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Acne and spots

What is acne? The skin is covered in hundreds of microscopic hair follicles, often known as pores, and many of these, especially on the face, neck, back and chest, are close to grease glands called sebaceous glands that produce an oily product called sebum, which flows out of the pores. These follicles sometimes overproduce cells and become blocked, trapping the sebum and preventing it from draining to the surface of the skin. Bacteria that normally live on the skin surface thrive in this oily environment. This can lead to inflammation that we all recognise as acne spots. The most common bacteria involved in acne is called Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes).

All acne spots (also known as lesions) start out as microcomedones, which are invisible to the eye but can be seen under a microscope if a sample of acne-prone skin is examined. The different acne lesions include:

  • Whiteheads, which form when the trapped sebum and bacteria create a deep plug in the follicle.  
  • Blackheads, which form when a pore becomes plugged at its opening. The black/brown colour is a build-up of the normal skin pigment called melanin (the same pigment that is responsible for a suntan) in the sebum after it has oxidized – it is not dirt and cannot be washed away.
  • Inflamed red spots, known as papules, which can become large and lumpy. If they are bigger than 5 mm they are called nodules.
  • Pus-filled spots, known as pustules, which form when white blood cells make their way to the surface of the skin.
Diagram showing how spots develop

Who gets acne and when does it start? Acne if the eighth most common disease worldwide and affects 85% of people (both male and female) between the ages of 14 and 25 years. Although acne is classically a disease of adolescence, it is now found to be starting sooner and lasting longer (not in everyone but in general). This earlier onset is believed to be due to things like lifestyle factors (such as childhood obesity), which can cause earlier onset of puberty. 

Acne starts earlier in girls than boys – some primary school children will have acne spots. A rise in hormone levels in the bloodstream typically occurs before puberty. The earlier the acne starts, the worse it may become. Nevertheless, some people develop acne for the first time well after their teenage years.

How long does acne last? Acne is self-limiting in that it won’t last forever, even without treatment. Whilst some people have a few spots for a couple of years, others can have acne for many years. Many people find their acne clears by their mid-20s but some will continue to have problems into their 30s and 40s. Persistent acne (lasting beyond teenage years) is more common in women than men and is sometimes associated with hormonal abnormalities.

Many people self-treat their acne with over-the-counter remedies and less than half present to their doctors. Delay in treatment can lead to significant problems with physical and emotional scarring. If your acne is persisting make sure you ask your pharmacist or doctor about possible treatments. 

In the future. A lot of the ongoing research into acne is focusing on the bacteria that cause the inflammation. Researchers have started to look for different strains of P. acnes to see if some of these are more specific to acne and/or might cause more severe acne. Other researchers have looked at the genetic code of the bacteria and found the genes responsible for producing enzymes that might be involved in acne. The next step is to find a therapy against these enzymes. Other researchers have suggested that viruses on the skin (a type of bacteriophage) may be able to kill the acne-producing bacteria and could possibly be used as a treatment in the future. 

Fast Facts Obesity
Fast Facts medical handbooks are written for doctors, read by patients too. The new edition of Fast Facts: Acne by Drs Layton, Thiboutot and Bettoli is out now.

Acne is one of the ten most common diseases worldwide, and the inflammatory skin disease seen most often by family physicians and dermatologists. Fast Facts: Acne provides an overview of all available treatments, including their potential side effects, and advises on the best treatment for all different types of acne. 

Written by: Dr Alison Layton
Edited by: Dr Alison Layton
Last updated: Friday, October 21st 2016


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Comments on this article

Posted by leah on 13/04/2017 at 01:08

my skin is reeky red and trashy and its embarrassing

Posted by jan on 07/01/2017 at 08:05

i am 48 and still get spots and don't like it. I have tried all the wash things and spots cream and don't work

Posted by Mada on 08/12/2016 at 09:27

Hi there I've had acne for 5 years it stops me from everything I always feel sad and anxious about it it stops me from doing everything I like I am always unhappy people make fun of me due to it and sometimes I just want them to go I say a prayer every night just to make them go away but god never helps me I've tried everything nothing works I hate looking in the mirror I avoid it a lot is there a way surgically to remove them?

Posted by Nethmi on 07/09/2016 at 12:06

I have acnes like a rash on two sides of my face. It never goes. I used whitening anti spot creams but nothing works. Please tell me something that really works for my acne problem

Posted by Optional on 01/09/2016 at 09:29

Hi there I have been having problems with spots for as long as I can remember. When I was at school my skin was always nice and clear, ever since I hit my later teens I have been affected. I just feel as if my face is a breeding ground for spots. Some weeks I can have one right up to four or five, I have tried everything from face washes to antibiotics, creams moisturisers, drinking plenty water excersicing and dieting, Iam now in my thirtys thought by now I would have out grown them. Can't remember last time I have went a full month with a clear complexion. Surely there must be some other sort of solution, any suggestions?

Posted by youngwahab4real on 13/08/2016 at 07:55

good day everybody, i am experiencing black spot on my back since one and half years ago, what is the solution please, please i want the solution please, is disgusting.

Posted by Optional on 18/07/2016 at 07:17

I have had blackheads ALL OVER my nose for around 2 years now, but I only started to notice them last year. They are HUGE and have literally infested my nose. I have tried everything that I can but nothing is working. Please help!!!! How can I get rid of them. They really affect my confidence and look disgusting.

Posted by Titilayo Ife on 18/06/2016 at 08:46

Place kindly help me with a suitable cream for my skin colour. I am an albino. 12years old, am having spots on my face

Posted by Optional on 05/05/2016 at 06:31

Hi, I'm 19 now I want ask that from last two years pimples are appearing on my face only on cheeks and mustache area, if I try to pop up or try to make out the yellow fluid in it then next day or after few days its being like brown dead and rough skin, please guys help me, I'm so worried about this and need a reason why its happening and how to get relief and back to my handsome face...

Posted by Optional on 05/05/2016 at 06:24

Help! Why am I getting acne and sore spots on my chin and under my eye. It's persistent and hasn't gone away for 5 months. This is the first time I have ever had spots to this degree and I'm nearly 27!

Posted by Anonymous7163 on 13/03/2016 at 01:38

I typically never have break outs but ever since I started my (.) I have horrible break outs and small spots of acne I use acne preventing blemish wash (st. Eve's apricot scrub) but now I have black heads all over my forehead and they come out in weird hard clumps of puss. I now have infected red spots on my forehead. I don't wash my face consecutively but I wash my face twice a day once in the morning and once before I go to bed and when I take a shower. Am I washing my face to much, is it making my face dry and iratated resulting in breakouts?

Posted by anjum on 09/02/2016 at 04:22

I had 3 pimples 2 months ago on the right side of my face.I have undergone treatment but no relief.When I take my medicenes the blemishes lighten at first and then it turns red.I'm unmarried,plz guide me.

Posted by Optional on 04/02/2016 at 11:02

I have suffered with spots ever since i was 13 and now i'm 19 nearly 20! they say once you reach a certain age, past your teens. You should be past the stage of getting spots. Well tbh mine is acne, it has really put my confident right down, i've been on several different tablets from dermotologist and also creams which i had to stop because they were irritating my skin and making them worse rather than better. The ones on my chin are the worst as they are a purple colour and the ones on my cheek are bright red and really sore. I've tried creams such as savlon and germoline and i've even tried salting my face which smoothes my face but doesn't help my spots. Hope you can help :)

Posted by Optional on 10/01/2016 at 11:23

Hi I have struggled with acne since I was like 11 and I get breakouts here and there but am mostly concerned about the amount of marks on my face is there any thing that could help?

Posted by mary g on 07/01/2016 at 02:52

I have red angry acne as well, and I realized all the harmful chemicals in acne products made them worse. Now I use the Citrus Clear products - they are a new company - but their formulas are totally unique and DO NOT irritate my skin anymore. Been using the Citrus Clear Control Moisturizer for 3 weeks now, and it has totally turned my red angry acne into nothing .

Posted by Manish on 24/12/2015 at 05:35

I am tired even my girl friend is lived me because of my acen please god help me

Posted by Optional on 24/11/2015 at 10:30

Can anyone help me ..... Iv acne all over my face on my cheeks on my chin ,forehead ,tempels litterly everywhere .... It's really depressing me i have come to a point when people talk to me i dont look at them i turn around and talk and i find myself using my hand to cover my face when anywhere in public , when i look in the mirror its disgusting i cant bear to look at myself , i have been to my doctor and i was put on a hormonal pill called microlight this seemed to have made them even worse i have also used loads of tropical creams with no luck , i use an oil control wash a simple toner and moisturiser iv come to a point where o just want to rip off my skin , please someone help me im at tipping point my skin is also oily on my forehead and tempels and dry around my cheeks and chin , anyones help would be much appreciated thank you ...

Posted by Charity Ceva on 11/10/2015 at 08:10

What should i do to stop acane on my face? What cream should I use?

Posted by Optional on 09/10/2015 at 02:29

I have so many black spots and acne. and I look ugly ihate my face so much I cant even look in the mirror because I hate my face. its just so ugly I don't understand

Posted by sweetha on 30/09/2015 at 04:41

I have holes deep holes one r two pimples but my holes became deep holes but it s not going I got engagement plz plz plz help me to make my face clean plz .I am now using faceclin cream plz suggest me so I can make my face clear very soon

Posted by sada on 07/09/2015 at 07:15

I have dry & active pimples and spots coming everyday on my face. plz help.

Posted by Robinr2205kc on 03/09/2015 at 08:49

I have always suffered from mild acne, but 2 years ago I had a horrible breakout! Scars and it seems I have whiteheads I think on my cheeks, for head and the sides of my face. When they show up my skin is itchy, they sometimes swell and are sore and always in the same areas! Nothing ever comes out of them and I end up squeezing until it develops into a sore. I have changed my facial cleansing products to all naturally made still no help. I try everything even rubbing alcohol and many of the home remedies. I get so depressed with the look of my face is could just scream!!! I try to hide these with makeup but nothing helps!! Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated

Posted by Optional on 06/07/2015 at 03:39

I am age 11 and I have so many spots on my face most children at school bully me and now I have something to tell them. I have spots on my face and that means that I am unique. You will get spots one day its just I have them earlier than you. I now feel very confident with myself

Posted by Lou on 04/06/2015 at 12:30

So, I'm 44 and I have had acne since the age of 13. I have had two courses of Accuatane and this was amazing. It totally cured me for 18 months both times. I can't have it again. It permanently cured my back acne, and reduced facial and chest acne. I still get face acne and blocked pores on my chest. I use adapalene cream and wash with mild wash and moisturise daily. My skin has tiny pores that block easily so need to exfoliate gently all the time. It does get a bit better with age but I am now accepting of my acne. Contraceptive pill helped but as a migraineur I can't take it. Don't put off going to the doc and do try accuatane - it's great.

Posted by Optional on 26/05/2015 at 05:07

My soon has been taking doxycycline for months and also use topical clindamycine but his acne get worst it has so much yellow pus with big lump . Please advise his dr did bood text but his liver result high (ast). So he can not have accutane yet. What he can do now(he already tried minocycline)

Posted by trinity on 19/05/2015 at 08:41

I use to have flawless oily skin till last 10months when I went camping and came back with reactions, acne, redspots and pimples have used tea tree products , clean and clear and neutrogena and they only worsen my conditions . Please what can help I am getting depressed .

Posted by Optional on 11/05/2015 at 05:27

I have a twin who has flawless skin, and eats loads of junk and sweets and gets a slight blemish every two months, whereas I tackle it every weak. Mines not that bad but I've got not that noticeable blackheads on my nose and get many spots on chin and a few on forehead. I eat healthy drink water wash it and use the face washes! NOTHING WORKS. I give up, maybe I'll grow out of it :('

Posted by Optional on 30/04/2015 at 07:19

Been suffering mild acne for 2years now, my acne seems to appear alot more in the winter. Last winter i had lots of spots clumped together on my forehead which were only annoyinly visable in the sun. This year I had spots which left red marks on my cheeks. I've been using duac on my skin, i hate the other tropical peels they are to dry. 100% cetaphil is an amazing cleanser and moisturzor it will not get rid of acne but it doesn't block pores its light and it still reduces dryness created by tropical creams. The doctor believes the acne is hormonal so he has prescribed me controception pills in order to balance the hormones in my bottle which i have also been taking and it works. My spots have cleared out alot I just hope the results stay throughout winter!

Posted by Optional on 23/04/2015 at 05:04

I have mild acne on my face but my back,shoulder,chest have a little more acne and they leave a scar behind each time they fade. what should I do to prevent acne scarring and reduce the the acne growth?

Posted by Optional on 20/04/2015 at 11:27

Hi all.. I have suffered with severe acne since I was 11 years old. I have been to 13 different doctors who all referred me to different dermatologists and I have used so many different creams and lotions and medicines and antibiotics. I have also heard enough and suffered enough of "it gets worse before it gets better". One day I have oily combination skin, next its dry and firm. Everyday is a battle between what irritates more; the huge itchy lumps along my jawbone, the spots on my cheekbones or the really painful ones around my nose or in my eyebrows! One of my daughters had a dry, itchy patch of skin and all I could find was an old tube of Germoline. I used a bit on my face at the same time... I woke up the next morning and the lumps on my jawline were almost invisible and a quarter of the size... I put some more on.. The next day, I just had a slight bump and light red marks .. The third day, I just had the marks.. And today... Clear. My mother saw me today and was so shocked , she took pictures and said "in 19 years, I forgot what your skin looked like!!" Wash your face, wipe it dry, and apply a generous amount of Germoline everyday. Wish I tried it sooner!! X

Posted by dixit on 27/03/2015 at 10:47

I tried almost everything oral medications, costly facewashes, visiting dermatologists and what not bt my skin is still d same oily greasy and full of acne scars, jist fed up wid my skin cuz nuthin works...:(

Posted by Optional on 26/03/2015 at 08:57

I always get spots on the same spot on my face , my cheeks! Can someone please tell me what I could do to get rid of this??

Posted by Optional on 22/01/2015 at 04:26


Posted by Optional on 15/01/2015 at 07:27

I have super oily skin, and I am always getting pimples. I try washing my face twice a day, and I've used some acne scrubs and even a cream, but none of it is working. It's not as noticeable as it once was, but I still have it. Any good ideas on how I can get rid of it completely?

Posted by Optional on 11/01/2015 at 03:44

HI.. i have pimple problem since i was 18 years i m 21 & i still have the problem. i have treated it once(they were gone completely) now again i m getting them..please suggest some remedy..

Posted by Optional on 09/01/2015 at 06:44

Trying somthing natural cranbarry juice and lemon juice my theory is the powerful acids will break the grease down never tried it I'm hoping it works wish me luck

Posted by Optional on 19/11/2014 at 07:51

i hv a uneven tone skin and small pimples what can i usr i have tried almost every face product i wana have flawless ans radiant skin

Posted by Optional on 17/11/2014 at 01:44

had acne all my life very oily skin use 91 percent alcohol on it 3 times a day… my body sweats i always feel oily ..take 2 showers a day …my face never feels clean after all i wash with it

Posted by Optional on 14/11/2014 at 08:14

Aspexia. Its amazing!

Posted by syprose on 14/11/2014 at 08:22

Please help me get rid of scars on my legs as i cannot put on a mini skirt.They have stayed for more than ten years

Posted by Optional on 11/11/2014 at 04:50

I have ingrown hair down my jaw...causes black spots and I dunno wot to use to clear it.sometimes it causes itching

Posted by Optional on 03/11/2014 at 09:41

ever since I turned 40 I noticed my skin has increased in acne, and I also have thin facial hair on the right side of my face. No matter what kind of acne medication I use it will clear up and soon as I stop using my skin would break out. I need help my skin look horrible.

Posted by Optional on 31/10/2014 at 02:48

I have no spots on my face but I have a lot on my back, this is quite hard for a girl as I cant where clothes that show my back at all, is there anyway I can help to get rid of them.

Posted by jax on 29/10/2014 at 10:30

Hi I am 50 years old and started to get small spots just on my bottom cheeks . I feel to embarrased to go to the GP . I have now got a large one which is sore and small amount of puss in it , what can i do to get rid of this and stop getting ohters please . I work in an office and sit down for 6 hours a day .

Posted by Optional on 16/10/2014 at 11:34

Hey I'm 13 and I started getting pimples. I have heaps on my face especially on the nose and inner cheeks and it makes me embarrassed because it makes my face look blotchy! What should I do I'm actually really stressed!!! Can I wear bb cream to cover it up or is that bad for my skin?

Posted by Shhahs on 16/10/2014 at 12:42

I wouldnt recommend going to the doctors as when I went they gave me a product called duac that contained peroxide, it worked for a couple of weeks but then I began to notice parts of my skin where I used the product most had actually lightened from the peroxide! Then my skin got irritated from it and about 6 hours after application i came up in a bright red rash! Doctors are not trained properley about skin I woul d higy recommend going to a salon an having a facial and explain your ski. Issues to the beautician as they know what to look for and can recommend the correct products! Hope this was helpful!

Posted by Optional on 05/10/2014 at 03:29

Hi I have always has problems with a couple of spots on my skin, since year 6. I have read enough articles seen enough videos and tried enough things and nothing has worked. I am so low in confidence that I don't leave my room and have missed days of school because I want to curl up in a ball and cry. I feel everyone stares and I'm at my lowest point ever! How do I get a fresh clear face once and for all?

Posted by Anonymous on 23/08/2014 at 04:52

I wash my fash morning and night but i am always ending up with fairly bad obvious spots (whiteheads or reddish bumps). Somethimes i will even get 5 or 6 spots at the same time. No one else seems to have this problem what can i do to fix it?

Posted by Prince on 15/08/2014 at 06:57

I have very much problems because I have blackspots and small pores all over my face what should I do to get rid of my face problems?

Posted by OptionalVEE on 23/07/2014 at 11:58

Hi i'm 23 yrs old i have problem with my face over6yrs i have pimples and blemishis, i tried so many product none of them help,i 've been shameful to go out with my friends i feel like i'm so ugly plz help me.

Posted by Tom on 17/07/2014 at 03:55

Got to your local docter, they know what to do :)

Posted by Optional on 07/07/2014 at 07:05

hi, I am suffering from acne which usually occurs during summers and i have taken all the medicined adviced from many dermatologists, benzyol peroxide , creams all thier prescrobed ointments, soaps like acnesol, ethiglow, and many more. i have seen alomst 6 to 7 dermatologits, my skin becomes good till the time i m takinf the treatment but as soon as i stop it occurs again and again and it has badly affected me mentally.. i have now scars and open pores and my skin looks red =. plz help

Posted by Optional on 04/07/2014 at 05:02

white toothpaste helps red inflamed spots just apply it and let it dry before washing it off

Posted by Aljon on 01/07/2014 at 10:53

I have red and hard pimples and itchy how to control and treat this?

Posted by sandy on 27/06/2014 at 12:14

hello there, well myself Sandy from India, I had lot of acnes on my whole face, forhead and on my Body as well..but I all the time used to pinch them..slowly slowly they changed in dark spots...Not q single mark I had on my face, but since 2008 pimples started to come and I took them easy..some says its just an age..they will get disappeared automatically...I even consulted dermatologist... I used take take Drug like (Minoz OD capsules)(sortet Capsules) and also I did thirteen times "Micro Derma" MD and once pealing as well..I used to apply tubes like Vavitian, soap like "Acrol" (still using) on doctor's advice..But sofar I didn't get positive results Right now my forhead is filled with dark spots. . really my face sucks my life I was a model with fair skin, but now I hate to see my face on mirror al because of these darkspots on my forhead. please help..I need it badly Thanks Regards Sandy

Posted by Optional on 23/06/2014 at 09:17

Tell me how to prevent black heads

Posted by Manmeet on 23/06/2014 at 08:11

I am struggling from the problem of pimples and those pimples has caused small holes and some wide holes in my face pls suggest me some cream or some pills so that holes that are on ny face get vanished.

Posted by Damian on 15/06/2014 at 08:57

Hello, I suffer with acne/spots. I have tried a variety of creams and moisturisers and it seems to make it worse. Although sometime when I look in the mirror, it does actually look like they are fading, but then the next day It seems as if they've all come back... Any good solutions.

Posted by Optional on 15/06/2014 at 06:30

i ve got redish round hard spots all over my face i dont now what they are they drying up and they leave marks or scar looking on my face can you help me please i am only young all my freinds in school havent got this but i have what can i do please some one help me i cry some times been so young and suffering with all these spots on my face and some on my back and arms what can i do

Posted by Anonymous on 14/06/2014 at 06:05

I have lots of spots on my forehead and people always comment on them. I wish I could cover them up. Any solutions?

Posted by Optional on 01/06/2014 at 08:12

Skinoren cream really works for moderate acne together with antibiotics.

Posted by Opitional on 29/05/2014 at 07:07

Do i have lots of spots becuase i've reached the age pf puberty how long does it last for? I've got loads of red spots everywhere.

Posted by Optional on 29/05/2014 at 03:38

hello i have many blackheads all over my nose and they wont pop the blackheads have lead to my nose going red and also now have lots of dry skin! HELP!!!!!!!!

Posted by Optional on 29/05/2014 at 09:40

Hi, this is a very sticky issue, and demands a qualified physician’s consultation, before it compounds into something complex. I have been able to book confirmed appointments with the best doctor for dermatologist to consult my father in Bangalore, India( ). Unlike other providers, these guys have done a great job by helping zero in on the best doctors instead of providing a million options and confusing patients looking out for medical help. Great job Qikwell! Hope this helps you all.

Posted by Optional on 29/05/2014 at 03:14

how do i clear up my face from acne without expensive products

Posted by Optional on 27/05/2014 at 03:48

I hv lot of spots on my face,legs,back n mre pimple on side of my face.i hv tired mani tins bt de pimple is stil nt rilli sure if it so confused n tired i hv lost my self esteem....pls recommend a cream nd black spot remova i can get in nigeria

Posted by jc on 25/05/2014 at 11:48

I suffered acne and pimple problems over the years. I don’t know what the cause is. And I spend a lot of money on it just to bring back my face. But through your information I gain knowledge on how to on it. Thanks! God bless.  This is my face today.

Posted by Optional on 30/04/2014 at 09:34

Hello for the past week I have been tackling acne all around my chin and cheeks its horrifying I have tried everything and nothing seems to work.I have really sensitive skin and I just want my face to clear up, I have had the odd spot now and then never this bad before.

Posted by spots on 07/04/2014 at 02:55

I have sufferd with spots since a teen..not too bad on my face but upper chest and back I really hate...I have tried everything and im sure benzol peroxide has damaged my skin over the chest looks old and raggy with lumpy scars and still new spots appearing...I deead summer as id love to wear low cut tops but am so embaressed of whats seen....please can some1 help..did see a doc yrs ago and was told to use cidal soap...I would say I have a fairly healthy diet and try hard to drink water..

Posted by Optional on 16/01/2014 at 09:13

How do i get rid of all my spots and acne and what moisturisers and wash should i use on sensitive sjin?

Posted by Optional on 29/12/2013 at 12:11, United Kingdom

Hi I am struggling with my spots and need some help to get id of them I have quite a lot of spots at the top of my lip below my nose and when going out cover them up with light stay in place makeup I need help can u give me any advice or what should I buy ?.

Posted by Optional on 26/11/2013 at 10:53, United Kingdom

what foods cause spots

Posted by Optional on 12/11/2013 at 10:42, India

I have some black spot on my chin due to acne.and my skin colour tone is also changed looking due to the black spot.pls any one tell me to get rid of them nd get my normal skin colour tone.

Posted by Phindile on 04/10/2013 at 10:09, South Africa

Good day I had sores in my legs which left dark spots so I dont know which product to use to remove them i cant wear dresses.

Posted by Optional on 12/09/2013 at 01:40, United Kingdom

My boyfriend didn't have a shave and its made my chin really sore when he was kissing me now there is loads of spots which is really sore how do I get rid of them and what do I use

Posted by Optional on 02/09/2013 at 11:36, United Kingdom

I have a few spots on my face and im getting worried that it might turn into acne. I have tried many spot creams but non of them seemed to of worked, what is the best cure for me?

Posted by Optional on 31/08/2013 at 10:16, United Kingdom

I'm 14 and I have spots on my chin for ages now. I also have spots and blackheads on the rest if my face. I wash my face twice a day and it feels like I've used every product. I have started to get a red face as well help please. Thanks :)

Posted by Optional on 27/08/2013 at 09:12, United States

Im 13 just started highschool .. & my face look nasty alot of white head my pores are huge , & alot if pimples i feel so ugly !!

Posted by rakshita bansal on 26/08/2013 at 07:58, Indonesia

I am getting alot of redish spots ob my face through ages its going on increasing no remedy is working out wht to plzzzzzzzzz help:'"(

Posted by Megan on 26/08/2013 at 12:15, United Kingdom

If you have bad acne or just a few spots use 'Mario Badescu -Drying lotion' you just dab it on at night and it drys the spots out and overnight they go down or virtually disappear depending on how bad your spot is. You can order from the online shop it's only $15 which I'm from UK so people in UK can order too, it's been favourited by celebrities too! Normally when you buy something on The Mrio badescu website you get free samples so when you pick your samples pick other acne ones which will also help.

Posted by Optional on 22/08/2013 at 10:35, United Kingdom

Hello. Im 28years old. Iv never had problems with my skin . But the last couple of months iv had problems with my skin . Small spots keep appearing on my face and I don't know why . On forehead an around the mouth area. Does anyone know what causes this and if there is any treatment .

Posted by sana on 20/08/2013 at 11:32, India

i have acne scars all over ma skin.i.m geting married in few days kind worried i hve tried benzyl.peroxide . dermadew . calkamine etc home remedies workin on me pissed off plz doctri drink safi too :(

Posted by Optional on 16/08/2013 at 03:02, United Kingdom

For some reason my spot has gone hard and yellow

Posted by catherine on 14/08/2013 at 02:18, Botswana

i have blackheads on my chicks and nose ,whiteheads on my chin i need a product to get rid of my problem

Posted by Optional on 10/08/2013 at 01:12, United Kingdom

I have had back and shoulder spots for about 9/10 years now and I've been to the doctors had cream, antibiotics for over a year and tried all the tee tree and stuff like that but nothing is getting rid of them. As a 20 year old I'm finding it hard to wear certain clothes that my friends wear as I'm to embarrassed to even put a vest top on. I'm not comfortable to get into a realtionship because of them and also when people tounch my back even with a top on I feel very inscure about it as you can still feel the spots. Please if anyone has any tips for me I'd like to hear from you I just want to be able to feel comfortable now!

Posted by woo on 29/07/2013 at 12:21, Philippines

I've got a huge spot on my forehead and I'm about to go out. I've tried to pop it because it has a head, but it's just made it go even bigger and go completley white. What do I do!

Posted by Optional on 26/07/2013 at 09:26, United Kingdom

I found Mouth wash (listerine) is good for angry red spots. As it has alcohol in it, it will draw the bacteria to thesurface quicker and hopefully the spot will go down quick.

Posted by Optional on 24/07/2013 at 03:40, United Kingdom

I am suffering from acne the past years , I am 12 years old now and I have been giving prescriptions from doctors like lymecline capsules , differin cream and Qunioderm 5 but they don't work .I've also been using African black soap , tree tree and witch hazel foam face wash , witch hazel face mask , witch hazel and tree tree oil non greasy moisturiser but it makes it worse . I don't want to have these spots and pimples all over my face I'm using this African cream but it still doesn't make any difference only a few minimizing . Please help me I'm need I am sick and tired of them . Thankyou ......

Posted by Optional on 14/07/2013 at 01:02, United Kingdom

i am suffering from acne since the age of 16. i have very oily skin. i wash my face twice a day with neutrogena face wash but it deos'nt help. i am also taking minocycline and lymecycline capsules since last 14 years but they are not making any big difference. white acne spots appears regularly on my face and neck which left many scars on my face. please help me. thanks...

Posted by Optional on 02/07/2013 at 04:45, United Kingdom

Use clearailsil It works by drying up the areas

Posted by Optional on 01/07/2013 at 03:52, United Kingdom

I picked a spot and it was really sore then it has took the skin off it and my skin has sunk in abit if you know what I mean,I don't know what to do and I want away for Wednesday as I have an important day

Posted by Optional on 27/06/2013 at 09:44, Nigeria

Very helpful hints here, however im opting for the more natural approach. of garlic, steaming my face with Rosemary tea and an olive oil and salt scrub. thanks y'all my face is getting clear and smooth again. learn to have a positive attitude towards your pimples or acne explosion.

Posted by Optional on 25/06/2013 at 10:40, India

Hai,i have a oily skin ..i have a lot of dark and block spots in my cheek and body also...i used a lot of it doesnt work.plz give me idea

Posted by Optional on 21/06/2013 at 01:38, Ireland

Hi there I never had spots and had a clear face up until quiet recently (like two months) when i have been getting a lot of spots...these spots wont heal and just keep coming and becoming brown and keep getting deposited on my face. I dont now hwat to do. I use a moistoriser and take frequent showers and also use face wash.

Posted by CoCoNeNe on 09/06/2013 at 08:27, United Kingdom

I have loads of spots i dont know if they are spots but there on my forehead my docter gave me a lotion/cream for it. Its called dermol 500g cream or lotion not sure but it hasnt worked at all my spots are still on my forehead i will describe it for you. Description: its little bumps and some look red at days and have big bumps? Help?

Posted by Optional on 02/06/2013 at 11:41, United Kingdom

I have red patches from where old spots have been ony face, then another small spot will appear time and time again within the same areas. Not a lot comes out each time. But the redness is the most embarrassing part. One side of face is fine, but the other has constant red patches. What can it be, I have tried treatment for Roseasea, but it did not work, it just made me have bad joints.

Posted by Optional on 22/05/2013 at 07:15, United Kingdom

mine went so wrong that I now have gr8 big splotches on my face that wont go away

Posted by Nenye on 06/05/2013 at 04:42, Nigeria

My face is realy realy bad, av done all i can fink of. D pimples, d spots aint goin at all. Pls i need help. Is now upto 7monthss cant see any goin cracy. Can dis stil b pimples.esp in one side of my face nd forehead. Dont knw wat 2 do again. Am so so depressd rgt now, av prayd, cried, spent money 4 dem 2go. Bt they aint goin soon. Nid advice

Posted by Optional on 04/05/2013 at 06:17, Ireland

Roscea mostly on my nose .6 months or so it started.nose white spots .when burst become sore and red

Posted by Kat on 21/04/2013 at 07:56, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm just wondering if there is any treatments for scarring? As my spots leaves a scar after they go, I just want them to go. Thank you.

Posted by Optional on 20/04/2013 at 07:17, United States

Hi I am getting treatment right now for my acne.I have had it since I was thirteen, and mostly because of my oily skin. I went to the dermatologist and she gave me a oral antibiotic called doxycycline and a facial gel called differin. Its working pretty good, and my skin is not as oily. She also told me that the sun will help to treat old acne spots. I hope this helped someone :)

Posted by Luscious locks on 19/03/2013 at 07:09, United Kingdom

I use to have acne when I was about 12 and It made me very conciouse of myself, they use to be big red spots all over my face and they hurt quite a bit! I was given many things like creams and medication but then I found a cream and a oil called aknicare, for a while it worked but then all if a sudden i started to see that my skin wasn't improving any moor, in time they started to slowly go but I was left with a lot of scars, then I started to get big red spots on my forehead and chin area so my parents took me to lanzoreti for 1 month as I'm home schooled and the sun completely cleared them up, my face hadn't got a single spot or blemish on it, I was then bought lumie clear it's in and its a red and blue light led therapy treatment and its works excellent I use it for 14 mins a day on the nose, chin and upper lip area where I still get a few teen spots, I also use Freederm moisturiser and fast track Freederm gel also in, now I have lovely skin and only a few teen spots or blemishes! I'm 14 and know what it's like to have bad skin but behind the pots always remember your beautifull I mean I want to be a model 13lbs but having acne put my dreams and hopes down but now that its all cleared I couldn't be happier so please try what I did because you will never look back, oh and if you can't get away in the sun for 1 month then hire a sun bed but don't go on to frequent as its got a much higher risk of skin cancer! There's one thing I want to know and that's how can I prevent my skin from being bit as for some reason I often get bites germoline gets rid of it straight away but what prevents it from happening in the first place? I hope you find this helpful :-)

Posted by Hannah on 06/03/2013 at 07:58, United Kingdom

Hello. So i heard that toothpaste was good for your spots?? anyone know if its true? Thankyou for all the amazing comments especially the on about witch and sudocrem:)

Posted by Anne on 04/03/2013 at 09:37, Bahrain

Hi i just wnat to ask what is the best i can do to my face?i have a lot of blackheads & whiteheads at the same time i have pimples, i take an antiobiotic and also some cream for this, black i feel is more becoming worst, what should i will do, please help me, to resolve my problem.thank a lot.

Posted by Optional on 03/03/2013 at 05:38, United Kingdom

My GP prescribed retin-a for me, which works a treat. I am nearly 48 and get spots all the time. And I am now fighting wrinkles! I moaned at my GP and he gave me retin-a but the strength I had is now discontinued in the uk!

Posted by sandra on 01/03/2013 at 07:09, United Kingdom

Dettol antibacterial soap really works, i had spots and blackheads on my face for months, i tried everything but no result, but immediately i started using dettol soap i noticed quick result in just few days, i cant beleive it, the cheapest of all products worked even better than the expensice products, dettol soap 70p, i use it twice daily, it really works no kiddin.

Posted by she on 26/02/2013 at 05:16, Botswana

i nid help,sice i turned 21 i began developin embarrasi pimples.i hav tryd different prescription dey all failled.

Posted by Lilli on 24/02/2013 at 09:18, United Kingdom

Hello.Ive been suffering with spots since i was 11. I looked at myself daily and piled on the make-up hoping that it would cover the spots. When in fact most make-up products are bad for the skin. I live in united kingdom and they have a powder, moisturiser, foundation and spot cream called witch. It's amazing. It's like normal make-up but not only does it cover your spots but it is also very good for your spots. I would recommend it. They may have it in other countries but i dont know. If you do live in another country or united kingdom then there is a natural way of doing it, and that washing ur face twice a day with soapy water. I heard that water and healthy fruit really helps too. Best to last, SUDOCREM. This product says its for nappy rash, eczema etc. But it is amazing for spots. Its white so i consider not applying it and then going out because u may look like a ghost. I suggest applying it at night or when ur staying inside the house. Ive used it for years and its the only thing that makes me feel confident. Hope this helps you. Having spots is a horrible thing and wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. Sorry if some words are spelt wrong i never did well in english;) thanks for the other comments guys because every little thing helps.

Posted by Ryan on 20/02/2013 at 03:14, United Kingdom

Hi im 22 and ive had spots for maybe like 5 years. they used to be really bad but there hardly noticable anymore. just a quick tip for everyone what i used to do was go on the sunbed for a couple of minutes and then hit the steam room in the gym. when i would wake up in the morning my face would be pretty much 100% clear. obviously njot advised to do this all the time as sun beds are bad for you but great prep for a night out when you want to look good!

Posted by Amel on 19/02/2013 at 04:11, Nigeria

Am suffering frm acne and i dnt knw what to use

Posted by Optional on 18/02/2013 at 04:51, India

I have lot of pimples and I get it often during periods. I have been using Faceclin and Glintra Gel. But pimples do arise. Pleasze help.

Posted by Optional on 09/02/2013 at 07:06, Algeria

i want to know where can i find the best product of acne in algeria

Posted by OptImus on 31/01/2013 at 09:10, South Africa

Ive had pimples since i was 13 i dont know what causes them but im 22 and theyve gotten worse over the years i have severe scaribg all over my face ive tried everything im usin lemon light now i think it works but it just keeps my skin from getting oily the pimples are still the plz help

Posted by deb on 12/01/2013 at 11:14, Nigeria

i av ugly,very dark spots on my body,almost every part.some r left after bruises heal or after injury,insect bites or just a mere cut,i dnt wear skirt or gowns cuz dey r mostly on my leg. What can i do? Dis is frm a Nigerian gal

Posted by wahid on 11/01/2013 at 06:41, United Arab Emirates

its helpful. its very good if you also recommend a treatment

Posted by Rakesh Sharma on 02/01/2013 at 04:41, India

Hi, im Rakesh 19 years old.. My pimples are getting too big & not going from my face since one & half year.. I tried many medicine but still not working.. Please give me a best solution, so that it will go within 1 month.....

Posted by Optional on 01/01/2013 at 12:52, United Kingdom

I have dry spotty skin and have tried everything to get rid of it but nothing works. How can I fix my problem without spending alot of money and from the comfort of my home because im embarrassed.

Posted by Optional on 30/12/2012 at 11:24, United Kingdom

im approaching 25 and i am still plagued by acne which i have had since i was 13! i need some serious help as it gets me down every second of every day and i know pcos does not help. i have tried so many different things any advice would be appreciated.

Posted by Optional on 28/12/2012 at 03:35, Singapore

Hi, i've been trying to stop my acne for about 2 years now. i've tried facial foam but it doesnt help me. what can i do ? my pimples keep turning hard and yellow then comes out by itself leaving a scar.

Posted by farhaan on 16/12/2012 at 06:57, India

Hi. I have been trying to find answer to my skin problem since 2008. My face is full of spots and scars which look like burnt marks left by acne. There are many beachheads too. I consulted many skin doctors but in vain. And now I plead you to help me with this problem. Please suggest me someone who can help me get rid of these from India.

Posted by Optional on 06/12/2012 at 12:41, Australia

At the back of my neck and my back I had small and big swollen pimple or maybe it's acne and I tried to use Bactroban it work for a while then its not working anymore please help.

Posted by Guy on 05/12/2012 at 10:42, United Kingdom

Never really had a problem with spots in my life, had the occasional one here and there never bothered me but ever since i started my job a year ago i have been having huge breakouts on my forehead mainly and occasionally on my chin too... have no idea why this is happening to me now and not before as my diet is the same and im out in fresh air the same amount too.

Posted by Optional on 21/11/2012 at 05:35, United Kingdom

Hello, I am 21 Years old and I have always suffered with spots but not enough to make me upset or effect my self esteem. BUT in the past 8 months my skin has become worse. Every day I have a new spot to add to the collection! Every morning I dread waking up and looking at myself in the mirror. I now have terrible self esteem to the point where I wont leave the house without make-up on. If I'm having a really bad day, ill keep my head down and my hair covering my face all day until I get home. On my days off work I sit at home all day and use treatments on my skin in the hope that the next day I will look normal. This is really effecting my life, because if I am not at work, I am at home attending to my spots. I don't go out for fun any-more or see my friends. I feel silly saying all this because compared to others, my skin isn't that bad but its already done its damage on my self-esteem. I have tried MANY different creams; Panoxyl, Quizoderm, all the range from Clean and Clear and Other big brands. I know I should eat healthy and keep my skin clean as much as poss but has anyone ever used anything that's worked extremely well without drying up your skin in the process and leaving you with BIG RED PATCHES! (ALSO.. is it true that the use of sunbeds can temporarily clear your skin?) HELP..

Posted by littlemissamber on 07/11/2012 at 06:59, United Kingdom

Hi guys can you help me, I've been struggling with spots on my forehed since year 6 and in now in year 8... I went on holiday to Majorca in the 6 weeks holiday, most of my spots cleared up then cause of the sun I fink, well they come back ages ago, Bout a week ago I had a bigg fat I mean like big big big, breakout I've got them on my chin around my nose under my nose alll on my forhead like all over my face! Please help :'( i want then gone by Christmas when i see my family from my dads side, please help I've tryed loads of face stuff none of them work, and I don't want to go docters either thanks all xxx

Posted by north east on 07/11/2012 at 01:05, United Kingdom

hi i have had spots since i was 12 and have tried everything the doctors give me tablets and cream but it doesnt work i also get blackheads/spots on my nose i am 14 can you help

Posted by Outer Limit on 26/10/2012 at 03:37, Nepal

I used to have facefull of pimples when i was fifteen years old, when i became eighteen pimples started disappering itself but small holes on chicks,forehead started!!! Right now i'm in my twenty, i have less pimples but face,foreheadfull of small holes due to pimples!!! So, do anyone had faced same problem like mine? And now it is solved? IF yes then plz share your answer with me. Looking too much ugly? What should i do???

Posted by Gazzy on 15/10/2012 at 08:15, United Kingdom

I had 4 spots around the same place, just under my eye,near my nose. It looked horrible so i decided to pop it, and now the spot has gone but its all red and feels rough. The skin is also wrinkly.. what should i do?!

Posted by Optional on 14/10/2012 at 02:43, United Kingdom

In addition to the apple cider vinegar detox, drinking plenty water, vit A,D, C & evening primrose. Please also read this link with the Chinese face map referring which internal part of your body might need cleansing as spot on certain part of your face indicate something is wrong Detox n healthy diet n water help improve your system Good luck

Posted by Yasmen on 14/10/2012 at 10:11, United Kingdom

Hi; I have been suffering from spots since, 17 years always have problems in my skin. Because the amount of strioed and antibiotics increased my appitate in Sweet Specailly. From white spots, black heads and few big white spots under my stomachs. I try to use antiseptic cream dosn't work. I am really stuck Thanks Yasmen

Posted by Optional on 09/10/2012 at 09:50, United Kingdom

Hi I posted the 10 points below on the 2/10/12. I am keeping a healthy diet n detox daily. Also wanted to share if the below seem slow process as I did for a months but not much different. It's been 5 days since I started taking 6 tablets of EVENING PRIMOSE (500 mg each = 3000 mg) daily. I am impressed with the result. All my red big spot are dry n no new ones. Also using APPLE CIDER VINEGAR ( from holland & barratt) am taking 2 tbsp with hot water daily first thing in the morning as detox. And diluting it water still water ratio 1:1 using it as toner few times a day with cotton wool. Also am still taking my zinc tablets & a multivitamin also helps. Plenty of water as well. I wanted to share the tip of high dose of EVENING PRIMROSE and apple cider vinegar. In a week time when my spots disappear I will reduce the evening primose to 2 tablets daily. It helps keep my hormones in control and an trying sleep earlier to ensure plenty of rest as my busy lifestyle. Hope this help God bless!

Posted by Optional on 02/10/2012 at 10:02, United Kingdom

Hi I have acne problem since teen n been on and off. Am now 35 and had enough of them, specially that people in my surrounding has best skin. I do feel embarrass! So I decided to read n search what's best as I used all sort of product n been to Doctor- who prescribed tonnes of antibiotics. It helped but short term. 1) Ensure that you change your diet to more healthy options ( you are what you eat) plenty of green salads, smoothies, 8 glasses of water daily, water I don't use to drink but it's essential to flush all toxic from your body. 2) supplement vitamin E, zinc , all a multi vitamin e.g. Wellwomen or centrum 3) steam your face if needed daily till the acne reduces, helps open the pores. 4) for a week or two don't use any soap or any other chemical products u might be allergy to it 5) The MOST important thing to remember after trying the above if like me - my acne reduced but new big nasty red spot keep coming. THEN have fresh raw garlic - chopped few cloves in green salad or in pizza or garlic bread. I eat about 3 chopped garlic cloves twice a day n believe me I have seen massive difference in only 2 days. U read read about garlic reduce acne /google it. Garlic is the best antibiotic also used during world war!!!! But remember to carry on healthy diet n water. 6) what I also done before I carry my healthy diet, no oily food no junk, - detox your system Weekend: first thing in morning empty stomach have a glass of orange juice with castor oil - read more in google. Then having hot at least 3 mug gradually which will make you go toilet obviously n flush all toxic The day u detox have light fibre meal 7) every morning first thing to have a glass of warm water with slice of lemon- cleanse your system 8) after my steam forgot to mention u can gently scrub a slice of lemon or apply its juice... Will burn but good way of killing those bacteria 9)after applying lemon leave for 5 mins n then rinse with warm water. Make a home made mask n apply leave as long as u want.( pure organic honey + cinnamon powder) make a paste a apply as mask. U can read about these 2 ingredient n how it helps acne in google. Cinnamon helps cure infection. 10) just like me am getting old so it could be the bloody hormones unbalanced causing acne. So make sure plenty of sleep, rest, they say meditation helps, if u have busy routine like me , I decided to take 3 days off n relax, no kids or hobby at home during day... Don't go out shopping making u more tired.. Spend that ME TIME relax.... Swim, read book, walk in the park or have a hot bath with some calm music on The above seems a lot but believe me it's wrth once u get use to it, it becomes a habit n make it easy n u will look lovely n heathy no more embarrassment :) I done lots of reading about acne n how to get rid of them last month n been putting it in practise. The above is a summery of my findings, google about the ingredient to make its right . Never just try what people say to u always read/ search on Internet before applying it on your face. God made us all beautiful human being we need to take care if ourselves. Hope the above helps... Remember the garlic worked for me. :)

Posted by Simran on 18/09/2012 at 04:34, India

M sufring from acne problm plzzzz help me,i have done every thng but its not workng nd my face still full of pimpls or marks ......:(

Posted by Dont u know on 19/08/2012 at 06:52, United Kingdom


Posted by Optional on 09/07/2012 at 10:42, United Kingdom

Has anyone tried home remedies for treating acne? If you haven't then try mixing salt with olive oil into a paste & use it as a scrub. If this causes a burning feeling then use sugar instead of salt. When I had lots of spots I tried it & now I only get like 0 to 2 spots per month.

Posted by Leo on 23/06/2012 at 01:21, United Kingdom

I got spot on my body 4 yrs I've tried lots of creams tables chines herb ad so on their itching in summer as I thing their in my blood to so sick of this pls help.......?

Posted by Jess on 07/06/2012 at 12:38, United Kingdom

I went in a sauna on monday&tuesday and now i have spots! I want to get rid of them by 3weeks time,i used to have no spots before i went in>:(

Posted by Optional on 12/05/2012 at 09:00, United Kingdom

i have quite a lot of little spots which isent so bad because there so little but i just have lots of redness like i have been sunburnt it just makes them look miles worse then they are

Posted by Leema on 14/04/2012 at 12:12, India

It has tremendously help me in coming to know what problem m really facing with along with its relative solution thus easying my worries. Thanks for enlightening me.

Posted by Optional on 24/02/2012 at 01:41, United States


Posted by Bapi Patra on 15/02/2012 at 08:33, India

I have problem of post inflamatory hyperpigmantation and consulted doctor several times from 2010 but still all spot has not been removed, I have used creame like clearz plus, triglow for long time ..

Posted by shifa on 31/12/2011 at 09:05, India

please help i want a crystal clear skin

Posted by Optional on 30/12/2011 at 05:54, United States

I've suffered through it since I was eleven. I'm the only one who has "developed" in my whole grade. Its not fair! My mom keeps forcing treatments on me that make it worse, my dad always avoids me on bad breakout days, and my dermatologist says the products she gives me "shouldn't" cause an allergic reaction, and when they do, she just says Hm and makes us leave the office. I have tried several dermatologists. Today I have 43 pimples.

Posted by kristen on 30/12/2011 at 07:33, Japan

I have oliy skin and i have small pimples / blackhead all over .. i have tried everything i even went to the doctor and he gave me birth control and ance meds. im just so tired of it and i want to get rid of them fast

Posted by Optional on 28/12/2011 at 02:09, United Kingdom

hi, i've got bobbly spots coming down the side of my face and i don't know what they are!?

Posted by Optional on 26/12/2011 at 12:42, United Kingdom

my face is greasy and spotty and so is the top of my head how can i get rid of this

Posted by Optional on 22/12/2011 at 02:41, India

I was having a lot of acne on my face and someone told me to use neem and haldi on my face and used it.It is really very effective.You have to make paste of neem leaves and add haldi to it and apply on the acnes once a day and c the results.

Posted by Optional on 16/12/2011 at 08:54, India

Iv suffered with mild acne since the age of 12 and i am now 21. HOWW CAN I GET MY SKIN CLEAR WITHOUT USING TOPICAL ACNE GELS!

Posted by lyndsay on 24/08/2011 at 08:55, United Kingdom

hey i had a really bad break out of spots all over my face i didnt even want to go out it was that bad i tryed everything in the drugs stores nothing i have spotless skin as i am using the harley medical group products they are amasing hope this helps

Posted by Optional on 17/07/2011 at 06:55, United States

i had really bad acne nothing helped i seriously tried everyting. creams, masks,moring wash. these only calmed my acne down, but i would still break out regularly and bad. it affected my life i was shy to show my face i would cover it with my hair which only made it worse. my parents saw and understood what i was going through since they too had bad acne as a teen. so they took me to a doctor, he said that i could go on accutane. we were hesitant because of all the bad we heard about this drug. but we went for it i was on the drug for 6 months, i was on the off brand of the drug it was called amnesteem (i think thats how you spell it) this dries your skin and you have to put facial cream on but it works. my cover up actually covered my skin and it was beautiful. there was some redness left after the process but it goes away over time and then they put you on a cream to keep the oil down. the only thing about this pill is no alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and no sex this was all easy for me because i can control myself. they took a blood test every month to make sure my kidney and organs were go to go. this is an expensive treatment but if you have insurance you will be fine. for a few months after the treatment my family took me to the hospital to get my blood checked i was blessed my blood was clean everytime and i did not get any bad side affects. i highly suggest this treatment to anyone who can handle the rules for it.

Posted by Clarissa on 26/06/2011 at 03:25, United Kingdom

I have lots of spots on my face and they make my face look

Posted by Optional on 09/06/2011 at 02:50, United Kingdom

Hi, I have about 10 little spots on my face. I have 4 brothers and they all had bad acne and i dont want that! Help me :( I also have lots on my back and have dry skin on face too.

Posted by Optional on 27/05/2011 at 07:33, United Kingdom

i tend to get moe big and lumpy red spots on my face when i eat unhealthy foods like chips etc.. also, girls if u miss a period you get harsh spots due to hormone levels rising, drink plenty of water and go to sleep early- this helps prevent spots. also youtube bubi she has some good tips for kin remedies e.g coglate xx

Posted by Optional on 23/05/2011 at 10:18, United Kingdom

Mine are mostly from stress and I find a Cup of cocoa, no tv, a candle-lit bath and an early bed drasticly reduce the next days soreness/inflamation &new; spots :)

Posted by Optional on 05/05/2011 at 04:32, Finland

I have found that taking supplementary zinc helps a lot. I'm taking 100mg a day, which is actually way too much, but does the job. You may want to google "take zinc to reduce acne" for more info!

Posted by Optional on 09/04/2011 at 11:50, Somalia

cn any1 plz help i got many blak spots on my face nd they dont seem 2 fade away its now 5 yearz therez not a thing i hvnt tried nd av also gone 2 the dermatologist

Posted by Optional on 08/03/2011 at 01:53, United Kingdom

Hey guys i use to get lots of spots about 3 years ago mainly because i had an oily skin and use to eat lots of junk/greasy food now after 2 years i am spot free(apart from the ocassional spot) the secret is to drink at least 1litre of water a day. use oil controler cream and wash ur face at least twice a day. and you must cut down on greasy food to at least once a month. its that simple.

Posted by Anonymous on 24/02/2011 at 01:25, United Kingdom

Hello, im 13 years old and all over my shoulders I have spots,i'm a bit worried because a few of them (but not many) are rather big and can be painful against my clothes and when I lie down, I just wondered if it is normal to have loads of spots on your shoulders and if they are just spots or something else, if there is any simple solution (like cream or other products) to get rid of them please let me know!

Posted by shannon on 16/01/2011 at 03:58, United Kingdom

heyy, im 14 and i have trouble with my spots soon as i get rid of one more come back i have lots of spots that havent come out yet and i do have alot of blackhead ive looked on every website and nothing actually cures it. ive tried all skin soloutions to stop spots but they make me worser.

Posted by Optional on 09/01/2011 at 11:34, United Kingdom

i find sudocrem cream every night really helps and also diluted dettol.good luck.

Posted by Optional on 13/12/2010 at 03:59, United Kingdom

When I was 17 i got a big outbreak of spots - so I went to my doctor who tried me with some tablets to take - they worked for awhile but then I think I got immune to them, so the next time she prescribed me with a different tablet (doxycycline capsules) and a gel (differin gel - also known as adapalene) they work well with my skin and sometimes I will go off them, but spots come back - I plan to carry on taking them now and constantly use the gel. I would rather get rid of spots by taking tablets daily and using a gel- even if it does get annoying at times - but it is worth it.

Posted by Optional on 26/11/2010 at 05:39, United Kingdom

I get spots/blackheads around my crutch and under my bottom cheeks and have done for years. Whilst pregnant they disappeared ? Im always clean and would like any advice on how to keep them at bay ?

Posted by Optional on 23/11/2010 at 02:06, United Kingdom

I have had acne since the age of 20. I was referred to a dermotologist who gave me duac once a day gel. This is great worked really well. Also try dettol anti bacterial soap its only 0.70p but is so good!!!

Posted by Optional on 31/10/2010 at 11:19, United Kingdom

Went through my teenage and uni years vitually spot free, but now i cant seem to get rid. I think its revenge for so many years fighting them!lol still cant find a face-wash/spot fighting cream that works, used all the top named products and all only leave my skin dryer with more breakouts. Can anyone reccomend anything that actually gets rid of them??

Posted by Jess. on 30/10/2010 at 08:44, United Kingdom

I wouldn't say i have acne but i have a faceful of spots and i'm fed up, i no everyone is going to have them but when your freinds have none it isn't nice. My mum is thinking about maybe the pill do you think this is a good idea? If not please say.

Posted by Optional on 24/10/2010 at 08:42, United Kingdom

i want to get rid of all my spots i suffer bad with them and they hurt and have lumps under, but i dont want to buy stuff for it. what can i do?

Posted by Optional on 19/10/2010 at 08:48, United Kingdom

I have spots on the inner side of my thigh, very close to the groin but not actually on my groin. I have no idea why, sometimes they are small black & yellow heads, sometimes they are hard lumps, but they have been around for nearly 3 years now. I've been tested for STD's no worrries there which is a relief given I've been with my fiance 4 years & have never strayed! Does anyone else have this condition? Any idea's what it may be?

Posted by liz on 19/10/2010 at 01:16, United Kingdom

a great tip for removing them pesky ole black heads is to make a home made peel off mask. you will need powdered gellatine (in baking aisle at tesco) and milk. mix 1 teaspoon of the gellatine and 2 teaspoons of milk into a lumpy looking mixture. microwave it for 30-60 seconds and when its cool enough, apply a thin layer to problem areas. allow it to go hard and then peel it off. it may pull and make your eyes tear up a little, but its so sticky it will take many of your black heads with it! a great tip given to me by a friend

Posted by Optional on 18/10/2010 at 10:24, United Kingdom

i have got to pile loads of make up on because of my spotty dotty face :0 :S its discusting i have tried everything to get the spots away what do i do????.

Posted by bablu on 15/10/2010 at 06:42, India

If skin is v.oily. Wash your face with detergent powder or detergent soap. I am not joking. I have tried it. Drink lots of water.

Posted by Mare on 15/10/2010 at 08:20, United States

Posted by Optional on 11/10/2010 at 03:43:23 pm I wear a hard hat at work and I think this is the problem to my spots but there is no chance of being aloud to take it off . What can I do ? Try taking it off on your bathroom/lunch breaks and washing your face and the part of the hat that's touching your face. I know that sounds weird but when I had to wear a visor for softball it caused me that problem, too. That's how I fixed it. Frequently washing my face and the part of the visor that touched my forehead. Best wishes. xx

Posted by Optional on 11/10/2010 at 03:43, United Kingdom

I wear a hard hat at work and I think this is the problem to my spots but there is no chance of being aloud to take it off . What can I do ?

Posted by Blair on 09/10/2010 at 06:29, United Kingdom

I used to suffer from the few annoying spots now and again which wouldn't look too nice. In about a week my whole chin is now filled with huge spots and its making me feel like I don't want to go anywhere cause it just looks disgusting and i think its going to get worse. Is there any solution?

Posted by Optional on 06/10/2010 at 11:20, United States

Want a deep cleaning that you can feel working for cheep! It's good to use soap or your clensers each night just as it's good to exfoliate (rub the skin in a circular pattern with a brush, spung, bath flower)to loosen and remove dead skin cells. Sometimes our faces become unusually oily and the poors dirty; our stress levels and period can also cause break outs when we otherwise would have healthy skin. Skip using your normal cleanser for a night and taking a small bit of toothpaste (found this works best with Crest- the dark blue minty one) and work it into your skin while in the shower. Wait until the tingly feeling turns into an unbearable burn (20-60secs) then rinse. You don't want to burn the skin or dry it out to much. Pat dry, wait at least 4 hours before applying lotions, makeup, or other cleansers which could reclog the poors. It's best to use warm water to open your poors before cleaning your face and really cold water after to close and shrink the poors again so they stay clean, keeping the skin young and firm. Use this method only when needed and never more then once or twice a week for heavy acne. Or use only when needed every few months.

Posted by Aishy x on 28/09/2010 at 07:34, United Kingdom

i've found a perfect method for me! You should try it too: Put a tiny drop of vinegar (if you put too much this could lead to burning) in a dish and add honey and some sugar and a pinch of powdered aspirin and massage onto your face and leave for 10 mins then wash off with warm water. I found this on youtube but added a few bits in myself, its for spots and ESPECIALLY IF U PICK UR SPOTS AND SCABS GROW IN REPLACEMENT THIS IS 4 U!!!!!!!!! HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by Optional on 28/09/2010 at 05:59, United Kingdom

im 13 and get really red spotson my forehead but clean and clear cream face wash- really helps with some spots, and so does clean and clear dual action mosturiser. But know i've got a spot that grew under my skin and i peeled the skin and now its really red and big but it's completely flat!!!!!! any help as to how i can get rid of it?? plz help ;P

Posted by Optional on 19/09/2010 at 05:46, United Kingdom

heyy i found out that if you just use and like clean and clear face wash everymorning and every night and then you put some germolene on your face every night after you've washed it then it really works rather well!! just dont pick!!!!!! cause you get scabs on your face and its not a nice feeling =/ but seriously clean and clear + germolene = good skin, it might not get ALL of your spots away but it gets most of them away anyway.. nobodys perfect!xxx

Posted by Optional on 16/09/2010 at 05:52, United Kingdom

I have very greasy skin, particularly on my forehead. I am very clean and shower every day, but not long after having a shower my forehead starts to become greasy. What causes this and how can i stop it?!

Posted by Optional on 13/09/2010 at 02:12, Nepal

what is solution for excessive oily skin

Posted by Optional on 27/08/2010 at 09:30, Canada

I've had acne since I was 13 years old. I tried all the creams and yes some of them worked, but I really wanted to find the actual cause. Finally, after years of frustration, I began taking a digestive enzyme and HCL (hydrochloric acid) combo (super enzymes, NOW brand) everytime I ate and within 2 days I saw dramatic difference. 10 months later and my skin is absolutely clear! I just needed some digestive help, so simple.

Posted by dec on 24/08/2010 at 03:20, United Kingdom

Hey ,im 15and i get spots quite bad from time to time and it seems that the only way to get rid of spots is to eat a healthyer diet when i eat unhealthy i get lots of spots and it took a while to understand why but now i know my diet is the problem i try to stay as healthy as i can bye drinking lots of water and eating little fatty/greasy foods and my spots disapear after a few weeks :) hope this helps

Posted by lisa on 21/08/2010 at 02:39, United Kingdom

i have acne all over my face i never p[ut anythinglike soap or cream on it. cos some people have been saying this makes it worse. i really want to fdind how i can rid of them.

Posted by Optional on 15/08/2010 at 09:16, Aruba

i dont have ance or blackheads but have spots which are the same colour as my skin how do i get ride of them

Posted by haileybailey on 12/08/2010 at 11:30, United States

can u help? i overwashed my i have parts of my face-were i get ance that are extremly red-espelily under the circles of my eyes, and it turned dry, all becuase i overwashed it- but it hasnt improved for the last week, school is starting and i need to know how to get my face back to normal

Posted by SPOT EXPERT pro :) on 09/08/2010 at 01:18, United Kingdom

heyyaa i am 14 and i have teenage spots and i have done alot of reasearch on how to get rid of them fastly and i read that honey gets rid of them and some one eles said they use vinegar and on i saw a video that said to crush up asprin and mix it with water and put it on the spot... so i thought well i have some vinegar and i have some honey .. i dont have asprin but i do have paracetemol tablets soooo ....... i got a little dish 1.put a load of just normal vinegar in the dish... 2.mixed some honey in with the vinegar. 3. put 1 paracetemol tablet in and crushed it and mixed the powder in with the vinegar and honey.... 4. it didnt smell 2 good but i had nothing to loose so i put it onto the spot effected area.. and did this every night for a week and my spots magically just cleared up I STRONGLY RECOMEND THIS IF U HAVE TRIED EVERY THING B4 xx hope this helps 4 u !!!

Posted by Optional on 07/08/2010 at 04:33, United Kingdom

I rarely get spots but this one is diagusting. And its always on my chin in the same place. What would happen if i popped it. Not thay ill be able to because its like a boiled egg :@

Posted by spotty on 05/08/2010 at 01:08, United Kingdom

I have small white spots on my vaginal lips,mainly around the bottom half,not itchy but pretty solid,i asked my husband to squeeze one to see if it would bust or go away but he seems a bit reluctant

Posted by Optional on 05/08/2010 at 10:29, United States

Hi guys, I am almost 20 and I have been suffering acne for almost ten years on and off. If you have tried a bunch of acne products on the market, and they haven't worked you may want to consider seeing your family doctor or getting a referral to a dermatologist. When you have severe acne, products such as clearasil, clean and clear, proactive, etc don't always work. Dermatologists specialize in the treatment of skin disorders, which is what severe acne is. Your dermatologist or doctor will find the best medication for your skin, unlike the products on the market. There are many topical creams, antibiotics and even birth controls that help clear up acne. If these medications dont work, your doctor may advise you "last resorts" such as accutane or laser therapy, however there are many downfalls, which is why it is a last resort. Your dermatologist would provide you with all the side effects these treatments pose. Lastly, only a dermatologist can provide these "last resort" treatments. I hope this helps

Posted by TJ on 01/08/2010 at 11:54, United Kingdom

I'm 22 and have had spots since I was about 12. Throughout school I used to get them, whiteheads mainly. I often popped them 'cos they looked bad, but that then of course left red marks and scars for weeks. When I was 20 I was still getting them now and again, and my mate told me it's to do with pores opening/closing. When you sweat, your pores open and can let in bacteria which in turn causes spots. If you cool your skin, it closes your pores and stops the bacteria from getting in. Because I play a lot of sport, I often sweat, so I started to come in after playing and stick my head in cold water for a minute so. I've been doing that ever since, and I rarely get spots anymore. Don't know if it's just coincidence, but no harm in trying. Also, drinking lots of water helps!

Posted by james on 11/07/2010 at 02:24, United Kingdom

i have had spots since i was 14 and now am 18 what is the best and fastest medication i can use

Posted by Optional on 09/07/2010 at 08:55, United States

ive got this spot which wont go away. ive trid squising it but it wont pop, bathing it in hot water and ive tried cream and TCP it steal wont go ive had it for a week. this spot is on my nose and its realy embarasing

Posted by julie on 24/06/2010 at 11:57, United Kingdom

I have had spots since the age 12 and im 49 and still got them its not what you eat its the hormone Androgens that stimulates the sebaceouse glands and the bacteria thrives on it. I feel psychological distress at my age and wear a lot of make-up that makes it worse, but its the only way i can face life.

Posted by Kimalia on 04/06/2010 at 11:15, United Kingdom

well i have had spots since the age of 8 becuase i used to eat loads of greasy food like mcdonalds and kfc. its because my dad used to spoil me all the time because i was a daddys girl but i had still got spots and im 13 ive tried the clean and clear products and it does work but you have to keep on buying and buying ot for the spot to go away and its pretty expensive. does anyone know a spot treatment thats doesnt really cost much.

Posted by Optional on 19/05/2010 at 06:42, Canada

Is it bad to pop pimples? Cause I do.. I'm a teenager though, I just don't want to get scars. EEEE.

Posted by jane on 01/05/2010 at 02:38, United Kingdom

how do you get rid of blackheads and how are thay caused.

Posted by Female on 15/04/2010 at 03:59, United Kingdom

I went to the doctors and they put me on some tablets which cleared it up, but then they just came back after i went off them. So i think its just my age! They are depressing though. It seems the more i get rid of, the more pop up. I hope they go eventually! xx

Posted by yoyoyoyoyoyo on 08/04/2010 at 11:59, United Kingdom

i think this site is great for peoplles personal problems!!

Posted by ance on 05/04/2010 at 01:36, United Kingdom

i have really red flakey skin and spots on my face i have tried everything but nothing works could someone help

Posted by leslie on 05/04/2010 at 02:04, United Kingdom

hi i have scab tipe spots in my head and they are very hitchy and i have a few on me face the ones on my fave have a burnung feeling but the ones on me head a hitchy can you help get rid of them and tell me what they are thanks .

Posted by Optional on 04/04/2010 at 09:14, United Kingdom

i get spots all over my forehead and chin, i have tried almost everything but nothing seems to work and it just looks like they are getting worse. it is quite depressing since barely any of my friends even have spots and the ones that did have somehow got rid of them. if anyone can suggest something to me that might help, that would be really helpful!

Posted by A girl on 02/04/2010 at 07:16, United Kingdom

I now know how it works - i am going on holiday with my school to osmington bay in 2 weeks and need to get rid of my spots before i go so thanks.I need all the soaps and whatnot.

Posted by Optional on 22/03/2010 at 01:30, United Kingdom

spots are rearly hard to get rid of use honey and yogurt face pack it helps alot so dont wash it with soap use my facepack

Posted by Optional on 16/03/2010 at 04:14, Ireland

i have really red flakey skin round my nose both sides i have tried everything but nothing works could someone help

Posted by Optional on 14/03/2010 at 01:13, United Kingdom

To all the people who are suffering with severe Acne or spots try this Drug called Roactain Only can be perscribed by the dermotolagist at Any Hospital close by i have suffered with spots for along time now and i know how other people must feel but the drug called roactain really does work a treat And has changed my life and made me feel so happy in myself and more confident & i am still only 13 years of age the Drug Usually takes around 6 to 8 weeks to see the dramatic affect but the wait is all worth while every 4 weeks i have to go back to the hospital whilst they up the dose of the drug each month it gets stronger and Starts to dry all the spots up and they just vanish and you dont get Anymore Hope this will be usefull to all you People who are suffering aswell GOOODLUCK ! And hope this information helps many of people get there georgeous face back x

Posted by rimmo on 11/03/2010 at 02:05, United Kingdom

hi ihave achne, i constantly wash and moisturise my face. Usually upto 3 times a day. What am i doing wrong ? or is it just natural at my age because of hormones ? Thanks

Posted by Optional on 10/03/2010 at 06:21, United Kingdom

i dont know if mine are spots or acne, ever since i came on the pill in january i cant seem to get rid of them off my chin. or when they start to go away i get another somewhere else, they make me really self-concious i just dont know what to do

Posted by Optional on 08/03/2010 at 12:08, United Kingdom

im 19 and have spots but i just hate the way they look i have tryed everything tablets cream face wash all of it it just makes my face dry and i hate the ones where u look and nothing is there and the next time u look a spot is there its how did u get there i just dont know anymore i wish one day i wake up and there gone

Posted by Optional on 05/03/2010 at 08:51, Ireland

had acne for years. 6 months of roaccutane they never returned

Posted by Optional on 04/03/2010 at 04:12, United Kingdom

Try panoxyl aqua gel, it takes a few weeks/months to work dependant on how bad the spots are but it definately works, tried everything before I tried this without sucess + its only a couple of £'s for a tube, bonus as have spent a fortune in the past! It will leave your skin red and dry at first til your skin adjusts I mixed the gel with same amount of oil free moisturiser and found this worked well.

Posted by Annonymous on 03/03/2010 at 02:18, United Kingdom

I have really bad spots and they won't go away i have tried different tablets (erythromycin and tetralysal), zineryt, and over the counter products (clean and clear,clearasil etc.) but they just won't go away i have been taking tablets for around 2 yrs now so im off to the hospital to get rid of them, the only problem is the injections and tablets they give you have side effects but im sure itll be worth it as they are suppose to be gone with in a month so its all good. (:

Posted by bizzy on 02/03/2010 at 12:57, United Kingdom

My daughter suffered badly with spots/acne and it was getting progressively worse. We tries lots of creams from the pharmacy and they made things worse because she has really sensitive skin and some of the products were so strong they left her skin red, sore and almost raw. We have now found that Clinique "Anti-Blemish Solutions" works fab (we use the soap rather than the foam and the lotion twice a day). It seems a bit expensive but all the products we tried were also expensive. At least it works!

Posted by Anonymous on 27/02/2010 at 12:33, United Kingdom

I'm 19 and had severe acne on my face, back and chest for about 6-7 years now. I've used everything such as toothpaste, top brand products, low brand products, been to the Doctors, had rentin gel and cream, paroxol cream, anti-biotics, used scrubs, cleasners, moisturisers the lot, nothing worked. I now use wash my face twice a day but use a loofah cloth to scrub off the dirt and it actually works. I would recommend you use a moisturiser as well as your face will dry out. Also make sure your drinking enough water and eating your fruit and veg. I know most teenagers don't so thats probably where the problem lies.

Posted by dan on 25/02/2010 at 03:26, United Kingdom

hey im dan 19 ive had acne since i was about 14 ive tryed everything even tablets from the docter it just wont go sometimes its not to bad but most of the time it is i dont know what to do and im really depressed what can i do?

Posted by Katie on 23/02/2010 at 11:21, United Kingdom

I have tried toothpaste, freederm, spot sticks, clean and clear ect, some at the same time and clean my face so regularly. i dont have them REALLY bad but i have 6 or seven really angry red spots on my head constantly and sometimes they become giant red lumps how do i get rid of these !!!! REALLY

Posted by Lucy on 17/02/2010 at 08:05, United Kingdom

0k well i only have about 3 spots i used to have about 10 about 5 days ago but anyway i used "My Skin" product you get it from Tesco and Boots places lyk that i they they are about £2.00 something , i must add get them all thats what i did and it worked a treat for me to put those spots to rest !

Posted by iyaaa. on 10/02/2010 at 05:48, United Kingdom

what i did to get rid of the acne on my chin, and i have tried like everything there is. >< But yeah appaz that if you cut out dairy it really helps, because obvs milk has hormones in it from the cow, so the extra hormones react with yours and create extract oil. ( aha, research! ) So i did that, and have been for the past 3 weeks, and not a single outbreak on my chin or anywhere else, since i have cut out dairy. So my skins really clear now. :') But bc's i picked them i still have scars. But i would rather scars than acne anyday. :) Srsly you need to try it.

Posted by Anonymous on 31/01/2010 at 09:16, United States

I would highly suggest not be self-conscious about spots. Acne can be a little bit bad, but spots are not a turn off girls. Be proud of your body, because you have one.

Posted by dayday:') on 30/01/2010 at 03:43, United Kingdom

i'm 13 &i have to many spots i think, iv tried everything &atm iv been using coco butter wich is alright as it has been getting rid of the spots on my cheeks &they seem realy smooth now but its bringing them up more on my chin &forehead, i have eaven tried rubbing potato juice on my face, it really doesnt help. does anyone knoe any ideas how i could atleast make them less seeable?

Posted by :)R&& H on 29/01/2010 at 02:12, United Kingdom

thanks for your help :) x

Posted by sarah on 05/01/2010 at 09:11, United Kingdom

ever scince i read this i thaught i should do somethink about my spots because they were becoming embarasing and all red , i had spots on my chin cheeks and forhead so i washed my face in the morning then straight after school , ive been doing it for about 2 weeks , the spots on my chin cheeks and chin have all gone i am just left with red scars and ever so often a spots comes up but the ones on my head dont seem to be going ! lol but im really pleased the rest of them have gone.

Posted by Anonymous on 05/01/2010 at 03:39, Australia

for the guys, shave your skin right before going for a surf. that works for me at least. going into a creek with fresh water clears my face too. thats all i got, peace

Posted by Rachel on 04/01/2010 at 06:57, United Kingdom

Hi. A couple of days ago i got a small spot on my head, inbetween my eyes and the past two days it is now quite a big hard lump. There is no head on it but it is relly painful. It is also started to make my eyes puffy!?! Never had this before, any idea any1??

Posted by Anonymous on 29/12/2009 at 11:34, Australia

I had terrible acne, and couldn't leave the house with out tonnes of make-up on. I went to a skin specialist, who sold me an acne treatment. The process wasn't expensive or embarrassing! My pimples have all disappeared, and I only get the occasional one before my period.

Posted by phoeeebeee :) on 12/12/2009 at 09:31, United States

Hey guys im 13 and i had my first spot in 2008. i have got about 12 zits on my forehead and 3 on my face i have used clean and clear and all sorts but they didnt work so i went to the clinic and they gave me something called zineryt i was in the UK at the time and the doctor gave me the zineryt and i use it twice a day. all i does it is it drys them out and then about 2 weeks later your skin is all clear its great !! xx phoebe

Posted by Bethan on 10/12/2009 at 02:50, United Kingdom

Hello. recently ive just started getting more and more spots on my forehead. at the moment i have mountain in my left eyebrow and ive had it for 3 days now, it really hurts. i put vasaline on every night to try and bring out the spot but it hasnt done anything to it. help me i hate going out with spots!

Posted by louisa on 30/10/2009 at 12:27, Ireland

i have horrible spots, but i use spot cream that sometimes work (i use two different types) and i wash my face twice a day so shouldnt they go? hardly any of my freinds have it as bad as me i go into school all depressed and my freind asked what it was (thought it was a bruise)and in fact it was an inflamed spot!!!!! argh go away damn spots!!!!! :(

Posted by Bails on 16/10/2009 at 10:36, United States

I wash my face everday. I put stuff on it to heal it over night. My acne still has not gone away. It's really bad on my forehead and the skin next to my nose. Okay. So... NOW WHAT?!? It WILL NOT go away and that's annoying. It's not hereditary, but will it get better in the next year or so if I continue my routine?

Posted by Mazza on 15/10/2009 at 05:17, United Kingdom

"I never get spots because I clean my face every morning and evening." so what so do I and I still have spots...there the most annoying things in the world. I've tried a number of things and currently using clean&clear face cream wash makes it feel fresh n tingly but their still there, and iv also changed my diet eating more fruit and veg and drinking more water. Their mainly on my chin area too, knocks my confidence when people point it out and ask what it is or when they look =[ I hope they go away and not get worse!

Posted by Anonymous on 09/10/2009 at 01:35, United Kingdom

i never get spots because i clean my face every morning and evening.

Posted by acne pron :( on 08/10/2009 at 08:30, United Kingdom

really good website. i suffer from acne really bad and now i know what causes it i can help get rid of it for GOOD!

Posted by Jackoooo on 29/09/2009 at 07:25, United States

ive had achne for about 2 years now, and nothings really working im on these tablets now called enrythromycin and i duno if there gunna work :( and im also on differen gel, sometimes maybe i think i should just leave them be and they might go on there own, but they make me really down :(

Posted by James on 26/08/2009 at 03:37, United Kingdom

I have recently managed to treat my acne (finally) :-) I have tried everything - the usual stuf from the pharmacy and tablets from the doctor and it just kept coming back. I saw an ad in the LondonPaper for an american product called Blemish Complex, in two weeks I was spot free. One of the products was a little strong at the start but when I rang them they talked me through using it and now my skin is really clear. Good luck, there is a cure out there (at least for me)...

Posted by ellmoes on 27/07/2009 at 01:10, United Kingdom

I have a bit of a spotty appearance, and i know you have too use creme's etc... But is there a more quicker way too dealing with spot? i.e. should i leave a hot towel on my face for a while/ should i leave the spot creme on for a fairly long time? I know its odd for a guy too do this but im trying to really impress my girlfriend for whenn she gets home. Money is not a problem so if people can recommend good treatment without going online would be very greatful.

Posted by Arima on 23/07/2009 at 08:37, United States

I have acne on my buttocks and have no idea how to get rid of it. Have tried topical creams such as aloe-vera lotion, vaseline, etc. to no avail. There are usually anywhere from 3 to 7 of these "zits" on one cheek at a time and sometimes the other will be free of any and other times there will be at least a couple on it. The areas sometimes clear up on their own but only for a few days at a time. What can I do to rid myself of thise terrible things?

Posted by Annoymous on 20/06/2009 at 04:49, United States

Hello im 14 years old and am female. i dont havea lot of spots on my cheeks or forehead etc.. but have so many on my nose, big ones aswell like pimples. there horrible i often cry and pray for them to go away because i cannot focus on anything else and my grades at school are gradually slipping. please help me toothpaste DOES NOT work for me, any other responses?

Posted by ELC on 03/06/2009 at 01:22, Australia

well.. got my first pimple at age 9 ever since then everything seemed to go downhill, i had severe acne from the ages 12-15 covering around 50% of my body, i didn't like going out anywhere, i wouldn't swim without wearing a t-shirt, basically my skin was always covered.along with this problem came severe depression and all this because i didn't want anyone looking at me. So i decided to go to the doctors who prescribed me benzil peroxide *not sure on spelling*, i tried the 10% version first which dried my skin out so much i was in alot of pain and had to pile on the moisturiser which made my skin more oily therefore making me have more pimples, so went down to 5% which seemed to work alot better. When i was about 16, going out late, sleeping over places, it was hard to keep remembering to use my cream, but then i just started eating differently. I changed my diet started drinking mainly water and reducing my fat and sugar intake which seemed to help alot. i still get the odd pimple and mainly around when im due for my period, but i dont think about it too much ive learnt that its not the worst thing in the world if you dont have perfect skin, people should accept you for who you are regardless of how you look.

Posted by lodgey on 01/06/2009 at 09:44, United Kingdom

go to the doctors i had it really bad but they gave me some tablets to take then some cream it is quality there nerly all gone in less than 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by WiseGuy on 15/04/2009 at 11:23, United Kingdom

try the new oxy spose to be specially designed for male users. i started 3-4 days ago seems to be doing a better job than the many other produces i've used.

Posted by L on 14/04/2009 at 03:46, United Kingdom

Had my first spot at 13! Had acne through school, tried EVERYTHING including acupuncture and herbal remedies! Finally had the pill, dianette which was wonderful (although it got severely worse before it got better), then stayed on the pill (Cilest) for 8 years with perfect skin (it was very rare to get a spot!) I came off the pill at age 25 and they all came back... Went to a dermatologist and I'm currently on week 11 of Isotretinoin (Roaccutane), its clearing up, got three spots left that are hard and lumpy under the skin and won't go away (yet), and a lot of scars cos I'm naughty and pick them, but I think they will fade after I finish treatment as Roaccutane makes your skin very sensitive and quite red. I recommend Dermalogica facials, as I have had them for about 10 years now and when I was on the pill I had no scars at all. My aim is to be completely pill free and spot free... I am getting there, slowly! Good luck everyone - there are ways to beautiful skin!

Posted by Ben on 14/04/2009 at 02:05, United Kingdom

Hey, ive had spots since i was in yr6 and now im in yr9, quite along time i know and now ive started drinking more water and stopped eating as much greasy/fatty foods and more fruit and it helps alot and its more healthy to, plus its probably cheaper than buying creams yourself but if your gettin prescribed creams from your doctor may help but in my experience water and less fatty foods is helping me more. hope this helps :)

Posted by Tom on 09/04/2009 at 07:33, United Kingdom

Hi I'm 14 from London (Male) I've sufferd from Acne FOR AGES! I went to my doctor told her how is was making me feel (I had SEVERE ACNE) and she refferd me to the hospital dermatologist clinic. And I got tablets the only thing is it DRYS YOUR SKIN REALLY BADLY HAIR AND LIPS BUT I RECCOMEND YOU ASK YOUR DOCTOR TO REFER YOU TO THE HOSPITAL DERMATOLOGY DEPARTMENT.. Hope it helped? LMAO

Posted by Liam on 23/03/2009 at 05:44, United Kingdom

Hi, i am 17 and i have had spots/acne for 2 years now and i really can't get rid of them. I have been given antibiotics from the DR and have been on them for nearly 2 months now and still no developments. any help or advise? i get really upset about this.

Posted by Anonymous on 21/03/2009 at 10:42, United Kingdom

Heya!! i used 2 get reli bad spots, i finally got enough courage up 2 go 2 a dr, she gave me this cream callrd duac and although it takes along time (a month?) to work, it is amazing once it does, i would really recomend itxxxxx

Posted by S on 19/03/2009 at 08:22, United Kingdom

i have spots "/ i have been to the doctor about it & he gave me Co-Panoxyl & some tablets. it DOES work, but the things is, i get out the shower & put it on then sleep, then in the morning for school i was it off, moisturise but then put make up on them, because even though the size of the spots reduced, its still big, so i cover it with make-up. theyre mainly on my chin "/ i think in the summer holidays im just guna wear no make up & let the sun get to my face. dya think itl work? x

Posted by Anonymous on 10/03/2009 at 08:45, United Kingdom

i have tried everything!!:| creams, gels, tablets, and i've been to the doctors way to many times about it. i have LOADS of spots and it's so embarrising! :(

Posted by Gabby on 03/03/2009 at 04:37, United Kingdom

I started getting spots when i was 10 and i still have them now . I get really self-concious :/ i HATE them !! I have loads !!! They really annoy me . I have tiried many things , but most of them dont seem to worn :( I am on antibiotics now that the doctor gave me . I have to drink the tablet for 3 months :( it does seem to work but not quick enough :(

Posted by hello123 on 02/03/2009 at 03:22, Ireland

I used a product years ago called 'Co-Panoxyl' and found it fantastic. I plastered it on my chin because I had no less than about 40 spots both big and small. It removed a layer or 2 of skin and had to keep the area well moisturised but they all went!! Toothpaste is great for emergencies, the paste not gel is better!

Posted by Anonymous on 21/02/2009 at 08:38, United Kingdom

Clearasil Ultra works for me. Still get the occassional spot, but Clearsil gets rid of them faster than normal and stops most of them. Be careful when you start to use it, it is quite strong. A good moisturiser helps, look for one that is part of a brand like clearasil or Boots own brand clear skin range as these are designed not to block pores.

Posted by Lozovic on 17/02/2009 at 02:07, United Kingdom

Guys try CLEARSIL works perfectly! used to have loads of spots, now significantly reduced in a month

Posted by sammy on 10/02/2009 at 06:21, United Kingdom

i started getting my spots at the age of 11 and i am now 17 i have tryed everything that there is from spot cream,tablets to moisturizer is there anything that will get rid of these spots? can anyone help

Posted by xxxx on 03/02/2009 at 10:20, United Kingdom

i have a good knowledge of skin as a beauty therapist. using soap on your skin is the worse thing you can do the key is a good moisturizer.if you have an oily skin type you need to moisturise morning and night.this is becouse the skin creates more oil than a normal skin type by applying moisturiser this stops the oil production.i would reccomed dermologica products can be brought from most salons. also use a cleanser morning and night. for oily skin types ask for ultra-calming cleanser and active moist moisturiser.steam your face once a week too!and ALWAYS remove make-up before bed x

Posted by Anonymous on 29/01/2009 at 10:28, United Kingdom

I have always suffered from spots, but quickly get rid of them using 'Oxy' wipes/pads and cream from chemist (I think its hydrogen poroxide based), washing 3 times in stead of 2 (I always use dove soap) using a flannel and decent towel for exfoliation (the oxy wipes also help with that) but never too rough! Eat lots fruit/veg when spots come, have more sleep - always helps.

Posted by Anonymous on 27/01/2009 at 07:21, United Kingdom

For Acne-Matress My 15-year-old daughter was getting really bad acne. A trip to the GP resulted in an anti-biotic prescription which cleared them up in a few weeks. You need to keep on the anti-biotics for a while, but they really work well. And if you're under 16 the prescription is free (if you're in the UK)

Posted by emma on 23/01/2009 at 02:37, United Kingdom

hii :) i had really bad skin for a long time until i read an article in my magazine about acne and spots the girl had gone on a contraseptive pill called dianette thats when i decided to try it. i took it for a couple months and was very paitient now im spot free i would really recomend it x

Posted by Acne-Matress on 04/01/2009 at 06:19, United Kingdom

At school i get badly bullied for how i look, the kids stopped it now but my spots are probably NEVER going to go away.. My mum probably spent hundreds of pounds of spot products. NONE OF THEM WORK! Is there any simple reciepe thats fast working and gets rid of spots once and for all? PLEASE help!

Posted by Anonymous on 03/01/2009 at 02:08, United Kingdom

In response to the lady who asked about creams etc recently I have found some products that worked great for me and some of my friends have used since my acne has cleared up. I bought a kit from I hope this helps

Posted by Rima perveen on 02/01/2009 at 10:14, Bangladesh

I am suffering from acne from last six-seven months. from Last two months i am under treatment of a skin specialist.He suggested me to take Tab. Tetracycline 500mg and Erythromycin lotion 3% (for Topical Use). Now quite improvement of acne. But the spot are not vanishing. Can u give me any suggestion about this. Thanks.

Posted by Littleminx on 31/12/2008 at 03:36, Ireland

Hi i keep getting spots which i have never suffererd with before seem to be getting 3 and 4 together and they are sore and red.What can i do to prevent this any creams or something.i really want get rid of them. please help


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At 40 years of age, 5 women in 100 and 1 man in 100 have acne

The ancient Egyptians relied on a spot cream made from bullocks' bile, ostrich egg, olive oil, salt and plant resin, mixed to a paste with flour and milk

Americans spend $100 million a year buying acne treatments

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