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Are you looking for a sure-fire way to reach your target market?

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Vital statistics (February 2017)

769,945 unique visitors globally

976,486 page views

5.7 million ad impressions globally

Source: Google Analytics

Types of campaign

We offer a flexible approach to campaigns that allow you to best achieve your goals. We offer the following packages:

  • Site sponsorship: have a presence on every page of by becoming an official sponsor. This package offers you maximum exposure for your brand
  • Run of subject: designed to reach all readers in a single subject category. We have 9 popular categories to choose from – Anal; Breast & nipple; Gut; Hair; Hands, legs & feet; Mouth & face; Sex & genital; Skin; Urinary
  • Zone specific: advertise on a specific set of pages within a category or across multiple categories
  • Micro poll / Survey: ask our readers targeted questions by running a micro poll or survey over a defined time period
  • Video sponsorship: sponsor expert guide to extend your reach by sponsoring any one of our popular video guides 
  • Feature article: expert-written article on a hot topic or best practice that will engage your target audience

Targeted delivery

We can deliver your campaign in a number of ways to ensure that you receive the best results.

  • Geo targeting by IP address
  • Day of week
  • Time of day
  • Browser type
  • Language
  • All campaigns will be tracked with a full post-campaign report provided

Creative specification

  • File formats accepted: GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpg), Flash (.swf)
  • When supplying a Flash creative, a fallback (still) version of the ad must also be supplied, which will automatically be displayed for devices that do not support Flash
  • Max animation time: 30 seconds
  • Max frame rate: 18fps 
  • Max file size: 39kb 
  • All ad units can hyperlink to a specific web page. Please specify URL with submission of creative 
  • Ads must be submitted for content approval before they are uploaded

Creative design service

We have an in-house design team that can produce your ad artwork for you, should you require this service. Prices start from £120 / $200 per creative.

Dimensions accepted

  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90 px
  • Medium rectangle: 300 x 250 px
  • Half page ad: 300 x 600 px

Get in touch

Please get in touch with Geoff on +44 (0)1235 523 233 or email for your bespoke campaign.