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Biography for Pete Gottschalk


Pete Gottschalk is the founding member of Pranicura LLC. A pruritus ani sufferer since 2007, he tried every treatment imaginable, including dozens of over-the-counter creams, a myriad of different food elimination diets, two hemorrhoid surgeries and methylene blue injections. All were unsuccessful, and three colorectal surgeons were unable to help. So Pete went on a personal quest to rid himself of the problem that was causing sleepless nights and depression.

He started an online group in 2010 to test and try alternative methods to find a cure, or at least something that would work for everyone with anal itching. In 2013, Pranicure was invented. The treatment has since been tweaked and modified, and used by over 17,000 people. A survey was sent to all of them; 90% of the 2086 who responded reported success using the treatment.

He says: "I'm just a guy with a problem that needed fixing, and doctors have no single treatment to give to people. Sure, some things gave a week's relief, like prescription steroids or injections...but nothing gave long-term relief.  A long-term solution was needed..."

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