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  • Originially conceived as a website in 1995, but being book people first came Embarrassing Problems – Straight-talking Good Advice by Dr Margaret Stearn in 1998, which was commended in the 2000 BMA Book Awards
  • The website was launched in 2000, with all content made freely available
  • Winner of Best Health Site in the Zest for Life Awards 2000
  • Winner of Best Health Site in the Global Pharmaceutical Awards 2002
  • Visitors come from all corners of the world, predominantly the USA, UK, India, Canada and Australia
  • 0.8 million visitors in July 2017
  • The top 3 problems have consistently been anal itching, vulval itching and red itchy penis – that's a lot of itching!
  • It is the ONLY health site to measure problems tackled
  • Since February 2010 (when we started counting) over 42,000 visitors have clicked to say they have tackled their problem and moved on, and we've published some of the findings from these data here

The 'embarrassing problems' philosophy

We recognize that the Internet is an ideal means of providing information on a range of personal health matters that some people may initially find hard to discuss. We opted for the phrase 'embarrassing problems' for the site in the spirit of straight talking and for sheer impact. We're not implying that the topics discussed on the site should be viewed as being 'embarrassing' – quite the reverse, in fact. We hope the information on our site will persuade you that your embarrassing problem is not so embarrassing after all and/or will provide some helpful information. We strongly encourage you to talk to your own doctor or pharmacist about your own health concerns – the information presented on our website is not intended to replace the face-to-face consultation that we believe to be necessary for the accurate diagnosis of a medical condition and its subsequent management.

The world's first embarrassment-busting site

Launched at the turn of the millennium, this is the first embarrassment-busting health website in the world! It is also the only health site to measure problems tackled, thanks to the thousands of you who ‘Tell us your thoughts’ at the bottom of each problem page. Our doctors and editors combine their expertise with visitor insights and goodwill to deliver the shortest most relevant reads, so that you are more likely to take the next – or all important first –  step: chillaxing and being happy as you are, visiting your pharmacist, or booking that doctor’s appointment.

Some of your problems are easy to fix and some are really tough. Over the next 16 years, we aim to get much better at helping you tackle the challenging ones and move on. 

Tell us your thoughts

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