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Painful vulva

Any of the causes of vulval itching may cause actual pain if they are severe; trichomoniasis, for example, can make the vulva very sore. But if what you are feeling is rawness and burning, not itching, there are three main possibilities: genital herpes, vulvodynia or vulval vestibulitis syndrome. If your main problem is pain on intercourse, look at the section on painful sex.

Genital herpes

Genital herpes results from infection with the herpes simplex virus. Small blisters form on the genital area and these burst to form small ulcers that take about 10 days to heal. If you have not had herpes before and this is your first episode, it can be quite severe. Your vulva may be very sore, especially when you pass urine, like very bad cystitis. The lymph glands in your groin will probably be swollen, and you may have flu-like symptoms (tiredness, aching muscles, fever), and feel very miserable and tearful. You may feel angry with your partner for giving you this infection, but it is unlikely that he knew he had it. And you should not feel bad about having it yourself research has shown that about half the population has been exposed to the virus, but usually it is passed on without causing any symptoms. You were just unlucky to have the pain and discomfort.

If you think that you have herpes, take a look at the section on herpes to find out what you should do.

Vulval pain syndrome

Vulval pain syndrome (sometimes called vulvodynia) is a very unpleasant burning or aching feeling. The sensation is unremitting and is often worse at night. It is more common around the menopause or in older women. It is diagnosed only when other causes of pain, such as a skin disease, have been ruled out. The vulva looks perfectly normal, but the pain is real. No-one knows what causes it.

What can be done about vulval pain syndrome? First, look at the dos and don’ts for vulval problems.
  • Try applying some ice – some women find this is the best way of relieving the pain.
  • Aloe vera gel, Calendula and Dr Bach Rescue Cream are remedies for sore and painful skin. You can buy them from health food stores. Try each separately. You may also be able to soothe the area by applying vitamin E oil (which you can squeeze out from capsules of vitamin E).
  • Aqueous cream is a plain, soothing, perfume-free cream that you can buy from pharmacies. Many women with vulvodynia find that aqueous cream helps by soothing and rehydrating the skin. Use it cold, by storing it in the fridge. Unlike steroid creams, you can use it as often and for as long as you like.
  • Aveeno (oatmeal) baths are a useful treatment for severe attacks of pain. You can buy the sachets from health shops. Put a sachet in the bath and bathe for 20 minutes. Repeat up to four times.
  • Talk to your family doctor, because tricyclic antidepressant medication often helps. This is not because you are depressed (or imagining the condition), but because these drugs suppress transmission in nerves of the skin. Another medication, gabapentin, is sometimes used (Lancet 2004;363:1058–60).
  • Your local hospital may have a vulval clinic that your family doctor could refer you to. Vulval clinics are usually part of the hospital dermatology department, and doctors at these clinics are experts in painful vulvas.
  • Other organizations that can offer further information and support are listed in the Useful contacts.

The good news is that many women with vulvodynia eventually become pain-free, and are able to stop their medication.

Vulval vestibulitis syndrome

With vulval vestibulitis syndrome, you experience severe pain when the opening of the vagina (the vestibule) is touched. The syndrome usually comes on quite suddenly, and is most common in women in their 20s or 30s. It is very distressing because, as well having to cope with the pain, your sex life is probably zero and it can even prevent you using tampons, wearing jeans or riding a bike. It may affect 1 in 20 women at some time (British Medical Journal 2004;328:1214–5).The cause of vulvar vestibulitis is not known, but some experts think the nerves of the genital skin become oversensitive.

What can be done about vulval vestibulitis syndrome? First, look at the dos and don’ts for vulval problems.

  • Do not feel too discouraged, because the problem often improves with time.
  • Teabags (Indian tea) or Earl Grey contain tannic acid, which is a local anaesthetic and can calm the burning sensation of vulval vestibulitis. Put teabags in the bath, or put a cold, damp teabag on the sore area at night.
  • You may be able to soothe the area by applying vitamin E oil (which you can squeeze out from capsules of vitamin E).
  • Aqueous cream is a plain, soothing, perfume-free cream that you can buy from pharmacies. Many women with vulval vestibulitis find that aqueous cream helps by soothing and rehydrating the skin. Use it cold, by storing it in the fridge. Unlike steroid creams, you can use it as often and for as long as you like.
  • 5% lignocaine ointment contains a weak amount of the local anaesthetic lignocaine. It numbs the nerves in the skin and can be used safely on a regular basis. Although it does not cure the problem, it will allow you to have sexual intercourse comfortably if you apply it 15 minutes beforehand.
  • You could try a diet that is low in oxalate, a plant chemical. The evidence that this works is scanty, but some women find it helpful. This means avoiding beetroot, chocolate, cola drinks, cranberries, nuts, rhubarb, soya foods, spinach, strawberries, tea and wheat bran.
  • As with vulvodynia, tricyclic antidepressant medication for 3–6 months often helps. This is not because you are depressed (or imagining the condition), but because these drugs suppress transmission in nerves of the skin. So talk to your family doctor.
  • As with vulvodynia, ask your family doctor if your local hospital has a vulval clinic that you could be referred to. Some clinics use a technique called electromyographic feedback from pelvic floor muscles, which is a method of training your nervous system to stop sending the pain signals.

Written by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Edited by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Last updated: Sunday, January 22nd 2017


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Comments on this article

Posted by Optional on 04/07/2017 at 11:38

this has happened to me and i dont have an sti because i am not active. It hurts when i sit a certain way almost to the point of tears. If someone could help me that would be great

Posted by Sue on 08/10/2016 at 02:33

Hi me and my partner were having sex and noticed that my vagina was hurting me on my left lip then I noticed the was a sore I'm really worried and would like too no what it would be??

Posted by Rebecca on 24/08/2016 at 02:22

I had sex with my bf n for the first time my vagina lips got swollen,it has gone down though but its painful n it feels like the vagina lips r getting closer n it hurts with I urinate

Posted by Optional on 02/01/2016 at 11:28

I will yell my dr when i see her on the 11 of this month. Thankyou for this site as now I know what it is.

Posted by Linda on 22/12/2015 at 08:29

I have read the info provided above and yes it is helpful, but my problem only started when met my new partner. He is very large in the pants department and each time we have intercorse my vulva and vagina swells up and becomes painful, so much so I find it hard to sit or close my legs without pain. It only lasts a few hours but it's still pain. Is it because of his size?

Posted by Optional on 11/11/2015 at 02:48

I've been experiencing a sharp painfully itchy burning feeling on a side of my vulva for over a month now...I'm not really as comfortable to visit a doctor or share this with anyone but it's really painful. I keep getting those painful lumps & it's always swollen...However I'm not sexually active at fact I'm a virgin

Posted by Optional on 19/10/2015 at 09:43

I had gonnorrihea more than ten years now. I ve been buying antibiotic but could not get some help and am worried because I don't have money. because am still at school. if not antibiotics what else. plus help me

Posted by Optional on 22/09/2015 at 08:18

So today my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and right after he climaxed all over the inside lips of my vagina instantly started burning... Could that be a STD I haven't had any burning sensations before this please help it can be embarrassing to go to the clinic

Posted by Optional on 09/08/2015 at 02:15

Ok so recently ive been having sex alot .. but its hurts like it burns ALOT .. i went to the doctors about 2 weeks ago N they said i had Bacterial Vaginois they gave me pills to take for a week. but during the treatmeant like the second day i had sex and the last day i spit the pill out cause it taste soo nasty. So when the treatment was over nothing was different i still had chunky discharge it smelled sometimes it itch so bad. It still does i have the same symptoms but i itch sometimes like i itch like so bad i start bleeding. Now one of my lips are swollen N it burns like so much. I really dont kno what to do.

Posted by Sarah on 12/07/2015 at 11:44

I have noticed 2 days after i had intercourse with my partner of a month i have on either side of my vaginal lips two yellow sore blotches with abit of a raw red colour around them it really stings if i urinate what could this be ive rang my doctors and booked an appointment for next week

Posted by Confused Virgin on 30/06/2015 at 02:01

So I'm gonna just come out and say that I've never had sex, vaginal, oral, I'm basically the only person who's been near my cooch. The problem is that one side of my vulva is swollen (I've been putting ice on it and it's getting better) but what's messing me up is I got these weird looking dark red/ black sores near the bottom of my vulva and they're sensitive and hurt when I walk. I just want to get an idea of what it could be before I tell my mom cause I don't want her to think I got herpes when I've barely been past 2nd base. Please help

Posted by Optional on 23/06/2015 at 07:00

My vulva is very swollen on one side I get discharge but have never had a period it also hurts to touch or in I catch it against my legs

Posted by Optional on 03/06/2015 at 06:34

I have been experiencing a sharp stingy pain in my vagina when I urinate. But fortunately there is no blood when I wipe. I have recently had sex and right afterwards I've started experiencing the pain. Also, I have noticed that some urine would leak out randomly but not to the point to where I'm drenched in urine, but I do have to take a wash off because my panties would be wet. I'm not having much of a discharge. I'm not sure if it's an infection or if I am not drinking enough water. Which I haven't drank any water in the past few days. Thanks in advance for helping!

Posted by ... on 06/05/2015 at 11:24

Am in so much pain and it hurts when i sit or walk its burning. I had sex with my boyfriend we used a condom i don't know if am allergic to the condom am kinda freaking out about this what should i do thr side of my vagina hurts and one sidr is swollen?

Posted by nikki on 02/05/2015 at 06:10

When it concerns your vagina you should always see a doctor. I have twin girls and when they were little one got a swollen vagina lip, only one side tho. No sores or anything. Turned out it was MRSA and eventually it came to a head, popped and drained (she was hospitalized tho). The other one unfortunately has herpes already bbecause of someone touching their cold sore, not washing their hands and then changing her diaper. So I know the difference. Your vagina in not something to ignore when it comes to something out of the ordinary.

Posted by Optional on 16/04/2015 at 09:24

My right vagina lip is red and has swollen a bit. It is also quite itchy but I don't feel any pain or much discomfort. And I have never had this before and only noticed this today. How do I treat it? Should I go to a doctor? Please answer back

Posted by Leah on 01/04/2015 at 06:05

I feel no pain or itching or anything. I have no bumps or inflammation or anything, except the right inner lip of my vagina is swollen, its like twice the size of the left and I don't know why... Can someone tell me what this is?

Posted by Anonymous on 01/04/2015 at 05:59

I've never had sex before and I found that my inner right vaginal lip is swollen, it isn't itchy or painful or anything. It's just swollen, does anyone know what it is because I don't know whether to see a doctor about it or not

Posted by Optional on 21/03/2015 at 05:33

I have irratition and red bump that are painful to touch It hurts to move or even sit down an I have never had sex what could this be

Posted by Optional on 28/02/2015 at 06:35

I have a problem that am ashamed to tell eny one, after having hard sex I feel pain on my vagina and after 3 days I notice that I have pain full sores and lashes on my clitoris but not pain or itching" but what worries me is that painful sores if anyone who knows treatment please

Posted by Optional on 18/02/2015 at 02:19

Well I have protected vaginal sex on valentine's day with my boyfriend. And lately within these a couple of days, my left vagina lip is swollen and it's itching. When I research, it says I should be having a burning sensation when i urinate but I don't. So I would like some remedies or tips on how to reduce the swelling and itching also in how this was caused.

Posted by Optional on 29/01/2015 at 12:13

The bottom of my vagina is very sore and sensitive. It's sore and very itchy and bleeds if I itch It. I am certain it's not an sti as I have only had sex with one person and he's infection free. When I pee I've to pee a certain way so it won't land on the soreness or less it will cause me severe pain. Do I have a yeast infection or could I be allergic to latex? it's causing me great discomfort.

Posted by Optional on 17/01/2015 at 07:37

Since October I have been feeling pain down below. It seems to be in the area just under my clit but I am red everywhere. I fthought it was a UTI but had no other symptoms, same with thrush (although I sometimes have odd discharge before my period). It didn't come until I lost my virginty to my boyfriend (he doesn't have an STI)but the third time we had sex so at first I thought it was just from that as we had sex 3 times within 4 days.. But the pain did not go away. It's like a burning/raw pain, it used to be constant but now I go a few days without. It hurts to touch.. I also had a cut from foreplay so thought it was that but surely that should be gone now? I have no idea what this is and I'm terrified of what's wrong with me so much that it literally brings me to tears

Posted by Optional on 03/01/2015 at 05:38

Last night my boyfriend fingered me and afterward it felt like it was burning down there and I went to the bathroom to look. It's swollen to the point it's hard and it burned when I went pee. I am still a virgin but this happens whenever I try to do anything. What's wrong down there?

Posted by Optional on 28/12/2014 at 05:14

Please help... due to medical reasons I am a virgin at the age 37. Since the age of 18 the glands where you produce moisture to help with sex have bene over active to the point I have to wear pant liners as my underwear is constantly wet. The gands seems to swell and get block if I start to try and masterbate or try and have sex. Then they get infected and a lump forms. I was told its some sort of cyst and due to my immune system this gets infected. They get very sore, swell and itch. I use thrush cream on it which burns at first but does feel better. Sometimes it swells so much I cannot walk, other times its only small... of late I now have 3 small ones but no where near the glands. I have had thrush due to the fact I been on antibotics for a month... Can anyone help... I gotten to the point of not wanting to masterbate or even try with my husband as every time I swell, and this happens. I been married 15 years my husbnad is amazing as he knows I ave a lot of illnesses. We do things but I can not insert anything and now I try and avoid getting excited due to this... I always wet its a huge issue. I so itchy and sore right now too... HELP! Those who had sex your so lucky I am bloody 37! I also had bad experience with a gyno... so I have traumatic stress... I also was molested when I was a kid... Thought of seeing a gyno after this all I have panic attacks. Please don't judge I am so embarressed.

Posted by Optional on 24/12/2014 at 06:58

My vaginal lips are hurting really bad. I feel a lot of pain and can barely walk. It feels horrible an u want. Get rid of it as soon as possible. Due to Christmas I can't even visit the doctors surgery and can no longer take the pain

Posted by Optional on 04/12/2014 at 09:28

I'm a virgin and I have these red bumps on the lips oh my vagina they hurt really bad I can just sit down or walk and they hurt really bad! And especially when I pee I feel like crying

Posted by Optional on 25/11/2014 at 05:06

For the past week my vagina has been really itchy and sore, kind of with an ache. I think its a bit swollen and red but I'm not really sure. I'm a virgin so I know thats not any of the problems - but I'm not sure what to do! I dont want to tell anyone but it feels really uncomfortable at school and it somwimes wakes me up when I sleep - any ideas??

Posted by Optional on 02/11/2014 at 01:12

How can I tell the difference between a Vulval pain syndrome and Vulval vestibulitis syndrome? They both have similar symptoms such as, itching and burning sensation. What I am experiencing is very burning sensations and irritation that are extremely painful but I haven't had sex in a week. Is this normal? Since I'm young.. I'm to embarrass to go see my doctor for this.

Posted by Optional on 25/10/2014 at 09:49

I am feeling serious vaginal pain. It feels like I have a super big piece of tissue trying to come out. It burns so so bad when I pee it is almost unbearable. My back hurts right around my kidney area. I have discharge. It'd smelled like a trash can and it's white. It smells the worst when it's on my clothes. On my hands or toilet paper it smells like a normal vagina smell. I'm also peeing blood. I'm on birth control so I don't have a period. I'm worried. I have no idea what tto do. Help??!!

Posted by Optional on 04/10/2014 at 11:13

I have quite an active healthy sexual life with my partner. I normally go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Recently I have been unwell. I contracted herpies from my partner about 2 years ago, we have been together for 15 years and neither of us have strayed apparently it is something that can lay dormant. Earlier today we had lots of sexual foreplay and penetration this evening he went to penetrate me and the insides of my vagina walls have swollen up and even I can not get my fingers in. My belly is noticeably swollen and I am quite scared. Please help, I will not be able to get to see a doctor until Monday.

Posted by Optional on 26/09/2014 at 12:23

This helped me alot. I just got over bacterial vaginosis just this week and turned around and got herpes symptoms right after. I already knew about this condition and I wasn't sure what it was exactly. But this makes so much more sense. I have to educate myself more and more as new things occur even without being sexually active for months and just from stress and personal issues.

Posted by Optional on 13/09/2014 at 12:13

I have a problem that I am to embarrassed to go to the doctors I havnt had sex in 2wks and I have just noticed that my skin around my vagina is very red not sore or itchy, but I have been on my periods for almost a month can any one know what this could be? Thanks xxxxx

Posted by Anonymous on 10/09/2014 at 01:03

Recently I have been having a lot of pain in my vaginal area, I have never had sex, so I do not see how that could be a cause. My discharge is not thick and white:/ I'm too scared to go to the doctor because being examined would be embarassing as hell...

Posted by Anonymous on 08/09/2014 at 05:38

My vagina has little red bumps down by my hole. They hurt & sometimes itch. Also hurts when i wipe myself. Lots a discharge coming out to.I don't know What they are. I'm still a virgin. I'm afraid to tell someone. What is it?

Posted by Maria on 01/09/2014 at 10:37

Lately, when I try to have sex with my partner; hurts when he tries to insert his penis. It feels like something is there on the left inside of my vagina that causes the pain. Please help no I have no STDs.

Posted by Optional on 31/08/2014 at 09:38

I'm 15, and I haven't had sex yet. I've had serious pain around my vagina lately and it's nearly unbearable. I would prefer not to go to the doctor because it's very embarrassing. I have bumps on my vagina that pop and leave yellow goo stuff and form really ugly deep scars around my vagina. They hurt SO bad. They also itch and burn. I have google yeasts infections and it doesn't look like that, the bumps are bigger with purple and etc. I don't know what to do and it's made me really self conscious. I can't wear swimsuits and short shorts in fear of someone seeing them. Please help me.

Posted by Optional on 19/08/2014 at 01:46

My vagina is itchy and there are like lines in the raw parts, one of them started bleeding today. I'm only 12 and it really hurts but I'm scared to tell anyone. I'd there anything that will help?

Posted by Optional on 17/08/2014 at 03:16

Hi I have been using tampons for 6 years now but recently I have been experiencing pain every time I insert or remove a tampon. It has also left the area all around the vaginal opening itchy sore and uncomfortable. Please help.. What is it?

Posted by Optional on 27/02/2014 at 01:59

my vaginal is dry and becomes very painful when walking, I can use Replens but only helps for 2 days.

Posted by Memi on 02/02/2014 at 04:48

My whole viginer its so painful especially when I pass urine. When I pad dry it its feel so calm so if I could do it harder but immediately when im finished its a pain. I have tried everything over the counter. Amd even went to see my gyn nd she ran all the tests bt all is negative and normal. Pls help! Memi

Posted by Optional on 01/01/2014 at 10:22

I had severe swelling of the vulva,pain when peeing,back pain,itching in genital area,glands in groin swollen and just a constant feeling of being unwell. Thought I was going crazy as docs kept telling me my urine was clear and that there was nothing wrong with me. I suddenly realised my symptoms peaked after I applied a particular brand of fake tan to my body. Within a week of stopping use my symptoms completely cleared up. I really hope someone gains help from knowing this as I would have tried anything for relief.

Posted by user on 28/11/2013 at 11:44

i have been having painful urination for the last couple months. i thought it had something to do with sexual intercourse but now that i am not active, the pain is still there. i realised that they are blisters around the opening of my vagina at the bottom. i now belive it has something to do with the shape and cut of my underwear but i am not sure. i placed fucidine ointment on the infected area and it burnt so badly i had to wash it off immediately. i am too afraid to go to the doctor. can you please help me?

Posted by itchyy on 22/11/2013 at 01:35

well im only 12 and im experiencing a problw ... im a virgin never touch down their but my vagina is very itchy and it burn it has smallbumps on it i have it for about 3 weeks!!! help me

Posted by young&InPain on 30/07/2013 at 07:34

I've began to have this at nineteen and it worsened when I hit twenty making it extra painful to wear underwear and pants for that matter...its like my vaginal area has grown sensitive to touch and when naked slightest breeze creates a burning sensation not to mention the dryness feeling its like it makes the situation worse...went to doctor they can't find anything wrong..ugh desperate for help on relief

Posted by Optional on 03/07/2013 at 03:39

Have pain & irritation on right side of vulva now for over 8 weeks. My gyn ran all kinds of tests...neg for std's, yeast, bacterial, trich, and the skin looks normal and healthly. She prescribed doxycycline antibio even though I didn't have a bacterial infection. (I had this pain & irritation a year and half ago on the side right side, but that time I had a bacterial infection. It took 6 months the last time for pain and irritation to go away completely. Doxycycline didn't work this time. Next she prescribed nystatin cream with steriod...didn't work. She then told me to try hydrocortizone..didn't work. Then she put me on ant-depress at 30mg to block nerve pain....still having pain and irritation. She then added a prescibed compound drug of lidocaine and clobetasol ointment with the amitriptyline anti-depressant. The ointment numbs my pain and irritation for about 8 hours and is a life saver. She said to keep using it and eventually the pain will go away. It takes a long time for nerves to heal. Doctor checking my homones next week, which could be causing because I am 46 and getting close to menopause. Hope the pain and irriation goes away soon.

Posted by cindy on 01/07/2013 at 01:01

Question? I have pain around my lips area below. Every time I wash , it hurts. I don't know what cause it I look, but nothings there. I feel pain when I wash it. All I did was put vaseline down there to see will it help, but pain comes back when I wash it away. Can it some time be the panties we where? I go without them at night to see will that help too, sometime it will. Its like the pain will come for a while, then leave for a while. Can you please let me know what to do? It just the right side that all ways hurt. I heard that we have more holes then just three. Please help..

Posted by Lin on 18/04/2013 at 08:12

I have been taking HRT for around 9 months for various menopausal emotional and physical issues. Before that I used ovestin vaginal cream for dryness. I found I was becoming sore in and around the vagina which had started in my early 40s when using certain tampons. This soreness has continued and can be painful, the vulva can become reddened and sore, especially around the introitus. Using the ovestin applicator is sore PV as a result of an anterior and posterior repair 7 years ago. This was needed for cystocele and rectocele prolapse problems triggered by my first child birthing in an abnormal presentation and overstretching me. 2nd child resulted in a rectocele. I have no incontinence. This soreness prevents me from having an intimate relationship. My GP said it is oestrogen depletion - so what is the point of taking HRT? Aqueous cream stings! Please help

Posted by dee on 16/02/2013 at 09:42

excrutiating pain that brings tears to my eyes from within my vagina/labia area. Red sore, stings and feels like im weeing razor blades. I leek all the time and i often gush urine on standing up, coughing, sneezing etc. HELP !

Posted by Optional on 03/01/2013 at 09:19

have been seen by gum clinic who ruled out a current yeast infection,and all sti's but still have severe swelling which is causing added pain to my pre-existing urinary tract problems(awaiting a dilation) no redness present just hard swelling worse on one side,nothing is helping,using probiotics orally,and caneston cream just in case?? no relief from pain for about four weeks

Posted by kerry on 09/12/2012 at 10:49

The opening of my vagina is very swollen and sore and my lymph nodes in my groin are also swollen its very painfull wen I sit especially when I use the toilet,I've also been having other symptons like itching all over my body which I've had for months now but its not scabies or anything like that as I've been checked and I have no rash also my left leg swells too :( please help xx

Posted by Optional on 27/11/2012 at 06:04

My vulva is swollen red and looks like red places On it and it is almost protruding out . I do have Herpes but I take medication everyday . Have Not has a breakout for a while 2 yrs and this Is the only part bothering me . It is very itchy and Sore . What do you think .

Posted by meh on 23/11/2012 at 03:25

Hi, I have a really sore place in between my bum and virginia and it doesnt look inflamed but its really sore and it hurts when i pee and sit down. please help thankyou

Posted by Sandraaaa on 04/11/2012 at 09:37

i have had herpes before i now have a sore clitourus burning and itching but im not itching last time i dont that i spred it everywhere it was very painfull the health nurse said it was the worst shes saw just hope its only one or 2 blisters fingers crossed thanks for the information

Posted by Optional on 19/10/2012 at 10:33

suddenly in july the area in the lower part of my vulva became sore and red I thought it was thrush I used two pessarys and cream but it didnt go gp perscribed further oral canestan and took swab came back neg she then gave me a course of antibiotics that seemed to work when I took them three urine samples came back neg for infection and normal smear test she then perscribed a cort steriod cream which i have used for 3weeks but im still raw red and intercourse is too painful I have noticed when I sit for a long time the pressure makes me what to go pass urine more frequently but the pain I hsve could be from the red area in my vulva my gp doesnt seem concerned but I know there is something not right help

Posted by malika on 04/10/2012 at 09:36

Below my vigina I have a pain inbetween the opening of my vigina lips just befor I get my viginal hole,it pains and I can't walk properly because of the pain,what is the couse of this pain I really need help

Posted by Optional on 16/05/2012 at 01:28

what does it mean when only the left side of my vagina gets wet during sex and the right side is bone dry? and i also have random cramps on my right overy no where near my menstral crycle?

Posted by karly on 01/05/2012 at 04:20

Does anyone know if the tea suggestion actually works? Ive not been told that ive got herpes but alot of the symptons displayed ive had :( im desperate please someone help me with any idea

Posted by Optional on 26/04/2012 at 03:10

I'm so concerned about what could be causing what I'm going through. Everytime I shower and wash my private area my vagina the inside swells up & turn red & it burns. It looks like if is cut & then it goes away and my everything goes back to normal. What can this be ?

Posted by helpless housewife on 10/04/2012 at 11:27

I had a bump on the inside lip of my vagina that burst about 10 years ago but has never really healed, but never given me any problem aside from the fact that is not pleasing to the eyes, but lately I've noticed that the area is getting larger and yesterday after intercourse became very senstive and swollen to the point that it hurts to walk, sit, or rub up against it, can anyone help me out.

Posted by kim on 16/03/2012 at 05:37

i had a sore too,i thought it was just from to much sex,went to the doc yesterday found out its herpes it looks like a lil pimple or something else to me she said it looks like herpes gave me pills kicked me out thats it never actually tested if it is it,but oh well had the same partner for 3 years,people you cant trust anybody im not taking this to well but hey lmfao what else can i do but live with it

Posted by Vulva Itching That won't go despite no obvious infection on 14/03/2012 at 03:38

Dear to who it may concern; Madam or Sir: Please help! I am suffering from Vulva itching on and off since February of 2006. I went to my ob-gyn and explained the situation but it seem what they prescribed me hydrocortisone 0.2% did not work as the problem continues my ob-gyn specialist suggest I see my dermatoligist who also is unable to help me and prescribed the same medication cream but he too is baffled and haven't found a cure for my overwhelming vulva itch. I been adviced by so many professions to simply stop scatching but its overwhelming itch happening constant once it begins I try to ignore it and avoid scatching but its annoying and its become embarrassing as well. My 74 year old mom remeded to try a over the counter medicines such as neosporin antibiotic cream and benadryl in case is allegy and hopefully my beloved mom can help me find a cure. Meanwhile; what should I do? I am open mind for new suggestions. Thank you in advance. Queens, New York

Posted by Optional on 01/03/2012 at 12:23

Client with Muscular Dystrophy-limb/girdle requires sitting in wheelchair most of day. Swollen labia one side, intense pain chronic- burning chronic-sensitive to air/touching labia/vulvular area (causes pain) depressed. I can find no information on other people with MD who have this issue. W/chair cushions exacerbate problem. Results in confinement to bed. Lives in NY State and needs specialist. She has seen many doctors and seating specialists to no avail.

Posted by Optional on 08/02/2012 at 05:28

very sore and painful vangina all together it burns is itchy uncomfertable to walk or sit down and have a little extra flap of skin which has just appeared between the outter lip of my vagina and the inner lip what is this help i am using thrush cream which burns emensly what could this be helpppppp!

Posted by Optional on 24/01/2012 at 10:50

If I have a scratch on my clit how long should that take to disapere or heal

Posted by Painful ulcer gal on 22/01/2012 at 10:48

I have a small red ulcer like bump near my urethral opening,its very painful to touch,i thought it would go away in a few days but its over a week now and still its there,than that there is no other symptoms,just the painful sore and sometimes itching,please help me to understand what it is,im really worried..

Posted by Optional on 03/01/2012 at 09:02

what does it mean when you feel like your busting to got to the toilet,but everytime u do you hardly go and your vagina is very painful after you go for hours and you ar getting blood everytime you go please reply and help???

Posted by Biancah on 05/12/2011 at 07:22

Am very greatfull 4 ur advice and message of encouragement,am facing this infection now,i will be going to see a doctor.

Posted by patience shava on 20/11/2011 at 04:19

i have this burning feeling just under my buttocks and after some days snall painful bilters apper i on the outer lips of ma vagina under ma pubic hairs i dont feel pain when urinating like others bwcome my urine dont come in contact please help

Posted by Optional on 24/09/2011 at 01:52

Hi everyone, I have all the symptons of what you all have below. I think what I might try next is no acidy type foods and no acidy type vitamin liquids, like blood oranges, which are meant to make my hair and nails grow. I think to many vitamins, combined with chocolate and too much yogurt etc, can be bad for this condition. Maybe will try protein foods and water, for a while, with plain vegetables. Hope it works. All very painful though! Keep trying things, if the docs don't have the answer, then we must all work together to find a solution, it drives me crazy too!

Posted by Optional on 23/08/2011 at 08:08

Hi, for the last 5 years i have had vulvadynia but it would come and go and the beginning then few years on it would hurt after sex with my husband but invariably it would mellow over a few days i also found that after i peed, then 10 mins later i would have a little niggle but it would again pass. However 10 weeks ago from nowhere the pain has increased so much that i am in constant pain and totally at the end of my tether.. and what kicks it off is everythime i pee, ive been checked for urine infection and its not that, nor any other type of infection yep i got them to test me for everything.. even though i knew it would all come back negative, afte ri pee the pain is so sore that my whole urethral area is on fire as is the outer lips of my vulva, i cant sit down, and dont even consider sex the pain is to severe to even try. Im not even able to use a tampax its so sore there.. its like the whole area is inflamed. I have been prescribed painkillers tramadol but nothing, i have just started pregablin (a nerve blocker) but i think thisis making me pee more which just adds to my problem. I am totally going nuts its effecting all aspects of my life and thepain is pulling me into depression i have cried constantly for 10 weeks, and even during the night wheni have to pee bang the painis back.. all i do is sit with ice packs between my legs, i cant even get to do a full dayat work. I am absolutely going out of my mind... i had camera procedure of thebladder and that came back ok.. but i seem tohave a lot of frequency to pee, maybe thats the nerve endings going mad... is there anyone else out there who has or even experiencing anything similar... because right now if this is how i have to live my life then i dont want tolive i am desperate for help. My hubby is so supportive and brilliant with me but how much more can he cope with..any advice or new of anyone else suffering would be appreciated. I feel so alone with this. Thanks

Posted by Optional on 03/08/2011 at 06:06

Hey I had UTi about a week and a half ago , I took the antibiotics .. the doc did a water test on monday & said it's clear ..but im still red, sore and achy down their? and it hurts to have sex :( I don't get what is wrong ? anyone else go through this???

Posted by Optional on 21/06/2011 at 01:42

I have two scratches on my vingina one from when I was taking a shower and the other embarrassing to say from masturbation. I found that masturbation would ease the pain but it only intended more after I scratched myself. It hurts when I go to bathroom because of the cuts, I have had these cuts for about two weeks now and I don't think I could do another week. What are some things I can do to make the cuts heal quicker? How long will that take? Am I at risk for infection? Will I become less dry after the cuts heal? Please help

Posted by Optional on 14/04/2011 at 12:06

Hi I had a bacterial infection at xmas and was given antibiotics which cleared my infection but straight after the tablets i was getting really bad imflammed vagina like i was being burned with boiling water down there and sex is a no go since xmas.I have been to dermatologist and stated it was eczema even though i have no itch . i was also treated with all medication to treat eczema of the vagina so my GP think its not Eczema.I feel buring irrated uncomfortable and uneasy at the entrance of the vagina and only a day or 2 ago got a bit itchy around the clitorse area.i now at a GYN and going for a biopsy done as she does not know what is wrong.I am off work on the sick now as i dont leave the house and i am so depressed .I dont know if i am ever going to get better and is putting a real strain on my marraige.

Posted by Michelle on 08/04/2011 at 07:45

my husband recently cheated on me with his ex she also got pregnant well she bled pretty heavily everyday and she had a low pregnancy hormone so yes they had an abortion. Well he had sex 4 wks before he had sex with me i asked him if he had been unfaithful he said no, i believed him so we had sex and right after he had finished i went to pee and it burnt so bad and it was so sore but i thought it was cuz we had very intimate sex and i hadnt had sex in 4 wks so i figure i was raw from sex well i find out that he indeed cheated on me and i wanted him to be checked cuz the girls has 3 kids by 3 diff. guys and that wud have been 4 but i discovered that my periods came quicker and i had a sore in my nose that was there 4 about 3 wks then i noticed that i had discharge it wud smell often but not all the time and soon after i had a bump that turned into a raw like pus filled patch on the outside lip, i showed my husband and i got worried but it healed fast and flaked off a little everyday, well i also discovered big infection bumps on my legs upper thighs and every boo boo i had wud b very sore, later i felt a sore spot around my panty line the next day i wash my vagina and hit a sore spot yelled out so loud i cried, my husband checked and it was an ulcer like sore around my urethra and it hurts so bad to pee i cant stand to even wipe or walk back to bed!!! it itches right inside my vagina and i feel the draining its very very sore and swollen.. my husband has no symptoms and he is my first and only sex partner ive had since i was 14 he had blood took we get some results in a day the other in 3 what does this sound like it could be it took about 7 to 8 weeks to get this bad but i had symtoms earlier please help im so confused.....:(

Posted by Optional on 11/03/2011 at 07:47

j have jsut been diagnosed with vulva cancer and i am frightened can anyone help me

Posted by OptionaL on 09/12/2010 at 05:15

My vagina is fine, no burning or itching. No bumps, everything is the color it should be. Except, on the bottom of my vaginal lips it's red and kind of sore. The redness could have been blood - since I am currently menstruating - but it is tender. Only around the opening of my vagina and on the edge of the lower part of my lips. I got some canestan cream which I'm hoping will be all I need. It doesn't sound like any type of infection... is it more likely that I'm just allergic to condoms with Latex? My boyfriend and I use tropical durex. Usually I have a problem with regular condoms but these are the only ones that I can use 3 or 4 times in a row. It there any other cause, other than a yeast infection? There is no vaginal discharge but it's hard to tell since I've been on my period. I also saw my dentist today and he said that my mouth was in perfect health.

Posted by Optional on 02/12/2010 at 07:37

I have had this pain and discomfort for a while now i didnt know wat it was i was embarrassed to tell anyone including my partner i have had sleepless nights due to the discomfort and at one point thought i was going mad i thought i was imagening it after having 2 c-sections and now due for my 3rd in 11days it was going throu my head that i must just be me Ive tried to use a cold flannel everytime i go to the loo before whipeing and insted of whipeing dabbin it seems to help but only for an hour or 2 never felt anything this painful before and feel alone like a freak.

Posted by Optional on 30/08/2010 at 10:50

take care ladies,men give deseases,i had thrush,it is bad,not confortable and pleasent to have that infection

Posted by Caroline on 17/08/2010 at 05:55

i have thrush an have been treated for it however, the canestan duo havent worked! im going to go back to the doctors but im worried incase they think im just moaning about nothing.. we all know how our "ladie parts" feel an doctors dont so why dont they listen to us an take our "problems" more seriously? im not depressed about it, im just fed up :(

Posted by Optional on 11/07/2010 at 04:52

i went on holiday for 3 weeks and after the 1st week the left side of my vagina swelled up and became very painful especially when touched or going to the toilet. i got an antiseptic cream and the swelling went down. iv been home for over a week now and the swelling is gone completely except for a tiny lump, im still using the cream but its still very sore when i use the toilet. i cant see anything wrong and theres no spots or blisters. i went to the doctor and she said it could just be a small cut that got infected. any ideas what it could be?

Posted by miss c hurley on 30/06/2010 at 10:56

i have a bad sore rash all over my crotch and it wont stop feeling wet and mucusy its like a gel reappearing all the time i have been on the menapause for about 2 years i dont use scented or perfumed toiletries so i am not sure how it came or how to get rid of it please help me?.

Posted by Optional on 27/05/2010 at 04:39

it is painful to urinate and sometimes i experience a painful clear yet somewhat bloody discharge, i have just finished myperiod and i have had protected sex, i have no idea what's causing it but my vagina is also painful when i'm not

Posted by Optional on 09/03/2010 at 05:56

i have a very swollen vulva which is very uncomfortable and very painful to touch at the opening, what can i do and what could it be?

Posted by Anonymous on 11/02/2010 at 11:06

i have 2 little spots they look a bit like yellow heads but also get servere abdominal pains during sex and its only when i have sex with my partner that there is a fowl smell down there please help

Posted by Anonymous on 28/01/2010 at 09:34

Yes I have pains and burning after my period. I get dry and swollen in my vagina region. How can I make this better?

Posted by Nat on 23/12/2009 at 07:29

Its really embarrasing but I have this Blister thing n my vagina its red and doesnt really hurt at the moment but i've only just relised it is there i'm really worried of what it could be! Please help me

Posted by Anonymous on 11/10/2009 at 07:01

I am very depressed with a horrible condition that is causing me pain and irritation down below with no sign of infection/thrush or inflamation. It is driving me mad. It does go away for periods of a time but has come back for the third time. All doctorsjust look at me with total confusion and say it must be anxiety. Stress does play a big part in flair ups but the symptoms are definately there and not in my head. Just really irriating problem which massively effects your everyday life and is very embarrassing to discuss. Can anyone help, I'm desperate??

Posted by Anonymous on 30/09/2009 at 06:16

i've a burnin pain at the entrance of the vagina since the last three weeks i've tried various creams dont help

Posted by Anonymous on 10/07/2009 at 07:34

I have been having problems with my vulva for years. I have dryness, redness, rawness and extreme pain. I have seen many gynocologists. No one can tell me whats wrong. I have tried everything, and nothing works. It is not an std, or bacterial infection.I have no idea why this is happening to me. I have pain all the time and cannot have sex. The doctors just dont care that this is a huge problem for me, and its making me severly depressed. i just dont know what to do anymore.

Posted by haley on 06/04/2009 at 03:04

hi, i have alot of pain around the vulva area. the skins is very dry, red/purply and certain areas are craked open from tha labia to the anus. as a result of the craked skin, when i go to the toilet it is painful. it is very stingy and itchy as a result. could you help me in telling me what the problem is please?


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