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Dr Phil: Bollocks! to embarrassment (video)

GP, comedian and broadcaster Dr Phil Hammond's new year resolution is to "Say bollocks to embarrassment". If it functions be happy, and learn to love your body. Above all, be positive about yourself, loving to other people, and don't be embarrassed about tackling your problems!

What are your healthy resolutions for 2016? Tell us what you think below - we welcome your comments. 

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New year resolutions – is there any point? Generally, we don’t keep them. We’ve usually broken them by the end of January. So here’s my first top tip:

Only have resolutions that you can keep, and the best one by far is not to be embarrassed about your problems. Say bollocks to embarrassment!

Particularly if you’re healthy, you don’t need any form of cosmetic change. You don’t need bigger, you don’t need smaller, you don’t need longer, you don’t need wider. It could be breasts, ears, nose, penis ....

If it functions, be grateful for that and learn to love your body.

I was born with ginger hair. I’m 50 years old now, but I love my ginger hair ... I’ve always been ginger; I had a bit of teasing over the years, but I learned to say bollocks to embarrassment.

So, once you’re not embarrassed about your particular problems, don’t make other people embarrassed about theirs. So, my second resolution:

Let’s have a bit more humanity back in healthcare, and in life in general.

If you know someone who has a stutter, someone who is shy or someone who has embarrassing social problems, then don’t make it worse. Don’t tease them, don’t be nasty. Give them a hug.

Kindness is often the best cure for embarrassment: kindness, tolerance and understanding, accepting people as they are.

You’ll find lots of stories on this site of people of all different shapes and sizes, with all different problems. A lot of them don’t need medication; they just need a bit of love and understanding.

So it’s as simple as that. Dr Phil’s new year message. If you’ve got any good ideas about problems that we can sort out at let me know.

If you really want to do a proper new year’s resolution, stopping smoking would be a good one. It wrinkles your skin, it gives you smelly breath – it also kills you!! You suffer the slow suffocation of lung disease, which is not terribly pleasant.

There are lots of helpful websites out there. Just put ‘stop smoking’ into your favourite search engine and you’ll find out lots of ways of stopping.

Alcohol? They reckon maybe 2–3 days a week you shouldn’t have any at all. I would treat alcohol like a medicine, take it in small doses every now and then, take stuff you like the taste of so that you relish the taste and you drink it slowly.

It’s the same with food. Choose foods you like the taste of so that you take time to eat, you chew, you enjoy your food and you don’t gulp it down so that it doesn’t hit the sides. You probably don’t need to change your diet much. Slightly smaller portions might do the trick.

It’s as simple as that. Those are my new year’s resolutions.

Above all be positive about yourself and loving towards other people.

If I could I would give you a big cyber hug!!

Written by: Dr Phil Hammond
Edited by: Dr Phil Hammond
Last updated: Friday, October 20th 2017

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