Problems tackled: 43,462

Seeking results-focused sponsors is a problem-solving health site with an 18-year heritage of helping people tackle sensitive health issues. Over the last year our traffic has fluctuated.

Why? Possibly because Google is ‘pushing’ for the site to be mobile-enabled, or maybe because of our lack of investment in the game of SEO. The former is planned for 2018, as most people access our problem-solving information via their mobiles.

What is more important than traffic?
Answer: Problems solved – 42,000 problems tackled, and rising!

How do we know this? Because this is the only health site to measure problems tackled. Since February 2010 we have been collecting data to prove:

  • the site is getting better with time at solving problems
  • how good the site is at solving specific problems (e.g. early results show skin problems are trickier than incontinence issues)

We know people are tackling their problems here, but we don’t know who those people are, because – unusually – we don’t collect any identifying data. We do know the countries and devices, and we are happy to share our latest stats, google analytics and performance metrics.

Who do we seek to work with?
Answer: Brand managers with good products, that really help our visitors to tackle their problems and move on, in the shortest possible time.

Rather than keep visitors on site, we’d like them to solve their problem and then spread the word, something that hundreds of people do every month in our comments sections on every problem page – a great resource for understanding your customers.

How? Let’s discuss.

When? Now! Call Jonathan Gifford on +44 1235 523233, or email to share your goals, play around with ideas, and receive a tailored and refreshingly transparent campaign proposal focused on good results for everyone, and proving it.