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Checking your testicles

It is a good idea to examine your testicles (testes) regularly, so that you become familiar with your own anatomy. Then you will be able to tell if anything unusual develops.

What is normal?

  • The testicles are oval in shape, and are usually about 4–5 cm long, 3 cm wide and 2 cm thick.
  • One testicle is often slightly larger than the other. This is usually normal and nothing to worry about. However, if you notice that one testicle has enlarged you should ask your doctor to check it.
  • The left testicle usually hangs lower than the right one.
  • The epididymis is a sausage-shaped lump stuck onto the back and top of each testicle. It is actually a coil of tiny tubes, which carry and store the sperm. If uncoiled, they would be about 6 metres long.
  • The spermatic cords lead upwards from behind the epididymis. They carry the sperm towards the penis, and also contain blood vessels.
  • The scrotum is the skin sac that contains the testicles and the epididymis.

Anatomy of the testicle











How to check your testicles

  • The best time is after a warm bath or shower, when the skin of the scrotum is relaxed.
  • Support the scrotum and testicles in the palm of your hand to feel their weight. One testicle may be slightly larger than the other, but they should be about the same weight.
  • Hold a testicle between the thumb and fingers, with your thumb on top and first and second fingers underneath. Roll the testicle gently, feeling for any hard lumps. A normal testicle is oval in shape; it feels firm but not hard and is smooth with no lumps.
  • Feel the epididymis, a sausage-shaped lump at the top and back of each testicle. It will feel soft and perhaps slightly tender.
  • Feel the spermatic cords which lead upwards from the epididymis and behind the testicles. They are firm, smooth tubes.
  • Do the same with the other testicle.

 How to check your balls

It is important that all lumps or swellings within your scrotum, or on or alongside your testicle, are examined by a doctor, so if you find something get it checked.

Written by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Edited by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Last updated: Tuesday, January 3rd 2017


For more information, Dr Phil Hammond discusses 'plums', 'peas' and varicocele in his Expert guide to scrotal lumps video below.

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Comments on this article

Posted by Optional on 06/01/2018 at 08:27

Just sharing a problem I had with my Testicles, I had one bigger testicle than the other for years and did nothing about it, it slowly got bigger and ended up around 10 cm Long. I was in a panic one day and thought I’ve got to get this checked. Turns out is was a hydrocele which is quiet common and is fluid build up around the Testicle, it gets trained in day surgery and then is repaired. The best thing to do is go to the doctor straight away. not wait 10 years like me, it’s a tad imbarrasing when they touch your balls but u get over it and they have to see worse stuff than that.

Posted by Joshua on 13/12/2017 at 05:25

I have swollen of testicles since four years ago now I was shy and I did not consult the doctor about this, is there solution about it?

Posted by Aman on 09/12/2017 at 06:19

My right testicle bigger than left.. before 3years it increases size and started pain. But after few weeks it stops hurting. But right testicle is bigger than left. Why it happens?

Posted by Gabriel on 04/12/2017 at 10:37

one of my testicle is bigger than the other but now somehow become a big bigger and painful with the tubes connected to it. Please what can I do?

Posted by Optional on 21/11/2017 at 03:27

My problem is my left testicle is normal as far as I know, but my right one is trapped somewhere in my nutsack, top right, closest to my penis. it is much smaller than the other also and I can't find any information on this

Posted by Optional on 17/11/2017 at 03:54

My left testis hanges lower then right ...does it any problem for my sexual life...

Posted by Optional on 31/08/2017 at 05:25

So basically my left ball is a normal size (as far as I know ) but my problems stem from the size of my right ball it is much bigger than my left I would say about the size of a egg I'm concerned to the face that it is cancer but you described it as a lump but the hole scrotum is that size Mabey I'd missed the sight then I was younger but I'm going to the doctors anyway I was just sceptical and a bit worried as I don't really won't to have to do kemo therapy and lose my hair at such a young age thanks for the help

Posted by Alim on 22/08/2017 at 07:35

Hello.. My age in 21.. And my name is slim.. I don't know whether it is skeptical view of me or not.. I don't have any sex problem.. But I feel that(my left testicle is lower then right one and right one is bigger and upper then left) .. M nervous for future.. Please reply

Posted by Optional on 05/08/2017 at 08:42

My left nut is smooth, little hard, no bumps, it's about 5x larger then the right nut, and it's really sensitive. I don't know what to do this

Posted by Optional on 17/07/2017 at 06:58

Hi sir my son is 10years old but his testes is not in scortum his scortum is blank and testes is upper side in scortum what i do

Posted by Optional on 15/07/2017 at 04:13

Hi sir my right side testis is big than left when while wearing supporter at exercise left will look smaller than right one tell m how to check it & precaution to be taken

Posted by Anonymous on 10/07/2017 at 09:47

I have a small sack like thing on my right testicle where the tubes go out. I am in pain feels like some one has kicked me and when I tuch it I have a quick releas of pyn and then it the pain is even more. What can it be and should i go get help?

Posted by 20 yr old guy on 08/07/2017 at 04:06

Hi my right Testicle is hurting and getting bigger it is double the size of the other. Plss suggest any medication its been a week. Thank you.

Posted by Appi on 28/06/2017 at 06:44

Hi right side ball is pain and also big and also have on small lump tumor ....what should I do.....

Posted by Optional on 22/06/2017 at 04:52

Can one testicle go upside down?

Posted by A on 20/06/2017 at 08:21

I had a vasectomy in 2014, at age 20. I am now experiencing pain and swelling originating from my left testicle. There is a massive that may be the vas deferense from the vasectomy. I have been experiencing abnormal testicular pain with pain possibly radiating to my abdomen. I can't be sure as I've had indigestion coinciding with the pain. I don't want to prolong medical treatment if it's something that requires urgent care, but I also am in a situation where being down, even for a day could be very costly to me

Posted by Optional on 17/06/2017 at 01:20

My right side testes become double in size than compare to the left side. Is there any problem to me or simply a change in genetic

Posted by Optional on 26/05/2017 at 02:02

My penis is crooked on left side... And its reason is my left testical is not normal... What I do sir

Posted by Optional on 25/05/2017 at 12:13

Sir my one testicle is large and other one twice smaller than larger then what should i do?

Posted by Steven on 09/05/2017 at 08:45

Hi I am 43 years old. One of my testicles were damaged and became atrophic. The atrophic testicle withered to almost nothing like the size of a pea. The other became very large. At times the atrophic one becomes painful were I have to masturbate to make it stop hurting. I notice the atrophic small testi will get a little big and hard. After I masturbate it becomes soft and tiny again. My ball sack is always tight because of the small testi. It wants to go into my body and the large one doesn't. Its all very painful at times. ):

Posted by Optional on 06/05/2017 at 12:20

My left testes is double the size of right one. I have been noticing this problem since last two months only. Is there any serious case to worry abóut it?

Posted by Optional on 02/05/2017 at 06:15

My left testical is smaller than right And very painful.I worried about this situation.plz tell meis what's solution and penis size is small day by day.

Posted by Optional on 07/04/2017 at 08:56

My right testicle is huge compared to the left one but it isnt painful. I am actually scared for my health. There is no lump on them its just the sizes of them are really different...

Posted by Alok on 28/03/2017 at 08:04

My right testicle has got bigger in size and weight than the left one.It started a week ago ,it was painful that time but it's being normal now.The right one is almost double than the other one.It doesn't pain now.What should I do,i m really worried about this please suggest.

Posted by mohammad on 23/03/2017 at 10:56

Why my testis one testis goes up and one cam down Normall when i stay free

Posted by Seervi on 19/03/2017 at 08:40

Hiii i am 20 years my left testis is smaller then right I don't have any pain but my left testis is small wht is the reason plzzz can u telll

Posted by Mendy on 18/03/2017 at 08:35

Hi, Sir my left testical ball is very small and my right testical ball is very large. I haven't feel any pain till now. Some time i feel my scrotum is very large. Please suggest me what can i do ? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Optional on 06/03/2017 at 05:17

my left scrotum is very larger than the left and many times i feel pain and when i touch it it is like 4cm long what is it

Posted by Optional on 26/02/2017 at 05:37

Hi, I'm 17 years old. When I first ejuclated noticed (After a month or 2) that there was something small growing next to my right testse.... I didn't sorry about it since it never bothered me and now after few years km worried about it, what is it? This 3rd thing is almost the size as my testicle and it oval shaped... Please can someone tell me what this is?

Posted by Optional on 25/02/2017 at 06:39

Hi sir my age is 21 running.. some months ago i. Started body building at pushups and dubbless lefting..after some time ii see some changes in my testicle..i can see that my right testicle becomes smaller then the left testicle and its somthing rise up..and i think i feel my left testicle is becoming big day by day and its paining....plzzz help me what i should now ?? Plzz plzz plz answer me what i should for it as ssoon as

Posted by Optional on 22/02/2017 at 11:27

One testis larger than normal n other very small that is even difficult to feel.What should i do to solve n also is it going to affect me in future?

Posted by Optional on 21/02/2017 at 06:31

my right testis is ten times bigger than ther letf I need herb

Posted by Optional on 14/02/2017 at 01:27

Wanted to know what does it mean when my scrotum is behind or on the other side of my scrotum? It doesnt hurt its just one hanging.

Posted by Optional on 02/02/2017 at 03:07

Im 13 and my right testical is much smaller than my left one, which as far as I can tell is normally sized. It's been like this for as long as I can remember, I don't really feel any pain or anything bad but still what's wrong with me

Posted by mzwakhe on 31/01/2017 at 01:48

My testicle is bigger than the other & it is painful

Posted by Optional on 31/01/2017 at 06:11

What if one of my testicles is hurting and if feels like its separating?

Posted by Motilal on 30/01/2017 at 05:03

sir,I have a slight pain just above the right testicle,sometimes I feeling the inside pain around the penis connected to genital region of my body.It has been continueing since three months.sometimes my testicles are being become of bigger size,sometimes normal,sometimes loosely hanging & penis suffering from erectile disfunctioning.I am now in great tension,please give me consultation.

Posted by Optional on 26/01/2017 at 01:00

Hii, i have enlarge size in my left testicle .i have pain last 15 Days but now pain are remove but the size of left testes remain large ,is it dangerous please guide me what can i do for this problem

Posted by Optional on 25/01/2017 at 07:42

I'm 16 and my testicles are still small. Why is my puberty not in order? What's wrong with me?

Posted by Optional on 21/01/2017 at 01:26

My left testie is larger than left one .. and sometimes i will get some pain also .. so what should i do??

Posted by Optional on 21/01/2017 at 07:11

I'm 21 but have noticed this problem for a while. My left testicle feels different than my right. I notice that on the back/bottom of it, it feels like there is a circular spiral tube that is a little bit lumpy, but I don't feel anything similar on the right side. When doing a "self check" I also feel a slight bump or kink on the vein or tube that goes up from the left into my body. If I press on it, it feels somewhat sensitive to touch. I haven't noticed this on the right side either. Also I occasionally (once every 1-2 months) get a pain in my lower abdomen usually after working out. Am I being a hypochondriac or does any of this seem abnormal?

Posted by Raj Karan singh on 27/12/2016 at 10:56

Hii I am of 19 years old and my left testicle is bigger than right one. Suggest me it is normal or it is any cause of unhealthy testis. If any cause then tell which type of cause and treatment.

Posted by Optional on 27/12/2016 at 09:56

Hi,Well I just turned 13 and when I examine my testicals my right nut is a little sagger than my left. It's everytime my left nut is more upper than my right

Posted by Optional on 26/12/2016 at 08:21

Hello ive notice that my the ball sack has gotten smaller over time this has me worried as now it at a point i dont really have one

Posted by venkat on 13/12/2016 at 03:12

Common problem, my testies are right side bigger than left side small. What is the problem I don't know. Please suggestion me any body who can know this type is problem

Posted by Optional on 07/12/2016 at 06:51

I am age of 64. My right testical is almost 2 time bigger than the left testical since last 10/12 years and there is no pain. It seems that there are 2 joint festivals on right side. Is it serious or........

Posted by Optional on 20/11/2016 at 01:17

I don't know exactly what was happening my left testical is paining so badly after my ejaculations it pain sometimes otherwise it's normal so what is it?

Posted by Rajesh on 19/11/2016 at 11:52

My left testicle is getting enlarged off & on since last 6 months and I become uncomfortable to worry on it as it pains and disturbs....................What is the possible cause of it and remedy for so...........

Posted by Optional on 10/11/2016 at 04:47

Hi,I'm only 13 and for a couple weeks now my left testicle has been much bigger than my right one and its been hurting. Hopefully one of you guys can answer what you thinks related to it

Posted by Venkin on 05/11/2016 at 02:04

Hi, i have this feeling in my left testicle, a discomfort that feels like it a bit big or heavy. Then there's the feeling in the bottom of my left testicle, tip and the nerve that feels a bit of pain when i squeeze it, but somehow feel good too. And then my left upper thigh feels tired when i sit, it feels better as when i stand for a while and walk. I've start feeling this about 3-4 days now. I'm worried and dont know what to do. Please Help, and Thank You. :)

Posted by Optional on 23/10/2016 at 02:34

Hi, Since a few days I am feeling a sudden pain in my testicles, Usually in left testicle, I thought it would go but it's been like 4 days and pain still comes in left testicle and also hurts when I touch the top of my left testicle, Today I tried to examine it and felt something on top of my left testicle it's only in left and not right testicle, Please tell me what's the problem

Posted by Reply For #Optionals post on Aug 29, 16 on 20/10/2016 at 05:13

For #Optional~ The fact that you have only found 1 testicle in itself isn't an issue, as you may be one of few percent of men born with only 1, but rest assured, it will do everything you need. Unless you aspire to be Peter North. However, the undescended one will need to be looked for. Sometimes they can use CT Scan, or other radiological tool. You WILL need to contact your Pediatrician, and maybe a Urologic consult. Either way, heads up, and keep moving forward, and you will be in just fine. Peter

Posted by . on 10/10/2016 at 07:04

Hi, 2 days ago I started to feel a weird, sore kinda feeling in my left testicle and it got really swollen but have taken paracetamol an ibuprofen since then, this has taken down the swelling but it's still bigger than the right one. I can feel a pain sometimes when I stand up or anything touches the testies.

Posted by A young kid whos confused on 07/10/2016 at 06:15

Yesterday I had sport at school and I was running then I tripped and fell front ways and today it Realy hurts I felt the testical wich was hurting and it was normal until I felt a bit going down in the middle then going back up and It Realy hurts pls tell me what to do , I'm quite embarrassed

Posted by Optional on 24/09/2016 at 10:48

I have started to realise some swelling in my right testucle and I can see that it is about double the size of my other testicle please can you tell me what I should do.

Posted by Cliff on 29/08/2016 at 10:20

My right testie is slightly larger, numb, burns. It goes or comes from my right thigh. It's almost like a pack of matches goes off in that while area. It happens mostly when I work. I'm a fisherman. Thank you so much.

Posted by Optional on 29/08/2016 at 01:14

I am 14 years old and I realized that I have one large testicle and I cant find the left one, is it bad?? PLEASE ANSWER. I am scared!!

Posted by Hi on 17/08/2016 at 02:31

My left testical is lower den right .but both in size same. Is this is any problem. What should I do?

Posted by Optional on 12/08/2016 at 01:05

My right testicle is lower than the left one. What should i do?

Posted by Optional on 11/08/2016 at 08:54

Thank You!

Posted by Optional on 30/07/2016 at 12:39

Ok so earlier this summer I had epididymitis in my left testicle. Went through two stages of antibiotics and I think it's better now. Anyways when I was in the hospital with the symptoms, the doctor said my left spermatic cord is longer than most people's. I can feel that there is a lot of excess cord and that it sometimes feels like it is curled or bunched up when standing and it hurts. I'm very curious about this and really just want an answer about it. Everything online says testicle torsion but I know it's not. HELP PLEASE! Thanks.

Posted by Optional on 25/07/2016 at 05:41

My right testicle has become two and there is a swelling up into my body.

Posted by moallim on 23/07/2016 at 01:59

i done a self examination and noticed that there seems to be more vas deferens somewhat enlarged on my left side than my right and ball seems small. On my right side there seems to be a lump in the vas line but ball seems normal size. Everything else seems fine except I'll get random sharp pain mostly on right side like someone kicked you in the junk.This only happens rarely. I'm not sure if I'm ok. also i feel before testile big is tight and small now left side testicle is 4 time bigger than right side also i am feeling pain in right side testile when i touch is it is hard and egg shape please advise what should i have to do.

Posted by Sam on 16/07/2016 at 11:22

Hi i have problem in my balls one big and one small how to do tretmant of that i dont want any surgery with out surgery any tretmant have so plz tell me

Posted by unknown on 13/07/2016 at 01:10

My left testis is lower than the right one

Posted by Anonymous on 28/04/2016 at 04:04

just went for my annual physical examination and when my doctor had me stand he did the testicular and hernia exam the way he always had in the past by reaching in my briefs feeling each side of my groin and having me cough and then doing a quick feel of each testicle. this time he felt my groin had me cough 2 times on the right side and 3 times on the left side then he started feeling my testicles said take off your underwear and lay on the table on your back your scrotum is extremely tight and i cannot feel your left testicle. after a very prolonged and invasive testicular examination he told me that he is very concerned about the abnormal findings that my scrotum is extremely tight and he is not sure if he located the left testicle or not, or if it is extremely smaller and very mushy feeling compared to the right and wants me to set up an extended visit for him to completely evaluate my testicles. is this abnormal to have an extremely tight scroutm and possible very small and soft left testicle or a missing left testicle. year before he said everything was good

Posted by CHIOZO on 29/03/2016 at 09:01

Thanks it really helped me a lot

Posted by Am I Ok? on 20/02/2016 at 12:18

I done a self examination and noticed that there seems to be more vas deferens somewhat enlarged on my left side than my right and ball seems small. On my right side there seems to be a lump in the vas line but ball seems normal size. Everything else seems fine except I'll get random sharp pain mostly on right side like someone kicked you in the junk.This only happens rarely. I'm not sure if I'm ok

Posted by felix on 12/01/2016 at 11:31

pls I can feel a lump on my left testicle and there are no sign of pain am worried doc pls what will I do

Posted by Optional on 12/01/2016 at 01:47

some time my left testicle goes in, is it abnormal? please help me

Posted by Joy Mondal on 10/01/2016 at 03:03

My one testis big & one small but i have no pain. What should i do?

Posted by Optional on 09/01/2016 at 01:06

I notice DAT one testicle is bigger than the one has more water in it.though I still feel the testicle in the other one but small.I just op all is well

Posted by Optional on 07/01/2016 at 02:49

I had an injury to left knee while playing a football game in 2010. I have since been plaqued by pains in left scrotum. I don't know if the injury sustained in the knee results to the effect on the scrotum....kindly give insights

Posted by fear man on 06/01/2016 at 09:14

My testicles are getting more bigger,but my penis becoming small everyday..

Posted by Optional on 06/01/2016 at 05:30

I only have one testicle and I'm embarrassed because I have a small private

Posted by Optional on 06/01/2016 at 04:21


Posted by Daqun on 05/01/2016 at 12:03

My right testical is lower and bigger then the left.what boes it mean?and my male apendig is curved can you help me?

Posted by Optional on 03/01/2016 at 11:13

I had testicular cancel a few years ago resulting in removing a testicul. By having one testical does this lower my chances of conceiving a baby. Thanks for the help!

Posted by Optional on 03/01/2016 at 12:02

Hey my Both testis are of same size approximately but my right ball hangs lower than the left and doesn't pain while masturbation is it normal

Posted by a on 03/01/2016 at 11:11

my right testicle is a little bit hurt. and I notice that it goes up and down. but the left side is steady. what can u say about this? i a little nervous

Posted by Mario on 01/01/2016 at 07:56

I am 18 years old and my right testicle is larger like...its a size of my doesnt hurts when im in the bed,but as soon as i get on my legs it hurts a lot...what do i need to do

Posted by kevin on 28/12/2015 at 06:44

My right testicle is bigger than other one I know it growing but I don't know why, I think it may bigger than the egg. What will do im scared

Posted by SALMAN on 27/12/2015 at 06:40


Posted by suman on 25/12/2015 at 04:57

my left testes has othar two small testes .what should i to do.

Posted by james e on 24/12/2015 at 08:58

my testicals are of same normal size but one hangs lower than other, i checked both many times and they weight or measure as same. is it normal...

Posted by ShEhzad on 24/12/2015 at 03:49

My one testis is normal size and other one is very smaller about 10 percent of other testis what can i do

Posted by Carl on 23/12/2015 at 05:31

Hi, I recently got circusized and two days later when I was washing up, I felt this huge pain in my right testicle. I though it was just emporary but it continued and then went down. The next few days it kept coming and going and I didnt know what to do. When I went for my post circumsicion check-up, the doctore was examning me and he cause my left testicle, which was completely fine, to have the same pain. My left testicle is way huger than my right and it hangs lower. Any idea what it could be?because it has not stopped for the past week

Posted by Optional on 23/12/2015 at 05:05

the right testicle is paining and shrinking in size where as the left testicle is swollen with no pain.plz my doctor examined dis and said orchitis.but the medication refuses 2 clear the pain permanently.

Posted by Kush on 21/12/2015 at 05:06

I feel recently my testicles hav become bigger. But no pain. I hv been circumcised since two years. Is it normal in ageing.

Posted by Optional on 17/12/2015 at 04:04

My left testical smaller then right after jaundice.what is problem and treatment?

Posted by Jmonk on 15/12/2015 at 06:36

I found a lump attached to my left ball that is sortuv firm but it was found maybe 2 years ago it doesn't her and isn't soar is this a problem?

Posted by Optional on 13/12/2015 at 01:11

Now i 'm feeling good after knowing that my testis is normal

Posted by Optional on 10/12/2015 at 03:44

My left testical hurts a lot but sometimes and this just started today?

Posted by Ankish on 07/12/2015 at 08:58

My left testicle is swollen and bigger than right testicle.. sometimes it pains.. but it's look worst to me.. i have this problem from a month.. don't know what to do.. please help.. left testicle is bigger like 6cm long 4 cm wide and other testicle is 2 cm long and 1 cm wide..

Posted by Optional on 05/12/2015 at 08:22

My child is 2 year age. He has one tacticles bigger than other. Checked by doctor and says wait for child become 5 year. If there any problem after 3 year .should be operation. My child has fever so his one tacticles become bigger. Is this actually problem or not? Child not complaint to pain in tacticles. Is this normal?

Posted by Optional on 03/12/2015 at 06:24

My left testicle is bigger than my right and has gotten larger in the past few months. It doesn't hurt or bother me in any way but it just doesn't look right

Posted by Optional on 01/12/2015 at 09:37

my left testical is way bigger then my right one and heavier

Posted by Optional on 30/11/2015 at 05:13

I only have one Testicle in my Scrotum. What can this mean? I am 14 years of age and apparently both are supposed to be in the scrotum at 12 months

Posted by Optional on 29/11/2015 at 10:56

My testical as swollen up twice the size of my right and I'm in a lot of pain

Posted by Optional on 28/11/2015 at 03:58

my balls hurt badly during foreplay or even at work they hurt sometimes up in my stomache like i've been kicked

Posted by Optional on 25/11/2015 at 08:54

I was checking my self when I felt weird tubes folded up next to my left testicle is something wrong?

Posted by Optional on 24/11/2015 at 10:00

My left testicle has something like an extension and other things that i feel is like blood vessels or fluids. What is that?

Posted by Ankit on 20/11/2015 at 05:47

I have pain in my left penie ball hand its lower part contain a seedlike tight littile ball please help me what was that?

Posted by john on 13/11/2015 at 09:47

I am 20 years old I just found out that one of my testicles is lower than other what should I do, am getting worried cause they look the same. but why is one very lower than the other

Posted by john doe on 05/11/2015 at 01:42

My male friend was working and doing a lot of lifting and working. After work and taking a shower he experience a little pain under his Nevil and the next morning the testicle WaS swollen . but he says it does not hurt!! What does this mean/

Posted by Optionalchotu on 26/10/2015 at 07:24

my right testicle is larger and it is leaning down and getting pain at some times and i am getting fear about this .I can't say to any body what should i do and it is paining when ever i an giving stress like playing hard (jumping ,dancing e.t.c.,)

Posted by Optional on 25/10/2015 at 11:42

My left testicle stays up higher than my right testicle, is this normal?

Posted by Optional on 23/10/2015 at 10:25

I have one testicle bigger than the other and I don't know what to do, my left one is going up and my right one is going down. :(

Posted by kelvin on 16/10/2015 at 07:00

One of my testes is really bigger than the other, pls what do I do?

Posted by Optional on 16/10/2015 at 02:29

One of my testicles almost seems like it's in two pieces or slightly separated, should I see a doctor?

Posted by Optional on 16/10/2015 at 09:05

I have left ball bigger than the right one is this a serious problem

Posted by hal on 16/10/2015 at 07:11

My both testis hangs towards left it is there to worry about it

Posted by Optional on 16/10/2015 at 04:30

i feel my right testicle different to left testicle ..when i touched with my hands i feel some thin layer over right testicle. i never noticed before but i feel fatigue from 5 years .

Posted by Siddhanth on 15/10/2015 at 12:19

my testicle have gone smaller in size at the age of's not giving me a problem at the moment. but will it be giving me at problem in coming years?

Posted by ac on 14/10/2015 at 05:55

I thought my undearwear was pinching but when I felt of the left side of my prostrate I felt a small lump. I pushed on it and it went away. I have no pain or other pro lens. Any ideas what that could have been.

Posted by Optional on 13/10/2015 at 12:46

my testicle is wierd one is standing up and one is always poking front whats that all about?

Posted by mudassar on 06/10/2015 at 02:17

Hey, I am sure I have testis problem since 2 years, till now I didn't took any medicine and doctors advice. My left testis is totally down from right testis, and allways my testis needs a support with wearing anything tight if not the left leg starts paining. Please give me solution. I am worried.

Posted by Optional on 29/09/2015 at 07:19

my right testicle is bigger than the other.there is someting on the upper part of my right testicle it is very soft .i dont know what it is.but its way more bigger than the other.

Posted by Optional on 27/09/2015 at 07:32

hi..actually there is some problem with my right testicle. Right one is little bigger than the left one. Sometimes I feel pain when I touch it. Can u suggest me that what should I do?

Posted by Curious girlfriend on 14/09/2015 at 03:47

I'm just curious but my boyfriends testes don't look normal to me. It looks like he only has one teste. It's large and I don't feel a separation. Should I ask him or not be worried?

Posted by wolex on 09/09/2015 at 07:39

one of my testis is far bigger than the other one,is it going to disturb m from impregnating a woman?

Posted by Cris on 08/09/2015 at 10:56

My right nut has been bigger than my left one for years. i thought there was something wrong with me until i looked it up and most people said one testicle is always bigger than the other one so i dismissed it. i thought it would go away in time but as of now my right nut is the size of one and a third of my left one. plus if i run around without briefs sometimes i get a wierd feeling in my balls. should i ask the doctor about this.

Posted by Optional on 08/09/2015 at 06:53

Ive been checking it out but my right testicle is swollen but not painful and it goes away. Over a few minutes it starts again swollen then relaxed swollen then relaxed is that a serious problem? I also dont know if it is or was a torsion?

Posted by rahul on 08/09/2015 at 06:03

Sir, my right testical is larger then the left one. Is there any problem vid testical, are I'm I effected vid testical cancer. My right testical has been getting upside down

Posted by kn on 07/09/2015 at 06:50

My right testicles are occasionaly paining. When I touch and press the balls ,my right ball is not much sensitive to pain where as my left ball pains which I feel is normal. What shall be the problem with my right ball with respect to the occasional pain and dumbness when I press it.

Posted by Optional on 01/09/2015 at 09:06

my left ball are small than the right one but what i meant to is my left ball is nothing just like a one ball man to say and it felt like it always hurt when it been touch or hold what may be the answer or treatment for this problem. the history of this problem is i have a bigger balls when in 20 then after this year my balls are getting smaller please help me

Posted by Fouad on 28/08/2015 at 07:14

Hi! I just wanna if it is normal to feel a little pain in my right testicle during ejaculation?

Posted by Optional on 26/08/2015 at 03:31

Is it normal for me to have one bigger then the other I'm not embarrass about my body but I just wanna know if it normal.

Posted by Judas on 23/08/2015 at 06:58

My right egg is painful nd bigger than the other one nd i need what must i do please reply as soon possible or send me names of medication that can help me

Posted by Optional on 18/08/2015 at 04:35

Can u tell me if having bally tangly bummpy veins in tje nuts is normal

Posted by Optional on 07/08/2015 at 05:13

I got kicked in my right testicale and I have notice by feeling it that it had swelled up and it got big.What should I do?

Posted by Fahad on 05/08/2015 at 11:22

If one tetis are small and they are not ddeveloped are they any problem?

Posted by BEBE on 05/08/2015 at 12:06

Hi,my right testicle use to be bigger than the other,and after administering some fertility drugs, it became more bigger in size and heavier. What do I do about this.

Posted by Optional on 01/08/2015 at 10:55

About 4 weeks ago I woke up to a slight tinge feeling in my left festival when I moved. It went after three days, then was quite painful for a week, and seemed to be hanging lower. I pinched the inside of my thigh and both testicals seem to be responding how they should. However on inspection today I noticed it felt like the tubes were enlarged and there was like a nobble as if there was a grain of rice standing on end. I am still going through puberty so could this be a cause? I have read about cancer and am severely troubled. I just want to know if its normal, or if I need to get it checked. But I didn't think it could come on overnight. Thanks for your help. I'll get it checked if its not right and if it doesn't solve its self soon.

Posted by Aamir on 29/07/2015 at 03:04

Hello, I was born with right testis slightly out of the scrotum. I consulted many doctors when i was kid ,and it finally came down to the scrotum sac. However , i always felt like some watery fluid around my right testicle but i always ignored as it was painless. After reading about testicle lumps and cancer , i got worried and i self examined right testicle and found something like fluid covering my right testicle. I went to see a doctor today ,he also found some fluid and he asked me are you sexually active . I said yes , as i masturbate 5-6 times in a day. He said it might be the reason and did some acupuncture treatment and laser on my right testicle to remove the fluid. I am not sure why he did that, i just checked my testicle again and still found water there. Doctor said its not a lump but fluid but i dont know i dont trust him. Well the reason he told me was excessive masturbation. Can excessive masturbation cause fluids in scrotum and what are the signs of testicular cancer .Thanks

Posted by Anonymous on 28/07/2015 at 11:58

My right testicle has divided into two, and i have a little pain on right testicle when i wear a tight pant. is it harmfull for me ? plzz reply as soon as posible

Posted by Babu on 16/07/2015 at 01:42

My right testis is larger than left and I got like a small tumer on my right testis inside my testis skin . so what should I do now?

Posted by majid on 13/07/2015 at 06:23

I feel pain in my left testical below and when i touch it below i observe my veins have become thick and I have been feeling pain since 2007.When i was a child i used to push them out.My testicals have become big in size.Now i feel pain in back and some in left arm also in stomack.I am so worried at the moment,what should be done..!!!!!!!

Posted by Monish on 08/07/2015 at 12:35

Right tecticles is not working and not produce the it reworking? How can reworking?

Posted by Optional on 07/07/2015 at 03:57

Hi, I have noticed that my left testicle it quite a bit larger than the other. I never really worried about it, because it has been like this since I hit puberty, and sincey teaticles seemed to be developing. I had just started to worry recently. I have been avoiding the doctor because I felt uncomfortable. It almost seems like my right teste is more undeveloped than the other, thanks if you are reading this, please, someone respond with a helpful comment.

Posted by Optional on 29/06/2015 at 07:25

Hi doctor my right testicle randomly one night turned circle and quite enlarge then the next it went down. a couple of months ive notice thats my left one has shrunk and when i got to feel it i feel like i have to search for it more instead of the right one. a couple of months ago my urin was red for a day and its gone back to normal now i went to the doctors to get check up she said that everything looks fine but she said she will sort out an appointment to get a ulrasound but the only next appointment is at the end of the month. i cant see any lumps thanks ib

Posted by rayOptional on 29/06/2015 at 06:33

About an hour after I was at work my right nut started hurting an getting worse.about one hour before lunch I couldn't hardly way u can touch it.been having trouble using something blocking it from coming out.have to push very hard to get a few dribbles.

Posted by Optional on 28/06/2015 at 03:14

My left testicle is hanging down and the right one is upward. I some times feel that the difference between them is not normal, because whenever i wear a tight underwear the right one comes up and the left one stays down. Is this normal ?

Posted by Optional on 28/06/2015 at 01:57

Hi, I'm 16, a couple days ago, after I leftthe shower, I looked down and thought that my left testicle hung even lower than usual, I examined it, read about testicular cancer. I realized there is something more or there are more of these cords or blood vessels on my left testicle. I'm quite troubled because I don't really know if I should visit a doctor. It hasn't grown, it isn't hard and it's only a little painful after I examined it( did it 2-3 times in the last 4 days) Please answer, anything could help

Posted by Optional on 26/06/2015 at 04:16

Generally left tesicle is hung lower than right one. But in my case right testicle is hung lower than left one. Though I didn't feel any pain, is it creating any danger in future or is there any disease to worry for me?

Posted by Gopal on 26/06/2015 at 06:41

my one testies is bigger than other so is there any solution to make it proper ?

Posted by Optional on 18/06/2015 at 04:13

My right testical started to hurt today, not sure what it is, I can hold it in my hand like my right one and make a oval shape with my hand, but the tube coming out of it hurts. Please let me know what this COULD be, my dad just told me to sit with my legs wide open

Posted by hari on 12/06/2015 at 12:08

left side penis has reduced size to small one

Posted by Optional on 12/06/2015 at 03:59

my left testicle large is very larger than my right one. when I get a hard on my sack feels swollowen.

Posted by Abdulaziz on 11/06/2015 at 03:16

I'm 14 , near 15 years old I hit puberty last year when i was 13 near 14 years old, and i feel the left testicle is bigger than the right one , it says normal on the topic but i also my left testicle (behind it ) it feels like there's cords and but the right testicle there is cords but not behind the testicle its above it but from behind , is that okay?

Posted by tanuj on 09/06/2015 at 07:32

My one testicle is up and another one is down, but i dont have any pain is that create any problem in future

Posted by Optional on 05/06/2015 at 05:01

My right testicle is fine but the left on feels smaller and there are like little pebbles around it. PLease Help!

Posted by lowell on 02/06/2015 at 02:46

Hi,my left testicles is Berger I feel pain.When I'm touch and I'm worried.. what will I do...

Posted by Anonymous on 28/05/2015 at 10:41

firstly, my left scrotum got harder and bigger than another.I feel uncomfotable and painful.then I discuss the doctor and he gave me some tablets for pain reliefer.but some days later this my left scrotum get very small like seed of kul

Posted by Mtyr on 28/05/2015 at 09:39

I have noticed that during ejaculation one one my my testics asends upward(from my view the left one). Secondly when the testic connects to the epididymis there is a hard ish ovioular shape. I do not remember having these a year ago. Is there something wrong? Also it may be important to not that I ejaculate a minimum of twice a day with some days in the double digits. I am a bipolar and know that hypersexuality is apart of my disorder but I have been this way since I first found out about in around age 10-11. Should I be concerned?

Posted by jack on 28/05/2015 at 08:37

Hi, yesterday after taking a shower I found something next to my left testicle, I'm very worry, I am married and I have a kid, could you please help?

Posted by Optional on 21/05/2015 at 07:46

i can feel a couple of lumps on my right testicle wich is a little bit bigger than the left one, i am worried that i have testicular cancer, help please.

Posted by Optional on 11/05/2015 at 05:46

when ever i am walking i am feeling pain in the left testicle.when i sit down don't feel it.when i feel both my testicle the left one feels little bigger.please help

Posted by Optional on 06/05/2015 at 02:22

I have recently noticed a moderately large ball sharp on top of my right testicle but I do not know what it is and I fear that it may be testicular cancer . I am 15 and am very afraid I don't want to tell my parents and I can just rock up to the doctor can I? What should I do? Please help me..

Posted by Rimon on 20/04/2015 at 09:23

Need to know... Does testical pain happen for excess of masturbation ?

Posted by YaboiJake on 16/04/2015 at 04:09

My left testicle hurts, and is slightly harder then the other, I've felt it and the right one seems softer then the other, and that the epididymis/etc is hurting aswell. Being only 15, I've only had this problem once when I was 9, in the right testicle, I didn't worry as much and slept through the night with ease, it was gone the next day. (I'm in the middle of puberty, currently, and this is very weird to me considering I don't think this is a growth pain.)

Posted by john on 10/04/2015 at 09:08

My left testical feels swollen just ontop next to my penis but there is no pain at all just discomfort

Posted by Some guy on 10/04/2015 at 05:03

HELP! Ok so I am so worried that I might have testicular cancer I have. A lump not very big but painless and about the size of a pea on the bottom of my testicle. Also it only shows when I masturbate or when I get out of the shower I am emmbarresed to go to the doctor to get stuff like that checked out. Also occasionally the bottom of my testicle where the lump is will feel spongy and gross. Plz help me!

Posted by Optional on 03/04/2015 at 05:59

While I was haveing sex acouple weeks ago my right testicle somehow went up in my abdomen I couldn't find it and I freaked out and stopped and went to the bathroom and felt around I felt a lump on the top of my pubic hair area and I pushed gently on it and it fell back in place... today I was feeling around and noticed all the cord feeling stuff is on the opposite side of my testicle than the other and now after feeling around there is a dull minor ache in my right testicle.... should I be freaking out?

Posted by Optional on 26/03/2015 at 11:19

I'm 15 and have noticed a dark bruise on my balls there are no hard lumps or anything else should I be worried

Posted by treemanl on 04/02/2015 at 10:27

I have a right testical that is twice the size as the other one. There is tenderness and a dull pain most of the time WHAT IS GOING ON

Posted by Optional on 02/02/2015 at 05:05

My testicles hang down about 3 inches and my testicles are about the size of a nickel or quarter why is this

Posted by Franklin on 30/01/2015 at 05:59

I'm in the early to mid stages of puberty and my left is bigger then the right but on the left there is a tiny lump that feels cereal stuck on a bowl if you get what I am saying I do masterbait often and feel pains in groin I'm just really freaked out I just noticed the lump and just don't know what to do I have nobody that I feel like I can talk to about this problem

Posted by Optional on 29/01/2015 at 09:01

When you masturbate every day wil your sperm gets lost?

Posted by Optional on 29/01/2015 at 05:24

I don't know if you can help but my right testicle and upper right leg have started hurting since yesterday morning, it started with my upper leg with intense, short pains when I moved but now it isn't as bad but when I touch my testicles it hurt when I push har dish, I've doen research and it's scary because I don't want my parents to know or to go to the doctors

Posted by Optional on 28/01/2015 at 04:54

I have those lumps .should i worry about it?i cant go to the doc since i m just 16 and i will not be able to tell thos to my conservative parents

Posted by Jack on 26/01/2015 at 02:14

My left testical feels like its in Haiphong and there is something holding the halfs together is that normal or does anyone else have that problem

Posted by Optional on 25/01/2015 at 03:50

I realise that after I ejaculate I feel pain when I want to urinate and I also realise that my testis are some how bigger than the other

Posted by Rockey on 25/01/2015 at 08:13

My right testis is seen bigger than right,and i feel pain also

Posted by james on 24/01/2015 at 11:10

I have a lump the size of a pen tip on my left testicle

Posted by nightelf on 23/01/2015 at 10:07

Hello so my right testicle alligns somewhere with my penis. I dont feel any pain or discomfort i just saw that only ny left testicle is visible while my right ,after a little bit of touching i found it. Is this normal?

Posted by Optional on 23/01/2015 at 06:39

i have a problem in my penis right ball i have a slight pain only when i touch my ball or when something touch there should i show this to doctor or what please help

Posted by Optional on 23/01/2015 at 05:30

My right testicle is stuck up in my abdominal region and I can't produce seamen what do I do as I'm to embarrassed to tell anybody it's been like this since as long as I can remember please someone get back to me

Posted by shubham on 22/01/2015 at 09:12

In my left testicle there is small ball appear please tell me what is this...I usually get pain

Posted by ravi 1989 M on 22/01/2015 at 08:14

Sir I am 26 years old . and almost 3 years back I met with an bike accident and hurt my right testicle . then I noticed its swelling little bit and after that I consulted docter and problem was solved but after some days during ejaculation I noticed brown colored mix in semen . now my ejaculation is normal but my right testicle seems like its dead. I mean it has become very smal ......but my ejaculation is normal. I am worried about my reproductive system and fertility ..please help ...!!!!

Posted by Optional on 21/01/2015 at 02:23

My right testicle is harder than the orher an sometimes i feel like there is something moving within my scrotum and i also sometimes feel pain in my groin. Im quite scared

Posted by Optional on 21/01/2015 at 01:06

Im 12 and kids my age are talking about having sperm and my left ball is big and my right is small my penis is small and I'm ashamed to talk about it to anyone

Posted by Optional on 20/01/2015 at 11:03

I'm 49 I am so humiliated I have been a bit of a recreational sex player since early teen the age of 47 my balls went inside like a child. I am single been divorced 3 times and I have always had a very active sex life now I have no problem with getting woman I'm ashamed. I can still perform good just have drawn up tight sack never hangs 2 years ago they were in the way. I'm kinda scared

Posted by Optional on 19/01/2015 at 02:07

My partner developed one big testical he is a very tall large men ab 100 kilos . He is not willing to talk ab out this issue,but it disturbs me not knowing why? Is it common for older men to develop this condition?is it possible that is no,thing serious ? Regards Helen

Posted by Optional on 17/01/2015 at 10:53

im 11 and when i get kicked in tne balls it dont hurt is that normal

Posted by Optional on 16/01/2015 at 06:46

I have no hair and my penis has not grown and my voice is not deep I think I might be a late bloomer I'm scared because my friends already hit puberty and I haven't started yet atleast I don't think so can you tell me how I can start because I saw this story about a 21 year old guy who hasent hit puberty so please get back to me!!!

Posted by Optional on 15/01/2015 at 06:11

i worried about my testis, the left of my testis hangs 2 inches than my right testis. normal or not?

Posted by Scott on 15/01/2015 at 03:36

My left testicle is bigger than the other and not just bigger like lot bigger doesn't hurt or anything just worried bout it

Posted by Optional on 14/01/2015 at 01:01

I was hit in the balls during work today, by accident. Now, during sexual intercourse with my girlfriend I felt a pressure. What could this be?

Posted by Robin on 11/01/2015 at 10:04

When I sit on the couch and close my legs, I feel my testicles against each other, or going inside (upwardly) why is that??

Posted by Optional on 11/01/2015 at 04:23

couple days ago, the bottom of my testicles started itching. i has been itching since. what do i do?

Posted by Tony on 10/01/2015 at 10:18

Dear I have swelling in my left testis... Its seems that it swelling in sprem cord. I also fell this pain in my stomach also just upside of left testis. Please slove it.

Posted by sovereign on 09/01/2015 at 02:43

The nerve on top of my right testicle seems thicker (swollen) than it should be. This is not around my oval shaped testicle, but on top part of it. If I feel that nerve with my fingers, I feel a slight pain too. I'm worried what it could be!

Posted by Optional on 09/01/2015 at 01:04

Sometimes when I shower, My penis starts to feel very weird. I touch it and sperm got out of it, then my legs starter to shake and my testicle start to hurt a bit

Posted by Optional on 09/01/2015 at 01:58

I can feel and see the epididymis in my left testicle but not in my right. I think that I may be missing my epididymis in my right testicle is the possible and if so how can I treat it.

Posted by Optional on 08/01/2015 at 07:05

My lest testicle hangs lower a good amount. But I feel attached still . I have back pain problems and lower abdominal pain sometimes .

Posted by Optional on 07/01/2015 at 01:07

I've heard that when a guy gets older his testicles drop. My testicles seem to be caving in. Especially when there is an erection.

Posted by shahid on 05/01/2015 at 09:34

I feel a small hard ball on top of my left testical but i feel some sentation on my heart when I press it what is that should I need to consult a doctor please help me I am very worried

Posted by Luke on 05/01/2015 at 08:54

Hello my name is luke and i am 15 years old and about a year ago i was using the restroom when i noticed my left testicale was gone. Believe me i was very scared and it felt unreal like it just dissapeared so i showed my dad. He told me it was not normal and got me a doctors appointment scheduled the next day. When i arrived the docter told me he was going to send me to a specialist. I was also scared because over half my family has cancer of differnt types. I thought i had testicular cancer but of course i didnt and thank the lord for that. I ended up having a surgery that did not last very long but long enough for me :). I now have both of my testicales and am very happy i do.

Posted by Optional on 05/01/2015 at 01:06

my balls hurt after sex it feels like my balls are up inside my belly and I can't come

Posted by Optional on 04/01/2015 at 10:42

my balls are sucking in and out of my sack when i pee

Posted by Optional on 03/01/2015 at 03:55

One of my balls is bigger then the other and it hurts when I walk around and get up. Thanks

Posted by Optional on 01/01/2015 at 09:45

my left testicle seems to go up in my groin especially while im having sex and then comes back down, should I be worried?

Posted by shafiu on 27/12/2014 at 09:59

My problem is my balls are always very cold,hope its nothing seriouse

Posted by One ball is way larger than the other on 27/12/2014 at 05:04

Have had the same size testicles...but out of curiosity, is that normal? One is ball is way larger than the other. Please respond.

Posted by im 112 on 25/12/2014 at 07:55

i have no balls and i dont know why

Posted by Tre on 24/12/2014 at 05:00

Well my nephews use to kick me in my testicles and I never checked them but now when I take the thumb of my finger and roll them I feel a lump on top of my testicle it use to hurt but now it doesn't but all my wife has to do is tap my testicles and I would go falling on the ground and it would be a really sharp pain!

Posted by joe on 21/12/2014 at 06:18

The diagrams helped me make sense of how everything is packaged down there. Advice I found helpful was to examine after a warm shower (never occured to me).

Posted by john on 20/12/2014 at 03:09

I was diagoised with orchitis,took medication,cleared all bacteria,but why are my testacles and scrotum becoming bigger and very painfuf?

Posted by Flowhike on 20/12/2014 at 05:01

Enlarged spermatic chord, with enlarged tubules along with possible circular swellings I think could be cause of epididymis. Not sure and worried. Advice

Posted by Optional on 19/12/2014 at 02:30

I have a sudden pain on my left side balls of my pennis .what are the reason for that?? And how it can be cured??

Posted by james on 16/12/2014 at 05:22

I still don't know what is the issue with me. My left testicle feels like it's been kicked and there's a tearing pain in my lower abdomen. Why

Posted by Optional on 15/12/2014 at 07:48

There is a swelling that appeared a few days ago on the right side of my scrotum sac. The left side appears to have no swelling. It is soft to the touch and feels just like a lump. It isn't really painful and no redness has occurred. It just appeared suddenly an am worried.please help

Posted by Optionalg on 13/12/2014 at 10:17

My left teste is swollen and i can't feel it properly but it feels like there could be bumps there. Please help.

Posted by Optional on 13/12/2014 at 03:21

Right testicle has small pain that comes and goes no lumps or anything

Posted by Optional on 12/12/2014 at 08:23

When i exercise or run after sometime i feel pain in my penis

Posted by Optional on 09/12/2014 at 10:55

Left testicle is bigger than right testicle and hangs lower and has been paining me for two days is this natural or do I have to worry about it

Posted by Optional on 08/12/2014 at 11:24

I am a 25 year old male and I noticed that my left testicle is bigger than the right one I feel like there's more tissue and everything on the left side in there is the right side I've did a thorough examination and looked at pictures of what they're supposed to look like and there's no bumps it doesn't hurt I still ejaculate the same there's no pain I don't know what to make of it I can put one in my palm and its smaller and I put the other one in my palm of my hand and its bigger you can tell the difference what do you think is wrong

Posted by Hello on 08/12/2014 at 02:09

my right testicle seems to be like double the size of my left

Posted by Bengy on 07/12/2014 at 10:51

My right nut did have a really bad pain to about 2weeks ago but now its pretty much gone and now it feels smaller and has just slightly pain here and there should i get it checked or no?

Posted by Optional on 07/12/2014 at 05:28

pain in the left testicle after a moderate workout. I never had this kind of pain before. Please advise.

Posted by Chris R on 07/12/2014 at 12:56

I'm slightly worried and have been for a week or so now. My right testicle feels smaller than my left by a centimetre or so. I have no sexual desire and an erection is but a distant memory. There's no pain or anything when I pass water but I'm starting to worry. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance

Posted by Optional on 05/12/2014 at 11:46

my left testicle gives me excrutiating pain seldomly and I have premature ejaculation

Posted by Rabbi on 04/12/2014 at 05:16

Sometimes i found something big with my testicles not regularly, specially in winter. but if i press it with little pressure then it gone and i fell its going inside me and feel a little pain. so,please give me some suggestion,what should i do?

Posted by Rich on 04/12/2014 at 02:10

To whom this may corcern My one left testicle is bigger than the other for the last couple days and now I believe it's becoming a little sensitive. obviously I need to go to the doctor/hospital, I'm getting a little nervous now. I Googled it and it came up as testical cancer.

Posted by Optional on 04/12/2014 at 01:14

one ball is bigger than the other one i dont know what to do or what it is

Posted by Optional on 03/12/2014 at 06:42

my scotrum is very big and no hair is their and moreover it is not divided into two. Yes, it is one only. i am very worried about!!!

Posted by Optional on 02/12/2014 at 11:15

Hi there, My right testicle is slightly bigger and slightly higher than the left. I only started noticing it about 6 weeks ago, but I've never really checked my testicles before then. But how much bigger is unusual? Mine is maybe 0.5cm-0.7cm bigger than the other. Is this normal? Any clarification would be appreciated.

Posted by Shiva on 28/11/2014 at 07:32

My right testicels is full pain i got this pain 4times that more than 3month gap for every time and i got 2times blood in urine i need her plz reply me

Posted by Optional on 27/11/2014 at 06:55

Yes my left testical is bigger then my right but I do masterbat about 3 times a day should this be the effect of my left balls being bigger then the right . Should I go see a doctore about it

Posted by Griff on 23/11/2014 at 06:15

I've found a small hard lump on the surface of my left testicle under the epididymis. I'm worried sick it's the big c!! It's not painful or anything but it's definitly on the surface of the testicle. Can anyone shed any light on this of what it could be cos I'm bricking it!! Cheers.

Posted by ademola on 23/11/2014 at 01:03

the right part of my testicles is more suspended than the left one, do i av anything to worry about?

Posted by Optional on 20/11/2014 at 09:41

I can't seem to see or feel my left testicle, it's not in my scuturm, help

Posted by Optional on 18/11/2014 at 10:58

right by my left testicle feels like a build up of jell like substance.

Posted by bishal on 18/11/2014 at 12:26

at the top of my right testicle I found something like small ball slips when I try to hold and also my right is lower than left one..please help me out...I m worried about it..

Posted by Gaz on 18/11/2014 at 02:08

My left testical has allways been a lot bigger then my right... My right one is really small in comparison..this has been like this from my teenage years... Iam now 41 with two children so I know my spree is ok but iam worried...because it feels bumpy . Help

Posted by 12 yr old on 17/11/2014 at 05:25

My testicles both hurt, itch, but my left one is hung longer and is two cm bigger my right is about 1.5 cm HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Optional on 15/11/2014 at 06:38

Will that testicle grow back to its normal size?

Posted by Sultan on 12/11/2014 at 09:32

My left testicle is 2-4 times bigger than my left. It affecting my penis erection and my sperm count. I am so worried and scared it might lead to a major illness

Posted by Optional on 09/11/2014 at 12:36

I have constant pain and have notice a shrinkage of my testicles and even my erection is slightly feels limp kind if. Not rock hard like before. I had a bad motorcycle accident and landed on rear tire and injured my testicles bad. Could that be something fuxable????

Posted by Optional on 07/11/2014 at 02:28

i had mumps..and my right testis had swollen i gess 3 times bigger than my left one.. and after the infection now that swollen testis has been very soft unlike my left.. am i having any kind of serious complications??

Posted by Nathan on 28/10/2014 at 06:49

This helped a lot. I was wondering what was going on.

Posted by Optional on 28/10/2014 at 06:10

I could use some advice. Usually shy and embarrassed to talk about the subject but figured there seems to be great information on this site. I woke up this morning feeling regular. After taking a warm shower I noticed some discomfort (mild pain) in my left testy. I am also noticing some slight swelling. I plan to see a doctor but I thought I may get some information from who ever can help before I do so. Any information is helpful. Thank you very much for your time to read my message over!

Posted by Optional on 28/10/2014 at 01:36

my left is bigger than right even the veins are big is it normal or cancer something?

Posted by Optional on 17/10/2014 at 06:52

Sir i found something tight on my right testis it was about the half of the size of pea .. plz tell me is it serious.. and how do i cure it...

Posted by Optional on 12/10/2014 at 07:37

My left testicle is bigger than my right and i hurts anytime i touch it or walk what is wrong

Posted by gero on 07/10/2014 at 01:17

I started experiencing some pain in my left testicle in august 2012,it swell,i went for treatment and then after 2 weeks it became small than the other but i was doing my duties very well as a man but now things have changed i just go for only one round i cant get erection again.what could be the problem. Ineed your help as this is un usual to me. Gero

Posted by Optional on 05/10/2014 at 06:39

my left testicle is lower than the right but just recently my right one has been aching a little not bad just uncomfortable I don't know what it is

Posted by david on 11/09/2014 at 05:58

very useful information for me ,my left side testicles was paining & it was slightly lower than right testicles... this information helped me a lot

Posted by Optional on 10/09/2014 at 05:49

at the top of my left testicle I found something like small ball slips when I try to hold. ..please help me out...I m worried about it..

Posted by Steve on 09/09/2014 at 11:04

Thanks for the medical advice. I find it useful.

Posted by Raziel on 09/09/2014 at 12:30

My left testicle is in pain. I have had this pain for 2 days now I feel uncomfortable talking to my 2 sister's or mum or dad about it. Tonight I been talking to my girlfriend about it she said its normal and she talked about how one females boob is begger than the other. But this site really helped me out.Thanks

Posted by Optional on 31/08/2014 at 09:19

I have noticed that I have a stringing sensation in my testis-scrotum daily in several time.I 've low libido and blood report showed low testosterone.Sex with wife is not regular.No issue after 5 yrs marriage.

Posted by Optional on 21/08/2014 at 01:10

when i felt my left testicle exatly in the middle i feel my finger touch as if it was split/rip and on the top front there like a crack line its mildly lancing also i never had any form of sexual act but 5 days ago i got hit with a hard rope to my testicles it had me on the floor for roughly 6mins

Posted by Optional on 19/08/2014 at 11:12

I have a scrotal hernia when I was young. It was operated when I was 11years. Can it affect my fertility?. Due to the operation, my left scrotum is not as big as the right scrotum

Posted by Optional on 18/08/2014 at 08:37

i found my right ball bigger than my left one is there anything to worrie about? :(

Posted by priyam on 18/08/2014 at 08:42

my left side testicle is 2-3 times bigger then right .it pain some times and i dont think its normal . is it symptoms of testicle cancer or natural?

Posted by Optional on 17/08/2014 at 05:46

My left testicle is firm at the bottom but as I go up it becomes squishy and it looks feels like two testis connected

Posted by chris on 28/07/2014 at 10:49

I need to know if this is testicles never hang hardly ever they always stay up in me even in very hot weather and when i get out of the shower. I had them checked one time by my dr and he said some people just do this. Im concerned because they didnt do this before until about 2 yrs ago. When my wife and I make love I cant produce sperm anymore hardly ever. I do have back problems and back pain from digenterive disc diease and was wondering if that would cause all my problems. I am very concerned and any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Posted by Chuckee on 08/06/2014 at 11:41

My left testicle is 5-7 times bigger than my left. It affecting my penis erection and my sperm count. I am so worried and scared it might lead to a major illness such as prostate cancer.

Posted by Optional on 27/01/2014 at 01:58

I have had the flu for three days and now i have an ache in my tight testicle.I had a vecestomy years ago are the lumps in my testicle my sperm tubes that have been sown should i get them checked

Posted by Optional on 17/01/2014 at 04:22

My left testicle is falling down. I've noticed it 3 weeks ago. Im not facing any pain or abnormality. Is there any problem? Or is it natural. And what are the causes of this? Thankyou..

Posted by Optional on 10/01/2014 at 10:03

Helo sir, My left testis is bigger(testis is lower) and i felt that there is boloon shape part is there..when ever i lying its not appearing its only appearing when i am standing..Give me the guidance for it. Because am scaring it will make big problem

Posted by Optional on 29/12/2013 at 02:42

Hello sir, I have problem for testicle is very small so how to solve this problem please tell me sir

Posted by Tristan on 03/12/2013 at 07:29

I got hit in th balls 2 times and that happened 2 or 3 says ago and I've just noticed when I went to to pee i felt my balls moving and they looked like they were breathing I'm not sure if that another sign of puberty of are they damaged from getting hit in the balls 2 times is this very bad i don't feel pain but it just doesn't seem right can you please answer my question I'm getting very nervous

Posted by Optional on 09/11/2013 at 11:00

My son who is ten said his testicals feel tight and sticky is this normal?

Posted by mike on 11/10/2013 at 08:15

Hi 1 of my testicle is use to move from the scrotum goes to the side of my penis and the other 1 stayz inside the scrotum usually it happens when I'm sitting down then I just wanna know that the is someting wrong because I never notice befor I notice after I heate wit the lock of the belt but hard pleaz help.

Posted by thanuja on 28/09/2013 at 02:17

thanks a lot,i solved my problem from this informatoin.keep it up

Posted by Optional on 03/08/2013 at 02:39

Wow really helped me

Posted by saint on 21/07/2013 at 07:08

my left side testicles is not in the normal position it's postion is much lower than the normal one and i feel lots of nerves which is really frustrating....i can't deal with it any more please help me.

Posted by thabang machaba on 15/07/2013 at 09:35

I have a testicle proble which took place 5days back,my righten resticles it swollen and its not on the normaly size it is big and hard and bigger to the other i would love to know if will go to a normal size?

Posted by Optional on 06/07/2013 at 12:15

I cummed and now I have pain at my left ball or at the side of it. Is there a solution for it?

Posted by ypr on 02/07/2013 at 03:23

i am facing problem for few months with my right testis it pains often.i feel right one heavy.while pressing the right one pain i feel pain in my stomach.please give me a solution

Posted by Questical on 23/06/2013 at 07:37

I have an annoying sensation in my right testicle. It is not pain, it's not really anything, other than an awareness, and slightly ticklish sensation. Nothing feels strange when I do the testicle-check... but, I simply notice this sensation within my right testicle. Does anyone else have this, or know what this is?

Posted by Optional on 23/06/2013 at 01:19

hello ive always been a self conscious but I have never had any issues but recently I have noticed my testicles get overheated very easily and they hang very low. they also move round a lot just doesn't seem right and im very worried I comstantly have to re arrange and im unsure about how to go about things any help will be greatly apreciated

Posted by jack on 25/05/2013 at 08:55

my ball sack has always been low but now is becoming a problem . sometimes I hurt it when I sit down. it bothers me when i roll over at night. do you have to be put to sleep to have them fixed . thanks.

Posted by Unknown on 30/04/2013 at 04:13

Hello prof..can i ask something? after i shower, i can see clearly my epididymis at the left testicle...can you explain that? need i see doctor?

Posted by Diar on 24/04/2013 at 12:01

Hiya thanks for this useful information. Very good keep it up I have one seriouse question which is when I have sex and erect cock for some reason I'm enjoying sex because I finish to quickly It doesn't last long !!!!!!! I need ur help please


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