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Biography for Margaret Stearn


Dr Margaret Stearn

Dr Margaret  Stearn FRCP is possibly the most experienced embarrassment-busting doctor in the world. Since 2000, she has been expertly and thoughtfully listening to you, our visitors, and updating the text on this site to help you tackle your health problems and get on with enjoying life.

Dr Margaret qualified in medicine from Oxford University and St George's Hospital Medical School, and has a BA in Physiology and Psychology. She developed a special interest in women's problems while working in a busy genitourinary medicine clinic. She also worked for several years in a hospital diabetes clinic as part of the UK Prospective Diabetes Study of how to prevent the long-term effects of diabetes. Margaret is the author of The Must-Have Health Guide.

Dr Margaret says:
"When writing for this site, I try to explain each problem, and tell you how to deal with it yourself and what health professionals (such as your doctor) have to offer. Each section has a list of 'Useful contacts' for further information and advice.

"There is a lot of health information around and much of it is unreliable, because it is not based on proper research. When I read health articles I always ask myself 'What evidence is this based on?'. So this website has an unusual feature that you will not find on many other health websites - I have included 'references', which tell you the source of my information. If you do not believe what I have said, or you want more information, you can check it out by using the references; otherwise, just ignore them. Here is an example of a reference: British Medical Journal 2005;330:1194–8. This means that the information came from an article in the British Medical Journal in 2005. The volume number that year was 330, and the article was on pages 1194 to 1198. You should be able to find the article by searching the Internet.