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DocSpot: Hair loss experiences

We asked for your comments and experiences of hair loss. Everyone who mailed us emphasized how distressed they felt when they noticed balding areas or hair falling out. Here are some typical comments:

Hair loss is especially bad to experience at a young age. I first noticed my hair had receded when I was 19, I became anxious and paranoid.
I had noticed that my hair was thinning from the age of 30 or so (when it was pointed out to me by someone younger than myself). Naturally this preyed on the mind with periodic and not so infrequent visits to the mirror to check for changes.
It’s destroying my self-esteem.
When I was about 11 years old I developed alopecia and was bullied a lot for it. It finally healed when I was 12.
One big problem is that people associate balding with ageing. In fact, if you look around you will see that lots of men in their 30s and even younger are starting to lose hair in the ‘male pattern’ areas – that is, around the front hairline and on top of the head. As I point out in our main section, hair loss in men indicates there are male hormones in the bloodstream, so it shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed of.
We also had messages about experiences with various treatments that are available. I was slightly surprised no-one wrote to us about hair transplants – feedback on this would have been interesting.
I tried a few different treatments, mainly in the form of lotions including Regaine [minoxidil] as advised by a friend…but didn't have the belief or patience to see if they would work out – plus it became quite an expensive habit.
I am now using generic versions of both products [minoxidil and finasteride] simultaneously as I think this is the best solution to stop the hair loss as well as add additional hair on my scalp.
I started losing my hair on the top of my scalp in my early-twenties. I then started using‘Propecia [finasteride], after being advised to do so by a doctor. The Propecia stopped my hair-loss gradually.
While on holiday with a friend who I hadn't seen for a while and who I knew to be follicularly challenged (he had no hair) we got to talking about hair loss and various options to its ‘curtailment’. He claimed to have read that a drug called finasteride was the miracle cure to baldness…My friend did seem to have gained some fuzz so I thought I'd give it a go…I continued this for 4 maybe 5 years but in the end I stopped. Why? I guess I thought I was wasting my time and in my early 40's I resigned myself to grow old gracefully (?) and let nature take its natural course. I didn't lose any more hair [with finasteride] but didn't seem to gain any either – maybe it halted the hair loss process. I guess you won't know unless you are bald to start with.
These experiences underline some of the problems with hair loss treatments – you have to be patient, they can be expensive and the eventual result can be disappointing. In my view the best option is indeed to ‘let nature take its course’ and keep your remaining hair very short.

Last updated; Sunday, August 30th 2020

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