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Blushing and flushing

Flushing and blushing are two words for the same thing – flushing is the word used by doctors. Flushing is almost never a serious medical condition. The only exception is a rare disorder called ‘carcinoid syndrome’ in which there are episodes of bright red flushing of the face lasting about 20 minutes with sudden diarrhoea and stomach cramps. The usual cause of carcinoid syndrome is a tumour.

If your face is too red most of the time, look at the section on red face.

Why do we blush or flush?

Flushing of the cheeks and nose (and sometimes the forehead and chin) is a normal emotional response. This is why it is annoying and can be embarrassing. Without our permission, our body is giving away emotions which we may prefer to keep secret – we may not want the world to know that we feel anxious, excited or ashamed.
In an experiment, people watched a video of shoppers who, by mistake, toppled a display of toilet rolls. The shoppers who looked embarrassed and tried to replace the rolls were rated more highly by the viewers. So psychologists think that blushing acts as a sort of unconscious public apology when we do something wrong, showing that we are upset and making people more likely to forgive us.

Written by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Edited by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Last updated: Friday, February 26th 2010


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Comments on this article

Posted by Optional on 25/07/2017 at 12:15

I have this ebarrassing flushing problem since I can remember, and it has really affected me in every way, my confidence is so low, that I worry & fear all the time that people will see the next "flushing face" moment.

Posted by Optional on 24/02/2017 at 02:53

I need feedback or any treatment to avoid to become a red face in front of friends n family n without any reason I ll become blush my all body plus face

Posted by potato on 27/01/2017 at 10:17

My friends always comment on how red my face and skin tone is. I'm asian with a slightly tanned skin tone but when it gets hot there is a slight undertone of red or peachiness/pinkness. My face also flushes much more than the rest of my classmates in hot weather and when we are doing exercise. But even in a packed train in winter my face still gets terribly red, and it's not even that warm and I'm not embarrassed either. And one of the worst is when I'm laughing - at least when I exercise and get red face I have an excuse but I also get flushed when I laugh. It sucks and my friends can't help but point out how red my face is even when I'm not embarrassed. I hate it.

Posted by Commander Data on 10/07/2016 at 03:59

I'm 49 and I've been dealing with red-face all my life. I am an IT Manager and am in front of people daily - sometimes it sucks. I'm have three children with my attractive wife. She says "I'm handsome", but when I look in the mirror I see differently. Like many others here, when my name is called, I flush terribly. Even when I know what I'm saying is right, the flush comes on and my face feels like it's burning. Don't let that get you down though - use your intelligence and try hard to ignore it. Leverage your skills and people will also ignore it too.

Posted by Optional on 22/01/2016 at 07:16

I'm 41 years old and I frequently get flushed (can feel it happening) when I speak abut something I feel excited about. I'm easily excited, like a puppy. I've always been outgoing and kind of a joker, so I've learned to poke fun at it. I tell people I get so excited or passionate about something and my red face comes out. I use humor to address it. I'm successful, happy, have a loving family and friends. Just had to realize it's very common and not let it bother me. I cannot control it. This has served me well and I hope some of you younger people reading this realize it's not as bad as we think. You will be fine, and don't let anyone saying stupid stuff about it bother you too much. Hang in there and love yourself.

Posted by Optional on 06/01/2016 at 09:43

why do I go bright as a tomatoe after PE in my school. It is embarrassing and a nightmare in some cases. I just want to be a normal 11 year old like the rest of my form and NOT go red! Please someone what do I do????

Posted by Jennifer on 10/12/2015 at 05:27

Everytime I get the attention of the class my face gets red like I'm embarrassed or something . Even when someone tells me y face is red, and I don't even know it . I sometimes feel it when my face is red because my cheeks feel hot, but there are times when I don't feel hot from my cheeks . I just hate it when people look at me like there is something wrong with me.

Posted by Optional on 05/11/2015 at 05:13

I'm 15 years old and I have the same problem. It's never been this bad before though, now when someone talks to me even if it's my friend I turn red. It's gotten as bad that before I go to class I have to take deep breaths because I think about it to much and know I am going to get really red, it's really embarrassing. When I do turn red it's like I'm the center of attention and I hate it! I also start sweating, I can feel the drips down my forehead and I don't know how to control it. I sometimes want to cry because it's very depressing for me and I don't know how to control it. I feel like this is never going to go away, everyone tells me it's anxiety and is not a big deal but it's so frustrating because I just want it to go away.

Posted by Jennifer on 29/10/2015 at 04:28

HI I'm 16 and have been suffering from my blushing problem since I was 13. I know that I have social anxiety and that the only way to really overcome my blushing is to just ignore my red face and not care what other people think. But this is extremely hard for me, since I am constantly in a very judgemental social environment. In the school that I go to and the social groups I hang out with, everyone is so judgemental and mean. Often randomly during classes or when talking to peers, my face heats up for no reason. Sometimes even when I'm accused of doing something I didn't do I go red and the person thinks I'm guilty. My blushing would be easier to ignore perhaps if people didn't think that I needed them to announce loudly and clearly that my face is beet red. I'm really fed up with my blushing and don't know what to do anymore.

Posted by Optional on 29/07/2015 at 03:48

I get this flushing everytime i go into my lessons ,i go bright red and sweat uncontrollably ive been like this since the very start of year 7 so now my friends are used to it but its been three years now and im going into year 10 after the summer and i just cant carry on with this problem anymore its so embarrassing like outside the classroom im fine but when i sit in my seat i just go red and my face feels like its burning and i get really sweaty especially my forehead and it makes it worse when people point it out,some boys even called me kit kat for like a year,please help me with any tips or adive PLEASE :(

Posted by Optional on 24/05/2015 at 11:43

This helps so much, that it not only me who face goes red. Ever since a teacher embarrassed me in primary school for pronouncing a word wrong my face has gone red ever since. I get so embarrassed when people point it out and when my classmates laugh. My face has even started to get redder and it feels like my face is burning and sweat pours of it so easily. It really upsets me and especially when people try to embarrass me so they can see my face go red. I get really self conscious and my confidence has dropped massively, I've even avoid going out in public and to social events. Help please if anyone has any tips or advice please tell me. :)

Posted by Anonymous on 21/05/2015 at 05:19

I have exzema so when I blush I turn most a purple colour or go darker instead of red why is that?

Posted by Aalana on 13/05/2015 at 08:01

I am 13 I started turning red when I was 7 I hate turning red it starts with my face I am scared to do presentations in front of my classes its difficult to go up to do my own presentation cause my face turns red then I turn around so no one sees if I talk to a teacher by myself I get red it's hard to control it I try to hold my breathe so it can go away but it doesn't work there is no cure or help with that u have to just live with it or try to control it cause I know a lot of people who try's to control it I know it's hard but I know I am going to grow out of it but yeah I turn red either way in front a crowd class teacher family.

Posted by Optional on 01/05/2015 at 04:54

I get a very red face in the evenings, I just go to the bathroom slplash cold water on my face, sometimes I have to do it twice it goes away!

Posted by Help on 09/04/2015 at 02:22

I have been suffereing from this since my teens, I was hoing it would get better but now it seems to have gotten worse. Im a heath care professional and i want to look confident and this is making me look bad. I go red constantly even when im not embarassed for no reason at all. now im starting to have heart palpatations and sweating. Im scared that this is going to turn into full blown panic attacks. is there any help at all?? ive looked up somethings but i donno where to start. i dont know if my doctor can actually help me with tis. is there any hope??

Posted by Anonymous on 07/04/2015 at 08:46

I have noticed lately that my face is a blood red every single day, when I wake up and go to sleep. I do have anxiety problems but I don't think this has anything to do with it. I do get ecsema in colder months. I have fair skin and easily get red in the face. But it's an everyday thing now and I'm getting worried about my health and its lowering my self esteem. I feel my nerves are on edge and I used to take medication but haven't in a year. Everytime I blush/flush it's always my cheeks. Not my nose chin or forehead. It's always my cheeks and I would like to know what my problem is.. This has nothing to do with temperature or embarrassment. I feel it's a health condition.

Posted by Optional on 06/03/2015 at 03:39

So ever since about 8th grade my entire body goes bright red when someone talks to me or a girl hugs me and the worst is when i do something in front of the whole class. Ugh i hate it so much. Then for some reason when i get all tense or cold my skin goes all purple and gets red splotchs all over my arms and people have noticed a few times and have even pointed it out it makes me go red when they do that. Image a person that looks bruised when tense or cold or a person who looks like a tomato well that would be me. Someone please find out what is wrong with me!

Posted by Amy on 09/12/2014 at 02:33

Is there a way to stop this because I am always getting embarrassed when my face turns red.

Posted by Optional on 07/12/2014 at 12:50

It's natural to some people don't be ashamed, All you have to do is take a few breaths and try block everything out and think of a fond memory or something else completely after a few seconds calm yourself and carry on. Hope it helps

Posted by Shady on 28/11/2014 at 06:24

All the time my face get really hot while I'm embarassed. One day my mom claimed I was embarassed, when in fact, I wasn't. She said my face was blood red. When she really did embarass me I told her, I said "Mom NOW I'm embarassed!!!" And she said my face wasn't red. I went and checked in the mirror and my face was normal. I checked almost every time I got embarassed and always the same. I told my mom to tell when my face got red and she did. Every time I checked in the mirror and it was. I never was hot, cold, or embarrassed the times my face was red.

Posted by Optional on 09/10/2014 at 12:26, United States

My face gets red after gentle exercise, like running one block or playing soccer in gym class. It's really annoying because it doesn't go away for about 30 minutes-3 hours. People in my class call me "Tomato" and I blush very easily. It's really embarrassing and it keeps me from going the things I love. My parents don't believe me when I tell them about my blushing. How do I make it stop???

Posted by Kate on 07/10/2014 at 08:22, United Kingdom

I am suffering from it. I thought I was alone but I see so many comments there. I have light skin which makes is worse. It happens to me EVERY day especially at school. for example when my teachers asks me for lesson. I study well and I have no problem to answer questions but My face goes red automatically. Blushing happens to boy which I like or even complete stranger. because if this my classmates are always making gun if it. then my face goes redder and it lasts longer. My family and close friends say that's it's nit big deal but it's very depressing for me. I feel that I can't hide any emotion. I don't know what to do. I may cry because of it sometimes

Posted by Optional on 19/09/2014 at 02:46, Ireland

everytime i talk to someone or if someone looks at me my face goes red, im really depressed from this and i need a cure, please help

Posted by Someone You Used to Know~ on 14/09/2014 at 01:18, United States

I have social anxiety, and every time I talk to someone(whether I know them or not), my red turns red like a tomato and I can feel it. My friends tell me all the time, "you're blushing!" I get redder and this lasts for 1-3 minutes. Every time this happens I feel like everyone is staring at me. :c I blush randomly and when I talk to someone that I like, I get nervous and stammer. It makes it so obvious that I like them it gets me SO annoyed! >n< I don't talk to anybody about this because I feel embarrassed and my parents just tell me, "Oh, that's nonsense." I feel like nobody believes me and I feel like I'm under so much stress, even though I'm only 10 years of age. I feel so ashamed and I'm so shy, I'm bad and making new friends. I feel isolated and lonely, even though I'm surrounded by so many people. They don't understand me and I'm so sick of it! ;∆; I need help ASAP. I would appreciate it! c:

Posted by Optional on 12/09/2014 at 12:59, Canada

my face gets red and warm all the time and can anyone solve it? as soon as my face gets red all my classmates tell me "your face is red" and it's really annoying! if i run like for 10 seconds it gets red anyways thanks if you figure it out

Posted by Optional on 04/09/2014 at 09:22, United Kingdom

I was fine until I was 12, then I told a boy I liked him and him and his friends made fun of me everyday for it. He didn't like me back, obviously, and when he and his friend picked on me I blushed. They'd find this so funny, and continue saying things making me get redder. And now I'm sixteen, just starting sixth form and even though him and his friend have matured kind of and don't talk to me anymore, I still blush. Like if the teacher asks me questions infront of the class, I was getting confident last year, but now I have new classes with new people, I'm back where I started. It takes me awhile to become comfortable with new people and new situations. It's just really hard.

Posted by Optional on 03/08/2014 at 07:06, United States

When I talk to someone I don't know very well, or I get embarrassed, nervous, or just scared I turn as bright as a fire truck. People laugh at me and make fun of me and I just want it to end. If I have to just talk it's the whole class looking at me, I can feel my face heat up and go red. It's bad, people say I go as red as my lips, and I have very red lips. But when I'm with a small group of people I'm used to, I'm just fine-no redness. The red covers my entire face. It's so embarrassing that I have cried misled to sleep, scared to give a presentation. This problem is keeping me from doing the thins I love, like talking in class, giving speeches, and so much more. Please help me.

Posted by Erythrophobic on 09/07/2014 at 02:43, United States

I have struggled off and on with blushing for years. I read an article written by Bill Nye about erythrophobia, a fear of reddening, and realized I wasn't the only one in the world with this problem since there was a name for it. When my erythrophobia was at its worst, I couldn't leave my cubicle or eat lunch in the lunchroom and felt trapped whenever anyone stopped by. Whenever I was in a room full of people, I was constantly looking for an exit. I finally saw an amazing therapist who helped me with breathing exercises and self esteem. Also, my doctor put me on Paxil. After two weeks, I was in a social situation where I knew I would ordinarily blush, but it never came! I immediately felt such freedom and joy! The medication combined with therapy changed my thinking and prevented the blushing episodes from happening. Making that first initial phone call for help was one of the most gut wrenching things I ever did, but so worth it! If you're suffering, there is hope. There is help. Make that phone call. Peace be to all of you! <3

Posted by daveyboi on 24/06/2014 at 09:51

Hey guys, basically everytime i go to work my face feels really hot and a slight red flushed look after a long day there. I will also get a flushed look sometimes when talking and i will feel a sudden heat flush, i do try to just carry on amd ignore it then it goes away but peoplr must think all the time why is he going red....i feel somewhat anxious about it all which makes it happen more. Does anybody else get anything like this its so embarrassing and cripples me n stresses me out when i think about it alot :-( Only when im at work or if im worried about say a interview or important meeting or something i get really hot and anxious. I like to think im quite confident and happy guy in general i go gym and have fun but work and or stressful events makes me somewhat blush....i dont get it because im certainly not shy lol

Posted by - Editor's Choice on 29/05/2014 at 03:55

Thank you Jane, this is very helpful and informative. We look forward to hearing any other success stories out there.

Posted by Jane on 29/05/2014 at 03:41, United Kingdom

Dear Editor, Thank you for your comments. Here is a bit more info: Before I went to my GP, I had researched various ways of tackling my blushing problem. I knew the problem wasn't psychological, or personality based (I am not shy, and enjoy being with people). I read about an operation called ETS (endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy). This is used to treat excessive sweating, but can also work for many people who flush excessively as it cuts the nerve that supplies the blood to the face and neck. However there is the possibility of long term side effects so other avenues of treatment are considered first. I spoke to my GP about it - she had never heard of it. However, she wrote to a local specialist and to cut a long story short, I had the operation a month ago and am so far delighted with the results. It is not an operation to be considered lightly, and the consultant I saw gives patients a month to think about it. You will read many things on the internet about the negative effects of the surgery (much more than the success stories). So I would advise you to see your GP and talk it through with them. They may suggest other options first, but going to see them is the first step to improving things. If you are in the UK, this might help to take to your GP: I wish you all the best, and remember you are not alone - don't give up!

Posted by - Editor's Choice on 29/05/2014 at 01:01

To Jane on 20/05/2014. Thank you for your commonsense comment and encouragement to others to seek advice. Perhaps you would like to let us know more about your experience with the specialist, as this would be of interest to others seeking information on this site. If applicable, please do send us your Success Story (, and help others Tackle it, move on!

Posted by RBM on 23/05/2014 at 02:14, United Kingdom

I'm a Male, 26 years old with fair skin. I blush and flush all the time ever since i can remember, when I'm embarrassed, talking to girls or strangers, in hot places, in groups and sometimes just for no reason. My fair skinned face LIGHTS up red to the point where people stare, comment and laugh. "Why are you red?" this makes me go redder and for longer. There is no fix, no cure. If ur female u can cover up with makeup, so good for you. I've tried creams on my face, potions, lotions, Self Hypnosis. Its no use. It's gotten to the point now where i wake up and my face is already half red to begin with, i avoid going out places because i cant handle it anymore. If i didn't suffer from this dam thing my life would be so different, but it looks like ill be miserable forever, good luck people

Posted by Jane on 20/05/2014 at 08:16, United Kingdom

Hi all. This is a more common problem than people think, but when you suffer from it you feel like you are the only one and can be very isolating. But you are not alone! Take a look at this website: I have suffered with this problem since my teens. I really do advise you to see your GP. The first GP I saw told me that there was nothing she could do. However, last year I decided I really wanted to have something done about it so I booked an appointment and then wrote to my GP (a different one) explaining my situation before I went (as I knew it would be hard to tell her in person). She was incredibly understanding and referred me to a specialist at the hospital. This also gave me the courage to talk to my parents about it. Don't suffer alone - it really does help to tell someone about it if you can. And be assured that you are NOT alone! Hope this is helpful.

Posted by Optional on 14/05/2014 at 10:44, United States

Hi, I'm a 16 year old male going to high school. I have the same problem like all of you have. When ever I get called on by the teacher, talking to friends, when I have to speak in front of the class, my cheeks turn BRIGHT RED. This is really ruining my life for real. When my face turns red, I know it. And it makes my self esteem decrease rapidly and I've had enough of it. I don't know if there is a way to stop this but I know this will carry on with me for the rest of my life. I don't want it to. But I know there is no way to stop this and Im way to embarrassed to talk to anyone because of it...... I CAN'T EVEN TALK TO MY PARENTS BECAUSE OF IT. So I'm gonna have to live with it. Very embarrassing to live with especially when I start to get older.

Posted by Optional on 06/05/2014 at 08:35, United States

Hi all, I am 21 I have been flushing since my 8 grade of high school, I used to flush rarely by then, and nowadays I am working I get flushed each moment i am talking with a stranger, even though if someone is calling on me in a meeting or gathering I flush, I don't know what to do? if life is like this then there is no hope for me. Thanks Please help

Posted by Addy on 03/05/2014 at 06:33, India

I blush....and this is making me feel so embaressed. Due to this blushing I can't even talk well, and skip the conversation with people...i really need to get over with this...plz help!!

Posted by Tara on 22/04/2014 at 07:55, United Kingdom

Well, it all started because of a bet I had no idea about. Long story short, they posted on ask.FM in anom mode that I liked the guy who the account belonged to. Anyway, a while past, I continued to tell the guy I didn't like him, I had no blush whatsoever. But that changed. Because of an ignorant comment made by some girl who was insensitive to other's feelings. So now I live with a bullying and blushing problem, it's made school a nightmare, I can hardly leave a class without blushing, people accuse me of stuff, wait for my blush, then laugh and say it's true. So, I've been researching ways to stop blushing. This was kind of helpful with understanding, but not so good at helping.

Posted by pe on 02/04/2014 at 01:30, United States

Well i hope someone gets to read this if he or she is suffering or starting to suffer because of this condition. I'm gonna summarize my story saying that i'm 24 y.o. and this problem started exactly 2 years ago (march 2012). I have a condition called keratosis pilaris rubra faceii, that is basically big red cheeks since i was 10, so the blushing and flushing (and all the burning sensation) kind of agravated it big time. It took me about an entire year (yes, with all that embarasing situations, having lunch in the bathroom in college so i wouldn't have to talk to anyone, just to name one) to realize that WHAT I WAS EATING was contributing incredibly to the problem, so i quit drinking, started to drink lots of water, lots of fresh food, avoid sun exposure, and just to make it clear: IT'S NOT TOTALLY GONE, BUT IT HAS DIMINISHED CONSIDERABLY (after a year, so BE PATIENT, it won't go inmediately because your body needs to slowly recover from what has damaged it). Think about it, i mean, do you believe your body it's just making this OUT OF NOTHING, definitely no. (and i'm telling you so i hope your recovering process will be faster than it's taking me to heal). The body is just responding to something, that, aside from the Psycological factor (THAT HAS HUUUGE INFLUENCE, AT LEAST IN MY CASE),could be food related, alcohol related, allergy related, food intolerance (IgG, Alcat) related, and so on. So, what i'm trying here is to join me in this process, i don't know how much time it will take, but i assure you, i've been in that place when you think of suicide. STOP, stand cool, and do the right thing. Salute

Posted by Pat on 09/03/2014 at 01:10, United States

I have never had a problem with blushing nor flushing feelings. But I have blushed and or felt flushed, so I know the feeling. But here recently in the last two days I have been experiencing that flushed, blushing felling but in my feet. I stand from a sitting position or a laying position and I get that feeling in my feet. They don't turn red or anything like that just that feeling. Does anyone know what it might be?

Posted by Optional on 08/01/2014 at 04:46, United States

I am 14 and have been flushing since the 3rd grade. When the teacher calls on me, when i'm telling a story to a friend/family, or even if the teacher uses my stupid name for an example. Boom. Bright red. Its crazy. Its gotten to where whenever the teacher calls on me it just totally drains all of my energy because i know im gonna blush, and i will be the center of attention. I just want to stand up, walk over to the teacher, slap the teacher, then walk out of the room, and go home. I. Hate. It. When. I. Get. Called. On. Somedays it won't be as bad so it will just be my cheeks blushing, which i am perfectly fine with. But once my whole face gets red UH UH son NO. Too far. Wayy to far. And yes, the flushing lowers my self-esteem. Not to mention i have a very outgoing stepbrother who makes fun of my flushing/blushing. It just seems like nobody understands what its really like to be a blusher. Maybe if everyone had a day in the life of a flusher/blusher, it wouldnt be a problem anymore because everybody would understand what we go through. For no reason. Its in my genes...

Posted by dave on 07/01/2014 at 02:15, United Kingdom

Hi there, I can just be sitting there or all attention on me and flush, but other times I can be fine. People say I seem so confident as im not exactly shy but I get these feelings of heart racing feeling soooo hot while others are freezing. I have just quit marijuana after many years but I tthink I may have an underlining problem. I get angry easy, anxious alot which I hate because I think I'm confident then an episode of this just dents me Big time. Help or advice much appreciated many thanks

Posted by Optional on 01/01/2014 at 06:19, United Kingdom

I'm currently in school and some of you are going to think this is pathetic because that's what my friends and family say everyday my face ends up going bright red and I mean tomato red this usually happens in social experiences like when a teacher asks me a question I have to sit by someone I don't know very well in class or even just walking to my next class or talking to my friends this has been happening for 2 years that I'm a aware of but it feels like a lifetime it's destroying my life I try and dodge talking to people but then it makes me seem rude I don't do any after school stuff anymore and i now feel scared at going or meeting anybody it's making me feel depressed and not want to go to school people call me names and stare and point. I can't cope with this for much longer and my family or the school isn't helping please does anyone know how to help :(

Posted by Rachel on 04/11/2013 at 07:03, Ireland

Whenever I'm talking to any of my teachers at school, I always go red and get flustered. It's really annoying and embarrassing, any ideas on how to stop it? Thanks!

Posted by Optional on 02/11/2013 at 09:27

What can be done about it? This just describes it - but if you're always pinking up, how do you control it, or minimise its visibility to others?

Posted by penny on 08/09/2013 at 05:12, United States

I have been proufsely sweating from my head it drips everywhere had CT MRI it clear my head aleays hot I need it fixed help

Posted by Optional on 19/08/2013 at 05:10, United States

I found that my blushing was at least 60% worse and more consistent when I was 20lb+ overweight and/or pregnant

Posted by Rei on 04/07/2013 at 12:28, United Kingdom

I have had a problem with blushing for years, it started with terrible bullying in school and then just stuck, I have always had fair skin and blushed anyway but after school this really effected me and now I can't even talk to most people without blushing very badly. I also have a hot flush with it and a rush of adreneline so if I have to deal with speaking to people a few times a day at work and get embarressed everythime then I feel exhusted at the end of the day and just wanting to hide from everyone. I feel as though it isn't fair everyone in the room asumes that they know that I am embarressed about talking to someone but I am only embarressed about going red in the first place. I have left jobs becuase I haven't been able to deal with the situation of people feeling embarressed around me when they talk to me and avoiding me. I take beta blockers to help and it does but not entirely. It slows my heart rate but I do not feel that this is a life long fix and make up doesn't work at all, all the rocea and reddness make up covers it slightly but I blush so dramatically it shows through eventually. I am scared to go back to work and to meet new people, i'm so tired of having to live like this and keep appologising to people for being myself.

Posted by duskin on 30/05/2013 at 05:44, Canada

i frequently, out of the blue, break out in what seems to be a severe rash of blushing of my entire face with huge red blotches to the upper chest. Aswell, my face and upper chest become extremely hot to the touch; although when i take my temperature when thos jappems it doesnt appear elevated. Iy happens

Posted by Ryan (; on 22/04/2013 at 12:39, United Kingdom

I hate this. Everytime i walk into a supermarket when the weather is hot or cold i blush, or if im at self service or paying by card i will just randomly blush and want to go out the store asap. It has ruined my social life.

Posted by Lily:) on 11/04/2013 at 12:39, Australia

My boyfriend ALWAYS makes me blush -.- especially around our group of close friends... I don't mind that much but sometimes it's really embarrasing because he does this thing where he looks at me really closely when he's a few metres away from me and I blush like crazy and he cracks up laughing:P :) one day I shall make him blush the way he makes me blush!!!!

Posted by Reita on 16/02/2013 at 10:15, India

I remember me first getting red when I was 16..and that was during an face was burning hot and eyes were watering..may be because I'm tensed, I thought then... But then the frequency increased and the doctor said I will be fine by the age of 18..( said something about hormones and blood cells) and I'm 22 now..I cannot count the embarrassing situations I've been in for many years. However at some point of life, I started ignoring this getting red and hot feeling ..once I've accepted this, the frequency has considerably reduced.

Posted by Optional on 03/02/2013 at 07:34, Australia

Iam 16 and I've been going red since year 7 iam now in year 11. Iam so emabrassed about going bright red. My whole entire face goes completely red when iam emabrassed, nervous or really hot in temperature and Some times it just happens. This is completely out of my control and this can bring on anxiety. This is starting to control my life and its gotten so bad that I dont do speeches in frount of the class read out loud or mix with people I don't know very well. I don't wear my hair up in case I have to hide my face if I go red. I teased about it and it just makes things worse. It lasts for ages and its like a burning hotness. Please any one help I need this resolved

Posted by Lollipop on 20/01/2013 at 07:25, United Kingdom

I never ever went red untill a few months ago, im only 12 & im fine in the morning at skool & then i eat (mostly lollipops) & then i go on a sugar high. It makes me look like a tomato wich is what my friend now calls me. If im sittin nxt to my boyfriend i feel a shiver down my spine then it feel like my face has burst into flames! I look away from him & lean on my hands wich are always cold but they sweat when im red. I feel like a total dick, someone please help me or ill cry!! :'(

Posted by Jennifer on 20/01/2013 at 03:33, United States

Hi I get really nervous when I have to preform,read out loud, ask for help, and talking to a boy my face plus nose and cheeks get hot burning red and my eyes come out with tears of embarrassed ment I guess now peolpe are talking about me at school...

Posted by Optional on 12/12/2012 at 10:47, United States

Hello whenever I get asked a question or need to speak out loud to the class or a boy speaks to me I go bright red like so red that everyone looks at me and is like why are you doing that what's wrong with you please can someone tell me how to stop this its so embarrassing I hate it so much it makes me feel so paranoid!!!

Posted by Angie on 01/12/2012 at 05:30, United States

Need a cure for this blushin problem ASAP..

Posted by Optional on 28/11/2012 at 10:26, Ireland

When ever a teacher asks me a question I go red like tomato red even worse at times when I'm talking to my favourite teachers I cn feel it comming on:( Is there anything to stop this please help its horrible thank you xxxx

Posted by Optional on 20/10/2012 at 12:59, United States

This is interesting, b/c I have suffered anxiety disorders most of my life.. various ones (some were secondary to others and transient, others like panic disorder have a long-standing relationship with me :P) and it always seemed like antidepressants I was taking caused me to blush randomly... however later on, on higher doses that effect (and efficacy in general) went away. Now being off them it's happening as much as it used to on the more moderate doses... and it never seemed to do much socially. As in, I never cared much who saw. Usually because on meds there was no real emotion attached to it, at least not one I was consciously bothered by... haha. And now.. I dunno, my whole system is still kind of messed up, flushing is one of those random things I feel is a rush now.. very invigorating. Still don't care if it's obvious to people around me or not. What's to hide? Usually I had to much coffee or something, and/or I then flipped out (on myself) because I couldn't find an assignment I worked on for hours and then possibly had to present right then and there in class... "In the 18th and 19th centuries, women who blushed were regarded as very attractive.." More proof I am born in the wrong century? Women I find attractive, to me become more attractive if they're flushed... then again it is probably not me, given that I'm sure wearing blush somehow stemmed from this...? Though personally when I mostly notice it, is when women *aren't* wearing makeup, at least not ostensibly.. just for clarity here!

Posted by Hannah on 17/08/2012 at 02:53, Australia

So the excessive blushing started when I was 10. I still remember back then I didn't seem to mind so much but through high school it just got worse and worse. Everytime I'd have to read out in front of the class I'd blush, even when the teacher called my name out for roll I would. It was beyond frustrating and it still is. I started college this year and I even quit because I felt like I couldn't do all the presentations in front of people just thinking about it makes me want to die. I've never had a boyfriend and I partly blame the blushing. I just don't see how someone would go out with me when Im looking like a tomato everytime they say something to me or kiss me. I bought some green based concealer and that seems to make it less noticeable but I don't think it does. I'd just really like some people to talk to who know exactly what I'm going through because my friends are just like "oh you don't even blush." and my mums like "oh you'll grow out of it." and I don't believe them....

Posted by Lesley on 23/04/2012 at 09:08, United Kingdom

Most people do not appreciate what a terrible disabling condition excessive blushing is. I started blushing uncontrollably when I was 18 for no reason at all, and it made my life a complete misery. It would happen when I was talking to people or when I felt people looking at me, and I suffered for years. My heart would be pounding too. It even kept me awake at nights worrying. Eventually I went to hypnosis classes and they worked wonders, but later the problem returned. I would say here that if I had topped up my hypnosis classes it probably would have helped again. But in the meantime I read an article in the paper which changed my life. I discovered I have what is called Social Anxiety Disorder and there is a treatment. I went to my doctor to ask for the medication mentioned, which is Seroxat. He gave it to me and within a few weeks, maybe less, the blushing stopped. I have taken Seroxat for years, and it has made a huge difference to my life. The one thing that amazes me is that I have seen many letters in magazines from people with bad blushing problems, and the reply is always "don't worry,blushing is endearing". IT'S NOT WHEN YOU ARE THE ONE THAT BLUSHES. Why hasn't anyone told us about this treatment? Good luck to any of you who is helped by this comment.

Posted by Optional on 14/01/2012 at 06:21, United States

Wow. I'm not alone. I have the same problem as all of you. Blushing is taking over my life. I really hate it and I'm afraid to get help because I don't want to make it such a big deal...even though it is. I've only told one person about it but I don't think she understands how it feels. I miss out on SO much because of my blushing. I avoid SO many social activities. I think what makes me feel worse is I was never like this. I used to be so confident and outgoing. Then blushing started. I'm only 18 and I've become so paranoid about it. I think about it ALL the time. I'm scared to get a job or have a boyfriend or hangout with new people. I just want to be confident and not care about what anyone thinks. But one thing I have learned is the less I care about blushing/what people are thinking, the less I blush. You guys we can overcome this. Let's not give up! I'll never give up. There are so many bigger issues to worry about, we can't let blushing be one of them. We can't let blushing control our lives!

Posted by t on 19/11/2011 at 10:13, United Kingdom

I have this problem n the most annoyin thing is the amount of idiots out there wiv no tact who keep pointin it out to us! I wud feel fine if I cud convince myself it doesnt matter to ppl n they hardly notice but I cant cos they kp bringin it up!

Posted by Julia on 01/11/2011 at 06:04, Canada

From getting embarrassed only slightly or just laughing I blush and my neck and chest gets splotchy and my face and arms are beet red. It is also not unusual for my legs and feet to turn red. It's so embarrassing and takes about an hour to disappear completely. Please help me!

Posted by Optional on 24/10/2011 at 09:01, United Kingdom

Hey I'm Nicole, I'm 13 and of course I'm a girl. Ever since I started high school I've had issues with my confidence. Every single day at school I go red either when a teacher talks to me, when I have to read in front of the class, a certain boy talks to me- just situations where the attention is on me. Some days I'm exstremly confident and hardly get embarrassed but then there's days where almost anything can make my cheeks to burn. Its getting annoying now, and what will happen when I get married? When everyone is starring and watching me? What am I gunna do when I meet my boyfriends parents? What am I gonna do in a job interview or if I ever have to make a speech in my future career? I need help, this is killing me?:(

Posted by Optional on 03/09/2011 at 11:21, United Kingdom

hi , im 14 and a girl. i need to change classes at school but im too scared to ask incase i go bright red what shall i do ? i go bright red all the time and it really knocks my confidence. when reading speaches , talking to my teachers , even sometimes when talking to my freinds. HOW CAN I STOP THIS please HELP !! thanks xx

Posted by gary cahill on 05/08/2011 at 10:04, United Kingdom

my problem is this, i have always had a really dry skin but with moisturisers its not too bad but been bald i my head is constantly shiny with using them however i can live with that, i know what your going to say about the next part is dont smoke but i enjoy a smoke and a drink every few weeks with friends, i dont smoke the rest of the time, however when i do my face after a few hours goes really how hot and red , this has been the case all my life , i just would love to know why it does this , i does sometimes happen without smoking but not as frequently

Posted by jo on 30/07/2011 at 02:19, United Kingdom

hi everyone, sorry to hear about your blushing problems. i used to have the same thing when i was in my teens and as a child- used to blush when embarressed, anxious, or for no reason! to be honest i've never solved the problem but to cover the redness i always wear foundation now. so if any girls/women having the same prooblem, i really recommend it. u dont need to put on lots of it, just enough to tone down redness.

Posted by Lynsey on 13/06/2011 at 10:17, United Kingdom

hi, my name is lynsey and I'm only 15 years old. However, mainly every evening and sometimes in the afternoon i will suffer from a "hot-flush"-my face will go really red and start burning up, as will my ears..sometimes it burns alittle too much and it is usually round the same times. Can anyone explain what it is?? Thanks x

Posted by Optional on 05/04/2011 at 08:27, United Kingdom

i have this red face even if i am not blushing or anything and it makes me look like a an idiot , but ehhh blushing is another problem that i have to face everyday and i thought that this doomed blushing problem will be solved by time but it just wont!!! god.....

Posted by Diala on 12/03/2011 at 12:23, Jordan

My face turns red when a lot of people look at me at the same time , when i think a lot and ofcourse when i am embarrased I hate to blush very easily Is there anything i can do ? My parents told me that i have a problem with my confidents

Posted by Optional on 11/03/2011 at 09:39, United States

I was just at the doctor and got flushed in front of him and his nurse (really for no apparent reason)He was just asking basic questions. There were so many posts so I didn't read all of them, does anyone think this could be rosacea (sp?) I have suspected that. What kind of doc can we see about this? I would be happy cutting the episodes in half!!!

Posted by Optional on 10/03/2011 at 05:18, United Kingdom

Im 18 and this has happened to me for as long as i can remember. Ive been to the doctors many times about it but nothing has worked. I hate blushing so easy, it stops me doing stuff that normal teenagers love doing, i cant even talk to my friends without blushing.

Posted by Tomato Face on 25/02/2011 at 06:22, Australia

I'm 14 years old and I happen to be one of those people who blush easily. It happens mostly when I'm embarrassed but also when I'm anxious. Only when I blush, not only do my ears and cheeks go red, I also develop a really dark red rash on my neck. Is that normal?

Posted by Miranda on 21/02/2011 at 04:27, United States

Lara, I'm the same way. I'm 16 too. It brings down my confidence too especially since it's like everyone knows what I'm thinking. It even happens at times I wouldn't expect it to, like when I stood by my group's poster at an open house at my high school.

Posted by Miranda on 21/02/2011 at 04:24, United States

This happens to me all the time. Last year when I was getting ready for prom, I was very red. My mom said it was because I'm nervous, but I wasn't nervous at all.. maybe overwhelmed? This even happens to me when I'm texting my friend and he says something that makes me laugh or feel happy. When I talk about or with certain people it may happen too. It's been happening to me more and more lately. I also tend to perspire too... it's embarrassing. Maybe I should just learn to control my emotions more.

Posted by scarlet on 03/02/2011 at 03:50, United States

this did not help me to stop

Posted by lara on 27/01/2011 at 10:47, Ireland

hi i go bright red and i sweat so much its only when im in public even sometimes talking to my friends i go bright red and i get hot and they always ask me why am i going red and i go even more red because im embaressed even more i hate it i cant talk infront of people or anything wihtout sweating and going red, i hate it and its brought down my confidents a load and im only 16, HELP ME..!!

Posted by Optional on 15/01/2011 at 12:31, France

i coulb be just watching tele and i flush why is that

Posted by ruby red on 30/12/2010 at 11:59, United States

i have always had nice color but here lately-say the past month or so, i have had terrible blushing/ flushing problems. i dont have to have any emotion behind it either-i could be talking to a close friend and all of a sudden get really hot from my shoulders up and feel the red welling up to my cheeks. from there, it takes at least 10 minutes in my office to cool down. i am an outgoing person and i am comfortable with myself but this is really becoming a problem. i am not finding much on why and my doctor doesnt say much as to why i am so red...i just want to stop blushing...

Posted by cirsty on 13/12/2010 at 11:18, United States

everytime i do sport in the sun i go red in the face and it goes all blotchy and gross

Posted by Optional on 11/11/2010 at 12:01, France

When I get very hot due to the atmosphere, I get very red in the face. I can feel it and people pass comments that make me feel worse. I am a red-head; more ligh auburn now. Although this article explained it, it does not say if there is a way of calming it down, this is why I feel that I still am in the dark.

Posted by Optional on 19/09/2010 at 06:31, United States

Wow. I'm NOT a freak!!

Posted by MADDIE on 16/09/2010 at 05:25, Australia

Once at school, this boy came up to me and told me this boy liked me, suddenly, (due to sunburn) i went really red (also cuz i was blushing lol i like him too) and everyone laughed cuz they knew i liked him. i know its normal to blush but its really annoying at times. its like my blushing suddenly gives away all my secrets....

Posted by Optional on 10/09/2010 at 05:18, Ireland

Thank god there are other people out there with this problem, im finding it really hard to deal with this, if i bump into an old friend or work friend i go scarlet, and get flustered and start sweating, what is the cause, im confident and feel good about myself, what is the deal???

Posted by Chris on 17/08/2010 at 02:32, United Kingdom

I am also a regular blusher, my issue is the same as Karen's, i would consider myself to have normal confidence and genrally happy with my self, but certain situations and people can just make me panic and there we go as red as a ferrari i go. I also do it infront of family and friends and i also worried that they will think im weird and i also i dont want to make them feel bad for me. Im currently single and its having a major inpact when talking to the ladies, some have said that its so strange as when they get to know me I come across so confident..its such a strange thing...I still dont understand why some people need to say...look he's going red, do they have any idea what that does, it certainly does help the situation or my feelings (having a rant now) hey maybe one day it will stop, but im certainly not going to worry about it anymore, It happens and im just going to stop worrying about it, Lifes to short and im sick of missing out on things because of it...

Posted by Karen on 31/07/2010 at 04:34, United Kingdom

I never used to blush the way i do now. I was just a regular blusher, usually if i had been embarressed about something. Now if i am out shopping and i meet people i know i go bright red. It has started happening in front of my family also. Why is this? I am healthy feel good and like the person above if i have had a drink it never happens probably to do with confidence. It is really getting me down as i am a social person and don't want other people feeling i am strange. People who know me know i get like this but it is still annoying as i always feel i have to explain that i blush easily. It feels more panicky now aswell. Why?

Posted by Anon on 27/05/2010 at 06:31, New Zealand

Probably because i'm light brown in complexion my blush isn't red red it's more like pinkish blush... Is that weird? Never used to be the case when i was younger but since i reached my teens i get pinky cheeks most every time.. I find myself turning pinky at the most inopportune times. Like when i'm hanging with friends and we're having a lively convo and suddenly they stop and ask me why i'm blushing, and it only makes me blush more. And then they reach out and pinch my cheeks.. really embarrassing.. Or at times, well most times i blush for no apparent reason. it's sort of a light pinkish blush which only turns darker if i'm told about it... but i'm glad that my friends and family think it's cute..

Posted by anon on 20/05/2010 at 03:46, United Kingdom

I have always gone red in my face when i am embarrassed etc but over the last 2 years it has spread to my arms, chest and shoulders. Even if if my skin is not bright red then it is purle and blotchy. People keep asking if I have been out in the sun and got burnt its so bad! I am very fair skinned and it is really affecting my confidence. Please could you advise me if there is anything I can do or use as it is really getting me down and cant wear the clothes I used to.

Posted by Optional on 25/03/2010 at 03:32, United Kingdom

about 8 years ago i got really badly sunburnt ever since i suffer from really bad flushing on my entire body, face, neck, shoulders, back, legs, and stomache, its really embaressing and im so tired of people asking what it is, what can i do to stop it?

Posted by chrissy on 26/02/2010 at 10:55, United Kingdom

Hi, I have had this problem for ages,but i guess its got worse since i left my husband and applied for a divorce that was in 2006!!I have a good job where i have to be confident every day.I can go for days without it happening but all of a sudden without any warning my face can go so red,can just be having a normal conversation with someone,and as you know i can feel myself getting hotter and hotter and my face would go or feel my face go really red.I suffer from anxiety but I really try not to let it rule my life.I guess i'll give the green cream a try,but really its just excepting that it happens there is nothing wrong with it and it's good to know that you're not the only person suffering from it.Good luck to everyone trying to overcome it.

Posted by kirsty on 23/02/2010 at 09:44, United Kingdom

hi everybody. I am the same. If I am drunk it tends to not be noticed as much and that is why I drink so much which is the wrong idea. My face always goes red whether I am embarressed or not. Even sometimes in the street if somebody I know says hi I will blush an awful lot. It has stopped me from being myself and feeling confident yet when I am with people I feel comfortable around, I don't blush. When I do blush people will say to me look you're going red and that will make me go red even more. I think to get over this problem you have to accept it and to do that it means you have to admit to it. For example lately I am at college and people have been saying look you're going red and my answer to that is yes I am but it's not because I am embarressed it happens all the time. I just try to explain to them the way it is and they seem to listen although they may not understand properly. Just everytime somebody says it to you jut say yes I know but it's not because I am embarressed and try to explain the way you are feeling at the time. Hopefully this will help and also if you are having a good day and feeling good about yourself, the more cxomfidence you will have.

Posted by Chrissie on 10/01/2010 at 03:38, United Kingdom

My night sweats restarted after I came off HRT. I have tried natural Progesterine cream and lots of herbal remedies. My GP says my problem is no longer hormonal. I am so tired as I wake up several times a night and a few seconds after waking I start to sweat, all over my head and chest mainly. I am wondering whether this has become a nervous response. Has anyone got any advice ? I would be so grateful. Thank you.

Posted by sam on 27/10/2009 at 03:55, United Kingdom

Flushing and blushing are NOT two words for the same thing! Blushing is facial. Flushing can be systemic.

Posted by Geraldine on 14/10/2009 at 11:32, United Kingdom

Having read Anne's letter, I am almost the same as her. When I wake I immediately become overheated and sweat. Throughout the day I burn up mostly 30 minutes apart, sometimes up to 2 hours apart if I'm outside. I have a sort of panic attack with it as I'm so hot and take my cardigan off, only to freeze and put it back on again. It is so stressful and there's no peace in my life. I get into the car and have to wait until I cool down before I can drive and have to drive in just a t-shirt to avoid the sweats and my husband has to be with me to open and close the windows and adjust the air vent. There seems to be no help. As a child I used to blush all the time and I used green face powder when I grew up, but as I gained confidence this went. I was persuaded to take up smoking to give myself confidence, but it was GIVING UP SMOKING that gave me confidence and made me realise I was as good as anyone. I smoked from age 18 to 28 and I'm now 66. Passed my driving test in Sept 2009!

Posted by Anonynmous on 10/06/2009 at 01:37, United Kingdom

I dont get red or hot flushes throughout the day but when i try to talk to people that maybe i bump into on the street that i know or even friends i tend to get flushes then like embarrassiment. I have had it for a while, but seems to be getting worse. Sometimes I can feel comfy in front of people but mostly like this, I am not really shy, or unconfident or dont experience the problem when it is darker or i am drunk, what is the problem does anyone know?

Posted by Anonymous on 10/04/2009 at 06:36, United States

I have the same problem as Anne. The moment I wake up I have a hot flash that last 1-2 minutes. I will have them sometimes throughout the day. Has anyone had a 24hr. urine test for carcinoids? How about thyroid? If so, what did they find?

Posted by Lissa on 10/04/2009 at 06:03, United States

I have the exact same problem as Anne posted below. As soon as I wake up and move, I have a hot flash and will sometimes continue to have them throughout the day. Like Anne my hormone level is fine. I want to have a 24hr. urine to check for what might be the problem. This should show something. Hopefully, not a tumour as it checks for carcinoids. Also, thyroid is being ruled out. Would like to know if Anne has discovered anything.

Posted by reddner on 06/04/2009 at 06:43, Ireland

So good to ask someone about this. Thank you. I am, believe it or not, a confident person. But at work, when someone I know is of strong character, usually male and testosterone fuelled, and says or asks a personal question, I blushed beyond acceptable reason. everyone at the table will comment or blatantly point. I am at the stage where I say, "I know I am scarlet but blah blah". I would love to not be red and I think it will add to my credibility when responding. One friend advised, curl your toes, you feel slight pain so its a mild distraction without delineating from the subject. I have yet to fully try it but I think its a trier. Any other suggestions, I would be most grateful.

Posted by annom on 05/04/2009 at 12:21, Ireland

i had this problem aswell.i started buying this miosturiser,its green,and its in a small green tube,rimmel make it.its to stop the redness in your face.rub it in to your face(when you rub it in its not green anymore,you wouldnt notice it) apparantly the green stop the red from showing up,i dont know how it works,but it worked for me and gave me back my confidence,i still feel myself go red but nobody can tell... hope this helps

Posted by Anonymous on 30/03/2009 at 05:41, United Kingdom

im 14 and i have a problem. i always go bright red, when im embarresed or even when im not embarresed. when people say 'your going red' it makes me go even more red. i hate it because i feel all hot and sweaty. people always make fun of me. its getting me down,and i dont feel convident anymore. i want to be a fashion model and its stopping me to go to model agencies. i dont want to go to the doctors but what can i do to stop it. please help!

Posted by Anne on 11/03/2009 at 09:47, United Kingdom

I have been having horrendous episodes of sweating for the last 18 months. I wake up in the morning and as soon as I start moving this sweating starts. My body is bright red and I feel as if I am about to blow up I am so hot. These are not hot flushes my oestrogen level is OK. (on HRT) these flushes can last up to 4 hours and then I will cool down and then shiver with the cold for a further 3-4 hours. No doctors can help me. They havent a clue what is wrong. Does anybody else have anything like this.

Posted by Anonymous on 28/02/2009 at 08:03, United States

why is my face always red

Posted by Anonymous on 31/01/2009 at 11:18, United Kingdom

my son is male and 33. he was brought up to be polite etc., However when at work his colleagues criticise him for being too nice to customers ( they obviously dont know the difference between too nice or polite he blushes...... this in turn causes him to sweat slightly... to the point he wanted to leave his job. i talked to him and told him not to let these stupid people change him...... everyone has polite words to say about him. he lives far away now and is married yet his confidence is suffering due to his workmates. hence causing him to be paranoid about body odour.... washing his clothes more. i feel this is now an anxiety problem and he should see his gp. am i right to suggest same. thank you.


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In the 18th and 19th centuries, women who blushed were regarded as very attractive

In Victorian times, flushes at the menopause were treated by applying leeches to suck blood out of the skin

A famous Victorian doctor, Brown-Sequard, recognized that flushes at the menopause were caused by shutting down of the ovaries. He recommended that women should eat a daily sandwich containing two sheep's ovaries

Sheep, primates and humans are the only animals that have menopausal flushes (Financial Times 2003; August 9)

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