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Can you see your penis?

Men: can you see your penis?
Ladies: can you see your feet?
If the answer is no, then it's time to Tackle it, move on!

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Can you see your penis, can you see your feet?
Might seem a silly question, but one you cannot cheat
Abdominal obesity, the phrase the doctors use
‘Spare tyre’ or ‘beer gut’, which one would you choose?
You think it’s not important? It’s really not a joke
It’s putting you at risk of heart disease and stroke
If the weight around your middle is blocking out the view
Your BP may be rising, plus your cholesterol too
Threat of diabetes, various cancers too
Not to mention problems that embarrass you
Stretch marks on your skin, rash under your breast
Problems in the bedroom, clearly not your best
Itches in your groin, sweat marks on your clothes
All because you’ve gradually lost sight of your toes
Forget the faddy diets, simple changes you can make
A little bit more exercise, a little bit less cake
Cut down on the drinking, less food on your plate
Chew your food more slowly, set a target weight
Something realistic, just a pound or two
Cut out Coke and choccies, and start to feel like new
Reduce the fat and sugar, find healthy snacks instead
Use stairs not lift, leave car at home and increase your street cred
A few tweaks to your lifestyle, a big change round your girth
Inches off the waistline, a feeling of self-worth
Only you can make this happen, don’t blame it on a ‘gland’
Role model to your kids or leave things as they stand?
So, can you see your penis, can you see your feet?
It’s time to beat that waistline back into retreat!

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We thank Dr Clare Gerada for inspiring this poem.

Written by: Sharon de Botte
Edited by: Sharon de Botte
Last updated: Friday, July 18th 2014


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