Problems tackled: 43,482

Tackle it, move on: published data

Since February 2010 (when we started counting) over 42,000 visitors have clicked to say they have tackled their problem and moved on, and we've published some of the findings from these data here

Launched at the turn of the millennium, is the first embarrassment-busting health website in the world, and now we have shown that online health information can contribute to the resolution of embarrassing medical problems. is the only health site to measure problems tackled (over 42,000 and climbing), thanks to the thousands of you who ‘Tell us your thoughts’ at the bottom of each problem page.

Our doctors and editors combine their expertise with visitor insights and goodwill to deliver the shortest most relevant reads, so that you are more likely to take the next – or all important first – step: chillaxing and being happy as you are, visiting your pharmacist, or booking that doctor’s appointment.

Our data show that some of your problems are easy to fix and some are really tough. We aim to get much better at helping you to tackle the challenging ones and move on. 

Publication of our findings is thanks to your courage, courtesy and problem-solving genius. Please continue to share your experiences and how you’re getting on in our comments forums, and don’t forget to link to this site and spread the word whenever you see a good fit.

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Tackle it, move on: published data

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