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Success story: treatment for restless legs

Thank you to Anon (female), age 40, from the UK, for sharing how she tackled restless legs syndrome.

I have suffered from restless legs syndrome (RLS) for 19 years, since being pregnant with my son :-( It has been a daily torment for me since then and has ruined many a trip to the cinema, night flight or even just trying to relax on the settee with my partner watching TV in the evening!
Talk to your doctor. I changed GP recently, and as the symptoms were beginning to start earlier and earlier in the day I went to see him for help. No previous GP had been able to help me with anything other than advice. I was prescribed pramipexole (used for Parkinson's disease), and since the second day of taking them I have only had the symptoms once and that was due to forgetting to take a tablet on time. They have totally changed my life and I can't recommend them or thank my GP enough.
Anyone who has not suffered from RLS has no idea of the torment it causes, I have been in tears many times whilst driving my car on long journeys, as the leg jerks and horrible sensations only stopped when I stood up and walked about – not easy when travelling on a motorway.
I hope that my story will help others to seek advice from their GP – there is help available!
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Last updated: Thursday, June 13th 2013


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Posted by Mary on 04/07/2013 at 12:38

I can wholeheartedly agree with the above lady; I was also prescribed Pramipexole by my GP having suffered Restless Leg Syndrome for many years. The effect of this medication was almost instantaneous. If anyone else suffers from this, like the lady says, see your GP and ask about Pramipexole (but don't ask me how to pronounce it!!!!!).


Success story: treatment for restless legs

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Fascinating facts

The symptoms of restless legs had been noted by Dr Thomas Willis as far back as 1685

Restless legs is also known as Ekbom's syndrome, because Dr Ekbom, a Swedish neurologist, wrote about it in the 1940s

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