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A verruca (plantar wart) is a wart on the sole of the foot. It is the same as a common wart, but the weight of the body presses it into the foot, which can be painful.
Verrucas are slightly raised and circular in shape, with a thickened rim of surrounding skin that looks like a callus. The surface of the verruca may have black dots (‘pepper-pot’ appearance). There may be several verrucas or just one.
Sometimes verrucas form clusters of small warts, called ‘mosaic warts’ – these are usually painless. In children, verrucas tend to come and go quite quickly, but in adults they can persist for several years if they are not treated.

How verrucas spread

Like other warts, verrucas are caused by strains of papillomavirus (usually papillomavirus type 1). There is lots of papillomavirus around, and many people carry it on the surface of their skin. It does not cause any harm unless it penetrates into the skin, where it can take hold and cause a wart. This is most likely to happen if the surface of your skin is already damaged, with tiny cracks.
Most people believe that verrucas are caught in the changing rooms of swimming pools and the pool surrounds, but only one scientific study has shown that people who use swimming pools regularly are more likely to get verrucas. Other studies have shown no link.
There is probably plenty of papillomavirus around swimming pools, particularly in the shower area. However, you are very unlikely to get a verruca if your skin is undamaged. If you want to minimize the risk, wear flip-flops in the shower area.

What you might do about verrucas

Decide whether it really is a verruca. They are easily confused with corns and calluses, which are thickened areas of skin caused by friction. Corns are often seen over hammer toes and where shoes press on the little toe, but they can occur on the sole of the foot just below the toes. Look closely at the verruca, using a mirror and a magnifying glass if possible. Corns and calluses have normal skin lines (like the lines used in fingerprints) over them, but the surface of a verruca is slightly lumpy without lines. If you are not sure, see a chiropodist or ask your doctor.
Do nothing. Just covering the verucca with a plaster and doing nothing might be the best option, for the following reasons.
  • Without treatment, verrucas almost always disappear within 2 years. Some go within a month or two. Treatments are inconvenient and can be uncomfortable.
  • It is possible that letting verrucas disappear naturally helps the body to build up immunity, making you less likely to have them in the future.
  • Most treatments involve rubbing the wart with pumice or an emery board. Some experts think this helps the virus to spread into nearby skin.
  • You do not need to worry too much about infecting other people in swimming pools and similar places, because the virus is probably already there. However, you may wish to cover it when visiting a pool. You could use a piece of waterproof tape, a plaster or special verruca socks. You can buy verruca socks online or from some pharmacies. They are slim-fit rubbery socks but many people (especially children) find them embarrassing to wear and they are probably unnecessary anyway.
Decide who should treat it. Decide whether you should treat the verruca yourself, or whether you should see a chiropodist. Do not try to treat it yourself if you have diabetes, or if you already have a skin problem such as eczema. Most chiropodists advise against do-it-yourself treatment, and prefer to be consulted when the verruca is small and easier for them to deal with.
Keep your feet as dry as possible. Papillomavirus can spread through wet, soggy skin to form a patch of mosaic warts.
Relieve the discomfort. Stick a ring-shaped foam pad round the verruca to take the pressure off it. You can buy these from pharmacists and they are sometimes labelled ‘for corns’.
Salicylic acid paint, gel or ‘verruca plasters’ is one of the most effective treatments, with an 84% cure rate within 3 months of use (Prescriber 2009;20(22):20–6). It can be bought from a pharmacist. Before using the paint or gel, soak your foot in warm water for 5 minutes, and then rub the surface of the verruca with a pumice stone. Do not overdo it. Carefully apply the paint and let it dry. Cover with a large sticking plaster. Repeat this treatment every evening until the verruca disappears, which may take 12 weeks. If it becomes painful, stop the treatment for a few days.
Verruca plasters are convenient. They are discs soaked in salicylic acid that you stick over the verruca and change every day. Some have built-in padding to deflect pressure from the verruca. Before applying the plaster, soak your foot and use pumice to rub some of the wart away. Put a piece of wide adhesive bandage over the plaster to make sure it stays in position.
Silver nitrate (caustic) pencil. If salicylic acid does not work, you can try a silver nitrate pencil. In the UK, you can buy this from pharmacies without a prescription. It gently burns the wart. Use it carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
A freezing aerosol is now available from pharmacies. It works in a similar way to the freezing treatment used by chiropodists and doctors, but cannot reach the very low temperatures that their equipment achieves. Only one application is needed. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
Duct tape might be worth trying, although scientific studies have given contradictory results (Prescriber 2009;20(22):20–6). You can buy a roll of the tape from DIY stores. Cover the verruca with a piece of the tape for 6 days. If the tape falls off, put a new piece on. Remove the tape after the 6 days, soak your foot in luke-warm water, and gently scrape off any dead cells with a blunt instrument (not a sharp knife or corn knife). Then leave the verruca uncovered overnight, and reapply the tape in the morning. You can repeat this procedure for up to 2 months.  
Try a herbal remedy from a health shop. It is difficult to know whether these are effective, because most have not been fully investigated in scientific trials. Tea tree oil, applied twice daily on its own or mixed with garlic juice, is said to have an effect. Some people think garlic itself is effective. A tincture made from Chelidonium (the Greater Celandine) is said to be antiviral and to damage wart cells.

What you should never do with verrucas

Do not try scraping a verruca away with a corn knife. You could damage your skin and cause an infection. Also, the verucca will come back and others may occur nearby in the damaged skin. Don’t pick at the wart with your fingernails, as you could transfer the virus to your fingers.

What a chiropodist or your doctor can do about verrucas

Chiropodists can check that you have a verruca and not some other problem, and they offer a range of treatments, including freezing (cryotherapy). Freezing tends to be less effective for verrucas than for common warts, and can be painful. It may be a good idea if you have mosaic warts, because these do not respond very well to salicylic acid. If you have a really troublesome verruca, your doctor might refer you to a hospital dermatology department for treatment.

Written by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Edited by: Dr Margaret Stearn
Last updated: Wednesday, November 2nd 2011


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Posted by Optional on 22/06/2016 at 12:37

Get mykored. It is like a miracle cure. My 4yr old had a massive verruca that caught on his shoes, we tried everything else for months. This fixed it within a week!

Posted by Optional on 11/06/2016 at 04:07

Im very concerned. Im a female of 10 years of age, and I have Verrucas on my right foot's middle toe. ( I have 9 of them ) Since I have PE in school, we have just finished swimming, and I've had them ever since. Im going to try the duct tape and hope it works. I have had verrucas in the past, and My Mum did try this, and I think it worked. I hope this helps anyone, or works for anyone else who struggles with a verruca.

Posted by Mike S on 27/05/2016 at 09:02

I have had verrucas for 50 years and expect I will never get rid of them. I have read no end of articles and tried numerous remedies in that time (freezing, Bazucca, Thuja, Revitol, tea tree oil, sallicylic acid and so on). Occasionally they go away for a short period but return for no obvious reason. I rarely go to spas or swimming pools but that does not stop me getting re-infected. They can be very painful and it's a shame that with so many medical professionals around no-one can come up with a solution that actually works. Most cures burn/damage the skin which adds to the pain. If verrucas are a virus then I would have thought anti-viral creams should be the cure, but even they seem to only reduce the problem, but do not offer a complete cure. I really believe there are people like me for whom there is no cure. I have seen podiatrists in the past and even if the problems clears up, a few months later they return in clusters in the same place. Sleeping in socks can help to stop the spread from one foot to the other, but personally, I don't think anyone really understands these pesky little blighters no matter how many forums I read.

Posted by chel on 20/12/2015 at 06:24

Hi, I have had a verruca for about 4 years I left and left it as it doesn't hurt to walk on and hasn't really bothered me, I'm not sure weather it's just one or many more it's one circle but with loads of black 'dots' in the circle. Iv tried a washer with pure garlic with tape around it Iv tried 3 prescriptions of the doctor and nothing seems to work. As I say it doesn't hurt it just looked discusting. Any one have any tips to make it disappear?? Thanks x

Posted by Optional on 02/09/2015 at 09:06

I have 13 verrucas on one foot but none on the other they are not painful in any way thank goodness but one I have had for about 5 years I have tried everything and nothing worked until I found wartner u apply it every morning and evening on the verrucas for 4 days then leave within about two weeks you should find that u can flick it off, taking some of the verruca away with it it does sting a lot if u get some on your skin as its an acid so I suggest putting Vaseline round the edge. Good luck! Ohh by the way be persistent and keep going.

Posted by Molls on 28/08/2015 at 09:30

I'm have had a verruca for 6 months and I'm getting very fed up with the pain I'm 10 and I have a lot of pe and walking actuvites I have tried the podiatrist and my doctor but I won't budge it's starting to affect my walking someone please help

Posted by Optional on 07/08/2015 at 05:57

I got a verucca on a summer holiday a year ago we went to the gp and he gave me this acid thing( forgot the name) I applied Vaseline around it and put on two layers each night after a few months the verucca dried off and is currently falling off bit by bit.unfortunatley I got three new ones that I am battling right now

Posted by day on 12/06/2015 at 09:59

can uget rid of vorrucas with ice

Posted by Meganmog123 on 05/02/2015 at 11:08

Ive had my verruca for 5 months, ive tried acid and vinegar and leaving it but its just got bigger!! Help me!

Posted by Me on 09/01/2015 at 05:53

So, I got a verruca about 2 years back now and I thought I had got rid of it after using this gel my doctor suggested. I went. Now I am left with a hole in my heel where the verruca was and it's white inside. The hole is about a 1/2 cm deep and about the same size as my pinky nail but it's painful to walk on, not just when I put pressure on with my hand or something, what should I do? I live in England btw

Posted by Optional on 26/11/2014 at 10:46

I've got 11 veruccas in total on my feet. I'm scared to tell anyone about it and I'm always embarrased to take my socks off! Please help! I have had them for ages now and I just wish that they will go away. I'm only 11 and I hope they will go away soon. Also is it normal to have 11 veruccas ?

Posted by Optional on 18/10/2014 at 10:45

I have about 7 verrucas on my right foot and 4 on my left and they are so painful I get blisters around them every now and then and idk what to do I've been getting them frozen about 4 weeks now and they went purple last time they're so painful sometimes I wanna get a scissors and cut them off does anyone have an effective treatment that kills them fast !

Posted by Optional on 18/10/2014 at 09:12

My 7yr old daughter has got Verrucas popping up all over her feet. What are some waysto get rid of these they are painful for her. I dont really want to put her thru freezing them off at the doctors.

Posted by ladyVxxx on 04/10/2014 at 12:06

Three, nearly four years I've had my verruca/wart on the ball of my foot. After many years of filing, cutting, home freezing, bazuka and even having it frozen at the docs. My foot was in agony, I could barely walk and was using numbing gel on it just to be able to take my kids to school. I had badly damaged the skin around the wart as well and one night decided to try savlon with a bandage at bed time. I noticed results the next day and it was instantly easier to walk instead of that throbbing pain the minute your feet hit the floor in the mornings, but nearly a week later and the skin has healed plus I can see the black bits again after years of it just looking like a nasty hard/dry lump. It's so much easier to walk and I'm sure this will be away very soon if I persist with the savlon. I googled this to see if anyone else had success with savlon and noticed one lady on here did. Please try this b4 wasting money on treatments that just dont seem to work on old/deep rooted warts and veruccas. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Rob on 11/09/2014 at 11:18

As far as a cure goes I think the cure is to optimize ones immune system in order to handle the virus. There seem to be a lot of things that can be very effective externally, but some people have so much trouble getting rid of them totally. I was able to eradicate a bad one using epsom salt soaks, duct tape and salicylic acid pads. It took a lot of persistence but after 3 weeks it worked (I had no success for 2 years leading up to it). I have before and after photos and more details on my blog if interested... Hope this helps someone!

Posted by Optional on 02/08/2014 at 11:20

I've had a patch of vurucas on the bottom of my heal for nearly 2 years and only recently realised how bad they had gotten. I decided to try home remedies first which didn't work at all on then. In the end I've started bazuka gell and it's working a treat! It has taken 2 weeks of perseverance but they're finally going! The gell sort of dried up all the surrounding skin and I just picked the whole patch off in one go (after many nights of filling and applying gell) made up to say the least yayy

Posted by Lila on 27/07/2014 at 09:59

Hi I have plenty of veruccas on my foot and I will try the tea tree oil and garlic Hope it works.

Posted by Optional on 25/02/2014 at 11:26

I think i have varucas on my foot, is it possible for them to spread on to your ankle.

Posted by Kirsty on 18/01/2014 at 12:19

I have a big one on my toe and don't know what to do as it's embarrassing when doing dance and PE HELP

Posted by AK1 on 13/10/2013 at 11:17

I spent 9 months as a child attending a chiropodist on a weekly basis for a verruca removal. He tried everything as the months went on, even remember smoke pouring from my foot while I was in a lot of pain and that didn't even work. Eventually he gave me a bottle of Salicylic acid to apply on a nightly basis, pairing off the top layer of skin before applying acid and worked a treat in a few weeks. I again picked a verruca up a few years later in a changing room even though I was wearing socks! The chiropodist told me that you can get them through normal socks and that some people are more prone to them than others. Over the counter remedy Occlusal works a treat for me - smear the surrounding skin with Vaseline, having paired off a little skin, add a dab of acid to the verruca, cover with a plaster and repeat nightly. Hope this works for you too!

Posted by Optional on 04/10/2013 at 02:31

Nothings working. I've had mine for a few years now and I've tried tape, doctors and leaving them. I've tried to slice them off with a dead skin tool, I've tried sissers and just general picking. I'm so embarassed. As my family are really into manners and respect, I am not allowed slippers on the furniture so I can't even rest my feet up without being consiouse and worried about being noticed. Please, someone help me. I am 15 and want to be out partying not forever being worried about others opinions on my feet xx

Posted by Laura on 04/09/2013 at 05:01

I have a big-ish verruca on the ball of my left foot. I had tried a couple of over the counter treatments (as doctors in the UK do not treat verrucas anymore!) but in the end called a chiropodist to have a look. I'm so glad I did, because she took one look and said that the treatments I had bought had actually affected the surrounding skin and caused damage. She then cut away some skin in order to expose the "root" of the verruca and applied silver nitrate. This burns the wart off. She says that the black scab will fall off within around 4-6 weeks. After that I just need to apply liquid vitamin E to the area to keep the skin healthy. Have a professional check your verruca before you spend money in the chemist!

Posted by Optional on 01/08/2013 at 08:17

Try Bazuka

Posted by Optional on 27/07/2013 at 03:19

I have multiple verrucas on both my feet...i didn't know how i caught them and this was when i was about 10 and im 13 now. This makes it very embarrassing for me to show my feet for dance at school or just at home..I am using bazuka at the moment and its not working and i don't want the painful treatments. What else should i try plz help im so embarrassed to be around people with my socks off :,(

Posted by Optional on 21/07/2013 at 07:28

All - rub the blood from a steak on the affected areas and leave for half an hour - the wart/veruca will be gone within a week. All I ask is that anyone struggling trys this, you will be pleased.

Posted by princess on 27/06/2013 at 10:46

I've had a few verrucas (3 or so) for around 3 years now and I tried absolutely everything! In the end, my mom forced me to go to the doctors- which I'm petrified of, to see what they could do. The doctor told me that they weren't allowed to freeze them anymore and gave me a perscription of cuplex gel, I went two weeks ago and they have finally gone!! Just don't pick at them because that's what I did and they bleed a lot :(!!

Posted by Optional on 26/05/2013 at 01:32

My verruca has been on my foot since I was 6 ( I am now 12)I am now wondering what I should do about?? Any suggestions? Also I want a way of getting rid of it fast so that I won't get teased any more about having one!! Thnx!!

Posted by Optional on 22/05/2013 at 09:44

Someone help I have 20 vertical on my two feet together I tried everything !

Posted by Nina on 15/05/2013 at 02:58

12 months ago I had about 16 verrucas over both feet and these had developed over 8-10 years. I had tried everything over the counter and from the GP -freezing, gels, patches, creams, duct tape etc etc. I was desperate, embarrased and in pain. I finally decided to pay to see a chiropodist but came onto a forum like this first where several people mentioned vinegar. Why not give it a try I thought, cheaper than a chiropodist? So I bought 4 bottles of apple cider vinegar from Sainsburys (99p a bottle) and a plastic box with lid big enough to get my feet in (£4 local pound shop)and every evening for the past 12 months, I have soaked my feet in vinegar for at least 20 minutes. Its been a long slog -no quick solutions here - but I was determined to be rid of these beasties which were taking over my feet! I replaced the vinegar every 6-8 weeks. The smell of the vinegar is quite strong (hence the lid on the plastic box)but I am delighted to say that all I have left is a tiny verucca which will be gone in a few weeks. I also stopped picking them, filing them, pumicing them as I suspect this was spreading them. On the few evenings I have been unable to do this, I bought some sudocream and smeared this thickly over the warts, popped a pair of socks over the top and went to bed. Bingo! This is the first year in many years when I will be able to wear sandles with pride- if we get any sun! Good luck to fellow suffers out there - patience and persistence are key.

Posted by Optional on 05/05/2013 at 12:22

well I know how bad these stupid things are and im convinced that it is my body that is the problem. I had them when I was at school and tried everything in the end 1 grew so big and stuck out my foot by a few cms it was agony after 6 years or so I opted for the last treatment electrosurgery (not nice needles through my toes and bottom of food then cut out, the hole was then padded up and each week a bit of padding removed. Since this I stopped swimming wear socks always even for bed! Take detox to hotels and wash the bathroom, wash socks on boil washes and still I've caught them my chiropodist just whacks on the hardest acid she has which is agony! Normally they go with 1-2 days of treatment (if you've had the acid crystals you'll know how painful this is) sadly 1 would not go and has been there for 2.5 years so I've just had electrosurgery again and am currently recovering. What could I take to boost my immune system any suggestions would be great, my feet and purse cant take much more of these horrible things!

Posted by Optional on 01/05/2013 at 11:11

You can also put a cotton bud with tee tree oil on your verruca and tape it on and leave it for the night you will notice there wil start to be a hole instead of your verruca then when it dries out you might want to scrape of the dead skin.

Posted by Optional on 26/04/2013 at 06:45

I am a swimming teacher and have had a troublesome veruccas for over a year now.The best treatment I have found is using hand sanitiser I used it everyday for 2 weeks and one has gone and the other has reduced dramatically.

Posted by Optional on 02/04/2013 at 01:50

I've just tried tea tree oil for a verruca. Seemed to be working for the first week or so. However, woke up yesterday with lumpy blisters around it. As it's on the ball of my foot it's painful to walk. Any suggestions? Assume I've used too much and damaged the surrounding tissue. Do I just leave it or apply something like Sudocrem?

Posted by Optional on 29/03/2013 at 09:18

My Verruca is GONE!!! I am so happy. To all that still have it I wish you Good Luck I got rid of mine with great difficulty

Posted by Optional on 25/03/2013 at 04:18

i want to play football but my verccua hurts when i stand on it what should i do?

Posted by Truckpump on 22/03/2013 at 12:31

I have a small varruca on my left thumb, it's irritating and appeared sometime after getting a rose thorn embeded in the same spot. As a child I had two on each foot (I was an active swimmer and told I probably picked them up in the foot bath.They took extended weekly treatment to get rid of since they were large and painful.) How should I treat this little bliter?

Posted by Verruca Sufferer! on 12/03/2013 at 12:36

Okay, so I couldn't deal with the pain of the vinegar treatment! So I stopped and went to the doctors, I've been referred to a dermatologist at the local hospital, but by the time I get an appointment, I'll be 50! So, my mum told me to put on duct tape and I refused, but I tried on one verruca and after 12 hours it pulled it out! So I'm taking these suckers down one by one!

Posted by Verruca Sufferer! on 26/02/2013 at 11:08

I have over 30 verrucas on my left foot! The problem has been there for 7 years and I'm finally deciding to take some serious action! I've tried some sort of acid (too young to remember the name), duct tape, freezing (which spread it), some sort of natural remedy from Armenia (when I was on holiday). I've now started the apple cider vinegar treatment! And it's working much better than all the other methods so far! I apply the vinegar to cotton wool balls/pads and since I've been recommended not to use duct tape, I put cling film over it and put a bandage over it in the night. I tried it with duct tape and it just slid off and this is working wonders to kill those little buggers! I'm in my second week of starting it and my verrucas have come to the surface and now I just don't know what to do now that they're there?! Do I pick them out or do they fall off themselves? Taking down verrucas one by one!

Posted by Ellse on 17/02/2013 at 08:42

This is helping but I have a problem. Is it common for the skin around the veruca to itch near the end? It is the most uncomfortable itching experience I've had ever.

Posted by Optional on 12/02/2013 at 10:19

Usually leaving it works well, as it goes away naturally and leaving it to clear away this way means no pain.

Posted by Maya Conway on 02/02/2013 at 11:11

Thanks this was really useful information fingers crossed it will go away with this treatment. Many thanks Maya Conway.

Posted by Optional on 19/01/2013 at 11:33

I have had a Verruca/Corn (not sure) for about 3 months now. For a month I left it untreated thinking it will go away but when it started to get worse and painful I asked my doctor for help. He gave me Salatac gel and I used it for a month but that didn't work so I started using Bazuka gel but I am not sure if I am using it correctly. I first apply the gel onto the infected area and then wait 15-20 mins for it to go white then I rub it with a emery board. I done the same with Salatac gel as well. Am I using it correctly? If not how should I use it because I keep getting different methods and I am not sure which is the correct way.

Posted by Optional on 19/01/2013 at 09:52

I had mosaic warts on my heel for nearly 10 years and nothing worked. Eventually I just decided to try the most basic of treatments. I soaked my feet in warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil every night for a month, using a pumice stone to remove the dead skin. I didn't even bother keeping track from day to day because I'd given up hope. But low and behold, after a month they had completely vanished!

Posted by Optional on 08/01/2013 at 12:15

I have vertucas from a young age, most have disappeared but I still have one on my right big toe and it's taken over the end of my food and it increasing in size iv been getting it treated for 2 years now and there's no improvement. Also there's a string smell coming from it.

Posted by abs on 30/12/2012 at 09:43

Put a corn plaster over the veruca so you can see it through the hole they put a small piece of garlic in the hole and put a plaster over it. Do this everyday.

Posted by Optional on 16/12/2012 at 09:21

ive got spots and they are in big clumps on my knees, my elbow and finger and they are very very annoying they are also very painful [im starting to get them on my toes ahh help:O] its so so so so itchy

Posted by Richard on 09/12/2012 at 09:58

After having a cluster of verucas which grew from 1 to 12 over 10 years, surviving all official medications, I tried duct tape. A couple of strips, replaced each morning, for 3 months, and they all disappeared. The only side effect was an ache in the foot when I missed a day and when I stopped the treatment. Result!

Posted by MattB on 29/11/2012 at 10:30

I had a few verrucas for a couple of years that refused to go at the age of 30. Then a couple of years a go they seemed to spread and I actually had so many that I couldn't actually count them all. I tried everything (salicylic acid etc etc) to a degree and nothing helped. after 5 years my feet were disgusting I was resigned to the fact I would have them forever. Then all of a sudden they disappeared and my feet were as good as new. The only problem is am not entirely sure what got rid of them as I was trying a few things at the time: 1.I had a painful wart that appeared on my elbow treated with liquid nitrogen at the cryo clinic at the local GP. This got rid of the wart and I think it may have woken up my immune system to the virus that causes verrucas. 2.I was applying duct tape to the "king" cluster of verrucas religiously every day. At first I was even attaching small squares of banana skin. Again not sure if that coincided with them starting to clear up. 3. I was training for a half marathon and so my feet were taking a pounding doing a lot of running which I had never done in the past. 4. I was taking cod liver oil and glucosimine sulphate every day which may or may not have helped as they are rumoured to contribute to healthy skin and bones. All I know is it is a massive relief that they have gone after 5 if they've been there a while don't give up hope and at least have a crack at the items cant hurt!

Posted by Optional on 25/11/2012 at 05:36

I am 11, YES, 11. And i have this big verruca and its annoying I'm using Scholl verruca and wart treatment but it does not seem to do anything. Pleas help?

Posted by Harry on 06/11/2012 at 03:03

I'm not gonna say if this will be effective on your part but I want to share the treatment that I think helped me in removing my verruca 3 months ago. Though I've no idea about the dry needling, this was actually one of the main reason of my verruca treatment but in a different approach. My approach: If you will look closely on the verruca, you can see the small black dots that seems to be a dried blood... what you need to do is to remove this black dots gently with a needle and make sure that you are not hurt and no blood is coming out. After removing all the black dots apply a tea tree oil which you can buy over the counter. Note: As per my observation, the area where the black dots are appearing, are areas where the veins of verruca is. Removing the black dots (dried blood) will open the veins and when you apply the tea tree oil it will be absorber by these veins causing death to the virus... It took me 2 weeks of doing it regularly presto... I am free of Verruca...

Posted by Stephen on 25/10/2012 at 04:14

Here is an update of my situation with my verrucas since my last comment dated 19.05.2012. I am pleased to write that my large painful verruca that was on my left sole has completely gone after over 25 years of being there. I stopped applying any type of treatment, so hopefully my experience will give hope to others, the only problem is I have noticed what looks like a small verruca on my left temple that has recently formed. I will leave this facial verruca alone and hope it will go away on its own.

Posted by pink on 18/10/2012 at 05:13

Hello I am 13 and I have had trouble with verrucas for 3-4 years and have tried everything they have gotten smallerbut it hasn't gone away. But now I am in year 9 and its getting embarrising, I don't want to tell my friends as I feel really upset about them. Please can you help... Pink(Not real name)

Posted by Optional on 18/10/2012 at 05:05

I have my verrucas for about 3 years now,they werent big to start of with but now the biggest one my right foot is huge,its like 4 big verrucas put together!6 Other verrucas have showed up around this big one&2 on my left foot,its really starting to bug me as i cant show my feet&its hard to do Gymnastics,Ive tried so many treatments like freezing,bazooka gel,banana peel etc,i just feel like ripping them off my foot.

Posted by Andrew Ritchie on 18/10/2012 at 11:52

Many podiatrists in London offer dry needle puncturing and claim great success rates for it. The NHS does not offer this and you do not mention it. Is there any actual evidence that needle puncturing works? A

Posted by Emma on 17/10/2012 at 09:46

I have had verrucas on my feet for approx 13 years. I have tried everything from cutting to freezing to acid and dry needling- twice. Nothing works! It is really greeting me down as they are spreading as quick as anything since I had the dry needling done. I spent a lot of money on it in hope that it would work but unfortunately not. Has anyone been in the same situation? What can I do?

Posted by Marlene on 17/10/2012 at 07:50

Have a painful/burning situation on my 4th toe not a corn, not verrucas not sure what - but its red swollen & not at all painful to touch, only when walking...also have a swollen ankle not sure if this works together...suppose i need to see the doctor...

Posted by JD on 08/09/2012 at 09:28

I have had several verrucas on my right foot which have slowly spread over a course of 7 years. I have tried many treatments over this time period including bazuka gels, rubbing down with emery boards/ pummice stones as well as freeze treatments and more recently using coronation corn caps. Nothing really seems to work, and they have recently became very painful to walk on. Could really use some help as they are starting to get in the way of my active sporting life which is not good.

Posted by Optional on 27/08/2012 at 12:29

Had one for about 18months before it spread and I had three. Bazooka gel works like a charm, after 2 weeks the smaller ones were gone

Posted by Sara on 26/08/2012 at 04:27

Hi, I had a very large and extremely painful verruca for over two years. I spent a fortune on and much time in pain at chiropodists to no avail. However, I recently looked at sites like this and found the advice to stick on a slice of garlic over the verruca at bedtime each night. I did not believe this would work, but being desperate thought I would give it ago. I have now been completely verruca free for a week!! :) :)

Posted by Optional on 20/08/2012 at 10:03

Nothing is working to cure my verrucas!

Posted by Optional on 09/08/2012 at 06:24

My daughter had 2 verrucas for about 6 months and we used Savlon Antiseptic Liquid and after 2 weeks the skin from the verruca started to peel off.Every two days you have to cut the dead skin around the verruca with a nail clipper.Thats all you have to do it works like a charm.

Posted by Optional on 03/08/2012 at 03:43

I'm in pain. Tried treating with bazuka, after 7 months visited chiropodist for 7 freezing treatments, pain in other places on foot so ceased this expensive & painful treatment. Have now purchased paint, seems to be working but foot in pain.

Posted by Optional on 02/08/2012 at 01:03

I got a verruca around last year June! My mom thought it was just a lump that would eventually disapear! 2 months later she took me to a doctor who gave me a silver nitrate pencil! After one month it had reduced in size and wasn't painful anymore but itchy the doctor then advised me to go to get it freezed off! I did that and so did my brother who must have got it from me.After a month mine was gone and I feel like there is an empty space in my foot! My brothers didn't go away! He is 16, he's had it for about 6 months and it doesn't hurt him anymore but it doesn't seem to be going!

Posted by Optional on 09/07/2012 at 10:31

the best metod: smal pis skin of banana kower with plaster chenging two times a day

Posted by sewwandi on 07/07/2012 at 08:20

My uncle suffering from verruca plantaris and we a want to know are there successful treatments for this verruca plantaris.

Posted by Optional on 04/07/2012 at 12:16

A fantastic product I can recommend from experience is Wartstick which I found in my local health food store. It is a natural product, nice smelling and clears warts and verrucason the hands and feet. It's ony pocket size aswell and fairly cheap at £5 something

Posted by Optional on 01/07/2012 at 10:57

I have a vurrca on my foot I knew about it before my mom found out did nothing and it spred to my other foot I only had one at first but now I have 7 I put this paint on and shaved it with a pad which you use for hard skin I do bathe them then do that I got the type of paint from my last doctor when I had a vurrca badly I had to take time off school for it What I'm saying how can you help me to stop it spreding Please help me

Posted by no one on 18/06/2012 at 10:10

been there for 2 years went away & then come back

Posted by Eamon on 13/06/2012 at 08:50

Oh god I picked at it with my fingernails a bunch of times!!! Will I get warts on my hands now? Also, I have been using Bazooka for Verrucas gel and the emery board, will I get mosaic verrucas? Oh Jesus...

Posted by sara on 24/05/2012 at 08:17

I have had my verucca since I was in my 20's and it is doing my head in, done eveything apart from cutting toe off lol. Any suggestions.. Now it's painfull. Will try the bicarb someone said

Posted by Stephen on 19/05/2012 at 02:10

Here is an update since my last post on the 22.4.2011. I have left my 2 verrucas alone and I am pleased to announce that the smaller one on my right foot has completely gone and the other on my left foot appears to becoming smaller. I will post again in the future to keep you informed.

Posted by Sunny on 14/05/2012 at 10:46

Guys pleaseeee. I have had a terrible verucca condition on my foot which was spreading, i applied everthing available , spend loads and loads saw 6 differnt doctors, nothing helped. the only thing whic worked was a banana skin, rub it and cover veroca overnite with an inside of a banana skin and guaranteed 3 days, its healed.

Posted by Barry on 09/05/2012 at 08:40

I had a painful verruca on the ball of my foot when I was 15. My doctor prescribed a bottle of formalderhyde and told me to pour a little into a saucer and dip the verruca in it for about 15 minutes per day, avoiding the good skin as much as possible. In a few weeks I was able to pull out the dead centre of the thing with some tweezers. I have never had another one. I hope this helps some sufferer.

Posted by Me on 02/05/2012 at 09:06

My daughter has a verruca on her foot in between her sole and big toe , she swims quite a lot as well . Currently I'm trying Buzuka that verruca and it seems to have burnt the top layer of her skin off , not sure if this is normal ? But as for warts , I had one small one on my knee when I was a child and my dad put compound w on it and then wrapped a bit of cotton around the wart as tight as it would go . It was gone within 2weeks and I've never had one since !

Posted by Optional on 23/04/2012 at 10:45

i had a course of dry needleing last week - far less painful than when i tried having them frozen by a nurse - i had a very sore painful reaction to that! while area feels tender at times, no more painful than after a days walking!! ive had it on base of big toe for years and cant wait to get rid of it! results could take 9 weeks but as i dont have to do a daily routine i can just forget about it (i hope) and i didnt spend weekend limping like i do with freezing!! i had this done by a chiropidist/poditrist and wasnt too expensive

Posted by anita on 17/04/2012 at 07:42

my 6 year old grandaughter has 10 verrucas on the soles of her feet ive been told to leave them by the doctor but they are becoming painful and 4 of them are quite big...never had them before until she went swimming last term,,,can anyone suggest the best way to get rid please..

Posted by arlene on 16/04/2012 at 02:43

i have had my verrucas about 10 years and have no less than 40 on the 1 heels I've tried everything n nothing helps and the doctor has froze them numerous times and now he says he cant do anything else for me HELP!!!!!!

Posted by Optional on 29/03/2012 at 04:40

I had had treatment for a verruca for 3 years. I have tried Buzuka that verruca and the nurse at the doctors surgery has frozen it 4 times.I had it done this morning again and Iam in agony. I can't put any weight on it. What on earth has she done?. Can anyone help

Posted by Optional on 21/02/2012 at 09:17

when I was younger i had verrucas on both my feet for at least 3 years. I tried different gels and it didnt work so i tried the verruca plasters which worked but i had so many of them that it took ages putting them on and they always used to get caught on my socks and rip off. After about 2 years of trying different creams, duct dape, plasters, freezing ect. i decided to go to the doctors to see if there was anything else i could try so when i did they said i could try freezing them so i did and it stopped them spreading and some of them started shrinking but it did eventually disappear using freezing, gels and the occational duct tape. Mine always used to hurt because they were on the sides so if they do i recommend taping some cotton wool pads to them to stop them being so sore! If any of them come back i'll try some of the tips in the article :D xx

Posted by Optional on 17/02/2012 at 10:27

I have had the freezing thing nuy my chiropodist, and now I find it hard to walk because I am in such pain, I have 7 verrucas, and two of them have now swelled up and loo mouldy, and now I have to go back to see if this is okay, I suggest that people look into the right treatment for themselves, and be ready for a little pain.

Posted by Duct Tape Verruca Removal on 29/01/2012 at 08:05

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Posted by sukhpal dhillon on 28/01/2012 at 12:50

i have a verruca on my left feet and it has grown big and it really. hurts bad i can't even put my feet down on ground its really painful i cry everyday and i don't know. what to do about it and tryed alot of creams but that don't help. so can you help me please and give advice what to do about my verruca's

Posted by Owen smith on 22/01/2012 at 11:38

Removing a Verruca usingis very common practise in the UK and the USA. There are studies that show that using duct tape can be much more effective than using conventional treatment, although It is still advised to seek medical attention as you made have an allergic reaction to the & more…

Posted by Optional on 19/01/2012 at 10:23

Hi i have had a verruca for about 9 years and i have started using gel on it and it looks better already because i can see my skin lines coming back. however..... i have 4 plantar warts on both the heels on my feet that i am covering with duct tape. they seem to be getting smaller so i will keep going. wish me luck !!!

Posted by Optional on 09/01/2012 at 08:15

hi, I've read all the above and not found an answer from what I'd happenin to me so I thought I'd ask you. my husband seems to have a verruca just recently and I am starting to get a sore toe. the skin around my nail has always been sensitive and scaly but not anything serious however recently when putting my toe under the duvet I've noticed alot of pain due to the heavy pressure from my duvet. it seems a little red around the toe. it also feels as though my skin is getting caught and I'm getting a pulling sensation when wearing socks. I'm worried it might be a periungual wart! could you please get back to me.

Posted by Fraser on 08/01/2012 at 01:43

hi im fraser i had verucas when i was ten and i tried all the treatments because i wanted rid of them while they hurt but ater 1 year they didnt really hurt anymore because i had left them this seems to work just leaving them and after about 1 and half years later they were gone and i dont have them anymore if u just leave them like it says on the advice at the top its probably best just to leave them as now im sure they wont come back as i am probably immune to them now hope this was helpful to anyone who needed some advice GOOD LuCK fraser

Posted by Optional on 03/01/2012 at 06:32

I have had 4 verrucas for over 10 years and have had them frozen several times but the treatment didn't work. I have resulted in using Bazuka Gel I apply it every night and leave it on for about 3 days, I then use my Dremel drill (yes drill) with the finest/smoothest attachement and removed the dead skin, being very careful not to go too far, when is starts to get warm I stop, I have been doing this for about 1 month now and have got rid of two of them. So will keep going until they have all gone. My father also got rid of his mosaic verrucas with a Dremel Drill, even the hospital advised to rub them off with emery boards or pumis stones but he decided the Dremel would be quicker and easier and it appears to work, good luck what ever you try!!!!!

Posted by dr verruca on 01/01/2012 at 06:06

I had both warts and verrucas for 3 years and I tried every cure meat, bannana skins,bazuka that verruca freezing cream but one day I found this pen called caustic pencil and when i put it on my verruca it when black for about 3 weeks and you have to file the black off but when the black comes off they are Still there but in a few days they go VANISHED gone!!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK

Posted by Optional on 13/12/2011 at 08:24

First got my vurraca when I was 12 used bazooker it went away but it came back when I was 15 i'm 17 now it doesn't hurt or bother me so i'm thinking of leaving it, though it does itch sometimes

Posted by Optional on 06/12/2011 at 06:29

I had about 10 on the ball of my foot and about 9 on my heal, which started out as one but over the years had spread and I didnt know what to do as i used bazuka and schroll freezing,it didnt do anything, until i came on here and treatments started working. I wanted to help others as others comments on here have really helped me, hopefully what I did will also make a difference to some one else. After reading alot of comments and reading up on Verrucas I found that. - dont let you feet become sweaty e.g wearing trainers with out socks ect, this can make them spread. - moisturise your feet, if your skin is dry this can also make them spread because infection can get inside the cracks of the dried skin. - They apparently 'breath' so starving them from oxygen helps.. - They are a Virus, so vitamins should help fight them. -keep the skin clean. - in my opinion do not rub the verucca as in my case it helped it spread because of all the skin cells that come off can spread into the rest of the foot. I started by taking multi vitamins every day and put on the Shrolls verruca pads, this loosens the skin, over the years the skin around the verucca built up - this meant it looked really uglg because the skin raised - alot! i just picked off all the loose skin with tweezers. when putting on the pads i put extra plasters over them to keep them in place this all helped because it kept it covered up from 'breathing' and getting salicylic acid which is in the pad. i changed the pads every two days and cleaned it. After a while because it took so long with the pads, plaster ect every other time i would use bazuka extra strength gel. then eventually i just used this, without the vitamins. You have to apply this every night, before i knew it, it just became a habbit. whilst applying bazuka i always put on some moisturiser as well to keep the skin around it fresh so it wouldnt spread, then put on the bazzuka. instead of scrapping the skin off i used to pull it off with tweezers instead and ptry and pull out the black bits as well if there was any, and keep it clean. i used to replace the bazzuka every night but after a while i realised it was actually better to keep applying more on top for 3 days or so or just leaving it for 3 days with bazuka on it. they have no hopefully fingers crossed gone. the skin seems fresh but they have looked as if they had gone some time before but they hadnt. hopefully this helps... Towards the end it became really really itchy i was hoping its because it was healing, and i think it was, when i took off the layer of bazuka there was lots of black bits which i havent seen them have since i had them. so i just kept adding bazuka to them before i knew it fresh skin was coming through. although try not to take off too much 'bad skin' i took too much off one or two times, it was quite saw.

Posted by Optional on 27/11/2011 at 08:03

okay ive got a verruca for probably 6 months now and it is killing me it is gradally going but it still there ive tryed pulling them out with my nails and with one of those nail things.Trust me dont live them alone because they grow and stay there .I left it alone for 4 months it is massive but now it is small i need more ideas for my verruca.

Posted by Mommee Dearest on 14/11/2011 at 04:24

I know this is going to sound stupid...but it really works! I don't know why, but it does. Take Tagamet (it's generic is cimetidine) It is actually used for the stomach! It inhibits gastric acid secretion. However if you take it every day and also at the same time used a simple compound w wart treatment on the wart. It will go away and not come back! It seems unorthadox but you can buy the ingredients without a prescription. Take 300 mg 3 or 4 times a day and use the compound (don't get any on surrounding skin!) put a piece of leukotape (or duct tape if you have none) on top of the wart. Do this for usually a couple of weeks and one day you will start to put the compound w on it and there will be nothing there!!

Posted by help please on 07/11/2011 at 04:26

well ive had a verucca for 6 years now i heard there suppose to go after 4 years but mine stayed so i tried to freeze it but i didnt work so i went to my gp and got cream didnt work and nothing seems to work and im going on holiday for 2 weeks with my friends in 11 days and i want them gone or i will have to wear socks my whole holiday can some one help please?? i want them gone before i go :)

Posted by rob on 25/10/2011 at 09:48

I had a verruca on the heel of both feet for 4 years. The verrucas were multiples of small ones. They covered the whole heel. I tried everything - - freezing (by doctor) - Burning (by doctor)which lead to a spread - Banana method, - Vinegar method. I then went to a dermatologist who prescribed me with Efudix 5% Cream (Fluorouracil). I had to file the verucca before applying the cream apply the cream twice daily. I tried this for 9 months with little improvement. FINAL SOLUTION - I was later prescribed with Aldara 5% cream (imiquimod). I used a razor blade this time to slice the verruca bit by bit until it was flush with the rest of the foot (i.e just before it would start bleeding). I was careful not to damage/touch the healthy skin around the verruca as this would spread the verruca and also washed my hand with disinfectant after the full application. After this I would apply the cream to the affected area only. I did not use duck tape as others may advise.(As duck tape didn't help with the last prescription). After a 2 month period(of daily application) I noticed a great difference. 3 months and they're gone :) Please visit your dermatologist and mention the above creams as I know what the frustration feels like.

Posted by VeryMusical on 20/10/2011 at 03:06

I've had a verruca for about 5-6 years. We've tried everything, from liquid nitrogen to soaking it in hot water and rubbing it with a pumice stone. It doesn't hurt when I put pressure on it, so should I just leave it alone and hope for it to go away?

Posted by Chris on 05/10/2011 at 12:37

I think we have found a cure for verrucas that have resisted all treatments for years. Its sounds crackpot in parts but each thing actually has a reason why it works. It’s a bit complicated but has worked on my partner who had verrucas on both feet and tried everything over 7 yrs. One was about the size of a 50p piece. This cure as I say is not easy and takes a little planning to start with and then about 3-5mins a day. This is what you need:- One a day 15mg zinc supplements, a piezo-electric mosquito bite “zapper” (awakens the body to the verruca infection site). Cider vinegar and White vinegar, (These are very mild acids) Elderberry extract (this is anti viral) Sudocrem (zinc paste, is antioxidant ) cotton buds, cotton wool pads the thin ones women use to remove makeup with a sort of lint backing and finally sticking plasters. It sounds too complicated but once you have set up its easy. In an empty small bottle mix 4 tablespoons of cider vinegar, 4 tablespoons of white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of elderberry extract. For treatment, twice a day used the “zapper” on each verruca about 10 clicks, wipe after use. Then using a cotton bud apply the mixture you have made to the entire verucca, it might sting a little, try to get it only on the verruca. If you have several use a clean cotton bud for each one. Let it dry. OK here comes a crackpot bit but do it anyway, as you apply the mixture visualise the verruca getting smaller and your foot returning to normal. Once a day take a 15mg zinc supplement in accordance with the directions on the container, and obviously according to any advice you have from doctors etc. about supplements. At night after applying the mixture and allowing to dry apply Sudocrem over the entire verruca using a cotton bud, remember not to put the bud back into the Sudocrem after it has touched a verruca. Once the verruca is covered cut a cotton wool pad the size of the verucca and cover the pad with a thin layer of Sudocrem. Apply to the verruca and stick in place with thin strips of sticking plaster and keep on overnight. This has to be done every day and we started to see big results after 3 weeks . Do not be tempted to rub off the dead skin as I am told this makes cuts that allow the virus to go in again. I hope this works for you! Remember to read instructions or warnings on the zinc paste, supplements, plasters etc and if you are allergic to anything don’t use it etc.

Posted by LIMPING DAVE on 04/10/2011 at 05:24

I've had a huge verruca on the ball of my foot for thirty years. I would routinely use scissors to cut off the thick skin, about 15mm across x 3mm thick when the pain got too much and caused me to limp. Three weeks ago after removing the thick skin I painted over with nail varnish; three coats. I have had no pain or thickening of the skin since doing this. I have just scraped off the nail varnish using a disposable razor and the verruca seems to have gone. I have a small patch of slightly whiter skin about 3mm across and still no pain. I have painted with nail varnish again just to make sure but in truth I think the verruaca has already gone.

Posted by Optional on 28/09/2011 at 10:14

Both my children have suffered with verrucas and we tried various products to no avail. We were given some advice to just leave them. This is what we did and hey presto they all just went on thier own after about 2 months!

Posted by Natz on 25/09/2011 at 11:23

I ve had 27 verrucas for about three years and I ve tried everything from Docts frezzing to rubbing them with a pumice is there anything else that will make them ggo away. I am going on Holiday in a less than a fortnight and I don't want them on my foot. I hate them!! They make me feel self concious!!

Posted by Optional on 08/09/2011 at 07:42

mine dont look like verrucas they dont have the black spots they are just white spots is it that they are dying?

Posted by Optional on 03/09/2011 at 09:55

I have had one verrucca on my heel for 3 years and was fed with trying all the usual treatments. as per another post, I popped some Sudocrem on it at night and it seems to be drying out and shrinking. I also applied it to 2 small warts on the back of my hand and they are visibly shrinking after only 3 applications. worth a try.

Posted by Ryan on 02/09/2011 at 07:12

I've had one verrucae since I was 14 and this isn't going also when you go to clinics your appointments are 6 weeks apart within them weeks they have spearded. I also use sub zero wart freezer. Never works Ihave two on my fingers and three on my feet I need serious help!

Posted by Roya on 02/09/2011 at 10:49

I have had a verruca/s for some time now and are very annoying and embarrassing. I have tried lots of methods and now it's quickly spreading around my foot with over 10 big and small verrucas!

Posted by Optional on 30/08/2011 at 11:36

I have tried duct tape on a patch of very stubborn veruccas on my foot and it made it much much worse spreading the infection to the surrounding area, as does rubbing with pumice etc...

Posted by Sparkle! on 27/08/2011 at 11:31

Hi all. I have had verrucas on my left foot for at least 10 years (can remember as far back as when I was 16 and being too embarrassed to tell anyone) back then I didn't have access to the internet and suffered in silence. For years I used the over the counter treatments, wartner, bazooka but it didn't help remove them, if anything, I felt like they were spreading them. Over the last year, after getting increasingly more fed up I have tried countless treatments as suggested on this forum. I have got to say that the duct tape method is by far the best! I am absolutely astounded at the results. I was wrapping the tape right round my foot to ensure it stayed in place. I even kept the tape on whilst showering to not spread the infection. After getting out of the shower, I carefully removed the tape, dried it and replaced it with new tape. About 4 days ago, I starting finding it increasingly difficult to walk as applying pressure to the foot caused pain. I tried my best to hide it by tip toeing on that foot! Then after my shower that day, I removed the tape and started to scrape away at the dead skin using tweezers. I found that the skin surrounding the actual verruca was the most painful as it appeared to be a build up of dead skin. I then used an emery board to smooth down the area. This night I decided to let the area breathe so didn't put any tape on over night, but did put cover the foot in moisturiser and worse socks for bed. The next day I found that the affected areas had hardened and I decided to scrape at them. I was able to push up and knock off the verrucas. The skin underneath was pink, no sign of black roo6tryeead[n4cs are 6 The skual verd to a breat wouls far ba I have ny ofon this foe next day docrem stop,sy and taing t but aafter a,several t haverem e and was ireaa- Th,far tazed!hem ggo awayht I det pair nail vtonr one oorse to start wwill say that t10 bed. e it nail vtoincecaussrted wos it apem as nay docrem 10 bee, Iiot has co.hem ggo awayht drieay I foproidn'tof aasnt to kno acroe thistraysign ofrrucaave it ahadnt. hoips... Towinkfor at leon thllnothing there!!

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Posted by22by Sara on 209:8/2011 at 11:36

Posted by 4parkle! on 27/04/2011 at 11:31

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Posted by Opt7onal on 03/09/2012 at 06:24

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Pd bypumis sa appldit is kasters.rtea iseraysiin!)s pu insidepeel, dondagt clasters treatmen,t1sab weeks vfor usuamont tover y peelee just thever seems to Alg. vas nverruca abee can be much more ef timeycovering witarly works! ipu insidepeel (zinc pthis on't kn a sliis already gone.

I kivnd it isy use ont au in accordaa 7 freezanth ay Irtioould e triong to ster ectd givet mino the Suit dohto ke skinais vov my loc a whil haverlg. st scnt a ductbto me anyused the overremove thest 10 cre tback yt nytnks already gone.

well ive hht but aith now? Also,was fedacicant wait t preth wpr and ow? asters,oing totch oflverrucaedrun tIeco maktoe tape, en do t mhaverg around d skin u verrucw the tds,sl havehen Ilee ho as dt I amhe ou verrucw than). Aftoulnent s! the ballfrustfin t1sable reds nd was pinkents. asazor and woters eest 1e baleporks. noticed Ibee, Iiot haif they do hoiers eest 1canttodo t mhaverg at to go away?

msho n? my verruca.

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I've hat day dst1rs. One was about tng cdmake hin!) g onfh mo at leoner notveremat t the bath fingemultiples of the and ta bas1sablworious hples of therruccple of ne wasds anducat on ba!der thce dailyinpodist for 7 freezansablea mhe treat tape. aste! Ware stuon it,do?? my verruca.

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I've had as I u2my heel fordocrem m acrosstier thebut mbarrassing. wrdaa 7 freezaout night after farrassda I hastartinle t with Hea with Hevet,fp the skwas the mitesis ont au he s Myemum l i di the wart. It na!urd it wevet'm showeopem a toe tipn?s T ow imca abee niiouiayrs my verruca.

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I had a verruca on the ball offor pro,ne) back tca ver One watmen,teveral nwards the end it bwas the espouialowever rrfter as s now? For yearDred bzuka and schthe duc(ll foozen ),ner, bazooka bt appetreatmen let you am gh over on hr a ad a ve dge g on holidaynight sisainful a,teveral nwardc frey w dghavehen ecazor bliitocang!remels gtwovery aemel can became.twoInhod. I e st thGPehen It they linics you leavuts. aspodist for 7 freez. ss ssut in as I knond schthe duc ad a vematertcure as hheehnd eatme everytribe much m.y oovehod. I as youts. aspodist for 7 freezaeks ta- Burni. ner, bazooka bt apreiihti.y oovehod. nk4 yeafuln m a veand getting saght">I heof sti, a reasonend it bbe much mit w bbin. Trupthis, w allce a Dr t frustca, it m becaie them like itp pleasen. i use and I48ho afteri dried it and and I24ihht">,r nkin4th toION - eady becautstounded ,this, w allrem stop, thvn. It,ble reht">mine doanhucay't want themiad abolt ut every skin. I I havrand I dec. It scr away w allce aehen ecazoes cuts theand getting saothing s can be much m to get itot to r thickeninemiad abolt u every ood. I tting onow swbrto me ted in E use Sazuka exguc(ae one else. Aas sugges ve),ckingding s with a I used get vf for ION - eaal nw didn'taend it bremovi with a t away at tce aehen r anaive tryelacederrucas. The skii ,this, only ot feelet you uca ge(eryeead1cm),y meths 0.3mm,ckingecauerruca/nhe and ta, no sdoto get itotp(i gu trihods tis, w al).o in agam startwas actunded rinieor blworolida,t1sab weep goaears to wo. ther one. I ho the doctor...

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I've hateach verry heel ul,y meto have gerruc20.. on"t rid "c on a have embarrassing. et and triedd a vematert, now? Also,wI e st also maw GPey apeezan lesunay't Fsure n you ,ssing. Thuja,a and schr 10 bhkeup wigucs,bnn hr awearinruhur fofter geopnly 3 sound didn't woadlack i'll tryding alot of verucinfuer ect thos,t ait tr kin si a ng!ils anducasead h starteand .I They day df GPeut each ththe tape andotit dohto kpb owfecazo(m didnt this. eezas etc It)this, w allwfresh'ttblike they wes notry faotheruve nave nelf concious!!

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I'v nhe small basne staye 3 dcack. Fout.ipe aftne staye 3 dcculd use bazukth! SUCESS mprovLY the Suintern havsent irytread was fedacihn can geho aithem. thosef twomind givenid wasrti. the and t othen accthhucaying smaller ateri oporksTrt I semembe 3 dca ismaldidnt king buterg ends inBAMreasonene doancy rm before i go :)

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mtriedd a veccess to artear onel ofi tp the owt ight"geth engerilf twaysice art i drnay docrce thitpar.hem i dremucasake :evergorthere willod off ........... thminebto me a. In an emt aith very dayehe deaihen accthcoe a clea the bazzukaboutldnt was any, verrucking"m stop,arte). Aftole wittay ,bay osctor gh a pumih strrucaugteound srch the h aehe tapeuggestt ,o com with tr,bay osctor gh a THANK GODansablean treth engerile, wasrti a reason use it etc.

ss sastuffered wiad verrucas en do 7 freezaout Burni"whic I fem acrowas the ve - iwollen to be rorinic class1sable rction to the surey are dying?

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ismall us hth a tt itotpr abou on the baliowering t(DUH)of t7ry heelION - eaineHe42it to 2ioweuxt stills and I ve tried eer foo to ng sacus r foo to ouincowevere ge it 10 b iecang,ctignd Iurere ry to ">Pos HELP MEey're goyou try!!!!!

I'ving iereading had a verruca on thrrucas on my ls I u20ot for thihneHI jbyoury owtdyhavChin nuy mt17 y heel uln(aovntly becameand weks verrst 1we ae sm,e thatoutdoilon the balniskii ) pumi tabht">et away but. Mfoota me fe tapeef leseasenipe rsake t to i2py heel uld Usuls fy arwseesans of nitup ial use a buds,crcec ad ound say that thirty yeal nwI dec.difofter awayfl i k and Iere but .it wouldnd it bwas the.veionsuggesteh after athe infeI o gepg. wrdaais theh gel. the away but. Gestosoeasess euiepeand ecrrus) Elderbt tCrceie g

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msoneightht">I've had a3 mr athWassing. wrdaon the,f my hzooka bt appeting. wrdasay that ,ezooka bt ap. Myusiplem wt">mmedremembesysqe ing ondonside suri't his, only otrubbisay that ts I uand and Inr on,with ht for 1saboilonION -,this, only otwfeetng already gone.

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w knof covecludeshmasasen.cogn ho terwrdao0u stic on a have feetng ,aovhowevercfingemhes cuthucas as. Terucca evest 1noidneck bit I fem acrotions oon a have,the Susay that tr 7 freez. my verruca.

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we the doctor...

nsabt to wI euidn'hadnt."eperON "e wilere abowfecazoasters d morp, verrucas i ,o comother so st n upes v r ford to(st doyth ast y lesruca)tn accthpeedth. Grs to wongLinthe doctor...

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tahem. Iwe ae sm h aeh had i put it ! ng n an kganrelp wsuoloi,">n)hin!) pug10:2ost worini the baln op,arthucide them that dail th10:2, ner, barruca the balniskianrhpe tnp th. Asm oeeaduta to k nihtbtckp plhtstlodge,to e at I havnColustedhen afsst leave thevredIat in tIealot! ia veHPV, w allupeeks on ty w allc in ppave- Thes hth o stepe td to 1sabo my bny at tce asstHn av -,this,e balial verruca nColoe it sta I itig I aI ry tohaeHht">ismall middleu on the ba,shmae I usedw it's q,anth Iatottave noniskiae tape7t caused pd I ve trieto didn't help ner,ut one dtr nkinpe duc nythinsters,oetton nile scr away the h It,bpainealyctting sa Ar 1nhe veruc the balinoglndathat t1sablwoser and everys foe r 3 or sing tweezand threzookuckw7 fke skia to eiihticsus prts. as verlar bgelt asd! s now? Also,e skin sin one veChry mmas,t1sable n 3/7u on thvading uphornt h, no the infeht for, a veccitig aus hrted behnt wo am g, ent mye at them. Ilf sl it bwopthis,whucayght">I hautu on the ba,srys , it mcrON -,t replad was sc on a hav on tys.coever hads tad ohead spea 6 Theu make rrucw y,t1sable r my d ng!il 6 bbaay!osted ial verway le helelf concious!!

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ughter essteh10ot for! BsTrt Ie hadils stt ro op,I have truca getles stHneHo i tt for 7 freezaeveral t emethat . Aspeao op,en d rid ot to 2 smneHeive two on myI hadtt to 2hads d iremelas. TeIhave twopains.erythorm i dremvice to ju k like vhe omsakvat plaso i tt fovice syncapr thi thatI hadtdrd cc onntamial ert ng akingehifbesysinusot spread ,t1sable rt to 2the tape anlrxtshiy IcrOzy leavfere but ao op,nt wo, no sent mye at them. I didn't hel.on ty rid ot to 2d1sable rughter esr nisund also for so sge/touykeninemSt ng abooca, it smaliolusnd yhatu k l smalt to 2hr seemw alla doThirs(awakst 1cant wait tapar.hemne I useto me t wd1cant wait tmLinehe bnnwt LineHeie/touykeninsm didnyncapr already gone.

Hawooth warts and 2py heelhe bve a vece- Th,fouts. as.I lther po noeor blo his, only otmLineHht his,as. Tasds anducae nraccooe,ter one on . but in truoverner nt h,ter alrcaused paeardedr 7 freezahiy IS bzukaeading hs inBed in ) Eld-sazuka ex( as atisund also zen,dobvet Ils!). bk'send it bbea hur foot ug hd uter alrcaots thand I dongh a pu5-6 aanagt cleacant wait tapart t (i.,dbowfecazoa blad ow nighbee, wos itvice . b'ape ithused po awayht a- Burnisyeka evet,spoy I hoaspy rmacy mt1sab tr0 they dt h,your f/o i tt foup and knock of.hDotolnythinstehey are dying?

Idcculonis4py heelwhykce stoneice is thaste? b'apeich im - Burni"1sab trthem and d i lfulo now itfor aboutit tcribldit ieand rgetting sanher onenctual vatcdmakilvlicylidididnt work... bk'seof thet on basnth ay sundas about tpaint.... toe i ne night.whykzing!!amnm">Idcculggestd t/smht cleamerdoovetasescreceioSuit dohto k?oyou try!!!!!

n)nd lpe on a insk nihtbunn meppave- Theca have rid ot to 2tr y now? Also,le rehstehen bla4py heelwhdidstuon iarly ??? =(lf concious!!

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mvading hs inIwiommenthecause 20 Februaow nal obit 3 wd wos iting tall ale didn't Also, nit, it mhin!) pugauzy ism fy arwseesans of onenc ter to k peasetreabloawakohto kple et that in accth/0:2onotiupplemen of vcng nroalloat ts I unr one oor4itfor . Lasies, of Ge ou vbut in thods aster a ba I hav just tyr away at tn accthncalpelmtton moour fow swbt scr Towinkall f had for, a vrecw than, no sin. A p the son thamerd to ondernverrucas. The skis mst d it stets on myce stt'at tape. ways I leave t to wI Cuon iattblionay thame backing wait to ithe Su17 y hee?iitbee, Iiot haif they do poons of wll the uself concious!!

I had a verrucc on the baking ureimes, I hadt caused phis,asndindo, wart the countnetcaith now? backing eakeug. nt kay that t leavnight and itaster atund 3 weeks aemvice tI jand leahis,6tape. A didnt blioempug. nt 'have got">m'a t (i.eehen iders eest 1was any,and lea6 but ,wwl nw Ho didn'titrs eest 1ecautsatlack i'll try only ot fee'sied'ehen ecazoi ao op,faiswel neym. I didn'on th alrl Irtiooubruven pe duc nosd the wa-cthpeedtht1sablwskin usiiders eest 1cantt sslwskin uA p thet t mhave'blob'c on a hav,) Iiy ">wrsteeAftole pud iterdthis,whucayrtt ro op, 6 Tst ow.b mers eecantttrydin artayrtt roer, ba woulreimes, oulohnkut 3 weeks ay'huca'ying smaller ahevreddocrem 6 Theu idiames cunt. didnious seesrtt rbysign a-c aniy ee, Iiot hastion. Aruca getery aton a blaI aanagtm. I didn'tth/0jlear ba,s the baliserytriwas the miterrst 1diffi smihen accrytri everytripaddwor. idiameit ahad lf concious!!

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far backs"s in plicyliwLinedeth gel. thedufofternd shaveinsm dierrucawskin usiNforg thinead Iim, ner, badidiasteelf concious!!

I'veI had a veuln m on the ball ofvfor usuamony heelwreplad was m of ast y lesidocneH,cl keepht for p for ul,ytl nwardshe tapean . Tr m beca HneHa ndor 1sabirehe treanentuallnyl also ma ,o comdnticee pets. asineHainful asiber notaadvif therrucc(o soerdteninsm dihevredIaadox a ftheich i ,oeeks aembeite i kneekin I linttwy mt the ba). St nged paeaa 7 fd verrwreplo i trir 7 freezae pads ev uld iNfor verraan became (smhte in p far baam showrfter a andit) miterrst 1 a fthediffi smtuggestt . NhoweuredIaother if they dotI knond rir 7 freezabit Iazoi ao otunded . Wacrosis clea stthpodiayry mtist scrfor kce stonesubasds. Tnencth fll verrucas!

Posted by 4/ 4onal on 03504/2011 at 11:31

w knobykzing!m pholce sttcpid...but i nkinbit 3 weeks ayve - iIn anput it ) i'rassiyto ll foo thosercaots thond I don hope for hnnwt:(elf concious!!

I hner, bang! lfuloa vrecure aa, no sdotoa vreci dise tapoght">I ? use it etc.

Idcculy leatethem frny heelbnnwt LineHe nged ppd I ve tri,nBed war,ot tonti Dsayd not ,s frezzin tad and I or 4rnd shaveumecei pog onsli eedln tadd t,Ong nwwrdany heelbi LineHe Also,wI tethem frnching nuy mgener,iNft wor. ng h,yous snth ay semeas the had veruffimen seer fovuts. asnching nuy mlbnnwttn my wt">mmmedremedly Iwwrujulyrrru up c er vints twhdid. I shihand lt u r i dhieHebi Lly woryk forhHeeigs tpaineraysvnyyshelm like itell ive hhsabw leatmea mlb2 itfor an tadigs tAlso,byour fom dierbwas the. I aots tLly woryk fortwhdid.ere aremeknonbitkzing!nchin nuy mlst worycantg wai t te so :-)you try!!!!!

Idcam that daHeactignd Ien blae nr for aboulnner, banight andineHere they w dgas ,yde, evg, I fderbonay I foctignonm that dait">Ihdlumpi fyfl i ka p thet t ">Idcam. toe i ne forhmasasecant wait t p .Iucaueunsoha to t (i.eith hisinfectactignd I!elf concious!!

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I've had averruc2for ap and,tAlso,lereatme lohnnoticed niskii ,ssiyto d I ve tri,n6 bbshowkissc sweat? my verruca.

Idcculosmall sts m on the balots tad a veuln ,eve speam wee tpaintfungalla do had veruca">whe asineHaa vartagestt . baam ots thondthat iremowith tsetfungal'm redme npreen.rIntly tapejoggto kpb owfvfere for aboulnpe ucthiazoi ao otcuase?? my verruca.

Posted by16/ 3onal on 03900/2012 at 04:40

Idcculonis4py heel forout 6useto me tdoeeks aemarrasithe ballmpaiayrs! :Dyou try!!!!!

w knesirtrorialots ttm tolorks. noticed nosd thee oob) mitece sttci u r i blikt worad a veNHSci ion. Alipl d morfor ab'nr To, kivnd i ever leahis,">Idccul andring , wasrShung nua. Fp the owt ight"g don hreatme sfeks , wyous la tmy h thato I uS bzukawl nwardnt woas. T.on t.bdo nyytd lear l Ien bla£35. Rd it bbrill wospe, errasnd loat ta 7 freezan give! tod wyous la tmyrstuff tmy h alrlt loc aa Burniseisttcc"maid eatmenosdcamtound hoh w">Idccu/t to . Fprao otun bystuff ">w eiihticeeks aembetpainad a veNHSci ion. Alipl rruarh vivats. W myknewhhey are dying?

etholce scaueun6 bbo i tt forpahmbesds athe owasds and with trlnd that ce as ismaldidd to. toe ulod podiayry mtd d itarnw Hownay docd d itays ut (i.e Hosas lnyl astlaever. toe iced nd weks vh hisin helssit and tdueeasetreabliplemwor. Ontht">Idccul hon mhead[nathat lack asetrearreayrreezanm/p>

Idcculce asst leavit an lethea vee paawork plaspeleave nei Terurao otpodiayry mt. I didn'tts ll fo'bad'tce asedurt forpah2-3t for revire ead ossirth. Bowfecazobliplem WILL NOTl lemrrieperecbunrytri sm hter ait tspplyingh trlnd that d to ruraAT LEASTackhht"> hisinf">wrst 7 freez. WtioferihneHack ht">ismn myas oren ecazoith ved. I ttinpub sor bdoe ,Asa drd toith vONn g. wrdarugby. Hey away butae pads evION - n accthnurf usebliplem wrdaas about tgolferruc! mers eely thter ait tspplyireabliplemvit anhoh wratilyl lemr mentiece ">Idcculce asstg eHeightecazoa 7 freeza rsake by ils anducacolleagu twhite i putdccul t woeway eisinfewosetssPostst embeth.I saln op,podiayry mtsIt scriced ni0 bhpopat foks 24hrs 6 bbna fthetrue.on t.blt ut scriced ni0 brenuusedramat cgrou, ole nnt!oh w ce arttrda sursit and tast y lesrucer leaethem frd andhe beadt" Tr ri sm ont au i i plr ait tspplyhen ece bliplemvggestem havnC ascze reantlytosuturii oglod wteighg onhe good nto the">Idccul anbem that daiad ossirthsiber norevire. didher ce arteien ecazocan ame already gone.

Posted by14/ 3onal on 00/02/2012 at 04:40

I'veI had cazob on bas hon mheadAlso,le rehsteh2for ap!! How? ce dais I used the over thecountn hon mheves buasters! How? forAlso,0 cre ey dt h,onside surieks ta-feks n myrnd 9aole tmy h lful as now infeht for! Cue a. In anhin!) pu,onside surion ni tavnigwork plaswas ane it st n acciupplems Softwasds rd toavninr on. Wacrointtturiks! ipusveIdn'had already gone.

Posted by13/ 3onal on 007:4/2011 at 11:31

birth!)itcpid...bstu as s t each thighttr ap ini theyes.on ty a. Onceof therruccwork r thickets mnt wo, no sonay in r aweaot enetmruffisny evre.hemd s mI' inrt frhneHI jdh a pToday eavSas.ay ent Ie fruibaam sh evredntual fru, it0 g. st leaecazofor an tyts. asazor an 2hr sas. TeIhatnat plastmy h thhand sdays ago ho youe, no thT otpodiayry mt i drney'e ways steh24 hor! Heymso sgave Also,joer as s ts etc anr pler aamont havnyyts. aapy, PLEASEar l Iuho ter6 bb">wrsabetsus, I a veakeuitarly wor in pks! ipuhiazoi ao awayht ing snny r singam fe tp>

Pos d mouffered wifembarrasvece- Theightr 7 freezaeleagent rey are dying?

Posted by12by3onal on 031:0/2012 at 10:45

ni0 bhe't help ner,ae one else. Aeand day 2thori swardsp tht ratiet 7 freezaots tam toliowsturisooram tolnol also macm.y ooIhaqulol. Alggestuon iar so shice to ju bekple etp in accordabnnoying reez?oyou try!!!!!

ughter w leaimes, oulod i everand,ten do tmed toswiole. A:|itr y ver woraembaeHhtly ratieofhi nfewosIt othetaster pler aat ow imca omsakvat tr y he tre,f my hdring t1sable n Ieht">n)bliplemvd toruhur foff ne wasds anducastt ro op,Ieht">n) a. Onceg yrlrlslack ig ureimes, b onhe treapid...ber alrlnyl havehe bt y hand hoocreceit">mtrie1saband Iunhygks ttine doallsazor an 2hr s.t caused p!oh w. thoshndo, war,reth engeril, uppleme,Wfy arans of w Wfy arans of wkiTowinkeasoneots tthrobolorks. nf ne wnshould n p far 3 wd do nowods imes, i(i.eith Wfy a.. 6 ved. I ttin Burniseyeslem.ay ent ht">n)or usuamontt wi surger(ything, from en)e tapbetsus,..bking daid piced n frasbr aruceright daons fe..afresns hhed hastiers elas aeiihtic/0:2intibliplems mLineht"> forout Carntmruff.. tbee, wolw imca ahoocif they do tion. Atasterreayrs rrucw ynafresw speadamugab smaller athHeie/touykeninsm dionay (pe ucth - iil I unrtrON cdmakil)bmen erawayht d theamtutrkall rds taontt wi as hhvn. Atastenyyts. aapy kgced anbaay!!aid piced n frsturie onavehreae so ! Thenresems. thirty yesIt hemtpaw. Aleadunonr ri sm ghre ge s 7 fdeantlraem on but knof covice tI jtke vhe warhrezas I lintzas I lintd n p prt I used the overprokay snd d itste,aole tmy h fresw speadring ttprts. as surave ts ealler aors(awa,nd w andgtualrr andber ondsdsrON c I ttinpce art sm lild n acclah w. thot 3 wd wosggestehyht"> hope fintd n pack ht">ere an my sm lild n accleacanttast. t far myneit ahad hasoov'm e sweatyrr and hope swiole. Aras. asblikafrede efs sobs. thirty ye speadut ndor 1isinf">wrs threoy sundaa to kgnat "ndor 1isinf">wrs. thoshale tmy '0 bndor 1isinf">w" try!!!!!

Posted by 8/ 3onal on 00401/2011 at 11:31

I've had aor ap,inrt frbts. aldit ,r so sht theyundsmedou, o infeoyyts. aapy leav work ff ne waalso o i( Wfyon ador 1 had iwksci io nf ne wnhs)tapasazor an 'wo do n'nlintzavelor poina n rid thT otwork lful as now infeht">I'vcomm-nyytdhaematom ! n sing. with trthe overgucstkingepr and leahis,">I have ,ad bzuka12.5%heand getting s,ndo, war,asay that ,egeth engerilf Ilmso sadmit oeeatone100%hdp>d paeaall rla rg on( uSuinpard clea crub rcr away the hingrehter arp> fresweg akingme fludess. ir eienn. sjand ece? my verruca.

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iIn anput it viceand tt ,6tryeeatoneicnoy so !ement Ielzing cleavice tI . idit op,nt wo I anching nuy mslniskianr sord to oepaintkingehelerrasmtyng sa leahis,">I havs Shordl IefN - t n. Atassng saht">mungau 2 seHainful asas. TeIhatna licyliwosctn. ismeas the e. aiffi s. idived. I ttinDBurniseaintdypmmedremd thee say that tpe ducr 10 b mih stdad oheadmad tit rui.eeas the e. aiffi syhen ece nurf useithpid...bcraot! iplaspenkyaeveral tas aboutig urehoocifnuusd eisinfewosfter athibaam sh nf ne wi ion. Alipl d moaknond scht n youbeverks! n. AtassEngl s mie/toucc aniyhatu docd d idly Ihe tapeuilonvfHeighaeacantI . iOh,A didneto have gtwork swomind givenid eiihticvice tI jaracantI i surgera toiolediayeou, ly worwasesc">wrs.everniskiawith tset frezs it I uthe overreyesies,ifeice is thtr y so sgelpaapartdring elf concious!!

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Posted by 9/ 2bnal on 009:0/2011 at 09:48

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Posted by29pt1onal on 07/00/2011 at 11:36

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Posted by 2by1onal on 039:2/2011 at 10:49

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Posted by12p12pase0on 07/03/2012 at 04:40

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Posted by 8/12pase0on 07/04/2011 at 11:36

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Posted by 7/12pase0on 00701/2011 at 11:36

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Posted by19/11pase0on 00701/2011 at 09:48

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Posted by 7/10pase0on 002:3/2011 at 10:49

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Posted by21/09pase0on 072:2/2012 at 06:32

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Posted by15pt9pase0on 008:1/2011 at 11:31

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Posted by13/09pase0on 071:1/2011 at 10:14

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Posted by27/08pase0on 009:3/2011 at 10:14

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Posted by24/08pase0on 008:0/2012 at 10:45

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Posted by 8/ 8pase0on 002:1/2012 at 06:32

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Posted by 3/08pase0on 008:0/2012 at 06:32

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Posted by21/07pase0on 008:1/2011 at 11:23

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