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Success story: bed-wetting - it's no big deal

Thank you to Graham, 55, from the United Kingdom, for sharing his story on bed wetting.

Bed-wetting support story

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I used to wet my bed regularly (almost every night) until I was about 15. It then stopped, except for a few incidents, usually because I had been drinking or was very tired. Then I started doing it again more frequently in my mid-thirties. 
Twenty years later I wet while I am asleep most nights again. It's not because I drink alcohol, and it doesn't seem to matter what or how much I drink. No doctor or any other medical professional has ever been able to find a reason for it, or cure it. 

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I now sleep in a nappy every night and have done for over 15 years now. I also have to be careful during the day and go to the toilet whenever I feel the need to avoid wetting myself. I suspect that it will become worse as I get older. 

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But I refuse to let it bother me. I wear glasses because my eyes don't work very well: some people have hearing aids - some need pacemakers or other devices or medications to help things that go wrong with the body. I wear nappies because my bladder doesn't work properly, and because none of the medications I have tried have ever worked. It's just one of those things as far as I am concerned and I no longer let it worry me. My wife prefers me to wear a nappy to save the sheets and so that I don't wee all over her. So I wet myself while I am asleep - yeah, so what? It's no big deal. And even if I do start wetting myself during the day too, then I will wear nappies 24/7 if necessary.
See our pages on bed-wetting to find out what you can do and how your doctor can help.

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Posted by Rosy on 26/05/2019 at 01:17

Since my young age I've been peeing in my bed and it reduces with the time going on. I always dreamed that I was in the bathroom and wet my bed. Now it happens once in a while. I stayed 8 months without wetting my bed and then it happens like 2 nights consequently. So according to the frequency, I can tell I wet my bed 2~4 times in a year. Lol it's just crazy how relaxing you feels when peeing in the bed and the next minute when you realize it, you jump from the bed and be like, HOLY CRAP


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