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Breast and nipple problems

Breasts and nipples come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we’ve probably all wondered at some time or another if ours are normal. This section deals with those concerns, as well as more worrying symptoms such as pain, redness and discharge. Select a breast or nipple problem in the box on the right for further information.

Video guide – Male breast enlargement

Find out more from GP, writer and broadcaster Dr Phil Hammond about the causes of enlarged breasts in boys and men, and what you can do if they are causing you pain or discomfort, in his video on male breast enlargement.

Commonsense comment

One of my nipples was fully inverted from childhood. I never even considered myself abnormal. It's a pity that these days there is so much emphasis on appearance that teenagers and older women become so concerned with something which really is no big problem. There are certainly a few million worse conditions to have. I recommend trying to think about it this way and thanking your body for the many things that work perfectly.