I am embarrassed about this problem. I've had discharge for a very long time now, I'm 19 years old and its been happening for a good couple of years. The smell is absolutely disgusting, i have to change my underwear regularly and its white and clear. Is this normal for a girl my age?

Posted by Cheetara on 21/01/2011 at 07:50

I sleep with women and not men. For the past 3 months I have been sexually inactive. I started experiencing some discomfort after urination last week so I bought an AVO UTI test kit which I tested positive for UTI. As of last year I started having brown and sometimes almost black vaginal discharge. I assumed it was from a foreign body as I did have the plastic wrap from an OB tampon left behind months ago. I don't know if there's more in there, my periods have been normal and on time. I also experience pelvic pain/cramping immediately after I climax when masturbating. Is the UTI, dark discharge and pelvic pain all linked to one underlying issue or are they all separate problems??? Someone please help!

Posted by Optional on 20/01/2011 at 12:47


Posted by Optional on 18/01/2011 at 08:56

ok im fourteen, and not sexually active at alll and about two weeks ago i found a lump close to my vagina. then this morning i had brownish residue with.. well stuff in it. i had my period the first though and have never had my periods this close together,only 9 days???im 99.99999% sure its not my period. this stuff is different. idk what is going on helpppp.

Posted by BERNADETTE on 17/01/2011 at 08:17

I been having a yellow discharge for 5years non but do not smell no different.Had a test for cervical cancer and it was positive and scared to do a next test.PLEASE ADVICE

Posted by Layla on 17/01/2011 at 03:32

I been having the same discharge for a couple of years. I have been to the Dr. But they say nothing out of the ordinary is going on. The discharge has a thick consistency with a smell to it. The smell is not fishy but it really smells through my clothes. It messes up every pair of underwear i have whay should i do?

Posted by Optional on 12/01/2011 at 10:54

For too long now, i have had a extremely disgusting smelly discharge. Its yellow / browny in colour, sometimes smells like fish. other times smells just horrific !! I have a real fear of Drs, and i have tried home remmedys.. but nothing is working. Just recently i have started feeling " crampy " in my abdomen... Extremely worried now, Infection thats got worse or what ?! So scared its cancer.. i duno what to do =(

Posted by 18gurll on 10/01/2011 at 01:19

I have had discharge for about 2years now, but it started smelling when i had sex with my boyfriend last year in april, everytime i have a shower i clean myself thoroughly but still feel dirty and unclean, hours after having a shower i get this feeling where i think im getting my period... but when i go to the toilet its this white-yellowish smelly discharge that smells DISGUSTING. ive gone to the doctors but they're no help at all, when my boyfriend and i finish having sex his penis smells really bad and i get really embarressed and have to have a shower everytime we have sex. i just want to get rid of it!! please give me some advice and help me thankyou

Posted by Optional on 09/01/2011 at 07:22

It itches. And white discharge comes out. But I'm using some cream to stop it But idk I worry

Posted by Optional on 08/01/2011 at 03:41

I am embarresed about this problem my mum says it will be fine but it keeps happining and it has been going on for a while now. i don't want to go to the doctor and have him say nothing is wrong. i haven't started my period yet but i am starting to get worried. What can i do????

Posted by sssssss on 08/01/2011 at 01:32

Hi, the past 2 times me and my partner have had intercourse, he pulls out with this nasty, smelly, thick white discharge on him penis... even during urine it smells badly and its abnormal smell means its not same as the original urine smell...

Posted by 22 gurl on 07/01/2011 at 09:55

I had sex with my partner last week and it seem that my vagina is bleeding after that. but it doesnt hurt. then, a day after that i had yellow vaginal discharge until today.. there is almost one week i go through this situation. i didnt know what to do.

Posted by Optional on 05/01/2011 at 09:00

I had a slight bleed for a few days last week and I now have a slight discharge. I had my last period about 6/7 years ago. Have I any reason to be alarmed.

Posted by Amanda on 04/01/2011 at 09:36

I wanna thank you for the information you are giving us it is very helpful

Posted by Optional on 03/01/2011 at 10:28

I've had discharge for a very long time now, I'm 19 years old and its been happening for a good couple of years. The smell is absolutely disgusting, i have to change my underwear regularly and its white and thick. it actually feels like I'm on my periods at time. The discharge still occurs when I'm on my periods. I don't know what to do anymore, I've spoken to doctor and that was useless.

Posted by a.l on 03/01/2011 at 02:47

is they anyway of getting rid of discharge?

Posted by Optional on 03/01/2011 at 10:48

I have a vaginal problem. I have this foul smelling, yellowish-brown discharge. I don't know where I got it. And no matter how I wash my vagina with feminine wash, the smell still remains and it won't go away. I'm so ashamed of it. my partner often complains about it. I don't know what to do. What advises can you give me? Is there any possible herbal medicine to cure this?

Posted by MissKimm on 03/01/2011 at 01:44

I had chlamydia about a month ago and was treated and it went away. Then All of a sudden i have alot of extra discharge, white/yellow in color and light smell so I went back to my doctor and got re-tested because I slept with the boy who gave it to me again but he said he got treated too and we used a condom but it broke. Well the std tests from my doctor came back negative now I have white/yellowish discharge occasional itch small odor but no STD or yeast infection? What would/could this be? Could the doctors have made a mistake with my tests? They said everything was normal and when the tset results came back I was negative for everything but I'm just not convinced. my vagina is not normal! I am a clean freak and even though the scent is mild it's still there and bothers me very much!!

Posted by helpp? on 24/12/2010 at 07:54

Hi, the past 2 times me and my partner have had intercourse, he pulls out with this nasty, smelly, thick white discharge on him penis. It doesn't smell very good, and its really embarrasing. My vagina has been really dry and sore for the past week or so, and i'm really afraid of whats wrong with me. Nothing like this has ever occured before, and all the sudden 2 days ago, it did. I don't know whats going on, but i would really like some help, or some answers if you have any sort of clue. Please let me know. I don't want to have to go to the doctor, i'm afraid. I would just like to know whats going on. Thank you so much, -lost and confused.

Posted by N.Fox.l on 22/12/2010 at 10:58

l need help please l havent found a good G.P yet l have this smelly light brown discharge lve had it for many months and my periods come 3 weeks late but after there finished after 7 days in 16 days the period comes back l do have a cyst on one of my ovarys and had treatment for pelvic inflammatory disease in the past l only got one partner been with him for 10 years l never had kids and lve lost alot of weight l weigh 36 kilos but l do eat alot every day THANKYOU...

Posted by Optional on 21/12/2010 at 09:03

Ive been having discharge its white then sometimes it turns yellow... But its usually white. It someimes doesnt smell like anything then it smells nasty liks urine. I thought it was because I wasnt washing right but it kept coming back. Whats wrong?

Posted by Optional on 21/12/2010 at 08:54

Ive been having discharge but then it turns a lil yellow and back to white and sometimes it smells.. I dont know what to do?

Posted by Optional on 21/12/2010 at 01:59

Hi, i've always had discharge since i was 12, but two weeks ago i had unprotected sex and now my discharge has started to smell strong. could someone tell me what this might be? i am on the pill so im not pregnant, should i go and see my doctor?

Posted by kl on 17/12/2010 at 11:52

hi, im very athletic and a virgin. this month i started having like brownish discharge almost 15 days before my period. now the day my period is supposed to start there is a light pinkish color instead of blood, am okay?! ive never been sexually active at all so i cannot be pregnant, HELP ME!!!!

Posted by Optional on 16/12/2010 at 07:54

Hey,im 17, I've had a lump above the clitoris fr about 2 weeks. I have aches every now and then,though, today I have checked myself in the mirror and had ALOT of the white thick discharge. Even though I wash myself down there 2 - 3 times a day. I am really worried. What is wrong with me? :(

Posted by Optional on 10/12/2010 at 04:48

hey im 19; I've been having discharge for about a yr now;it's white and sometimes very thick.The smell is makes me very uncomfortable and whenever i go to my doc she tells me the same thing and gives me these pills that never work..i hate this feeling and whatever is going on with me

Posted by Linzi on 09/12/2010 at 04:13

I've been having a brown, sticky discharge coming from my vagina for around 2 weeks now. It is completely odourless but it is really embarrassing because i'm too scared to let my boyfriend touch me. Today, I bought a canestan oral tablet because the pharmacist thought it might be thrush. So far, it hasn't went away. What should i do?

Posted by Optional on 09/12/2010 at 03:42

Hi, im 21, lately I am discharging white n pink clumps, which can be signs of an yeast infection, but the pink looking like blood is freaking me out, dont know what it, however I do have a main partner that I have unprotected sex with very often, now has been put to a stop due to my abnormal condition. Also my menstral cye is normal, and this is the third month that I have witnessed spotting of dark blood, and it is not after my period, it happens in between. My partner does ejaculate inside me, and this discharge is not smelly at all just itches like a mother******.....

Posted by Optional on 08/12/2010 at 01:41

I've been having an unusual vaginal discharge since I was younger. I'm 19 now and it seems like it's gotten worse over the years. I have to wear panty liners all the time or else my underwear seat would be soaked. It's so embarrassing. Finally I decided to go to the doc & have it checked. She told me I had BV (bacterial vaginosis) and she gave me metronidazole to cure it. But it keeps coming back. I honestly don't know what the normal discharge should be because every woman is different. The discharge I get varies. Lately it's been off-white and it's not stretchy. It's very runny & when it dries it is yellow. Also it does have a smell. Sometimes I can feel it coming out, that's how heavy it is. I can't stand it and I wish I could be normal like other women out there. I also want kids and chronic BV can cause infertility.

Posted by kayleigh on 07/12/2010 at 11:09

have had vaginal white thick sometimes clear discharge and have had it for 2weeks now, i am on no contriception it does not itch smell or have a burning feeling, is it possible that i could be pregnant? aswell as this i have pink spootong for 1 day then brown spotting bare in mind this was 2days after conception have been feeling tired. mood swings, did have several trips to the loo, left leg cramp,heartburn just th once, headache, vomitting, sharp pains on and off it abdominal, sensitive nipples, itchy body (boobs) not nipples, then had right leg cramp, back cramp and lower stomach cramp, also noticed white dots on nipples and bumps on areole, and veins hav appeared on breasts i know this page isn't for any symptoms but i need advice. thanks!

Posted by married youth on 07/12/2010 at 10:13

it is really weird. i have been tested and again a month ago. std free, but i have excessive discharge. sometimes it has this weird vinigar or medicine odor. or sometimes it is smelly. but not to the point of fishy. doc says I'm fine. but this discharge is noticeable and i can scoop out a tea spoon at a time. it makes me uncomfortable when my partner goes down there. what should i do? ps. discharge is always either white and thick or white and milkey.

Posted by Optional on 05/12/2010 at 01:09

I'm having a creamish/yellowish discharge every now and then and it does smell quite funny it's quite itchy down there sometimes too. Ive also found that I get a lot of pain when I pass urine after sex with boyfriend sometimes. Does anyone know what this could be?

Posted by Brandi on 03/12/2010 at 02:47

I am 38yrs old and I had a full hysterectomy a few years ago. A few days ago, after having sex with my husband, I almost immediately had a yellowish and even a light greenish discharge. I also have itching as well. I have had my share of yeast infections but since my hysterectomy I dont have problems. So what could this be?

Posted by Optional on 03/12/2010 at 04:50

Ok,so I've been having this discharge problem everyone else is complaining about for severeal years now. I've been to numerous doctors and have been diagnosed with a bacterial infection but the problem is the medication isn't helping it. I'll complete the meds but guess what it comes right back doctor after doctor and it's the same story. Test after test no STD just a stupid bacterial infection that's an ugly brownish looking color with a foul smell it comes and goes but here lately I've noticed that I always get this bad discharge before my menstral cycle starts. So the last dr. I visited told me that this was just a problem I would have to deal with for the rest of my life:-( I did a little online research cuz the smell I couldn't deal with it had my self esteem low and I was ashame to go around people. I found a site where millions of women were dealing with the same problem as myself and one woman suggested to try getting a douche bottom and fill it with half water and half peroxide then get some probiotic acidophilus and add 2 pills to your mixture. The peroxide kills the smell and the pills helps the infection but this is what i have to do on a regular basis and it works for me I wish i could find a permanent cure but in the meanwhile I'll keep using what works. Hope this helps sum1 else out there like myself:-)

Posted by ummmm on 03/12/2010 at 03:27

I am 17 and i have thick white discharge and i have a weird smell its not fishy buts its wierd i have been with the same guy for a long time and after we have intercourse i get very sore to where i can hardly sit what is wrong with me???????

Posted by reka on 27/11/2010 at 02:43

i am 21.i have a thick white discharge.i am virgin .i don get any foul or fishy it causes infertility

Posted by Anonymous on 24/11/2010 at 07:52

I have this same problem since I was 12 and I still have it. It also smells kind of fishy. What can I do to make the smell go away?

Posted by Guest on 24/11/2010 at 04:24

Iv been getting a thick non chunky discharge & it kinda smells metallic. I thought it was a yeast infection so I took something for it & it went away but then came back after a few days. This started happening after a couple one nights stands with the same guy. So maybe he gave me something? Does anybody know what it could be?

Posted by curiousgurl143 on 21/11/2010 at 10:21

hi i haven't had a period since July of 2010. i tend to skip months because i am just starting out on my menstrual cycle (i had my first in October of 2009) i only had 2 more periods since October 2009 my last in July 2010 (one in December and on in may) and i have always had thick white vaginal discharge ever sense i can remember even before my first period. my mom said she always skipped months even as an adult until she had me. my the discharge doesnt have any smell, but there is clumpy discharge stuff around my clitoris that seems to always come back after i clean it out. that doesnt have any odor either but i do have pain in my vaginal region and its red but doesnt itch i dont have any std/sti 's because i am a virgin can anyone please tell me whats wrong with me or is that normal? btw im scared to tell my mom about this i told her i think i may have a uti or a yeast infection and she buys me cranberry juice now because we have no money for a doctor right now. HELP!!!

Posted by Amanda on 19/11/2010 at 11:51

Hi, I have been having an unusual amount of vaginal discharge, and I have been waking up with severe pain in my inguinal area, both sides. I am a virgin and I am not on my period. Please Help!

Posted by sarah on 19/11/2010 at 11:04

during intercourse a lot of water comes out, it's like i have just wet myself . what is it

Posted by Optional on 19/11/2010 at 08:33

why does my discharge sometimes smell like pooh

Posted by Optional on 19/11/2010 at 12:51

every time i have sex with my partner i have smelly discharge why is this

Posted by OptionalSHARON on 18/11/2010 at 01:27


Posted by kristy on 13/11/2010 at 02:05

I went to get my papsmear and there was no problem, but after that I started spotting, then when during intercourse, I bleed strongly. After sex there would be no bleeding. For two weeks I have been spotting, then it stopped but when during intercourse I bleed strongly just for that time. My sexual drive is extremely high as well.

Posted by Optional on 12/11/2010 at 12:30

Hi, i have a problem i keep getting discharge but its like brown and i haven't been on my periods for a while and i obviously cant be pregnant because i am a virgin.

Posted by Optional on 12/11/2010 at 01:47

Hi, I have a problem which consists of a smelly vagina. Discharge is normal and no pains at all! Just a smell. I have had the same sexual partner for 4 yrs now so I know it's not a STI. Also there is no irritation. Can anyone help me understand what this is as a find it embarrassing to consult a doctor.

Posted by Optional on 09/11/2010 at 01:59

I have recently noticed that i have little red dots like tiny dots nothing to exagerate about after i go pee when i whipe myself i clean it off as well as some white discharge... should i be worried?

Posted by Optional on 08/11/2010 at 03:13

Hi.I'm 21 and sexually active with my bf . I've been suffering from thick white discharge and kinda smelly could that be a sign of an STD? And could a pap smear determine if I have an STD? PLEASE HELP!and thanks

Posted by discharging on 08/11/2010 at 12:22

hi my name is jen. my period ended last sunday and i had sex with my boyfriend on monday he was wearin a condom. couple days later i started to discharge and as of today i been doing alot it is clear doesnt smell. im also having abdominal pain and pains in my vagina. what does it mean?

Posted by Optional on 08/11/2010 at 01:44

hey , i have clearish/ greenish discharge that smells quite odd and no other symptoms, what could it be , is it normal ?

Posted by Optional on 05/11/2010 at 06:55

i still dont think its normal to have lots of yellow vaginal discharge. its like i blew my noise on my panties.i told my doctor but he said its normal.thats not normal to me, its like that 3 to 4 times a day.

Posted by Optional on 03/11/2010 at 04:11

ive been having the brown stuff for over a month but i dont want to go to the doctor cause i went there too many times and they cant tell me what i have they just give different pills everytime help please

Posted by Optional on 02/11/2010 at 10:35

I started my menstration at the age of 15yrs but now i'm 19yrs. I started experiencing this discharge, is whitish in colour and it stains on ma pant. I don't av itching at all but it has an odour. I went for test and i obtain my treatment completely. But its still the same. Please help me.

Posted by Optional on 01/11/2010 at 04:55

I'm a virgin and I have this white gooey white stuff in my vagina and I was wondering if that was normal also if anyone can help I've been having these stomach pains that feels like some one is pinching my skin and twisting in the middle area of my stomach if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it because I'm kinda embarrassed to talk to my mom about this.....plzzzz help me out

Posted by Marilyn Manson Fan on 29/10/2010 at 03:53

Hi, I had vaginal discharge all my life. Yes, since I have reason of memory of my life as a child I always had this problem. I'm still an virgin but I had oral sex when I was 17. I'm 18 now. During the day it gets really annoying having to walk from class to class or anywhere else being so wet. It feels uncomfortable being wet. I have to go to the bathroom a lot to wipe myself. I tried to use panty liners but pads worked better. Now I sometimes walk with a tampon all day to collect all of the fluid that bugs me. I know I don't have a STD or an STI because I always had it since I was born.

Posted by Optional on 28/10/2010 at 08:41

I get very sore around my vulva and just inside my vagina about a week before my period. There is no obvious discharge or smell, feels very dry sometimes. It happens every month and it is getting me down, need to goto GP when it is happening but find it very hard to get an appointment at that time. Is it true natural yoghurt can help?

Posted by Optional on 26/10/2010 at 07:28

Hello, I've recently been experiencing odd discharge... Whether this is because I've just begun taking 'The Pill' a week ago I'm not sure... But it's not seemed like the 'normal' discharge I would usually get. It's more 'full' 'clotted' and whiter looking. And it makes me vagina quite itchy, red and sometimes quite uncomfortable to urinate. This has only begun to happen in the past few days... I'm thinking by your website it may be thrush but I'd like a bit more clarification to be certain Thankyou!

Posted by ? on 25/10/2010 at 12:39

If been going out with my boyfriend for a year and alway have protected sex. But latley ive been getting a smelly (not fishy) discharge wich is kind of watery. I have no idea what to do!

Posted by Optional on 24/10/2010 at 11:27

I've had the "normal" whitish clear discharge ever since I was about 12, it's always been really embarrassing and I always feel self conscious when I'm with my boyfriend even though he thinks there's nothing wrong. Recently, I've come off the pill, and my discharge has smelt way different, almost a little fishy. I haven't had sex in about a month and I don't know why there's been a change. Does anyone know?

Posted by Optional on 22/10/2010 at 03:08

Hi, I have been suffering this problems for many years and its first began after I suffered a miscarriage. A horrible rotting cheese smell from my vagina. I have been to my GP and sexual health clinics and none of them are able to help me, they tell me everything is ok, well it's not. I have had to put up with horrible comments about smelling like cheese for the last 8 years and I have no social life because of it and even my own family make terrible jokes behind my back. If no one else could smell it I wouldnt honestly care, but they can! and boyfriends have dumped me because of it. My discharge looks normal sometimes clear or cream colour its just the awful smell that makes me gag and everyone around me hold their noses. Please dont tell me I am being paranoid I have asked a trusted friend and she says she can smell it to.

Posted by scared :( on 22/10/2010 at 10:08

hi, i just want to ask something, because i am suffering an internal pain below to my navel and last week it is swollen then after some medication it became ok but the smell of my vagina is not normal it is like an armpit (foul odor) I'm scared now.. please help tc:(

Posted by Optional on 21/10/2010 at 01:14

Good day! hi I'm quite confuse right now. I have this discharge w/c is yellowish-green in color and have a foul smell after my menstruation w/c before that have intercourse w/ my husband..what will I do?

Posted by Curious on 20/10/2010 at 01:43

Hi there, I'm 21 years old and I have brown discharge everyday now for awhile!! I am sexually active but with my bf i've been with for almost 2 years. I don't understand why I keep browning everyday?

Posted by Optional on 17/10/2010 at 12:34

i have gone through the menopause. Had colposcopy for odd cells 24 years ago. I have had cervical erosions in the past. 2 years ago had ultra sound and internal scan on ovaries to see if I had gone through the menopause. all okay. I now notice a pinky brown watery discharge on the sheets after intercourse from when i sit up to get out of bed then it goes. Is this a concern?

Posted by CAT on 12/10/2010 at 09:24

I am suffering from a major problem, where there is a yellowish stretchy jelly like(sometimes liquid most of the time hard)discharge from my vagina . I have been having this for some time. I am really worried about this. Can you please let me know if this is normal and if it not what I should do about it.

Posted by Weirded out on 12/10/2010 at 08:13

I recently had my period, and used tampons, and I doubt I accidentally forgot a tampon in; however this happened to me once already (I accidentaly forgot one ) so now i can't be too sure. Is there any way that I can check myself to see if there's a tampon in there without going to the doctor??

Posted by Optional on 11/10/2010 at 02:39

I get bartholin cysts all the time, and they use to get stopped up and i would have to go get the drain tube inserted.. Well lately the gland will stop up and then begin to drain on its on, and the discharge is a green/yellowish color and has a really bad smell. Pls help i dont know what to do. I go to the doctor and they give me antibiotics but that only helps for a few weeks and then it does it all over again and the smell and infected discharge will not go away on its on. Im not sure if the smelly discharge is due to the bartholine gland but that is what im assuming. I was checked recently in my yearly exam for stds and i was clear so i know that is not the reason so my only other option would be the bartholin gland. What can i do to get rid of this discharge for more than 2 wks? and why does the discharge just keep coming back, its like my gland is not only gettin stopped up but infected also.

Posted by Optional on 09/10/2010 at 03:14

Great site. Clear explanations make it easy to determine what's going on and if a doctor is needed right away. Also, it's good to read what is normal! Thank you for making this NOT embarrassing!

Posted by Eep! on 07/10/2010 at 08:46

I had unprotected sex with my now ex who I presume had a sexual encounter the week before and have a thick pinkish discharge which looks like pure muscle(?). This has been happening for a week and I can't get to a clinic until next week because of work. Help!! I need to mention that 2 weeks previous to this I took the MAP and bled for a week before our next sexual encounter. It's also been itchy bit I tend to get itchy before and after a period since I had a miscarriage 2 years ago and regularly suffer from thrush. My last sexual Health check was 5 months ago. Thanks

Posted by baby on 06/10/2010 at 03:38

help? my discharge has became heavier than usual and it smells its not been like this before. also during intercourse i have felt an uncomfortable irritation this has only happened recently what may this be.

Posted by Optional on 04/10/2010 at 09:15

help, i have a realy bad discharge and have had for a few years now, i have had test's done and there is no sign of any infection or STI, it smelly, and is yellow,it is really embarrasing i feel i can smell me self all the time, this is making my life HELL please help. I have puton over 4 stone and wondered if this had anything to do with it.

Posted by Optional on 01/10/2010 at 12:27

I recently stopped taking my birthcontrol now I have noticed a change in smell in my vagina, its not so much a bad smell just a weird not normal smell< is that normal?

Posted by princessa on 30/09/2010 at 04:42

Hi. I would like to know if the vaginal discharge that has a bareable smell to it but is frequent like in between periods.. could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Posted by jade on 27/09/2010 at 08:11

i had my implant taken out 2 weeks ago and had unprotected sec with my fiance the same day ,could i be pregant also i recently have noticed ive been getting discharge but its more like clear jelly ,ive done a dew test and all of them say negative is it to early to tell

Posted by Optional on 27/09/2010 at 12:31

2 weeks aftes my period i noticed a greenish discharge and sometimes theres a small blood in it..and also my vagina what c0uld this 0possibly?

Posted by Optional on 26/09/2010 at 11:10

I have a smelly yellowish discharge. I've been to the doctor who took samples to è lab. It came out that è is nothing. He even had my womb scanned. I insisted n he put me on antibiotics. The discharge is still there what could be wrong.

Posted by Optional on 25/09/2010 at 02:40

i have been having a creamy type discharge that smells quite fishy and have pain when having sex with my boyfriend. it is very itchy and gets swollen in that area. pleasee helpp me! :(

Posted by Optional on 24/09/2010 at 12:58

So embarrassing! I have noticed recently that my discharge is really smelly, it is white but im getting alot of it everyday and it's making me feel very low about myself. I have no idea what it could be! its not thrush because it doesnt burn or itch and isnt sore!

Posted by Ashu on 20/09/2010 at 07:17

I missed my period 8 days, a white creamy came out my body, just like paint, can i am pregnant

Posted by ..... on 20/09/2010 at 03:46

I usually don't have sex to often but my boyfriend right now is the best person I have ever met so we started having sex about 3 months ago! We just started doing it more often and now I'm getting abdominal pain, and bleeding and swelling when we do it. But when I tell him I don't want to do it for a while and we stop, then it goes away. But it keeps happenig! Pleassssseeee help me I'm only 17! It's making me regret on having sex

Posted by Optional on 17/09/2010 at 09:04


Posted by anonymous on 15/09/2010 at 08:59

i have a really embarrassing problem!, my discharge has tiny little white things in it , my discharge doesnt smell so i do not have a clue what this could be? it is embarrassing when i am with my boyfriend, when he fingers me they come out on his fingers? even when i come out a bath or shower and i insert a finger it comes out the same? what could this be, please help im so embarrassed! im only 17 :( !

Posted by Optional on 12/09/2010 at 09:07

internal pain below navel and liquid smelly discharge after period. on reading this website, will visit the health centre tomorrow to arrange for a lady gynecologist to checked if i removed the tampon used whilst on my last period.

Posted by Optional on 12/09/2010 at 05:20

I have a white thick discharge but no itching at all,it really hurts having sex ecspecially after ill get really sore and swell up,during it feels like the skin is splitting open like when you have dry skin and it doesnt effect me at all until i start having sex reguarly again i stop having sex for a couple of months due to spliting with my partner and it went away but as soon as i started having sex reguarly with a new partner it came back i know it cant be a chlamydia or anything like that what can it be again please help

Posted by Optional on 12/09/2010 at 12:56

I have been to the doctor five time and she has done paps and swabs all the test are negative I dont understand why because I know that this is not normal I have clear slimmy white discharge some pelvic pain and have taken bacterial medication and yeast medication I dont know what else I can do its very frustrating.

Posted by Optional on 11/09/2010 at 10:54

This is to answer 'Anonymous on 08/09/2010 at 01:16:56 pm' - Sounds like you definitely have BV (i know because i had the exact same thing). Easy fixed to! I ordered metronidazole (Flagyl) from took 4 tablets the first day and then 4 tablets the following day and no sex or alcohol for 5 days and that should fix you up & get rid of the 'fishy smell'. Easy :)

Posted by Dency on 11/09/2010 at 09:12

I always have this itching around my vagina and a yellowish discharge and sometimes boil and am afraid ,what type of infection is that and what is the cure

Posted by Optional on 10/09/2010 at 01:55

Is it normal to have vaginal discharge after sex

Posted by Anonymous on 08/09/2010 at 01:16

I have never had a smell come from my vagina before, but over the last few months i have noticed that sometimes i have a funny smelling discharge that i cant explain. At times it's really strong, so strong that i wear a tampon so other people cant smell it!!! I cant explain the smell either other than not nice??? Other times it's not there at all, and at times it's faint.. Its only when i have heavier bouts of discharge that i can smell it??? After i have sex with my partner there is a strong fishy smell almost all the time, and its soo embarassing. I dont have mulitiple partners and i have had the same partner for almost a year.. Help how do i get rid of this. I had a swab done at the doctor, but never heard back, so assume everythin was ok???? Its soo embarassing that i cant even look my partner in the eye!!!!

Posted by Optional on 07/09/2010 at 08:33

hi im having such a bad time, my husband doesnt want to get close with me cox i have a fishy smell while we have sex... Also i get thick white discharge which have that exact smell, more discharge the more days i dont have sex ... help mee!!!! will i looose my husband :S

Posted by Gladys Mueni on 07/09/2010 at 07:21

thanks so much forthe help. it really elps

Posted by Optional on 07/09/2010 at 03:31

Im thirteen and i havent started my period yet never and i have drainage its sticky and white and wen im around my friends at school i feel awkward and i try to keep my distance from them

Posted by Optional on 03/09/2010 at 11:39

i'm 19years old and have been on the contraceptive implant for 2years, my periods have been irregular and i have had one frequent partner who i know is clean. A month ago i found this salmon coloured discharge but didn't think anything of it, the past week i thought i had thrush, because i know the symptoms and have had thrush before, the area is painfully itchy and swollen, but now i think it could be something else because of the overpowering smell and discharge. With thrush there is usually a whitish substance, but i have clumpy salmon discharge and sometimes this liquid which looks bright orange. please suggest what it might be.

Posted by Optional on 02/09/2010 at 05:39

i am not on my period and i have a pain every time i wee and my vaginal discharge is bloody and thick why is this and what is it

Posted by Mai on 31/08/2010 at 02:56

In the last 2 wks I noticed that when wearing pants, whatever the color , my vaginal discharge looked the same color. Black capris, almost black discharge, green capris=greendischarge, navy blue, navy blue discharge! What is going on?It has no odor, doesn't itch, I have no pain,and the consistency is normal AND I always wear white cotton underwear (loose not tight)

Posted by embrassed woman of 2 kids on 28/08/2010 at 04:39

i have bloody dishcarge that is light brown with mucus in it after my period or a spotty period the vagina is itchy and smells after my menstral cycle. also itchy and dry.i wipe daily and use feminie washes and nothing is helping i went to the obgyn and she told me that it is normal what is normal about having this brown discharge. can any one give me some advice?

Posted by Optional on 28/08/2010 at 01:41

i feel very weird about myself when i get out of the shower. you can smell the soup i use on the rest of my body but i can still smell myself down there and i stay moist too.

Posted by Optional on 27/08/2010 at 12:27

I have been having this white mucus gooey stuff come out of my vagina after urinating for about 2 years, Ive done numerous tests but all have come back negative. I dont/havent had my period for almost 2 years because I am on the Mirena. I do have stomach ulcers, and always have abdominal pains. What could this discharge be?

Posted by Worrying on 26/08/2010 at 03:02

I kind of concerned. My discharge seems to be more yellowish recently. There's more white most of the time, but a lot of yellow color as well. I have no other symptoms of somethings being wrong. No burning or itching, no weird smell at all, and sex is still pleasant. Should I be worried? I just know its a sign of bad things happening... I've had 3 normal pap tests the past years so my doctor said I didn't need another one till next year, but now I'm regretting not getting one. Is there something wrong or not?

Posted by PLEASE HELP on 25/08/2010 at 07:03

hi ive been having irregualr periods for a little bit now its always been late or sumthing now well i got it last on july 2 2010 for 7 days and now since then me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex and i havent gotten anything for this month could this be a sign of pregnancy please help?

Posted by Baby Gurl on 24/08/2010 at 01:51

Ok well i have been having a fishy like discharge is does not hurt or itch or anything like that it happend a day or two after having sex i used a condom when i had sex so im lost.. uhhh help pleas

Posted by Optional on 23/08/2010 at 04:49

What does it mean when your vaginal secretion smells like baby formula/milk?

Posted by Optional on 20/08/2010 at 12:40

hi im 14 nearly 15, im still a virgin and i get discharge ALOT, i have to wear a pantiliner everyday, is this a bad thing or not? :S

Posted by Miss Helpful on 17/08/2010 at 01:55

FOR EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD WHO IS WORRIED ABOUT ASKING THEIR MUM OR DOCTOR: I was in the exact position as you two days ago..I was scared and nervous about telling my mum about my yellow discharge..but yesterday I plucked up the courage to tell her (she was in a happy mood) and she was fine about it..she said that everyone has things like this once in their life and the next day she took me to the doctors and I got a tablet which I needed to take and some cream..I still have a week to wait now but do not just hide it as it may get took me over a month to tell my mum but now I am happy that I did. TRUST ME!

Posted by Optional on 15/08/2010 at 11:22

my discharge always smells fishy and its thick help

Posted by Optional on 15/08/2010 at 08:34

Am gettin dis thick white started 3 days after was itchy but not hubby hasnt complained of any discharge or sore.wat cld discharge mean?

Posted by Optional on 14/08/2010 at 11:22

Ok I've been on birth control pill for about 2 months now. I'm not sure if its the pill that's doing it or its my body itself. But I've notice that from time to time ill get this thick slimy white discharge. It'll just come in a clump. Also I feel like everytime I pee my pee smells really bad. Plus it has a strong odor. I tried drinking cranberry juice but seems like its not helping. I don't feel anypain at all. Or any urges to pee all the time. Or any itching. What could be wrong?

Posted by Optional on 14/08/2010 at 02:29

For the past week I have been having sex with my partner. We used a condom but before that it has been 4 years sinced I used a condom. My outter vagina lip is now red as if the skin is rubbed off and it hurts. Also, now Im having this yellowish/white foul discharge. What can this be?

Posted by Optional on 13/08/2010 at 10:17

My vagina area is not itchy and my discharge is jot thicker or more abundant than normal. However it does have a very foul fishy smell. If I do not have a panty liner on the smell is ratchet absolutely horrible. I am also experiencing pain during intercourse in my pelvic area. I don't know what to do b/c I am a very clean and cautious person I don't play about my vagina. My best bet is to talk to my doctor, which I am, I just wanted some insight.

Posted by Optional on 13/08/2010 at 01:20

I have a problem i tested for almost all the vaginal infections it was all reading negative but i still have smelly discharge. I Had Urinary infection which was treated and i went back for acheckup its nagative but the smelly discharge is there what could be the cause of the discharge? am confused.

Posted by Optional on 07/08/2010 at 07:59

Since a long time i have a vaginal discharges, sometimes it's white and thick and sometimes it's like a yellow liquid but in both cases the discharge has a very bad smell and it's itchy. i went once to a gynecologist and he told me that i have some bacteria and he give me betadine vaginal douche but it didn't help me i still have the same problem.i just want to know which sickness i exactly have because i was a little bit confused when i read the explanations above.

Posted by 1123 on 05/08/2010 at 04:00

Hi, I recently had sex with a partner, its my only partner I've been with in the last year or so now. We had intercourse unprotected for a couple minutes until we both agreed on a condom. Well I came on my period 2 days later on a Friday & its Thursday the next week & I'm still on it which its been almost 7 days or I'm bleeding from the intercourse itself and I've also had a very strong foul smell? What could be the cause of this? Thanks a lot.

Posted by Optional on 05/08/2010 at 06:31

I've had lots vaginal discharge every since I was little. It used to be a clear color but over the years has turned yellowish and thick. I can't pinpoint when this transformation of color and thickness had taken place but I have always been worried about it. It does not itch or smell but there is so much of it that I have to wear liners every single day and it is embarrassing when I want to be intimate with my partner but have to try and hide the fact that I wear liners. I've been to the doctor and have been tested for every disease in the book but she couldn't find anything wrong. I asked her what I could do about it and she responded with, "Just keep wearing liners like you have been. Some females just have more discharge than others." Obviously not the answer I wanted, because like I said it's embarrassing to have to wear liners everyday. If I don't wear them I have dry crusty stains in my underwear. Please someone help me with some good advice.

Posted by M.S. on 05/08/2010 at 02:09


Posted by Optional on 03/08/2010 at 10:37

okayy.. Well i dont know what to do so i desided to go on line lookin for help. Frist im a virgin and i dont understand why i have big lips? and i have very much discharge. And i have no idea. PLease someone help me!!!! i reallly need it!

Posted by shanice on 31/07/2010 at 07:11

hi ive been dating my boyfriend for a yr nd a half now and about a yr into our relationship we fount something strange we had sex and a week after i had a very bad infection,burning,itching very thick discharge i was in so much pain i cryed and wen straight to thedoctor thinking i had some type of std so results said everytghing is normal they gave me creams nd antibotics took thatso it worked slowly so we thought that was it so we had sex few more times weeks later it appears again this timeshe gets it also little cuts around the head of his dick since march i cant resolve

Posted by Optional on 30/07/2010 at 09:20

vaginal itching and like dry skin; brownish yellowish discharge. unprotected sex with a guy i heard had herpes and hpv??

Posted by Optional on 29/07/2010 at 09:07

i haven't got my period for 2 months now. and all that coming out on my vagina is The white mucus thick disharge. i found it when i inserted my finger on it and i got a thick discharge and its kinda sticky but it easily breaks off . before we have sex i already experiencing white mucus thick discharge. i had sex with someone and after that day and the next day i found a thick white vaginal discharge. he did not use Condom. and im kinda worried about it . i dont know what to do. please help me . i want to try pregnancy test and i think i should wait 3 days before doing it. IM WORRIED AND I NEED HELP.

Posted by Optional on 26/07/2010 at 02:33

hi im 18 and me and my partner have been together for three years i've always suffered from discharge and water infections for as long as i can remember i have had one other sexual partner and we were both virgins and when i got with my present partner he had a test done for stds and it came back negative but my discharge is white but can smell, could it be soap not being washed off properly or my uti's or something far worse because i would be devastated if i had an std?

Posted by vidya on 26/07/2010 at 11:58

i get discharge most of the smells weird n its in jelly makes me very horny n then i masturbate..which makes me feel guilty..i also have another problem..i only get orgasm wen i masterbate n nt wen i have sex..i want to enjoy my sex life..plz help

Posted by Optional on 24/07/2010 at 04:42

if you have sex a day after your period and 2 days after u have discharge nd cramps am i pregnant

Posted by Optional on 23/07/2010 at 08:06

I have noticed for the last several day that my stomach has been turning a little and that the top part of the clit area is a little red and itched a little. I was just wondering what you think it might be.

Posted by Optional on 22/07/2010 at 08:50

i am 13 years old i missed my peariod for 2-3 months and started getting this clear liquid on my undies when i wake up!!!! HELP

Posted by Anomonous on 19/07/2010 at 03:51

I have had this problem for about 2 or 3 years. Is that a long time? How long does it take to go?

Posted by Optional on 19/07/2010 at 09:21

i get alot of discharge everyday that i have to change all tome its damp and uncomfortable ive had swobs and comes back normal

Posted by B on 14/07/2010 at 09:58

I've been having problems with a foul smelling odor for almost six months now. It started out that the doctor said i had chlamydia. The odor disappeared, but then i went on strong antibiotics for a week for chingles. The doctor then said it might just be a yeast infection, considering the antibiotics were very strong and i didnt eat much yogurt. I took a pill for that and, once again, the odor disappeared. Now, I have the worst smelling odor yet. It's very fishy and just smells like something is rotting. I'm scared and just want to figure this out. Can you help me?

Posted by Optional on 13/07/2010 at 06:30

my discharge goes from white to yellow it smells, i get abdominal pains i am very worried please help

Posted by Concerned on 13/07/2010 at 05:50

My wifes says she gets a brown fluid after we have sex for a week. What is the problem? Please help as she feels not to have sex anymore because off this.

Posted by Optional on 12/07/2010 at 11:45

i have vaginal discharge an has not reached my peroid yet ,what is wrong?

Posted by Optional on 12/07/2010 at 03:42

I had some diagnostic tests done for a vaginal prolapse eg urodynamics, 3d ultrasound, and a sigmoidoscopy. A day later I had a heavy bleed and ever since brown coloured discharge, just wondering if I should be worried or was it just a side effect of my tests........thanks

Posted by Gabby on 09/07/2010 at 05:51

I'm 21 years old. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a year now, and still iam not preggo. Every since I was younger I remember gettin thick milkly discharge coming out my vigina. It is embarassin n uncomftable. Coulpe months ago I went to c my doter he told me it was normal but one of my girlfriend told me that its not and that can be the reason why I can't have a baby. plz help I need some advise

Posted by Optional on 08/07/2010 at 12:30

Hi, i started noticing a milkish discharge from my vagina but now the color has changed to green and it smells badly.what could be the cause?

Posted by Optional on 07/07/2010 at 06:20

I need an answer or a new dr. I am currently 7months pregnant and have a green discharege coming from my vagina. I know that I have HPV because during my pregnancy I broke out in warts-the dr said she didnt know when I got it because my hormones may have caused it to break out. I am nervouse about having a preterm delivery. Should I be on bedrest and away from work. my dr said im ok to work, but i honestly am just stressed and ready to take a break! I have an infection and dont know what to do about it. How can a dr. determine if im ok to work or not? Should I just get a new dr. if I am at risk???

Posted by Optional on 07/07/2010 at 03:16

I have been having thrush symptoms for about 6 months now. My discharge is sometimes normal, sometimes yellow-green in colour and can cometimes smell quite strongly (but not of fish, more like a heavy period would smell). I have had a swab done at the local GP and they told me it was thrush, not an STI. I have tried two Canestan tablets on different occasions which clears it for a month or so but it keeps coming back. Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year and made the desicion to stop using condoms. We both had full blood/swab tests at the GP before we had unprotected sex (I also went on the inplant) and we are both clean for any STIs. It doesn't itch but the smell can be embarrassing when we have sex, especially because it causes dryness. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Posted by frustratedgirl on 04/07/2010 at 11:03

Hi, I have been leaking some form of fluid from my vagina for three months now. I had a blood test and a urine test and have been examined by my GP and have still had no results. Nobody seems to know what is wrong with me and I'm getting really depressed because I have to wear a pad everyday. Is there anyone that can give some advice?

Posted by Optional on 28/06/2010 at 07:01

ok,i havent started my period yet and i have had viginal discharge for a while and last week the discharge was brown and now i havent had any. is this normal what does this mean?

Posted by help me please! on 28/06/2010 at 12:46

I have been having sex for a long time. i do not like to use condoms bc it upsets my stomach. i have been getting alot of discharge for the past year and my vagina smells really bad sometimes but not all the time and also sex has been painful and i have had pains in my stomach. does anyone no what could b wrong??

Posted by yeast infection while prgo? ... on 28/06/2010 at 09:35

I have had a very itchy irritated vagina every couple of days for about a month now. I am also 18 weeks pregnant with #2. I have discharge but it isn't much different than regular. It is a little thicker and seems to be gathering on my clitoris. I think that is simply because of my underwear rubbing throughout the day. But because it ends up on my clit it irritates it as well and it turns bright red. I only have odor if I don't shower that day. I know to some this sounds gross but I have always been the type of person who doesn't need a shower every day. Please help.

Posted by HELP HELP HELP PLZ on 27/06/2010 at 01:27

HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP I have been to the clince 4 times now for stds check and they have all come back clear, I have a smelly white thick discarge for 3 months now every day, and when i go to the toilet it feels like some one kicking me right in me vigina ive had a water infectione done but its come back clear as well, and i keep getting pains as well in me side of me vagina as well and i havnt had a perido for 4 months but i ent pregent as well, i do bleed well i have had a bleed but it wasnt a perido it only last 24 hours and it was water blood with clotes of blood clots i need help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED on 25/06/2010 at 09:51


Posted by Charmaine on 24/06/2010 at 02:24

Im now well aware of different types of discharge,and everythng is so true and very educational

Posted by Optional on 23/06/2010 at 07:47

I was seeing a guy for about 5 months back during thre time of my husband and I seperation. We ended back in January 2010. On february 2010, my husband and I reconcile and we were doing great until I started having this foul fishy smell coming out of my vagina after sex or if I became excited. I went to the doctor and she performed several test on me and the outcome was that I was fine. Buthe thing is that the smell is getting strong and its embarrassing. My husbands wants me to get checked again. But what test can i request my doctor to do? Also, it doesnt itch, its just tge smell.

Posted by Optional on 22/06/2010 at 01:27

i learnt keep up the good work

Posted by Jodie on 21/06/2010 at 03:36

Amy, thats very careless of you to say he is trustworthy and therefore he doesnt have an STI. Many STI's show no symptoms. You should not be so ignorant, if you contract HIV one day you'll wish you opened your eyes to the dangers a little bit more. As for the discharge just nip to the doctor or nurse, you can ask for female, tell them your symptoms and they will have a little look. It isnt very dignifying I know, but they have seen it all before they are there to help.

Posted by Optional on 19/06/2010 at 07:57

Since I was in year 8, so 13-14, I had a smelly discharge. I kept quiet for months until I couldn't Stand it any longer. I went to the docotors, and they did a swab test. It wasn't thrush. There was nothing i could do. A few years later, I had to go back to to see what else they could do. I had another swab, and again, it was perfectly normal. I have tried various creams and washes from boots but nothing seems to work. I even wash with water every day. As far as i know, my discharge is normal, it's just the smell. I have a feeling it may be because i get hot down there, but i wear cotton knickers and i never cross my legs..i keep it as cool as possible. So really i wanted to know if anyone was/has been in the same situation and what they did. please please help, because it's affected my social life.

Posted by enu on 18/06/2010 at 01:02

recently i have a mucus like pinkish and brownish discharge. and vaginal itching as well. I have had protected sex but my period is also 10 days late. my hpt is negative several times. what is the problem with me??

Posted by Jenz on 17/06/2010 at 01:11

I have recently been getting iching and swelling on my vagina. I went to my GP and they said it was thrush but I disagree. The last time I went to the toilet, I wiped myself and my skin was falling off in large lumps. It is very white like thrush but it is external now, where as thrush is supposedly internal. I can't see my GP for another month and I need a clear mind. Was just wondering if you could help me. Thanks.

Posted by Optional on 13/06/2010 at 11:00

I am having problems with vaginal discharge since my pregnancy. I have this thick goo discharge on a day to day basis, it happened throughout my pregnancy and I thought it would go after I had my baby but it's still there. I have had an STI examination but results came back clear, I feel like it smells but I don't know if i'm just being paranoid. Like I could be walking along and I can feel this dripping out of me and i'm afraid it will come through whatever i'm wearing. I'm very embarassed and paranoid over this, I never had this problem before and i'm afraid i'm gonna be like this forever. Please help

Posted by Optional on 11/06/2010 at 08:08

does wearing panty liner everyday a good thing.i wear panty liners becuase of having white think dis charge

Posted by Amy on 10/06/2010 at 04:49

I've Been Losein a White Thick Dishcarge. But No Smell Or Discolour to It Just Thick White Discharge..Me And My Partner have been having un-Protected sex and He is a very trust worthy person so i havent got any worrys about a STI.. Im Quite worried and would like to no If any-body knows what it could be? Be Much Appreciated if so ..

Posted by Optional on 10/06/2010 at 05:50

creamy yellow discharge/no discomfort/no odor went to two differnt doctors - given med. for yeast infetions --- yet no relief from the constant drainage. what could be the problem? I am not sexually active and my husband of 40yrs died five yrs ago.

Posted by Optional on 08/06/2010 at 09:07

Lately i have been having a thick, greenish discharge. I don't understand what it is because it seems like all the things that cause that are from sex. I'm pretty worried. It itches a little but not really bad. I've had a yeast infection before but that looked more yellowy and smelled bad. This doesn't seem to have a smell and again doesn't itch a whole lot. Can anyone help me out??

Posted by Penny on 07/06/2010 at 12:31

I have alot of dishcharge each day, its browny green and sometimes grey, it alomost never smells but i have little to no periods... What dose it mean? Im not having sex but i am Masturbating (Its better than going out there and doing it)

Posted by Optional on 06/06/2010 at 07:05

i have an irregular periods,i have took oral contraceptive for around one year.but from last one year i dont have periods,i always feel abdominal pain and yellow discharge from my vagina.i have an unsafe sex with my partner.i am not sure is it because of that.main thing is from last 2 years i gain weight around 25 kg.and i have small acne allaround my it any serious condition

Posted by mandy on 06/06/2010 at 01:50

i have a problem i just started 2 notice that my discharge was yellowish sum tym ago n it hs a fishy smell.m worried

Posted by A H on 05/06/2010 at 10:17

HI, I am worried about my discharge because its too much, its colourless or sometimes cloudy, but it hardly smells and it doesnt itch. the only thing that is worrying me is the excess mucus. also i have never had sexual relationships. i want to know does this increase or decrease after sexual activity thank you

Posted by Optional on 04/06/2010 at 02:44

i am 7 months pregnent and having the problem of vaginal discharge which very white and itching but after seeing this its very helpful.

Posted by anna on 04/06/2010 at 10:37

Ladys!!!!GO check with your gynecologist first and if there's nothing wrong' Go and buy balance active vagina gel. you can get it at most chemist its the best i use it. And it stops all the bad smells and over production of vagina moist. it may be a little expensive but its worth it, it works, while keeping the vagina healthy.

Posted by Redeemed on 03/06/2010 at 06:43

Hi,I have a problem.Every month,3 to 4 days before my period starts my vagina always gives out a thick yellowish and smelly discharge but not a fishy smell.After my period everything always goes back to normal.Plz help!

Posted by Dorry on 02/06/2010 at 07:51

I always have a very thick and yellowish pad discharge and have bad smell is it an infection some one please help.

Posted by Optional on 01/06/2010 at 09:53

Really helped

Posted by Optional on 01/06/2010 at 07:41

I have a lot of thin white dicharge coming from my vagina. it smells really bad. also i have had a lot of pain in my womb recently which i found was really agonising after i had worked out at the gym. this problem is really embarrassing as it is strong and even my boyfriend has noticed the smell. i dont know what it can be or what to do about it. i really need help! thank you

Posted by Sandra on 28/05/2010 at 07:23

why i have got Dark brown discharge?? i never slept men for all my life and i am lesbian

Posted by Optional on 26/05/2010 at 12:50

I've had BV before and just been told to stop using fragranced shower gels etc but that never totally 100% got rid of it. A month a go I started to get a liquid discharge & I went to the doctor who did tests/swabs & said it was a bacterial infection. I was given 5 days of antibiotics which has now given me thrush! Never had it before & it's horrid! Using canesten cream, pessary & taken the tablet and hoping it will go away in a couple of days. They said it could have been thrush all along but had never been picked up! I would suggest that if you are worried about anything, visit your doctor - you don't want it to get worse! Chances are they've seen worse so don't worry!!

Posted by Optional on 26/05/2010 at 03:27

i get it is thick and white, like cottage cheese.....and also in small quantity....why...?

Posted by Optional on 24/05/2010 at 12:58

ouch it really hurts and i am pregnant

Posted by Optional on 24/05/2010 at 12:05

every time have sex after for about 2 days i get green discharge whats is it ?

Posted by Optional on 23/05/2010 at 12:17

i get pain during sex a burning sensation and now a blackish discharge

Posted by Dont know were else to turn ! on 21/05/2010 at 02:15

Hi i have started my period and have been having really smelly discharges! I have no idea what could have cause this! Im a bit worried because every period i wear tampons because i hate pads. Im worried that maybe one is stuck up there and thats whats caused the smell. I have already searched (which is so gross) but im retty sure there is no tampon up there. I feel something but i think its just part of the vagina im not entirely sure. i had a bath with salt and have tried everything but there doesnt seem to be anything up ther. Im still worried there might be. I heard that a stuck tampon can cause a disease called tss which is common in teens and become fatal so im a bit paranoid. Do you have any advise! please help! im to embaresed to go to the doctor although i have asked my mum!

Posted by Optional on 19/05/2010 at 12:08

ughhh so me and my boyfriend had sex lyk a week or 2 weeks ago. and well this is our second time. the first time was fine and a couple of days later nothin went wrong. but the second time we had sex which was lyk 2 weeks after the first time, after we had sex a couple days later my vagina started itchy badly. i couldnt stop itching. then when i took a look down there i saw that my left lip was swollen and it almost looked like i had 3 lips!! i got scared. and it hurt whenever i would touch it. when i peed it would sting too. i tried puttin cold water to calm it down but it wouldnt. im scared to go to the doctor because im afraid i would need my mom to go with me. my mom doesnt know that im sexually active. Id DIE! idk what to do or what it is. my boyfriend told me that he used trojan. could it be that im allergic to trojan?

Posted by Optional on 17/05/2010 at 08:19

ive been tested for std the test always seem to be negative,im trying to figure out why and where is this ordor coming from.i no that douching is bad so i try to rinse it out wit just water. i cant even have sex without washing up first cuz of this problem

Posted by Mickey on 13/05/2010 at 07:20

2 days after I had sex with my boyfriend, my vagina was itching. A week after I had a white & thick discharge, it doesnt smell. Went to the clinic they gave me some tablets and antibiotics, it a week now using them but it doesnt stop. What is the matter?

Posted by Mitzy on 13/05/2010 at 04:22

Hi jj I'm still having problems but not as bad as that first month. Just have to be prepared as could have a whole morning that's fine then the afternoon won't be. Overnight is usually fine. Having a period seems to sort it out and for a while afterwards everything is normal. When it gets to around mid cycleish things tend to go awry again. I have been a lot more tearful than usual (like today!) so wonder if hormone imbalance. I am 45 so is this a sign of things to come. It's a real shame there are so few answers on here (I was scared to come back and look after posting initially) but if I find what it is will certainly share it.

Posted by hmm on 12/05/2010 at 03:46

i need help and i dont want to go to a doctor. i have discharge thats grey with maybe a litte bit of green....and it stinks...really bad. what is it what do do? please help

Posted by Optional on 11/05/2010 at 09:32

THANK GOD FOR THIS SITE!!! I was experiencing a fishy odor "down there" and wanted to research what the cause of it could be since I've NEVER had an odor down there in my entire life! I was concerned I might have BV or some other type of infection. I stumbled upon this site and unde the reasons for fishy odor down there was forgotten tampon. I thought for a minute and realized this very well could be the reason...sure enough after checking things out I did in fact have a forgotten tampon in there! SCARY!!! Especially conidering my last period was on 4/19 and today is 5/11!!! This has NEVER happended to me in the 20+ years that I've been menstrating!!! I'm just glad I decided to look online for possible causes because toxic shock can kill you! WOW...what a wake up call!!! Thanks to whomever puts this site really helped me out!!!

Posted by Optional on 09/05/2010 at 02:11


Posted by Optional on 03/05/2010 at 01:55

when i wear my black knickers they go orange due to vaginal disharge what is this?

Posted by Rae on 02/05/2010 at 05:18

I'm very plzd with da answers dat u've shared with me.

Posted by Anonymous on 02/05/2010 at 08:21

Is it normal to have white-ish and bright yellowish discharge when you've never had intercourse, and you still haven't had your first period?

Posted by muntu muntu grl on 30/04/2010 at 05:15

i had a discharge that is smelly and ive noticed that after my boyfriend told me that the contraceptive that ive started using makes me to be wet, after that ive noticed a bad smell and a discharge. im so worrid pls help me

Posted by jj on 29/04/2010 at 01:10

I read the post by Mitzy on 23/03/2010 at 08:49:02 am, I am experiencing the same thing, I missed my pill for 2 days about a week ago, and ever since I have this brown discharge, I am due to start my pill free week today and I feel really bloated and uncomfortable. Anyone got any advice? Thanks

Posted by Optional on 28/04/2010 at 09:55

i have a very thick and yellow discharge coming from my vagina, i have been experiencing this for a few weeks now and it is concerning me a bit.

Posted by Optional on 27/04/2010 at 11:03

Am having a thick whitish discharge with a fowl ordor and am drinking ampiclaus and septrin, can it help

Posted by Optional on 26/04/2010 at 07:11

i feel burning before periods about one week before and smelly discharge i am so worried i do not know what is this

Posted by Babycheeks on 25/04/2010 at 11:18

I am currently trying for a baby, and i had sex 2 weeks after my period, where i would be more fertile. I am now experiencing tiredness, dizzyness, migraines, and lower back pain, i am also 2 days late for my period, i went to the loo today and i had a thikc white discharge in my knickers, is this a sign of pregnancy? please tell me it is :)

Posted by Rayray on 24/04/2010 at 01:55

whoever wrote this must be welsh! lol - ''Do this thrush affect u from getting pregnant'' Hi guys, well everyone is listing their comments yet no-one seems to be getting any answers so I figured I could step in and help as I have the same problem as many of you have openly shared - so thanks :) I am 21 years old and have suffered with a smelly discharge for almost a year. I slept with a guy and it was almost instantly afterwards, so i assumed I had an STD - and ran along to the clinic to get a check up. Guess what? Negative. I had no STD, so what was this smell? It was sometimes fishy - and smelt fishy when I washed it with soap. Then when I'd vigirously try to get rid of the smell by using lots of soap - it irritated the vagina even more. The discharge itself varies, most of the time it's a pain because it tends to leak onto underwear making clothes smell - not good when its summer and you're wearing a dress right? If you haven't got an STD, the chances are you either have a common bacterial infection (bacterial vaginosis), which I think this is... or you may just have a normal discharge that is more obvious due to contreception methods. I would say book an appointment at your local GP, I did and its 12th May so as soon as I know the results I can let you know! :) In the mean time, try not to use soaps inside the vagina as I have as this is really not good for reducing the smell/itch. The discharge is a natural process of ridding of cells so the more you wash, the more it can produce to make up for the ones you got rid of (no win situation? huh!) Anyway, they sell lots of things in boots/supermarkets these days for vaginal problems - femfresh is the only soap i would recommend as it is gentle on that area, and soothing balms like aloe vera oils and caniston duo cream are great for external itching. Sometimes mine doesn't itch so don't exclude yourself from this post saying that what you have isn't the same. It could be a number of things - best thing is to get a diagnosis at the doctors. the more you self-diagnose on the internet, the more you end up worrying! Cheers all R

Posted by Optional on 23/04/2010 at 07:23

My vagina is reddish-pinkish its been very itchy lately and i have started to have a clear-snot-slimy liquid down in the butt area and i shaved about 4 days ago and the liquid started around 3 days ago and i really need to know what's going on.

Posted by Optional on 21/04/2010 at 09:12

there is no pics which help full for us to undersatand

Posted by Optional on 18/04/2010 at 05:36

I have read alot of your comments. My advice to you all is quite simple... Please go see your family doctor or local health clinic. I came to this site to verify if I had a Yeast infection since it has been so long since I had one. I am not convinced because I too have a strong odor that worries me, I have had my pap as recommended. I am going in 2 days for an ultrasound and am then demanding that I be sent to see an OB/GYN, to make sure that everything is ok. Please do not try to self medicate, self diagnose from the internet. You will drive yourself mad... just make an appointment to see a physician please. As women we all need to look out for one another, and that is the best advice anyone can get or recieve from another woman going through simillar symptoms.

Posted by Petya on 15/04/2010 at 09:34

I had my period 10 days ago but today after being to the gym I had a pink discharge, is it perhaps from that or should I see a doctor ? Thanks.

Posted by Optional on 12/04/2010 at 06:57

I just got my period on sunday and before that i didnt have discharged and i still am on my period. Is it normal?

Posted by Optional on 12/04/2010 at 06:02

i seam to have a strong smell from my vigina but no discharge

Posted by Optional on 09/04/2010 at 10:41

I am in my early 40's and have had this discusting vaginal discharge since early 20's...EVERY DAY. White thick and embarrasing. Doctors say it is normal and have sometimes given me antibiotics but it has not cleared the problem. Just recently the discharge became a fishy odor so I started taking prebiotics specifically made for females. The fishy odor is gone but now I have a SOUR SMELLING discharge like ROTTEN SOUR CREAM OR MILK and STILL THE DISCHARGE!!! Now the discharge even seems so much now, I can feel and hear it "gurgle" out of my vagina!!! It makes me want to vomit!!! I'll be on the internet to see if I can find some relief from all this. Hope to find some answers for us all!!!

Posted by Optional on 09/04/2010 at 05:47

i have been tested for all std's and have been negative but still have a really foul odor in my vagina. what else could it be? i bathe twice daily and the problem persists.

Posted by Sandy brown fox on 08/04/2010 at 07:02

Pls help me,my boyfriend and I had sex once of on the 7th march 2010,for the 1st tym unprotected.on the 8th i had my normal period,on the 13th the 6th day of period,we did it with protection and also did it on the 24th an 02 April again with protection,could I be pregnant and now im having a itchy feeling in my vagina.pls help

Posted by becci160 on 08/04/2010 at 04:23

I have done these tests and it came back all clear! but I still have a really bad smelling discharge that can be crusty! please help

Posted by Optional on 08/04/2010 at 05:13

I am not sure if it is viginal discharge but i randomly start bleeding especialy when im stressed. My doctor told me that I have a hormonial imbalance. She gave me contraceptives then they stopped. Should I get worried.

Posted by lilianfromshameless on 07/04/2010 at 12:39

what is the vaginal discharge caused from ?

Posted by Optional on 07/04/2010 at 06:19

I have never had sex. I recently noticed a yellowish discharge from my vagina a week prior to my period. The discharge was more than usual but i could not go to the doctor as my period has since started.

Posted by lm on 05/04/2010 at 09:29

I have had a fishy discharge for the past month or so and have seeked medical advise. Iv'e had swobs taken and my results were fine but i dont see how when theres a bad odar coming from my vagina.

Posted by emma on 04/04/2010 at 05:33

I have thick white stuff kind of behind the 2 sticky out things that protect the vagina or whatever. what is it? please help

Posted by please reply on 04/04/2010 at 05:31

from what i have read my dishcharge seems normal but it smells a lot and you can even smell it on my clothes. I am really woried so please reply.

Posted by Optional on 03/04/2010 at 04:58

worried ,brown discharge ,widow

Posted by Olufunke on 02/04/2010 at 09:19

hi, i'm very restless about my findings this morning as i stepped off from bed.this prompted me to surf the internet for informations.and i'm grateful i found this site. as mentioned earlier,when i woke up this morning,i found blood stain like i'm still on or somthing bt i finished my mentration lastweek,which didn't last for not more than 2days.i was worried though. and the most worrisome part of it was as ventured to put on my bra,which means i ve got to move my breast.....there was discharge kinda like milk.i don't no whats going on with my body system.pls help me asap. thank you so much.

Posted by Great Wilson on 31/03/2010 at 03:31

wow, this is great, very impressive. but i still want some support cos i do have the watery type and also the thick one and not always, sometimes i do have pain at the right side of my abdomen when the discharge is coming, i have never taking any medication for it.

Posted by _help_ on 30/03/2010 at 10:23

hi i have a smelly discarge it smells almost yeasty and the smell is comming through my clothes im embarassed about going the docs is there any think any1 can recomend is it thrush ??? i have never had anythink like this before help !!!!!

Posted by kel on 29/03/2010 at 12:38

I've been to the doctor to get a test which was called a coloscopy and biopsy to see why I have foul smelling discharge an everything came out ok i dont have any diseases,std's or infections an i am not pregnant so what could it be cause i am sick of itt an need answers

Posted by Optional on 25/03/2010 at 08:22

very comprehensive.. :]

Posted by Almost breaking my marriage on 25/03/2010 at 06:08

My discharge is smelly that it passes through clothes.its creamish bt not itchy.the smell remains on clothes

Posted by Karen on 25/03/2010 at 05:38

I need discharge is smelly but not itchy and its thick cream.which medicine can i use.please help

Posted by Thato on 24/03/2010 at 02:02

I have smely drops of water cuming through ma vigina n sores dat r itchy wen i urine n dis has started after ma periods wht cn i buy 2 help dis

Posted by Optional on 24/03/2010 at 12:04

About a week and a half ago, while on my period, I went to the bathroom to change my tampon but couldn't find it. I asked my mom, and she said maybe I'd just forgotten to put one in, but I was sure I hadn't. I checked with a mirror but there was nothing there so I thought nothing of it and just put in another one. About four days ago my period ended, but there was a horrible, mouldy smell coming from my vagina. I became really paranoid and the people around me were beginning to smell it - I even started wearing three pairs of pants to try and mask the smell. I searched the internet but none of the things suggested seemed to fit, until I noticed the "forgotten tampon". I went into the bathroom and had another look, and I spotted the week and a half old tampon! I feel so relieved now, my confidence was so low but I feel free again now :) thankyou!

Posted by Mitzy on 23/03/2010 at 08:49

I have never had this before but after my last period had finished a few days I thought I was getting another. It's mostly brown and has been on and off for days now. My next one is due soon will this sort things out, is it due to my age or just a blip. Liners handle it and I feel fine but it is inconvenient and I have to keep checking myself. Anyone else had this?

Posted by Optional on 23/03/2010 at 07:17

I have already been tested for chylmidia and gonnorea and the tests came back negative, i am still having alot of discharge that is very smelly. What is the next step i take?

Posted by keaoleboga hastag on 23/03/2010 at 01:31

thanks for your help and please continue helping me.

Posted by Optional on 17/03/2010 at 07:45

i had sex alot with my boyfriend and he was a virgin and i know i have no stds. i was on birth control then stopped and during my sugar pills, my period ended and we had unprotected sex. then i took plan b and then the next couple days we had sex again but with protection. i started to hurt and it smelt very bad and like a different smell. now im discharging a pinkish white color and im scared that something might be wrong... HELP

Posted by babera on 17/03/2010 at 03:58

i get a seethough coloured discharge allday everday, it becomes green when its on my knickers. it smells like a smell i cant explain:/ bready/musky smell? what could this be?

Posted by Optional on 16/03/2010 at 06:28

I have white discharge which is thicker right before my cycle comes on but is not present when it goes off. I have struggle with this for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a teenager. I get tested every year at womens healt and I have also been tested at the emergency room because I felt you shouldn't discharge unless your body was trying to tell you something is wrong. I have never had an abnormal pap. Is there a way to stop the discharge because it seems the doctors do not see anything wrong with it but it's a bit embarrassing when you are being intimate with your partner. HELP!!!

Posted by Niki on 16/03/2010 at 11:58

I need help! I've been looking at posters, leaflets and website and im having the same symtoms as you would have chylmidia! I had sex about 3 months ago and a week after my first sex with my 7month relationship boyfirend and I started being in pain whenever i had a wee. And a few days ago I even wet the bed which I haven't done since I was 4! Im seriously worried and I can't tell my family or friends... I've never felt so alone for help.

Posted by Optional on 16/03/2010 at 11:53

I have a very light green almost clear discharge like a booger kinda but it doesn't smell or itch or irritates. I've had it since when I was a teen and wasn't sexually active. And I happens a couple days befor I ovulate or start my period. What could it be?

Posted by Optional on 15/03/2010 at 01:25

I was wondering if someone could PLEASE help me!!! I have been with my boyfriend 8months now and had an STI check which was all clear, but i have thick white discharge (which doesnt have a smell to it) it also hurts my lower stomach so much to the point i have to fidget and scream because of the pain!! I have no idea what it could be does ANYONE have any ideas please?

Posted by Optional on 15/03/2010 at 06:34

my vaginal discharge smells horrible and its a very strong smell, somethimes can smell through my clothes even when i shower 2 or more times a day! what can i do to stop this?

Posted by Optional on 14/03/2010 at 02:57

I have had it very itchy down there and very red.A very stinky discharge and a lot of it.I have tried this Vagicaine cream for 3 months and it is not working.what do i have?i need help SO BADLY!

Posted by Optional on 13/03/2010 at 04:51

i have a discharge of a whitish colour now and again it does not smell and is not very thick but when a penis is inserted for sex it can sting or if i pee anfter sex it sometimes hurts. what is this

Posted by Optional on 10/03/2010 at 12:39

coloured discharge. Is it a sign of cancer?

Posted by Optional on 08/03/2010 at 04:53

i am so scared i used to be very slutty and now i have a disgusting embarassing smell thats everywhere and nothing else but i think i have something and i seriously need help.

Posted by WORRIED on 07/03/2010 at 02:20

I'm 14 and still havent started my period, but I have had discharge every day for the past year or more. My situation sounds very similar to "Millie's ", but I have no idea what it is! Does anyone have any ideas?

Posted by Optional on 07/03/2010 at 08:05


Posted by So done... on 07/03/2010 at 06:49

I have been struggling with BV for as long as I can remember. I've treated with gels,but it always comes back. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex and last time I was embarassed because as soon as my pants came off,I knew "it" was back. I was a little hesitant but we went on...when my boyfriend pulled out,his penis was covered in a thick, white, fishy discharge from ME!!! I wanted to die. He was really sweet and understanding about it, but what can I do??? My vagina always smells bad, I try all types of things and now my vagina is dry during intercourse. HELP

Posted by Anonymous on 10/02/2010 at 06:12

i have been havin vaginal discharge but it has had blood in it alot and its not a period. i dont know what it is does anyone have any ideas?

Posted by millie on 08/02/2010 at 10:14

Im 15 still havent started my period, but have been having discharges, do you ovulate before you start your first ever period? ive also been having sharp stabbing pains in my stomach. ???

Posted by Anonymous on 06/02/2010 at 07:23

i have quite a lot of discharge its not anything wrong with it cos i had it cheacked out it dont smell or anything but i egt quiet a lot off it can it be stopped or slown down

Posted by Joy on 06/02/2010 at 06:16

I have these thick whitish foul smelling substance in my vagina,bumps on my vagina and pains when passing urine.Please help me

Posted by lucy on 02/02/2010 at 10:20

i am having a smelly discharge and lower stomach pains, a little like period pains but im not due for my cycle. i have had problems with cysts that have turned to absiss. the stomach pains i have had for 2 weeks. please can u help

Posted by erika on 01/02/2010 at 01:40

since puberty i have an excessive amount of clear/white discharge which is constand throughout the month, besides when my period is present. often has a doughy or musty odor.. WHAT DO I DO TO LESSEN THS DISCHARGE? It is rather embarrassing to let a partner go down there because i am ALWAYS wet.. but i cant help it. what do i do?

Posted by erika on 01/02/2010 at 01:11

Ive read through a lot of the comments in hopeful search for my problem, but not too many answers. I have had an excessive amount of discharge since about year before i got my period when i was ten. it has been an ongoing problem for quite some time. My undergarments most always feel wet, and its really disturbing, it makes it embarrassing to let a sexual partner go down there so at most times i try to avoid that from happening. what is my problem and how can i lessen the amount of discharge that i am producing?

Posted by n/a on 30/01/2010 at 09:50

im 15 and i still havent got my period which im a bit worried about but i have been getting discharge for about 3 years. all my friends say they got dischange for about a year before they started their period so why havent i got my period yet? my discharge lso vaies in colour and thickness

Posted by dodo on 29/01/2010 at 11:58

hello i am 20 y female i had sex with my boyfriends ..after a while i started to have itching but not all the time in vaginal area aslo white discharge no burning senstion or defficulty urinating no sore...suddly i discovered a small wate on my libia majoura started painless but now it's mild pain ...i am afraid ..i dont want to go to a doctor..what is it i am having>? is it serious? plzzzz help me

Posted by jia on 27/01/2010 at 04:55

i have constant viginal discharge, which is smelly and sticky. i also have histroy of utirine fibroid. plz advice me what to do.

Posted by Anonymous on 24/01/2010 at 01:33

Reading the comments below n knowing that other people go through the same problem, feel more confidence in talking to people about my problem i hav discharge i hav it had for 2 years now its horrible,sometimes thick n yellow n sometimes white, ive read up on it in this health book ive had it said its normal for sum woman because of my age n my body changing or soemthing, but i just want it to go away, its horrible

Posted by mp on 23/01/2010 at 02:22

Im so glad other people have these kind of symptoms its so embarassing i have been ignoring my fishy smelling discharge and constant period for 6 month now. My advice is if you are in the UK ring NHS direct it really helped they tell u where to go and what to do 0845 4647

Posted by Stella on 22/01/2010 at 05:06

Do this thrush affect u from getting pregnant

Posted by Anonymous on 21/01/2010 at 09:35

Hi, iv'e been expericening yellow-brown discarge after im on my period and before my next one and it has a very bad smell and i feel it constantly i have no clue what it is but it is so gross im ebrassed. And i had to start wearing pads even though i was not on my period to stop it from getting in my underwear!

Posted by j on 20/01/2010 at 11:15

I have had really foul smelling discharge for last few days and a wierd pain in my abdonomum. i also feel a slight burning sensation when i feel i need to do a wee (not when i actually do one). Went doctors and explained symptoms. she confirmed i had cystitus by doing a urine test, but she is convinced i have thrush. as far as i know, thrush doesnt smell - vaginal bacterios smells, and thats what i told her i thought it was. she said no - its thrush, and pescribed me with fluconazole 150g capsule. she also gave me co-amoxiclav for the cystitus. can thrush smell? i am convinced its the other thing. she said to go back in 7 days if theres no improvement. is she right????

Posted by Anonymous on 19/01/2010 at 10:24

I have had a swab at the doctors because of discharge and the test came back saying there was no bacterial infection. My discharge is quite like the ones listed here and smells quite bad. Is this natural? I really want it to go away!!!

Posted by tina on 19/01/2010 at 10:56

i m confused dont know whether i suffering with vignal discharge or the discharge is normal.. i m married for 7yrs now n my panties r moist 24x7 with discharge some time greenish milky white with smell n sometimes itchy to pls help clear my doubts is all this normal or nt

Posted by Anonymous on 19/01/2010 at 02:18

i have a watery yellow discharge but the thing is it all came when i started douching

Posted by Anonymous on 18/01/2010 at 09:54

i have a yellow white discharge that comes everyday, i have only had one sexual partner before and have been checked for sti's and dont have any so what is this? i am scared to go into another sexual relationship because of this, it does smell and i find it disgusting. i shower dialy so dont understand as i am so clean. Please please help me!

Posted by Daina on 18/01/2010 at 07:57

im getting this thick white discharge with a foul smell and itch. i had sex 3 days ago and this started 2 days ago. before having sex i was getting an abnormal amount of discharge as well.not smelly or itchy just more than usual. im wondering if it is just bacterial vaginosis or an sti.did having sex make it worse?

Posted by Anonymous on 16/01/2010 at 12:28

My discharge is quite thick. But it's always been that way, and it's always been a yellowy cream colour. But today I had only a little bit of discharde and it was browny colour. I also haven't had my period yet, It usually starts at the beggining of the month, but it hasn't. Have I got a problem?

Posted by Anonymous on 15/01/2010 at 08:56

I had my last period 2 weeks ago, at present i am on the pill and i missed my pill on the tuesday, i then had sex on the friday night and did not use a condom, normally me and my partner rely on the pill. since then i have been getting more vaginal disharge, it is also thicker than usual and i do not want to talk to my mum about this as she does not now i have had sex and i am scared to go to the doctors could i be pregnant? and i cannot buy a pregancy test, if i am not pregnant could be wrong if anything is please as i am concerned.

Posted by Help please! on 15/01/2010 at 06:10

i'm 15 and havent yet started my period, but for over 2 years EVERYDAY i get discharge, sometimes it's white like the stuff discribed but on and off through this year i have had a brown sticky substance down there. I don't want to tell anyonwe because it's embarrassing but i really need to know what it is and how i can get rid of it. please help me

Posted by karen on 13/01/2010 at 04:38

My problemis exactly the same as laura's what do i do i am also too embarressed to go see doctor

Posted by Diana on 13/01/2010 at 02:27

Hi i have in the last two days been having a watery discharge with a thick whitish has a foul smell and a bit of pain on the sides of the pelvic bones. What could be the problem?

Posted by Laura on 10/01/2010 at 09:34

Im 17 Years Old Iv Had Sex Before But Iv Had This Discharge For A Long Time, Over 2 Years. I Shower Daily But The Discharge Makes Me Feel Like Im Dirty. I Have A New Boyfreind But I Don't Want To Have Sex With Him Because Of It! Iv Read The Comments & My Symptoms Are Simular To Them, It Doesn't Smell, Sometimes Its Clear, Sometimes It's White & Other Times Yellow. But It's Always There! It's Horrible Because My Knickers Always Feel Wet. I Realy Want To Know If I Have Something Seriously Wrong With Me But Im To Embarrest To Show The Doctor. After Reading The Comments On This Site It Has Made Me More Confident In Telling My Mum & Getting Her Advice On What I Should Do Next But Is There Anything You can Suggest? Please Help Meee :(

Posted by Welshy on 09/01/2010 at 08:12

well, i dont have a sore vagina or anythink, just on times i have a clear discharge, which kinda causes a smell. can you please tell me what this could be?

Posted by Anonymous on 08/01/2010 at 09:50

i have no discharge but when i have sex i notice a white clumpy substance ive tried and gon to see my gp several times for thrush and bv take the tablets creams etc and clears up but two weeks later in flares up!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 08/01/2010 at 08:37

I finished my period 4 days ago and this afternoon when i went to the toilet I noticed a thick discharge like a gel and its clear. What could this be? Ive never noticed anything like this before, im a bit concerned.

Posted by justina on 08/01/2010 at 02:17

i am having a serious discharge and i am having a smelly discharge

Posted by Lisa on 08/01/2010 at 04:50

I have fishy clear whiteish discharge for the last 6 months now my doc told me to get miconazole 7 so I did, the smell was gone for about a week but came back and you could smell it even more when I had sex!!eww it was horrible! I felt so gross! My period comes on normal like clock work. Now I just realized I was with this guy right b4 all this started so it could be a std! And this was 6 months ago!! How long b4 u bcome sterile!??? Or could it be anything else?? I'm so scared! Please give me some info on what u think HELP!

Posted by Anonymous on 06/01/2010 at 01:50

I have a problem with being really smelly. I've been to the doctor many times and sometimes they diagnose it as bacterial vaginosis but the last few times I went to the doctor they've found nothing. I'm soo sick of it and it's really embarrassing. And it seems to come and go. Anybody have any suggestions?

Posted by Anonymous on 06/01/2010 at 04:41

green discharge but doesnt smell

Posted by Anonymous on 05/01/2010 at 10:19

Hi, I'm 13 and haven't started my period, but I get a thick white vaginal discharge in my underwear, I clean it out and then the next day its back, please help!!

Posted by Anomonus on 05/01/2010 at 03:20

I have this white thick discharge, i wear liners but i hate it none of my friends suffer with it and i get shy about even going to sleep with a lad as it happens all the time i just want it to stop is there any actual way cause its constant not at any percific time

Posted by Anonymous on 04/01/2010 at 06:03

After I had my son 3 years ago I never went back to the doctors for a check up. I have this white discharge and it smells bad. I am scared to go to the doctors to find out what it is. I have had the cream and the pills and they dont help at all. So could some one give me a lil advice on what it is or what you think it is.

Posted by Ayo on 03/01/2010 at 02:36

I have a sore, itching and yellow discharge for more than three months now and I'm very disturb. Pls help.

Posted by anon on 30/12/2009 at 07:13

just after my period i started having a whitish discharge and a few sores on the outside of my vagina. does anyone know what is causing this and should i see a doctor?

Posted by nancy on 29/12/2009 at 08:44

I have vaginal itching problem. Whenever i had vaginal itching, I use infa-V cream and it goes. but after 2 days it appears again. I am having this problem for the last one year. I also face problem of urine infection. I am taking vitamin 'C' celin tablet, as well as antibiotic. Please advise to get rid of vaginal itching.

Posted by ?????? on 28/12/2009 at 10:06

i only recently started my period but have had this the past year and half i keep getting told its normal and getting told its thrush!. i went doctors at one point got cream and pill for thrush but nothing happened i am too shy to go back but i always have a thin clear watery discharge and before my period it goes really thibk and white its embarrasing as when i have sleepovers its visable in my undies so i try and hide them i need to know if its normal???

Posted by Anonymous on 23/12/2009 at 05:34

hi,i am 21 yrs old.Ever since my periods started,i am facing this problem of vaginal discharge.It is maximum at the time after the period ends.Sometimes it becomes really embarrassing as my underwear gets sticky wet.It smells foul, but it is not thick white.This has particularly increased since last 2-3 yrs.I would like to know whether it is normal or not..

Posted by shalini on 19/12/2009 at 04:56

i feel thaing in frountt you have doen a wonder ful job and the best part is that you can found all your ans as if you are sitting in frount of your doc.

Posted by Lungi on 18/12/2009 at 05:30

I have a whitish discharge but as soon as im close to my periods it changes 2 yellowish and its irritating. But when the periods are over it becomes normal.When having sexual transmitted infection,does a discharge colour and smell occurs everyday or there are specific days?

Posted by zahara on 16/12/2009 at 02:00

Hi,I dont have kids,and not on any type of birthcontrol. I should be starting my period this week, but instead think Im having very light spotting. The vaginal mucus is slightly pink at times. Could it be a serious problem. I cant be pregnant as I havent had sex recently

Posted by whitegirl93 on 15/12/2009 at 05:36

Im pregnant and I noticed my discharge looking and smelling really different....I went to the hospital and got myself checked out for any possible stds and the results came out negative I was really relieved but still wondered why my discharge was so strong and even embaressed to have sex with my husband! What can it possibly be?

Posted by jenny on 12/12/2009 at 10:23

i am a girl and i have half a penis and half a vagina

Posted by Joy on 11/12/2009 at 04:49

I've had a few problems on smelly vaginal discharges but i treat it with clotrimazole cream ,it works.

Posted by Anonymous on 10/12/2009 at 11:37

i had a yeast inf used over counter meds. i got alittle releif but then i got a watery discharge,no oder and back to the ichies

Posted by HELPPPPP on 10/12/2009 at 02:51

i need to know why my vagina is itchy and thick discharge is coming out of it, i have had an std but it wasnt this kind of side effect, i want this discharge to stop cuz its really gross but how!? am i gonna be kk,

Posted by kerrie on 10/12/2009 at 12:10

hi im 23 n ive had discharge ever since ive had mi second son its whiteish yellow n its a bit smelly but not fishy ive had thrush tablets creams u name it im so fed up with it sumtimes it smells like dirty blood iv u get me im sure how 2 tell u this ive been to the docs so meny times and nothing is working im so worried it could be sumthing else!!! please help me n what should i do next?

Posted by alisaon on 09/12/2009 at 10:49

i been to the doctors still feel smelly and dont want to have sex i am scared if it smells when i am having sex

Posted by Anonymous on 09/12/2009 at 07:18

i don't know whats wrong with me because i had smelly and heavy flow discharge and i went to my Gp who gave me a medicine to threat it as itwas bv now the heavy flow has stop and the smell has reduced but i'm so self cooncious and i dnt knw if my vagina still smells..i cnt help but keep smelly it whenever i'm around peole and i have low self esteem but at home it doesn't smell i dnt knw whats wrong because it doesn't itch or anything and its not painful when i urinate. whats wrong with me because i dnt want to borther my mum as she says that it is natural. i sometimes wonder if my friends vagina smelltoo as i dnt knw how normal discharges smel like i think i'm jus being paranoid..i'm so confuse.. i kepp myself to myself because of it and dnt like to be around people

Posted by Anonymous on 06/12/2009 at 12:19

i have quite thick discharge which although clear initially, turns yellow when exposed to the air. i assume from reading above that this is normal it does, however, smell and despite me washing everyday it continues to. i have never had sexual intercourse it is something i should be worried about?

Posted by Anonymous on 02/12/2009 at 10:57

I am pain in my vigina and i am a virgin also i have a heavy HEAVY amount of clear discharge i havent had my period yet either.

Posted by InNeedOfHelp D; on 02/12/2009 at 06:33

er hi im only 13 but i have been having discharge for a while now like everyday which i presume is quite normal.But now its stopped and i have a brown discharge which at first i thought was diarrhoea.So i told my mum that so she gave me tablets but i cant take tablets! i cant swallow them! so i threw them away and said i toke them.I have had brown discharge for 3 days now and im scared.I havent had my periods yet and im scared to tell my mum whats going on :( its ruining my life!! i keep thinkin its gone through my knickers and onto my school skirt! and im scared of doing PE incase it goes down my shorts. i don't even need the toilet in the day at school yet i find my self rushing to the toilet when i get home and finding the brown discharge in my knickers. i wipe my bum really well aswell and then 5 minutes later its like i havent at all!! PLEASE HELP ME!!! :( -InNeedOfHelp D;

Posted by miss lane on 02/12/2009 at 06:40

My twin sister and I Had greenish stinky discharge. For the past year, we have had the same partner's their brother's for the past four year's. So we know we don't have any infection's. we don't know what it is? It's so nasty gross you name name it it's nasty. What should we do?

Posted by Anonymous on 02/12/2009 at 02:49

The discharge I am experiencing seems to be very normal with no signs of infections. I noticed a change after I had my tubes tied, the dicharge is coming out all day every day 3 wks out of the month except when I have my period. There has to be something I can do!!! HELP!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 28/11/2009 at 02:30

l have learned and it had helped me thank you.

Posted by bev on 25/11/2009 at 11:34

I have the same symptoms as posted 13/10/09 by Lost...I also have a bitter tasting vaginal secretion ...all tests have come back negative ...HELP

Posted by Freddii on 23/11/2009 at 07:44

i have symptoms that lead to a few of these issues such as flush etc bt i dont know what i have. if i got to my doctors are get checked out can they tell my exactly what i have?

Posted by natalie on 20/11/2009 at 09:20

hi i cant quite get a answer to my problem. the thing is my urine relly smells my children think i have done a number 2 when ive visited the toilet is terrible, any ideas on what i should do. thank you

Posted by stacey on 17/11/2009 at 04:44

I have had the same sexual parthner for the last 2 years. For the last few days i have had a constant itch inside and outside my vagina. my vagina and perinium are very red and feels hot. my labia looks and feels quite swollen. I also have a thick yellow discharge. I would lie some advice on what it could be and what to do. I feel too embarrested to go and see my anyone.It never used to be painful to have sex, but it has started to become painful. please help

Posted by sally on 17/11/2009 at 12:27

im on cilest and for the last week and a half i have got browish discharge like im going to have my period.

Posted by i nid ur HELP!! 11/12/2009 on 12/11/2009 at 06:44

About a month ago im suffering an abnormal discharge and its plenty with a foul fishy smell,,my vagina is already itching and swelling...WHAT COULD I DO?

Posted by Posted by Anonymous on 11/11/2009 at 03:53

I am having lower back pain and also a foul fishy smell. And there is slight blood and discharge in my underwear. My period is very irregual every month. I done had this problem before. I am very scared about this problem and I really need to know about it. I been to the doctor and they told me it wasn't a STD. They told me its common in many women a "Vagnosis Bacteria". And I want to know why it comes back offer like this. And would it stop me from getting pregnant

Posted by .... on 10/11/2009 at 12:33

i recently had mistaken un-protected sex and am experiencing clear thick discharge with spots of blood and very painful sharp Pains, im freaking out what is this ?

Posted by Ash on 31/10/2009 at 11:20

Hello, The information provided in this website is very useful and the language used is very basic as even a layman can understand. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your effort.

Posted by confused on 20/10/2009 at 06:45

first i got clymida then i got herpes virus 1 in the gental area which the doctor told me i had for 5 years. and it was my first break out . i have been tested for hiv and it was negative . but i have continous discharge its painful and i get skin irrtation on my butt. ive been tested for stds all negative now. and for yeast negative.anitobiotics dont work i have use them for yeasts and bacterial infection. they are know thinking of freezing me thru the vagina? could this help what could this be

Posted by hellp! on 14/10/2009 at 08:30

about a month ago i had a weird problem with my discharge. i masturbate and normally if i'm aroused it is easy for me to do so, but a month ago when i would masturbate it would be a little dry and my discharge was a little cottage-cheesy. but there was little discharge. i called my doc and she immediately said that it was a yeast infection. i bought 3 day monostat and it took care of it. i had no other symptoms, no burning itching smell, barely any pain at all (i think the minor pain was because it was so dry). the monostat helped. a month later, i have the same problem so i saw my doc and she gave me a yeast infection pill. the pill should work in 24 hours she said, and she gave me a second pill to take in a week if it came back. but i took the first pill and my discharge was normal for a few hours and it went back to the way it was. i really want to know what this is. i still ahve one pill i have to take in a few days, but i'm really upset by this. no discharge is very odd for me, i am normally always... discharged. there is no smell, no pain, no anything. except that i cannot get wet. help !

Posted by lost on 13/10/2009 at 02:49

Hi I have come to the end of the line. I have been having thick, bitty, creamy yellow discharge for years now. Its so heavy I give myself b.v trying to get it out of me. I've been to the clinic loads of times and my tests are all ways clear I dnt know what to do it is truly ruining my life.

Posted by OMOLARA TAIWO on 13/10/2009 at 08:33

Am having problem of discharge atfer making love with my husband that makes me not to conceived.Please i need your advice. Thank you.

Posted by andrea on 12/10/2009 at 06:00

am getting peach discharge,do have bv does that have any thing to do with it?

Posted by beth on 12/10/2009 at 02:03

ive had this problem for quite a few years now i have my periods and when they finish a few days later i get a discharge somtimes light most times heavy, it like im having another period at time it can last like one but always comes 3 or 4 days after my periods is there a connection or is there something wrong ,it stops me from doing a few things in life and its been driving me crazy what can i do ,,,thanking you beth

Posted by shez on 12/10/2009 at 01:05

I was with my ex partner for 4 years, i was on the pill so we were having unprotected sex all the time, we eventually split as i thought he was cheating on me, turned out he must have been as i had caught an STD of him, which was chlamaydia, i was gutted, had that treated but now i have developed a thick stringy discharge that smells unpleasant, now thinking i still may have another STD of him, Gonorrhoea?? I have had this for a while now growing concerned as im scared to 4 play now. What is the best cure for this?

Posted by mimi on 10/10/2009 at 11:54

i have this horrible smell from my vagina, even wash 3 times a day and change my underwear 5 maybe 6 times a day. im to emmbarressed to talk to anyone. i dont sleep around at all but i slep with a friend 6 weeks ago. i was lonely after my husband walked out on me for another woman.

Posted by bon on 02/10/2009 at 12:53

hi i when for a paptest last monday cos im having an abdominal pain and discharge just like im having my period but i just finished my period 3days ago,then the doctor said that i have spotting after the paptest,did got spot in my underwre but not much,i called the doctor today and he said the he need to talk to me,because the result is serious,im so scared and i cant go right now or tomorrow in the clinic cos im working,what is the possible reason pls. can you tell me pls.

Posted by Mary on 30/09/2009 at 04:30

Hi - I was diagnosed with extensive endometriosis in 2005 and have had a number of operations to improve my quality of life. However one thing I have noticed is that my discharge discolours my under wear to the point that it looks as if someones poured bleach on it - is this normal?

Posted by Rebecca on 09/09/2009 at 07:59

I'm so relieved I looked on this website. I've been really freaked out for the last couple of days because of this revolting smelling vaginal discharge I've had. It was so embarrassing having sex with my boyfriend last night because of the overwhelming smell. So I looked on-line and found this site. I saw the info about 'lost' tampons. I have never forgotten to take out a tampon in all my years of periods, so I thought it an unlikely cause. Anyway, I went to the loo and checked. There was one there. It must have been there for a good five days. I'm really shocked and embarrassed but SO GLAD I've found out what was causing the smell. Thank you embarrassing problems people!

Posted by Anonymous on 09/09/2009 at 03:28

I have never had sex before. Lately i have been having a thick, greenish discharge. I don't understand what it is because it seems like all the things that cause that are from sex. I'm pretty worried. It itches a little but not really bad. I've had a yeast infection before but that looked more yellowy and smelled bad. This doesn't seem to have a smell and again doesn't itch a whole lot. Can anyone help me out??

Posted by Anonymous on 07/09/2009 at 07:47

i recently had sex for the first time. the condom broke but he did not cum inside of me. After i noticed i was bleeding, and i took the plan b pills. Now im having a thin yellow discharge with a bit of blood in it. Im so scared something happend.. help!

Posted by Mj on 07/09/2009 at 02:40

I get discharge all the time, as far as i was concerned it was normal but i guess not, My vaginal area has began to puff up and get itchy and sore.. and it enables me and my boyfriend to have sex anymore because i'm so sore.. i want to go get checked , but the last 2 or 3times i came out in tears.. they're rude and they make sure it hurts.. i don't know what i should do ?!

Posted by claire on 31/08/2009 at 07:55

hi i have a pink discharge which looks like blood when i wipe my down below ,i also have lower back ach can you please tell me if this is anything to worry about.

Posted by i'm-worried on 31/08/2009 at 04:18

i'm 15 and havent yet started my period, but for over 2 years EVERYDAY i get discharge, sometimes it's white like the stuff discribed but on and off through this year i have had a brown sticky substance down there. I don't want to tell anyonwe because it's embarrassing but i really need to know what it is and how i can get rid of it. please help me!

Posted by ??? =( on 30/08/2009 at 03:13

ok so... i have a discharge and its kinda yellow its thick it wasnt too bad. i started feeling kinda worn down like i was getting sick but i havnt.. and this all started happing the same time as the discharge.. and i didnt think anything of it till lastnight when me and my boyfriend had sex. now its still the same just more of it. i dont want to go to a doctor but i wanna know what it is.. so if anyone would possibly know ... cause its freaking me... out.

Posted by dougydonut on 26/08/2009 at 06:27

i have a brown discharge,that smells horrid.i have it all the time,more when i have sex.

Posted by leanne on 18/08/2009 at 11:43

i have vaginal discharge on most days. its usually a whiteish colour and sticky, i dont know whether thats normal? also i shower daily and my vagina seems to smell quite abit by the end of the day. i dont know whether this is normal or not, im worried it might put my boyfriend off me. the smell isnt particuarly strong like so you can smell it when your right next to me. just when your close up. can anybody help me please?

Posted by rima on 15/08/2009 at 10:18

i am just 22 and i have got physical relations with my boyfriend. after doing sex i feel the pain and i get the yellow discharge...the vaginal lips has also increased....pls suggest me sumthing.

Posted by Anonymous on 07/08/2009 at 02:45

to marquez, if you are having unprotected sex you will pass the thrush onto your boyfriend, he may have little or no symptoms but will pass it back to you for sure, so thats why you keep getting infections best for him to get a pill from the doc like flucol best way to get rid of it quickly. make sure he gets treated or you will keep getting it, if you see your own doc they might prescribe the medicine to you for both of you. i really dont know why doctors dont point out that couples can pass it back and forth, would save a lot of women undue discomfort. use condoms or abstain till you both clear

Posted by marquez on 03/08/2009 at 07:24

Hello, Since I have had sexual relations with my boyfriend without using a comdon I have had thrush 4 times, within one year. I am worried I am too sensitive, or we have a problem together. Also, something that not sure it is related, when he eyaculated inside me, it feels a burning sensation, like fizziness for like half an hour or so. Then is fine. This does not hapen all the times, but quite a few times. any help would be appreciated. Thanks, r

Posted by Anonymous on 29/07/2009 at 06:02

so i've had Vaginal discharge since about the time i started puberty. & i thought it was normal, or told my self that because i was to nervous to tell anyone. it doesn't smell or anything that i can notice. & its normally pretty clear & thin. on my undies it can turn sort of yellowish. the main reason im starting to worry is because im starting to have some problems down there. last year i had a sore & got this cream that fixed it. but now it feels like i have a yeast infection. could any of these symptoms be related? what can i do about stopping the discharge? ps. i have never had sex or have anything besides a tampon down there.

Posted by Anonymous on 25/07/2009 at 10:14

I usually have unprotected sex just after my menses,i mean d next day after menses,nd after sex,i usually have light yellowish sticky discharge for like a week,wat could this be?

Posted by anonymous on 19/07/2009 at 06:46

I am 31 and one week ago had unprotected sex and his semen went inside. Since then I have been having a foul (slightly fishy) smelling discharge that is light yellow in color. It was really bad the first two days, but has not been quite as bad since, but still have a lingering. No other symptoms (pruitis, redness, lesions, or constitutional symptoms) are present. Just the slightly colored and slightly odored discharge. Do I have BV or could this be a symptomatic G/C or something? I just want to have more of an idea before I go to the Gyn...

Posted by NaZrin on 19/07/2009 at 03:13

I get discharge everyday-iv noticed i get it as soon as I eat,so almost after every meal or a snack! I thought it was normal as it's been this way ever since I could remember! But after speakin to friends I felt paranoid as most of them get it just before they start their periods! Also I always have to wear panty liners as I hate my knickers being moist and wettish,iv noticedmy White panty liners have yellowish spottings and my dishcgarge isn't clear White! I also get itchiness at times,but iv not had it for a good fewmonths but I do get it every so often! I am also a virgin so it can't b sti or anythin! What do I do? Arrhgg

Posted by nancy on 16/07/2009 at 10:05

it has been a long time i started having this problem. my vagina is always itching and it burns and i also discharge swells once,i need to know what is wrong with me

Posted by Hardcore on 12/07/2009 at 04:57

I Have Had My Period About 2 Weeks Ago, And For The Past 3-4 Days I Have Had A Smal Amount Of Blood In My Discharge, And Thats Never Happened Before. What Shall I Do Or What Could It Mean?

Posted by Anonymous on 15/06/2009 at 04:19

So...hey, yeah. About..3 months ago, I lost my virginity to my now ex boyfriend. He wasn't a virgin when we got together, but I knew he'd been safe. About..a week ago though, we had sex again, but this time he told me he had took his condom off halfway, stupid, hence the breakup, I can't trust him. I don't know why on earth he did it. Anyway...I was on my periods during the time and my periods are usually really strong and go on for a while (3-5 days). My period soon stopped after this though. I'm not exactly worried about that. Well I lie. I am. How soon after can you find out you're pregnant. Thats not the biggest worry though. I've recently gotten really smelly, clear discharge and it feels weird after I've peed. I looked this up as soon as I realised and apparently I could have an STI. Could I? And I'm scared I'm pregnant. I'm due to get my period in a couple weeks. I'm scared. Can someone please help?

Posted by Anonymous on 13/06/2009 at 04:20

i'm fifteen years old and i haven't had sex yet. however, for the past year or so i've been getting a thick white or yellow smelly discharge which really strongly smells like fish. i'm really paranoid about it so i wash thoroughly everyday and often i have to change my knickers twice or more to try and cover the smell. i'm too embarrassed to talk to my mum or doctor about it but i really want to sort it out ... especially as i have a boyfriend now which is making me even more paranoid about him being able to smell it. please help me ... any suggestions ? (:

Posted by Anonymous on 10/06/2009 at 03:59

When I get a mirror and look at my female parts, right inside my vagina looks lumpy is this normal?

Posted by noname on 09/06/2009 at 06:59

me and my boy frd were just fooling around and fingering in the shower. he did not come into me but later i had bleedings that stopped after a while. i was supposed to get my period 2 days back n still not got it. i have a wet feeling in my vagina n got a colorless little smelly discharge. am really freaked out. am i pregnant?? or is something wrong??

Posted by Anonymous on 02/06/2009 at 08:53

I have ,for a while now, had a White, yellow coloured (what I think is discharge) substance on my vagina and some in my knickers but I haven't started my period yet and i'm to embarassed to tell anybody! What is it and is it normal!!!

Posted by Barbra on 22/05/2009 at 08:47

i'm having discharge i'm getting belly pains aswell, what should i do?

Posted by Anonymous on 17/05/2009 at 06:05

I have a smelly clear discharge a week before I am about to start my Period. Can something be wrong with me?

Posted by fifi on 08/05/2009 at 03:59

Hi, I had a baby in 2005 and used the depo injection for the last three years. I stopped the injection 8 months ago and have suffered from alot of discharge since, I have been given the all clear from the Gum clinic, so wanted to know if the discharge was a side effect from the injection?? I am having to wear pads everyday.

Posted by Anonymous on 04/05/2009 at 07:03

My doctor, 8 months ago, thought I had a yeast infection, which turned out to not be the case. Then several months after that, I came back in because I still had the same symptoms. She took a vaginal culture and said that everything was negative. I then went back in again after the symptoms still persisted. These ongoing symptoms have been: itching (vulva and sometime butt area) and watery milky white discharge, sometimes accompanied by pain in my vaginal wall. The strange part about it though is that I the itching etc. intensifies during different parts of my cycle. Usually the week after my period there are no or very little symptoms. I am now 3 months into taking birth control again. I had been on it since I was 16 (and am now 25) and went off for about 6 months (starting about 9 months ago). After three months of being off of the pill these symptoms appeared. Could this be tied to hormones?

Posted by liyah on 29/04/2009 at 10:48

hey...ummm im 16 nd i jus recently lost my virginity about two months agothru unprotected sex.i just came off my period,the only problem is that i've been getting a foul smelling discharge,it kinda smells like a mixture of fish and rust.i dont understand why becus im extremely sanitary,i bathe every day and wash thruoly nd i even wipe wit a wipee after i use the restroom...WATS WRONG WITH ME!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 29/04/2009 at 07:35

I have recently come off HRT, after having an infection in my bladder, but i've bled slightly since finishing my last period and an awful smell is now being omitted around 4hrs of every day, accompanied by a brown discharge which is very embarrasing because it smells like poo.

Posted by Abi on 12/04/2009 at 03:32

Please Help! I have recently started to notice a different smell of my discharge. It is the only change, the colour is still white/yellow. It isn't very fishy. But it is really getting me down. I don't want to go to my Dr as I am too embarrassed. Will they have to examine me? What is wrong?

Posted by Anonymous on 09/04/2009 at 11:35

hey i am 16 years old and have been periods for 6 years i have the same amount of discharge all the time and it is constant. however i dont have it during my period or a few days after. is there anything i can do to stop it? thanks

Posted by Anonymous on 08/04/2009 at 06:19

ohh and i forgot to also add that i've had this really gross smell coming from it too and just a little bit of itchiness... >.<

Posted by Anonymous on 03/04/2009 at 07:04

Hey i have had discharge in the past that has been clear but suck together in a big lump. It is awful but i have never had anyone mention it before, should i see my doctor?

Posted by Anonymous on 02/04/2009 at 12:25

I work for a company that sells a product called Balance Activ, a treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) that you can buy without a prescription. As I work for this company I won't say any more about it - Google it if you want more info and make up your own minds. I just feel so passionately about the subject and want to help! Lots of the posts here talk about a terrible odour, which is one of the symptoms of BV. BV is a very common problem, yet I'd never heard of it before I started working on this product. BV is not caused by poor hygiene and its not a sexually transmitted disease, its just an imbalance in the vagina. Many women find its triggered around their period (another blessing Mother Nature bestowed upon us...). For a proper diagnosis you should see a doctor - if you don't want to see your usual GP/nurse, consider your local GUM clinic - they are the experts in more than STDs, and could really help you find out what is causing your individual problem. I talk to lots of doctors and nurses at these clinics and they really don't judge you, and they work really hard at trying to make you not feel embarassed.

Posted by Anonymous on 31/03/2009 at 05:02

I have a very embaressing problem which I built up the courage to speak with my GP about and was told "oohh book an apt with the nurse for that sort of thing" so now i am too embaressed to have to say it all again.. so i guess it's easier to see if i can gain some help from here! I have been having an awful lot of discharge for some time, ( up to 6 months - 1 year) and in recent months i have noticed this discharge to become on a day to day basis! - and it is a very embaressing smell. The discharge is sometimes clear slime and smells like metal? a very strong awful smell... other times it's a yellowy slime? its disgusting! and i want rid of it now!!!! it's embaressing... i know others around me can smell it too and i just need it to go away asap!! please help!

Posted by Anonymous on 30/03/2009 at 05:05

Hi. I have a smelly vaginal discharge. It is not extremely strong, but it is enough to make me very paranoid. I have been to the sexual health clinic twice and asked them to test me for STI's and both test have come back negative. I think they may have just tested for herpes, hiv and clymidia though because no swab was taken. What could I have? Should I go to the sexual health clinic again and ask them for more tests?

Posted by Anonymous on 25/03/2009 at 11:20

I have had a smelly viginal discharge for years now wat can i viginal stinks all the time

Posted by concerned J on 25/03/2009 at 04:55

right, i am 19, and i have just been to the clinic for a check up because i was a bit concerned about this discharge i have. the nurse checked...nothing was there. but i don't understand why i have this discharge her. it comes and goes... so i dont kno...and when having sex i become veyr wet... which is quite emabrrassin.. any ideas??

Posted by bex on 19/03/2009 at 08:53

im 18 have not had sex and for the last few months i have been having thick,sticky yellowish discharge which smelles acidic i dont know if i have something really wrong with me but am way to embarrased to talk to someone about it!

Posted by lizzy on 18/03/2009 at 11:48

hi there, i have a vaginal discharge it doesnt smell, its white in colour..

Posted by lucy on 14/03/2009 at 08:42

i get vaginal discharge constant between periods. It comes as a watery brown red liquid for a week or so then thick black like tar until black jelly like substance until my period again. What could be wrong?

Posted by guuuguuu on 14/03/2009 at 10:00

okay i never had sex before and i had discharge that is greenish whitish and is smells and i don't want to go see a doctor and i don't know what to do ?

Posted by stacey85 on 11/03/2009 at 07:30

im 23 an i come off my cycle 2 weeks ago , i no alot about when the fertile days set in but im a bit worried at the moment as my discharge is getting slippery more an more an its getting more an more , my patner came home from work a week an a half ago an we have fooled around an so on , i have never had it like this befor an just wondering can i really be fertile this long 2-3 weeks ????? could i be preggas ??

Posted by miss ee on 06/03/2009 at 06:22 much concerned to my vaginal discharge because it smells fish n always turns to yelowish or brownish in colour.recently,i had unprotected sex meaning without condom with my partner,n few days he told me his dick was having some pains and a yellowish discharge.So he went to check n after that he told me he was contracted with gonorrhoea. And he told me,he got it from me.. Do i too is facing any problems with my vagina?please help..

Posted by Anonymous on 23/02/2009 at 09:29

i have not started my periods and would like to know how often should you have discharge?

Posted by bicolana on 12/02/2009 at 01:26

i have moderate wtery,whitish discharge and foul smelling. i dont know if this is because of my mirena iud inserted after d&c last august 2008.iud is inserted to correct hormonal imbalance that causes vulva is not itchy,and not painful nor irritated.what is my case?imy doctor prescribe flagystatain but it does not work

Posted by jennabella on 05/02/2009 at 12:14

I have a permament discharge which is more yellowy/green. It smells awful. Apart from that I don't have any other symptoms. I have seen my doctor who says I have a very slight prolapse but not enough to worry about an considers the discharge normal. Iam 68yrs of age and not sexual active and had a hysterectomy 20years ago.I am still worried though re. smell which is very unpleasant.

Posted by Tif on 01/02/2009 at 05:58

I have a whipe discharge but it only started when i first started my period any idea what it could be ?

Posted by cara on 01/02/2009 at 12:14

how long do u have discharge before u have your period

Posted by Anonymous on 27/01/2009 at 10:03

I Have Had A Smelly Discharge Come From My Vaginal Area For A Couple Of Weeks Now... I Have Slept With Some One But We Used Protection. There Isn't Alot Of Discharge But The Smell Isnt Very Nice

Posted by Stutlana on 25/01/2009 at 08:31

I had ichiness for atlest 2mnths rash was also noted on vagina

Posted by stef2000 on 24/01/2009 at 02:59

I have been suffering from a foul smell from my lower area, im getting very embarrassed about it, i have been washing over and over with soap thinking im not washing properly, i notice you smell it worse when wearing nylon material trousers, i dont have any pain or itching just a strong fish smell which is very strong, its making my life a nightmare but im too embarrassed to go to the doctors. I have a contraceptive implant in and havent had a period for 9 months and think it has got much worse after i had this put in, please help?

Posted by Anonymous on 22/01/2009 at 08:04

i've been having a thick white vaginal discharge for the past 4 or 5 months. i usually hav to insert a finger into my vagina and kind of scrape it off wen bathin. recently, it has started smellin and making me uncomfortable. i'm on steroids (5mg prednisolone per day) for some condition. i'm worried but shy and afraid to see a doctor. help?!!

Posted by Anonymous on 02/01/2009 at 08:15

i came off microgynon contraceptive pill about 3 and a half months ago i was on it 10 years,in the last week my discharge has gone really watery can this be a normal side effect after stopping it

Posted by Maureen on 30/12/2008 at 10:34

What about if the dishcharge smells vinegary? I've had a dishcharge for as long as I can remember and have had various tests, but nothing has ever been found, except ocassionally Thrush.

Posted by Anonymous on 29/12/2008 at 10:58

i have a smelly slightly throfi ?

Posted by Cora on 22/12/2008 at 10:24

All this info has helped a lot but i am having a smelly discharge and i can feel a lump on the left side inside my vagina and its getting me very worried but im afraid of going to the doctor


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