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Red face

Some people just naturally have a reddish face. Of course, if you work in the open air, you may acquire a weathered, red, jolly-farmer face, especially if you are naturally fair-skinned. But a red face can mean that you have a skin disorder, and appropriate treatment should solve the problem. And, rarely, it can mean a more serious disorder such as ‘systemic lupus erythematosus’ that needs to be properly investigated and treated. So do not feel you are wasting your doctor's time by seeking help for a red face.

Questions to ask yourself

Is my face red all the time, or is the problem flushing/blushing? Have a look at the section on blushing and flushing.

Have I been taking steroids? Steroid tablets can cause a red face in some people. If you think this might be the cause in your case, discuss it with your doctor. Do not simply stop the steroids, because this could make you very ill. Strong steroid creams can also make the face red, and can encourage the formation of thread veins that make the skin look redder.
Am I sensitive to something? Think about whether you have changed your cosmetics or perfume recently, or whether a chemical in your workplace could be responsible. Or have you come into contact with something some people are very sensitive to certain plants and flowers. Nickel in spectacle frames can cause redness around the eyes and ears.
Is it related to sunlight (photosensitivity), even sunlight that is not very bright? Photosensitivity may be the cause if most of your face is red, but the shaded areas under the nose and chin, under a fringe of hair and behind the ears are all right, and the redness stops sharply at your collar-line. This can be a difficult problem for your doctor to sort out, because it is often an interaction between a chemical and sunlight. The chemical might be a drug that you are taking (amiodarone, thiazide diuretics, chlorpromazine, some fluoroquinolone antibiotics and some tetracycline antibiotics occasionally have this effect), or the chemical could be in a perfume or a sunscreen.
Is the redness in a special shape? If the redness is just across your cheeks and nose, in a shape like a butterfly, you need to see your doctor. It could be a disorder called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), in which your immune system is not behaving properly.
As well as being red, is my skin scaly, itchy, sore or lumpy? Are there blackheads or pustules? Lots of skin disorders can cause reddening of the skin. You might have ordinary acne, rosacea, dermatitis (eczema) or psoriasis.

What you can do about a red face

The first step is to discuss the problem with your doctor, to check whether it is caused by a skin disorder that needs treatment. If there is no skin disorder, this may just be the way you are, and you will have to think about disguising the problem if it bothers you. Many cosmetic companies produce make-up to minimize redness, often with a greenish tinge that does not show when it is applied. Try to find one that is ‘hypoallergic’, as people with a red face often have sensitive skin.


Written by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Edited by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Last updated: Thursday, May 17th 2012


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Comments on this article

Posted by Joseph on 29/09/2017 at 04:16

I use to get shy whenever i talk with a person and my face turn into red and i really want to change that

Posted by mary on 30/09/2015 at 03:28

i have a red ness both in my cheek n when i check it in the mirrow i saw a very small line n they are a very red in colour n pls help me how can i do becz of this i already consult with doctor but when i use this medicine they become black in colour

Posted by Optional on 27/08/2015 at 02:24

after comming from sunlight my face gets red and its starts to pain i can't able to talk properly

Posted by Optional on 29/07/2015 at 04:00

Since morning ive had this red face and neck thats really hot, i took a shower, it didnt help much i dont know what to do

Posted by Optional on 28/06/2015 at 07:20

Is your face flush most of the time? Do you get red when you drink alcohol or eat spicy foods? In the sun or in the cold weather? You've most likely got Rosacea.....stress, weather, foods, alcohol....they all trigger it.....there is no cure, but there are medications and facial creams that can reduce the redness.....I've had Rosacea for 20 years now....

Posted by Optional on 12/06/2015 at 04:30

My face is always puffy, hot, and red. I have bad acne too. But I wash it everyday. So I think I'm going to see a dermatologist.

Posted by Dave on 07/06/2015 at 10:07

Please stay strong and keep your head up. Never give up trying to find a solution to your red face, and lastly it's better than having cancer.(and yes I too hate my red face)

Posted by Optional on 29/03/2015 at 01:58

I am really red all the tym no matter wat I hate it I've no confidence I cant even talk to people anymore I go to the gym and do weights and my face goes really red it all started wen I was about eighteen after I had acne and my spots are gone now I've just got a red face and its not a good look I need help

Posted by Optional on 23/03/2015 at 08:17

my face get red when dancing or just getting hot and have had a slight heat stroke. I have been advised to put cold pack on my neck.

Posted by Optional on 08/03/2015 at 06:11

I have the exact same thing but found a solution. My Dermantologist told me to buy a cover up called Derma Blend. I bought it from Shoppers Drug Mart and its literally saved my life. My entire face - cheeks and chin as well as my chest and neck goes super red in the heat, when I drink wine, in difficult situations and now I use the Derma Blend and it covers the redness up. Its not the same as other cover up - you only have to use a very small amount and it doesnt clog your pores. My dermantologist also gave me a prescription for Metro Gel and I used it for a few weeks on my face and now its not red antmore. Not sure what it did but it helped get rid of the redness. Good luck. Hope it helps - I know how hard it is to have Vascular Rosacea.

Posted by steve on 14/02/2015 at 08:54

i have red face espess round the cheeks ,this can sometimes go worse under lights in pubs etc and my face sometimes gets very hot feeling .I was told off my doctor try antihistamine tablets as I might be allergic to something like my washing powder etc . can this be true? and on the plus side the tablets don't do anything for me.

Posted by sunil .manthani on 11/02/2015 at 06:13

my cheeks and nose have some red in all time so advise me what i take to my face please urgent

Posted by Optional on 04/02/2015 at 03:18

My face is only red when im in school. I think its due to temperature but my face is naturally red and i dont know why

Posted by vinit on 02/02/2015 at 10:05

Redness after a hot shower how to control them ?

Posted by Optional on 28/01/2015 at 03:44

I have tiny bumps on both of my cheeks that are also slightly more red than the skin on my forehead, nose, etc. I don't know what the bumps are, but I've head them for a matter of years. What are these??

Posted by Optional on 15/01/2015 at 02:57

What can a person whoes red face is caused by blushing use to bring back her skin to normal?

Posted by Optional on 11/01/2015 at 05:48

My face is always red, no matter what. The skin is smooth and normal, no bumps or veins or anything out of the ordinary, it's just like I used a red filter that stops at my jawline and around my eyes.. I laugh when makeup websites say your face should match your arm colour, yeah right it doesn't even match to start with because my face is red so what hope do I have to find a match? Not that I use makeup because the people in my life would think it weird of me to start using it at 30...

Posted by Mary on 10/01/2015 at 05:33

Hii, my face is always red and the kids at my school make fun of me for it!! It gets

Posted by Optional on 01/01/2015 at 11:35

i used a home electric cleanser on my face i put on a face reserving cream my cheeks started to burn now i have red marks on my cheeks they sting and my face feels tight i dont no what to do will these marks go

Posted by Optional on 13/12/2014 at 09:56

my cheeks seem to go purply red when im lift heavey things and from time to time go bright red and hot for no reason? any hlp

Posted by Patience on 04/12/2014 at 05:16

Pls wat can i used to remove red spot on my face

Posted by Optional on 10/11/2014 at 02:28

Sometimes my face becomes red and asewell I feel embraced to look to people can you assist me please?

Posted by Optional on 04/11/2014 at 10:33

My cheeks bcom hot and red at the time from 9am mostly in winter i feel shy to go outside during daytime wat to do ? Plz help

Posted by Optional on 28/10/2014 at 10:19

redness and heat in face but nowhere else in body. have RA i describe it as my internal thermometer is on the fritz and is overheating

Posted by scott on 02/10/2014 at 10:53

hi my face has been red for some time now. it s mostly around each side of my nose and top lip. it can burn at times and it seems no matter what treatment a get it keeps coming itches and is driving me mad. can anyone help. a can upload picture just not sure if you can and how to do it

Posted by kay on 28/09/2014 at 08:53

My face is red the cheeks either side of and down the nose and feels and looks hot, it seems to happen overnight, it will cool down after 24 hrs or so and it feels tight. It also happens after exercise and i dont like warm rooms. This has been happening periodically for several years now, its embarassing, could it be related to the menopause, I have tried cooling sprays etc to no avail

Posted by anurag on 26/08/2014 at 03:24

I always have my face red,this is from my birth.It becomes too much red in the sunlight.please tell me,what should I do?

Posted by katy on 24/07/2014 at 03:23

hi there, i would like to ask a question please i am just wondering there are times not every day but yeah my tip of my whole right side ear is glowing very hot and red the feeling is unbarable and its not on my body just my ear and not my face only my ear and not both just the one side why can you please help me, or is this part of going through menopose?

Posted by Optional on 23/07/2014 at 09:04

I have always had reddish skin on my nose and cheeks, it can't be covered by make up and is very embarrassing when people tell me I am sunburnt when it is just my skin, I think the veins are just close to the surface of my skin but I don't know if it is something else, are there any home remedies you can suggest?

Posted by Mark on 08/02/2014 at 12:37

About 1:pm mid day, cheeks & face turns very red. By night fall it has cleared up. Using Dr proscribed Elidel but it doesn't seem to be helping. Face still gets very red. Is there No cure for this?

Posted by RJ on 16/10/2013 at 11:06

I have the same problem.. Very annoying and life hindering.. I've been trying different Chinese herbs.. I don't think doctors realise how big of a problem this is

Posted by Optional on 06/09/2013 at 01:03

I've got the same problem guys. I am a very nice person and everything ok, but my face is red becouse of this blushing. I think this is in our blood system of family, cause my parents got the same problems. To me is problem with the girls, all other friends got perfect skin, which don't react on anything, but my react on almost every thing. If i play sports, i'm all red. If i drink 2 beer's, i am red as tomato. I know this is so annoying so we need to discuss on this forum about that. I don't know how to get rid of it, but i think that's just something you have to live with it. I hope someday i will find a girlfriend, who won't be distracted about my red face and would taken me as i am. Regards guys. Be strong, that's just life!!!

Posted by Optional on 25/08/2013 at 11:56

i have reddish face otherwise my body is fairly wheatish looks so bloody.... and my face looks dark after sometime of washing face and also after sometime of appling makeup. what to do? and whats the problem

Posted by Optional on 21/08/2013 at 12:34

my 7 year old daughter has had a rash now for a week it started as what seemed to me as a sunburn on her face it appeared as red blotchy patches on her face which led to her neck and chest day two of the rash it covered her whole face which looked like a sunburn on the face that caused sever itching burning and hot to the touch and also caused sweeling of her face and eyes it also had moved to her inner arms and legs by day two and on her upper back those appered to be more of raised bumps that itched now she is peeling on the face and the skin underneath is a pinkish color looks to me almost like a third degree burn. can anybody help me to figure out what this may be red swollen itchy burning hot to the touch now peeling face with pinkish colored skin with a rash down the neck back and chest that moved to her arms and legs also very very dry cracked skin. it started peeling on the fourth day the redness turned to rough dryed cracked skin that began peeling off PLEASE HELP... ..

Posted by RUPREKHA on 20/08/2013 at 06:20


Posted by Dooco 25676 on 18/07/2013 at 04:32

I am very red around my cheeks .I have only developed this redness .I've had it for the last 6 months .I thought it was sunburn or something so I put aloe Vera and after sun on it .Nothing was happening .I am depressed a lot o f the time now.I hide in my room .I myself think and I have been told I have a very brights sports career ahead of me and this redness is putting me down.I have often not bothered going training because of my red face.Ive noticed people on the street looking at my red cheeks .People have often come up to me saying "got a bit of sun today ..... ".i consulted a doctor a while ago and he gave me cream .It didn't do anything .I am depressed as well because I find the girls find it a turn off .I am very mad most of the time and very depressed and I think I'm putting on weight.If I got out of a cold pool my face wouldn't really be red at all .I continue using aloe Vera and after sun .Ino it does nothing but I always think positive about saying to myself this time it will work and stuff.Will the reader of this please help me out or give me a little bit of advice because I just want my cheeks normal more than anything .

Posted by Guy on 16/06/2013 at 03:57

I had purchased one lotion named Red Pomegrante Whitening (Made in Korea). I only use the lotion for two days. I used to apply it both to my face and body. But now my face is getting pain, rough and reddish. Why it happen so? This lotion should make the face white and soft as per the description.

Posted by Celena on 10/06/2013 at 10:04

People always thank I am sun bruned face neck arms please can you help me

Posted by Optional on 12/05/2013 at 12:54

I have red cheeks and my neck feels tight and sore with like crease lines. My eyes are sore in the mornings. If the sun is out it feels like my neck and face are burning up. Had tablets and cream from doctors and nothing is changing.

Posted by optinial on 12/05/2013 at 08:30

I used this face scrub called oxy and iv used it before n nothing happend but i used it right now in a certain spot by my nose n it stayed red what does it mean

Posted by Optional on 13/04/2013 at 04:10

i read half the comments (...) they all seem like bs to me. i have a red hot burning face all the time. sleeping, working, eating, wanking. it can not be cured, its something you cant control. if you learn to live with it, you will be much more happy. you cant fix your nervous system. if you cant deal with it, off you go.

Posted by Optional on 12/04/2013 at 06:29

My whole face turns bright red when I am out in the heat. I have tried drinking more water, placing cool cloths on my face or just sitting down and resting for awhile and still my face remains red until approx. an hour later if I go inside to air conditioning. What can cause this and what will help to reduce the redness more quickly?

Posted by Optional on 22/02/2013 at 05:59

I used to have the problem many of you seem to be describing but I found that using a portable heater has got rid of the problem altogether. When Im in my room on my own I just pop the heater on to a reasonable temperature (the higher the better but not uncomfortably warm) and it makes my cheeks go red and you should feel them getting hot. If you do this for as many hours as possible (should notice a difference after a week), your face adjusts to being in a warmer environment and really does reduce blushing from embarrasment in the workplace/public places. Hope this helps

Posted by Optional on 15/02/2013 at 12:20

I recently (past week and a half) have been getting a really hot/red face but the rest of my body is cold. For about a month know i have been taking benzaclin and these purple/orange pills for my acne. At first i thought there might be a connection but now im thinking " why would it start now". Also its only when my hairs is down. I dont think its hot flashes or anything since its only when im at school and im only 16. Im thinking if it gets worse i'll go see a doctor but im still very confused.

Posted by Optional on 09/02/2013 at 10:35

My face is ok in the morning but as the day goes on my face will start to burn up mostly on my right side from my neck upwards. I cant stand hot places not so much outside but inside is a no no. Its destroying my life I cant go out anywere because I feel people are looking at me which makes it worse. And I cant socialise because this makes it really bad. And it only goes away if I go to sleep and wake up the next day oh and wen its bad my nose feels asif its pulseating

Posted by Optional on 31/01/2013 at 01:42

My face always gets super red when i play drums infront of other people, but a year ago, it never got as red as now. It usually gets red at everything now

Posted by Optional on 05/12/2012 at 09:59

I go to the yard and me & my friends just talk for 30 mins then we go in and my face is all red? Why?

Posted by helpppp on 01/12/2012 at 04:32

For the past month my face and chest starts burning up and going really red if the heating is put on. The rest of my body feels fine but my cheeks burn! This has never happened before. What can it be?

Posted by skin on 12/10/2012 at 09:51

my cheeks gets really hot and red like it burning it happens every day

Posted by Optional on 13/09/2012 at 02:18

by the way @Humiliated i don't want to say anything wrong, but i had a friend with symptoms like yours, he had severe eczema though, and i've heard of hydrocortisone helping certain things, it helped my dermatitis. anyway don't conclude it there, suggest these to a doctor (if you haven't already). good luck!

Posted by Optional on 13/09/2012 at 02:09

:( yeah my skin is allergic to stuff, i have hayfever, eczema, and dermatitis. although they are mild. but my skin must be sensitive as i have a red nose and chin, on top of that i have mild acne that is sensitive to the sun. all of these build up and at worst state i have a very sore pizza face... :/ i take antibiotics, but redness still appears, i use sun cream too. but i just need help. literally anything .

Posted by Lizz on 06/09/2012 at 03:33

I turn red for no reason at all. And my friends will laugh and say "OMG you're a tomato." And i want to know what most people would recommend. No offence but please dont tell me to take deep breaths, or calm down and move on. Trust me i've tried. I want to find like a makeup or something. Please help

Posted by Optional on 06/05/2012 at 08:39

I have had a really bad what looks like a chemical red rash from temples to corner of mouth with large lumps and spots all over the area and also across my forehead for the last 3 years. I have been to a GP, Natural Path, Dermo, Bio Chemist Natural Path. I have taken tablets from the GP, tried skin creams, Alkaline & Candida diets, colonic's, Taken my mercury fillings out, done untold detox's yet no one has the answer. I thought it was the chemicals i use to colour hair, so changed to an organic with no luck. I tried meditation, yoga and yet no luck!

Posted by Optional on 12/03/2012 at 06:28

I can be just sitting and go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. My face will be very bright red and also my hands. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning it is the same. Sometimes it does not happen at all during the day. What is it. Should I be concerned? I am on Blood Preasure meds and Thyroid meds. The Dr. says not to worry. I had my hormones checked. They are fine. Please Help!!

Posted by Optional on 06/03/2012 at 05:30

Yeah. I have the same problem as well. Kind of red spots and ulcers come out easily especially in the forehead and jaw area when i feel like tired and stressed out though i guess. Although used different therapies of skin cleaning, there is no progress at all. Help me people!

Posted by Optional on 20/02/2012 at 01:52

My cheeks are quite red and my whole face is warm to touch while my cheeks are actually burning! It's so embarrassing and is really effecting my confidence, it only used to be blushing at random times but now my cheeks are permenately red, help!

Posted by aurorah on 13/02/2012 at 02:43

hello i am 19 years old female most of the time when i get a headache or stressed my face gets red & burns me a lot it is getting black spots now doctor pls help me what can i do

Posted by Aastha khanna on 13/02/2012 at 02:32

Hey, my face goes red in crowded places or no reason and it's not only for heat because no one else goes red. And I also go red when I hear people screaming or shouting for no reason.

Posted by gaurav on 09/01/2012 at 05:46

hii doc....i am 23 yrs old, male.......i have lots of red marks on my face....basically on all begins at 18.....before that i didnt have single spot on my face........after 18, lots of pimples grows on my face....and they are still coming.....sometimes they vanish and sometimes they again appear......i had also discussed the problem with a doctor....he prescribed me some medicines, gel, soap.....but nothing works.......also i have tried a lot to get red of them.....and now some red spots occurs on face .....and they are not going.....i drinks lot of water per day......but still i am not able to find the root of the skin is summer pimples occurs more than winter....due to this....i am loosing confidence.....i have also applied lots of natural things on my face...but nothing works.....pls doctor.....provide me the best solution.......waiting for ur answer eagerly....bye

Posted by Humiliated on 02/01/2012 at 06:45

I have it all over my face... its been diagnosed as serb derm and rosacea but to be honest i still feel like thats wrong... sympthoms.. dry itchy skin everywhere, mainly either side of my forehead and cheeks and anywhere i have hair.. bad bad dandruff.. itchy left eye..boils, constant redness and stinging that goes into flushes if in a crowded place.. i use protopic and i think thats caused the flushes ... I'm told this is CHRONIC.. which means that it gets worse and worse which of course is just brilliant... i have tried everything now at this stage and not much works and anything that has worked usually stops after a few months as the skin adapts.... its as if i am at war with my own skin.. like it hates me for something... i dont leave the house anymore, have no self confidence, diagnosed as depressed,. am now unemployed and dread going to a interview due to the flushes... triggers are alcohol, exercise, hot/cold weather, hot/cold drinks, toothpaste, deadorant, spicey foods, stress... haha STRESS... basically breathing is the sympthoms.. if i stop breathin then it should go back to normal.. there is no cure. life is great

Posted by Redface!! on 08/12/2011 at 03:57

My face gets really really red and hot out of no where, and it isn't even hot. Also my ears get very red to along with my face. It dosn't go away for awhile. Do you know what it could be? Possibly an alergic reaction or anything ? Thanks

Posted by Red on 28/11/2011 at 01:21

I am 9 months peegnant with my third child and since i have been about 3 months pregnant my face has been bright red. Like i have gotten sunburned every day. No sore bumps heat or anything it is just red nonstop. Do you know what it could be?

Posted by tabassum on 21/11/2011 at 11:11

i have observed that skin burn problem has been started to me few months back. or may b earlier as i didnt notice b4. what i feel that if my face is expose to sunlight litlle bit it start burning and only that side which is exposing to sunlight. i am very much worried about this as my elder sis has same problem and her face complexion is totally changes and she has alot of black spots on her face. please help me

Posted by Optional on 19/10/2011 at 06:55

I've got red patches on the cheeks. They burn like crazy!!! I splash water on my face a drink some water. It helps a bit but keeps on coming back. Is it SLE? I'm worried, plz help. Btw, it is not really on my nose but the patches on my cheeks look a bit like butterflies... I also feel really hot. I feel fine, except for the hot part. Help!

Posted by Alisha on 05/10/2011 at 07:56

i went to a job interview and started to feel the tight skin, and then went home took off my makeup like always and normally the same way for years, and my face felt tight and dry red in my cheeks slight stinging right up to my ear and feels like sad paper? Its itchy at times and I put moisterizer on it with no chemiALS in it and it burns so so bad. I think its speading and I am trying to geta job this is causing a problem ty HELP

Posted by Optional on 02/10/2011 at 04:50

I have a problem with turning red easily before i was never like this i use to turn red last year but only a little now even if i get called on in class i turn red HElp its killing me with embarrasmetn

Posted by tigrdonnie on 23/09/2011 at 10:11

I have had an angry red blotchy lower face for weeks now. The splotches are only mildly itchy but face skin feels tight after shower. Shapes are irregular and only slightly raised if at all. Dermatologist has had me on anti-biotics for 14 days and starting another round now along with steroid cream but nothing seems to help. No evidence on chest or any other body location so am at a loss where to go from here because it's UGLY!

Posted by Optional on 04/09/2011 at 09:28

I have been dealing with having a red face with the feeling of a fever when subjected to hot weather or certain smells daily. This is also accompanied by a white swollen tongue and burning sensation in my throat and upper chest. This has been going on for approximately three months with no change. I have visited doctors and they seem perplexed and I feel as though there will be no end. Please help me.

Posted by Optional on 02/09/2011 at 11:15

i hav this facial eczema that is all over my month and my cheeks i dont no what to do

Posted by Optional on 27/08/2011 at 04:06

face is always red and skin feels like it's burning

Posted by Optional on 14/08/2011 at 03:43

my face is always blood red. has nothing to do with the tempurature of the room, or medicine. i just wake up in the morning and its automatically red. its not irritated or uncomfortable its just a shade. it never tans and im pretty sure its not rosacia. just lettin that out to see if anyone has a solution or has the same problem.

Posted by MI on 30/07/2011 at 03:29

Why is there nothing listed for head neck there is nothing for inflammation pain lumps bumps nothing why

Posted by Oscar on 15/07/2011 at 02:47

My cheeks are very red, dry and irritated, my GP prescribed nizoral2% shampoo and told me is fungal related the redness, used for a month but no much improvement so far. Any suggestion?

Posted by Optional on 28/06/2011 at 09:42

I'm 12 and my skin is red allll the time and I have like naturally sallow skin so shud I really go and c the doctor ???

Posted by Optional on 26/05/2011 at 09:34

I get the red face always in the afternoon.

Posted by rebecca on 30/12/2010 at 10:07

i still dont know. I wake up about twice a year wi swollen eyes and a red lumpy rash all over my face its very sore and very itchy and my face goes really tight. Im thinking i could be allergic to somethin but why about twice a year??

Posted by Karl on 23/12/2010 at 07:33

well my face get red with the sun and with the cold weather ,, i can´t use soap and nothing because everything make more red .... everything began after my agne at 18 years old ,,,my acne dissapear but my skin is still red ,,, i don´t know if i have to use an special product for my sensitive skin,,

Posted by mini01 on 23/11/2010 at 05:44

hi i work in a cold place,nd whenever i go to the canteen which is at a normal temperture i get red patches on my face which will be around the chin and the side of my cheeks and sometimes even goes on my neck and after my break i go down to a cold place it takes time but then my face goes back to normal like nothing happened p.s i know its got to do with hot and cold but what can i do which will help..?

Posted by Optional on 21/10/2010 at 02:21

sometimes my face gets hot and suddenly red cheeks last almost for an hour now i'm really worried about it?is this related to my health or any health problems?..plz help me out..

Posted by Optional on 08/10/2010 at 10:14

i go red if someone asks for the time or says hello, i am not shy, even if my son asks me a question and he is 2 years old. its so embarrasing that i dont want to go out

Posted by Hayley on 30/08/2010 at 10:55

Hi im 24 and i go red faced with blotchs all the time. Sometimes it when im embrassed but even when im not i still go red. Eating dinner, work stuff anything and everything sends me red. i hate it!!! i get red patchs all over my face and chest and its driving me crazy.

Posted by Peter on 20/07/2010 at 12:46

My face is consistantly red, no rash, blotch, just all red rest of skin is pink to white with freckles. I had Rheumatic Fever in 1962, I drink too much and smoke 2-5 cigarettes a day, Besides smoking and drinking which I am quitting what else could be causing redness of face?

Posted by Molly on 13/07/2010 at 02:32

Hi , I'm 13 , and every time I exercise , or get warm , or if I'm in a difficult situation (in that case i blush , but then the "blush" won't go away for ages) , my face goes really red , and stays that way .. The only way I can cool myself down is by sticking my head in the freezer and putting ice blocks on my cheeks , and even then I stay red ! I'm wondering if this is just because I'm fair skinned and got blond hair , or whether this is an actual problem .. :/

Posted by Optional on 27/03/2010 at 08:50

I have patchs of breakout on each cheek ( 10 or so)it starts with lumps under the skin. sometimes the area gets real red. It will then leave and only the breakouts stay

Posted by blushing face :( on 24/03/2010 at 01:33

i don't know what to do please help!!! im only just 13!!! i have always had a very red face, and i look really gross in photo's, i want to talk to my mum but she would say that im fine-please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( if anyone suffers like me i know what your going through :) good luck to anyone else:)

Posted by nick on 23/03/2010 at 11:25

hello. my face has been blotchy and red as long as i could remmember.Also i blush very easy, is my face red permanitly from blushing so much and what can i do? thank you

Posted by Optional on 25/02/2010 at 07:46

my face goes realy red y im doing exercise and stay really red for hours afta wat could it be

Posted by Nicola on 21/02/2010 at 12:03

A week of sleepless nights because i'm too hot, feel like i'm burning up inside, but mainly my face - window wide open and a severe frost, ice pack on my face... I've been to the doctors several times and still no answers. Even got hospital appointment to treat for asphyxia - given a machine to test my breathing during the night - but didn't fall asleep that night so hardly a fair test...sometime drop off when body temperature lowers and then wake up suddenly and burning hot. This has been going on for years, tiring and can be depressing. Seems to come in episodes. Seem to be really sensitive to changes in temperature, any central heating is uncomfortable and go bright red, heart rate increases and eyes all blinky, feel nervous. Much prefer being outside where cool on my face. Even if camping as soon as get in tent that little bit of warmth makes me burn up and can't sleep...any ideas????

Posted by ScotBoy on 24/01/2010 at 02:29

Ive got red cheeks and im really wanting to get rid of them, nothing seems to be out there to help with this problem, please help!

Posted by anonymous on 15/01/2010 at 09:53

please read! I was 17 years old as a junior in highschool when I started noticing tiny spots of redness on my face, it started off on my cheecks then on my eyebrows, I noticed my skin began to lose my natural skin oil and began to dry even the hair on my eyebrows began to fade, the next summer it got even worse, the tiny red spots became larger and it would burn outragousely in sun expousure, I got extremely depressed and I actualy left school because of my problem. I then started to try and cheer my self up and got a doctors appointment hoping to come out of it with the answer in my hands and return to the normal life I had but I didn't happen, the doctor had no idea what the problem was and I noticed I knew way more about it by far than she ever would, even with her "knowledge and succesfull career" I got so angry that I almost charged her for telling her what I was using daily to treat this miserable skin disorder and I almost asked her to give me my money back. So as time went by I began using all kinds of cream from neutragena to Vaseline and it was unsuccesful. Four or five months went by and thanks to this skin problem, my life started to change, beginning with my attitude, I was miserable, depressed, angry, and embarresed always so much that it actualy began to traumatize me to the point I would talk to anyone and never left my room specialy not my house, it went so far that I actually thought of commiting suicide. Then weeks went by and one night I stepped inside my parents room to grab something and I took a moment to apply a lot of lotion on my dry, itchy, and extremely red face and hoping like every day this problem would just dissapear overnight when my mother said, "why don't you try this" and I looked at her and said, it's not going to work with rage inside of me and almost crying, so I wiped off all of the lotion and grabbed the tube of gel and took a small amount of it and rubbed it on my face like a lotion, so I went to sleep in my room and spontan

Posted by sandeep Rajawat on 02/01/2010 at 07:42

my face become red in sunlight and many time in a day. i feel heat inside my face skin plz help me i feel realy emberrising with my family and with my friend

Posted by Tom on 16/12/2009 at 09:01

i shower every morning washing my face with things like blackhead scrubs, soaps, shower gells... but it doesnt matter what i do this red face and scalp just keeps on coming along with the blackheads... I find that i often have a burning sensation on my face because of soap, scrubs and so on so there really isn't a way forward. i wash... my face goes red cause of reaction... if i dont wash my face goes red with oil

Posted by Michelle on 28/11/2009 at 03:45

My face feels almost like its burning from within, At one point last year it actually made my skin peel as if sunburnt. It was suggested i eat Yuna iddly enough and it stopped it. Yet taking Omega 3 vitimins doesn't work. It's painful to touch, extreme cold like from a freezer helps as does cold weather. Please if you can, what is this and how can I stop it? I've used the same nonalergenic face cream its the only one i use.

Posted by may on 06/08/2009 at 09:12

I have alway had red cheeks even as a child but as i got older i have developed tiny spider veins all over my face and I flush alot more now

Posted by Mids on 20/07/2009 at 08:53

I am beside myself with total frustration. I have a red itchy face which feels hot to touch. It's is hell trying to get a doctors appointment and as I am a working women I can't just go at the drop of a hat. I have had this skin condition for about 6 months now, it comes and goes and I have to cover it up with thick foundation before I leave the house. My doctor prescribed anti histemines but they didn't work. Please help as I can't bear it any longer, it is really depressing me. Thank you.

Posted by mel on 01/07/2009 at 09:32

im 29 weeks pregnant and on my calfes im breaking out in broken veins what can i do to help the problem

Posted by aly on 24/06/2009 at 05:21

i have been taking grapeseed extract and ester c for my skin. It takes a while but hang in there! Also i use "ultrasun" facial sunscreen all year round. For quantities of tablets go to and type in rosacea. They work on a weight ratio.

Posted by Sissy on 01/05/2009 at 02:15

I have been taking steroids for a poison oak rash. My face and chest are very red and my face even burns. I also take prednisone for my Lupus. I think this is too much for my system. I have to discontinue the extra roids.

Posted by 20ritchie09 on 23/04/2009 at 08:19

i allways get a red face no matter what the weather no matter what company i am in, evan if i am sat on my own watching t.v. it is starting to controle my life i am less confident in myself, i wont evan go out for a meal with my own family incase it happens. it can be different colours sometimes like a pinky colour or evan a pruplish colour.

Posted by Anonymous on 03/04/2009 at 03:08

I have always had red cheeks and a red nose, gets kinda annoying. But it gets worst if im cold or hot and sometimes it's almost purple. I'm just wondering if there could be something wrong? I also have Raynauds, so i'm wondering if this is conected.

Posted by Anonymous on 03/04/2009 at 01:05

red face and red hands at 2 pm every day light headedness i take ranidine clonopin lisinipril 1000 mg vitamin d low dose aspirin testim b12 shots

Posted by Kyle on 01/04/2009 at 11:16

Im fiar skinned n scottish so ive noticed developing redness and from it a tendancy to go red in social situations n under stress. Ive found regular exercise helps but was wondering if there was other methods to prevention like diet ect?? I also think smoking is a major cause, possibly the source ov it, would stopping smoking reverse redness and even clear it?

Posted by SANDY on 01/04/2009 at 09:20


Posted by brenda on 29/03/2009 at 01:10

i go red when i have symptons of a period caused by hormones

Posted by lee on 24/03/2009 at 06:51

my face and hands become glowing red when i enter an office type enviroment containing bright flourescent lighting and stay that way for hours afterwards its very embarrassing and people think i have been drinking! can someone help please

Posted by kj on 23/03/2009 at 08:30

yes red wine and any alcohol can make your blood vessels dilate causing your face to look redder. you either sensitive to this or your not! :)

Posted by lkb on 23/03/2009 at 01:47

After I have a glasss of red wine my cheeks turn red and sometimes my forehead. I take asthma medicine. Any ideas of what might cause this?

Posted by kj on 16/03/2009 at 10:48

hi, i have extreme redness when i laugh on cheecks, nose and forehead. Just a slight smile can make me look red. I did seem to blush a bit so had the ets operation and i think it made things worst. Would antibiotics help me??????

Posted by PT in US on 02/03/2009 at 01:57

Take all measures to protect from sun (sun screen lotions, hats, parasols etc)! Problem can get worse with aging. Flushing can be triggered by drugs (read labels or ask pharmacist), foods, wind, sun, alcohol, clorine in pool water, emotions etc. Flushing of face remedies: Apply local cold frequently. Clean skin with Witch Hazel (astringent) and apply lotion which has aloe vera as primary ingredient. Try lotions with trolamine salicylate (10% or more). Do not apply steriod creams. Avoid creams with "paraben" ingredients. Try acetaminophen 650 mg, extended release, every 8 hours as needed. Try sun burn creams.

Posted by Anonymous on 17/02/2009 at 09:07

the bottom half of my face is red. i heard that some times it is a cause of certain cancer. right now i have been diagonsed with cancer of the right kidney and the pancresa

Posted by Anonymous on 01/02/2009 at 05:30

i would strongly reccomend fade out "facial redness remedy" as it has completely cured my facial redness!=)

Posted by C Morris on 10/01/2009 at 02:40

Skim reading, you don't seem to mentio allergies, in particular lactose intolerance. I had a daily dose of porridge bought from a shop in the station; as porridge is meant to be great for the skin I was dismayed when my face went red and didn't link the two. When I got other porridge from a shop in Old Street Tube, the redness fades. I asked them about this and they said it was made from soya milk, unlike others.

Posted by Jack on 07/01/2009 at 02:59

hi im red and i dunno what to do, help me?


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