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Biography for Phil Hammond


Dr Phil Hammond is a doctor, journalist, broadcaster and comedian. He qualified as a GP in 1991 and currently works in a specialist NHS centre for children and adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME. Phil is also a presenter on BBC Radio Bristol and has been Private Eye’s medical correspondent since 1992, campaigning for open data in the NHS and better support for whistleblowers. He is a Vice President of the Patients’ Association and a patron of Meningitis UK, the Doctors’ Support Network, the Herpes Viruses Association, Patients First and Kissing It Better. He has been contributing refreshingly engaging commonsense poems, videos and articles to since 2008.

Phil's recipe for NHS reform is a lot simpler than the Health and Social Care Act:

1. Stop killing patients

2. Harm patients as little as possible

3. Before doing anything, ask not just ‘is it likely to work?’ but ‘is it humane?’

4. Train and motivate the front-line staff, make sure there are enough of them and look after their mental health.

He is the author of a number of best-selling books: Medicine Balls (an NHS satire), Trust Me I’m Still a Doctor (20 years of whistle-blowing in Private Eye), Staying Alive (how to survive the NHS - advice from a GP), What Doctors Really Think (16 years of wit, wisdom and lies) and a pleasure manual entitled Sex, Sleep or Scrabble? which is based on his experiences working in sexual health. He also cowrote the medical BBC4 radio comedy 'Polyoaks' about staff in a deeply dysfunctional general practice struggling to combine the day job with NHS reforms.

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